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  1. creed_az_88

    Points for unit 1

    Thanks for response.
  2. creed_az_88

    Points for unit 1

    Did you see some good bulls or did it seem down?
  3. creed_az_88

    Points for unit 1

    Less than what will be killed this year in my opinion.
  4. creed_az_88

    Too late for the muley rut?

    Rut started when it always does around my place in Cochise county. Bucks were breeding does around Christmas into the last few days of the year. It has dramatically tapered off and many bucks are not with does anymore but still searching a bit. My brother said he saw multiple big bucks today hanging out with another buck and no does. Should be some you young does coming into cycle around the time you'll be down. 28 days after most of the does came Into cycle some of them will come into cycle again so at any point in January you could get into some rutting action.
  5. creed_az_88

    Boots for warm weather

    For what you're asking for I would consider soloman quest 4d's. I have a pair and don't use them much anymore because they don't have enough support for what I do, but I wear them on occasion and they are extremely comfortable. They seem to meet alot of your needs minus the gore Tex.
  6. creed_az_88

    Luck: when preparation meets opportunity.

    Beautiful in every way! Good read and great buck!
  7. All Barnes muzzleloader bullets have been fairly accurate for us but none of them have a high enough bc to be able to shoot to 300 yards and maintain 800 lbs of energy out of a factory muzzleloader. We have switched over to Berry's muzzleloader bullets which are the same as the new traditions smackdown carnivores. Look em up. They are phenomenal bullets. They are the best blend of expansion/weight retention that I have seen yet from a muzzleloader bullet. Buy a handful of them and then try them in as many different sabots as you can. They wouldnt shoot well for me in the sabots that come with them but I tried them in black harvester sabots and they shot as well as most centerfile rifles and maintained 800+lbs of energy out to 325 yards for me which is as far as I shot them. That's with the 250 grainers. 120 grains of b209. They knocked the snot out of two coues deer this year. I'll try to post a video of my buck at 280 yards. Did I mention consistent 3.5" groups at 325 yards from a stock cva accura v2!
  8. creed_az_88

    Big Eyes/ Twin Spotters

    You gonna try to put two 553's together? That would be slick. Bad field of view but man they would be light. I love my 554.
  9. creed_az_88

    Unbelievable 2019 Late Bull Hunts

    You guys killed it! Fantastic.
  10. creed_az_88

    Uh oh...

    Hunting in Mexico with a guide who has cartel ties might actually be the safest way to hunt down there.
  11. creed_az_88

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    Holy smokes. That is fantastic!
  12. creed_az_88

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    This has probably been my favorite thread ever. Good job can't wait to check in tomorrow and see what bull you get to take home.
  13. creed_az_88

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    I haven't read your last post yet evause I don't have time and but I keep checking on this thread just to see. That lion pic is insane. I'm blown away by how cool this hunt has become. Can't wait to come back and read about it.
  14. creed_az_88

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    This hunt just got harder to draw. 😬
  15. creed_az_88

    Two Point Tuesday

    Haha that's hilarious. And nobody on here will get it.