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  1. creed_az_88

    Spotter Upgrade?

    What are your intended purposes with the scope? I bought a kowa tsn 554 with the flourite lens and feel like it was a very good decision. I've had it next to multiple top end hd 65mm spotters and did not feel outgunned in the slightest. It blew my mind that something so small and so light could be so clear and so bright. Field of view is not the best and neither is eye relief but I don't glass with it and only use it after I have glassed something up or at the range. Doug and camera land gave me a surprisingly good deal also, which helped make my decision easier. I recommend at least doing some research on it unless you're dead set on something bigger and more expensive. There is literally zero difference in clarity between the kowa and the swaro hd from what I could tell. Bold statement I know.
  2. creed_az_88

    Would you take young kids shed hunting?

    Took my 3 and 5 year old out a few days ago. They loved it. Didn't find any horns. But they climbed a "mountain" and got some great pictures. I guarantee they'll remember it forever.
  3. creed_az_88

    New Mexico GMU 26/27

    The amount of smugglers that pass through was a huge challenge for us in 27. Due to the lack of public access points, we decided to back pack in, and every single ridgetop in the areas we wanted to hunt had footpaths a foot wide going down them. We were forced to camp In a spot that was not very flat, nor very comfortable. I believe that 27 is a backpack hunters unit, with the potential to hunt deer that have not been seen by other hunters, but we did spend one afternoon hunting close to the truck, and found a handful of bucks. Aside from smuggler activity(more here than anywhere I have seen and I live in a border unit in AZ) and the lack of access, this unit is a great unit that seems to be equivalent to alot of the border units in AZ with way less hunters but potentially lower deer numbers. Good luck drawing a tag as a non resident. No experience in 26.
  4. creed_az_88

    Leupold mark ar rifle scope

    Just got off the phone with the rep and he stated that this scope has a zero stop. Am I missing something? From everything I see online is that it does not have a zero stop. Does anybody use one of these scopes and if so, do they in fact have a zero stop? Can the turrets be shimmed for a diy zero stop? Any info on these scopes would be appreciated. Looking for a cheap, dialable 1" scope for a muzzleloader.
  5. creed_az_88

    New Mexico draw

    Two red and one green. Muzzy any antlered deer.
  6. creed_az_88

    Trail camera recommendations

    They are all good. If picture quality is important to you then don't get the command ops. With that being said, picture quality is far less important to me then battery life and reliability so I run the command ops and I have nothing but good to say about them. I have some strike forces too and they are probably the best cameras I have tried from many different makers.
  7. creed_az_88

    Fat Urban Shed

    Looks like last year's with the cracks. Just means that you get to look for this year's in a few months. That thing is major fat!
  8. creed_az_88

    Results are posted!!!

    Archery goat unit 10!
  9. AZ hunts have way bigger draw odds.
  10. creed_az_88

    22 Non- Residents had 15+ BPs

    Never know....maybe the ppl that I know that drew with 12 got lucky in the random draw. I know somebody that got it with 11 also and I felt like they may have snuck into the bonus pass also. Well know for sure when they post the draw data.
  11. creed_az_88

    22 Non- Residents had 15+ BPs

    I know of multiple individuals that drew with 12. I'm assuming they made the bonus pass with 12. I'm guessing that it is no more than a rumor or the individual applied for something other than what he thought he applied for. No offense. I could be wrong.
  12. creed_az_88

    Tuff calling is it the time of year

    Breeding season. Trying mixing in coyote vocalizations. Challenge howls etc...
  13. creed_az_88

    Pronghorn Hits?

    I only had 11 points. I drew an archery tag. I was still a few years out from max points so I got extremely lucky. I can't imagine waiting 23 years to get a tag. I hope you smash a monster. Not sure that I really care a whole lot what unit I got, but I have seen some really good goats in 5b. Never set foot in 10 but that's gonna change this summer If I drew that tag.
  14. creed_az_88

    Pronghorn Hits?

    Congrats. I was shocked to see a $90 hit myself. 5b or 10 here I come.
  15. creed_az_88

    Arrow choices....

    I have always shot overspined arrows and never ever had a problem with them tuning. EVER. Stick with what you have. I highly doubt you have accuracy issues with them.