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  1. creed_az_88

    Selling H4350, RL26 and Fed 210 Lg Rifle Primers

    I'll take the rl-26. Pm inbound. You are an awesome person!
  2. He said that they are bought in packs of 6 or 12 because he likely doesn't use them himself. I hate to be critical of these guys because I am typically on their side and I know they have a tough job, but it was clear to me they have never tried to locate a big coues deer with a camera and then hunt that deer. Beyond difficult and very non invasive. But an all out ban is easier than thoughtful regulations.
  3. I appreciate their willingness to talk about it. I needed to hear it. I walked away from the podcast thinking that maybe they do mean some good. Their overall concern seems to be about water however. They mentioned it many times and they feel like trail cameras on water may be detrimental to animals. I agree with that to some degree. But why the ban statewide? Why make a ban that affects the guys who run a handful of cameras out in the middle of nowhere in Southern Arizona not anywhere near water? I feel like those guys have no idea how difficult it is to capture pictures of big bucks away from water. I would bet that very few of the commissioners have ever even attempted to set a camera that wasn't on water if they've ever even set one. Regulate them if you must, but don't BAN them. The chairman made clear that he felt that trail cameras were taking away sportsman's need for tracking skills and etc., but I would argue that it's the exact opposite when setting cameras away from water or bait.
  4. creed_az_88

    Sig Kilo1800bdx $180 at sportsmans

    Red or black reticle?
  5. creed_az_88

    QAD LD HDX, or Ripcord arrow rest?

    I've had the same qad for 10 years. Never skips a beat.
  6. creed_az_88

    6.5CM 140 accubond success?

    Creed velocities are a little slow for bonded bullets in my opinion. I would lean more towards the ballistic tips from nosler if you want to shoot a nosler. You will give up some bc's to the eldx's but the ballistic tips are slightly tougher. If the eldx bullets group better then I say just stick with them.
  7. creed_az_88

    Camera Poll

    No he didn't. What are you talking about?
  8. creed_az_88

    Camera Poll

    Predator contests and archery hunting within 1/4 mile are two very recent bans.
  9. creed_az_88

    Camera Poll

    Do not think for a second that hound hunters aren't at risk of losing their right to legally hunt lions with hounds just like those of us who like to use trail cameras are about to lose our right to use trail cameras in our deer hunting areas. Whether you like trail cameras or not, you should be very hesitant to support any all out ban by the commission. I dont mean to direct this to you delw, I mean it for anybody who is on board with this ban. I can understand both sides of the argument, and I can understand the commission looking into the problem and thinking of a fix, but an all out ban statewide is overkill and is similar to punishing all of the kids at the school because some of the seniors keep ditching school. If the commission can so easily take something like trail cameras away, they will eventually take away something like using hounds to hunt cats, especially in the southern units near "jaguar country" just as easy. And it won't stop there. Our country is in bad shape because Americans are so willing to let government have full control. This is no different in my opinion.
  10. creed_az_88

    Recovered Hornady bullets from 2 bucks

    Any idea on impact velocity from those two? Thanks for sharing i love seeing how different bullets perform.
  11. creed_az_88

    Paper Apps for leftovers

    Azgfd website just print them.
  12. creed_az_88

    First hunt for Enoch, 35a second hunt.

    Freaking awesome.
  13. creed_az_88

    My dads buck

    Character for days.
  14. creed_az_88

    Swavely kids 2020

    I'm fully expecting my hunting to take a big nose dive once the kids come of age. Were gonna plan on filling freezers for sure.
  15. creed_az_88

    Swavely kids 2020

    Man I'm jealous you get to do all that with your kids. Good job buddy.