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  1. creed_az_88

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    This has probably been my favorite thread ever. Good job can't wait to check in tomorrow and see what bull you get to take home.
  2. creed_az_88

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    I haven't read your last post yet evause I don't have time and but I keep checking on this thread just to see. That lion pic is insane. I'm blown away by how cool this hunt has become. Can't wait to come back and read about it.
  3. creed_az_88

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    This hunt just got harder to draw. 😬
  4. creed_az_88

    Two Point Tuesday

    Haha that's hilarious. And nobody on here will get it.
  5. creed_az_88

    Two Point Tuesday

    Nick's just exagerating. It was a cakewalk.
  6. creed_az_88

    Two Point Tuesday

    I love me some big 2's. Well done.
  7. creed_az_88

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    IDGAF, making coueswhitetail.com great again. These semi live stories are awesome.
  8. creed_az_88

    Got her done.

    Awesome buck! But you'll be back to the bright side soon enough 😉.
  9. creed_az_88

    Kembria's Turn (Our Epic Fall Part 3)

    I love these posts. Congratulations on a great fall.
  10. creed_az_88

    Most recommended economical binos for glassing?

    A coworker just bought a pair of 15x56 Cabela's intensity binos. I was impressed for the money. Hard to make much of an assessment while looking for 5 minutes but they seemed like a pretty good bargain. They are the best sub $500 15's that I've looked through by far.
  11. creed_az_88

    What resort/place?

    Might as well be, it's expensive either way.
  12. creed_az_88

    What resort/place?

    Yeah that's the one I went to. Taking your fishing pole would probably get your trip cut short for sure. I wasn't real impressed with the flying v. Obviously you don't go to a resort to save money, but dang they are proud of their food. $50 plates a piece, and after it was all said and done, I was wishing we would have hit a steakhouse in town somewhere.
  13. creed_az_88

    What resort/place?

    Just spent the weekend there last weekend. Take a fishing pole. Their koi pond is loaded with channel cats. I think I'm the only person there that noticed them. It's Loews at ventana canyon right? Not the other ventana canyon one?
  14. creed_az_88

    Help With Score Guess

    I got it.
  15. creed_az_88

    Help With Score Guess

    I think mid 150's is probably right.