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  1. Modern Inline muzzleloader rifle/starter package. I do not have a ML yet and looking to get myself a full setup to start shooting one.
  2. Another bump with a price drop. Someone snag this before I put it back in the closet.
  3. lamrith

    Muzzy Bull

    Well done guys!
  4. Bump with trades added and price drop.
  5. Thanks guys. I have only been hunting a few years, this was my second ever coues hunt. I have less than 20 total days in the field over all those years scouting and hunting coues, so I was happy to get eyes on so many and knock one down. I went into the hunt with, "1st legal deer gets shot" as my goal.
  6. I was just trying to relay the hunt as it unfolded and be creative. I have seen other threads here and elsewhere that are in a story telling format and people seemed to like it (as I do) Sorry if it was not enjoyable for you. He quoted just the suppressor comment so I took it as him questioning it's use or legality and not related to how I told the story.
  7. No worries! I appreciate your help in choosing them, it paid off!!
  8. 12's? you mean bino's? No I went 15x56. others in my group had 12's and I could really tell the difference.
  9. I have had a few people message about the suppressor. I greatly appreciate the concern and looking out,but they are perfectly legal to hunt with in AZ.: http://www.deeranddeerhunting.com/articles/deer-hunting-gear/suppressors-approved-for-legal-arizona-hunters My suppressor was legally produced after following all NFA laws and gaining a Form 1 tax stamp prior to making it. Anyone that is interested in learning about how to do this legally, just let me know.
  10. Not sure if you are trolling or just not aware of the laws regarding suppressors?? It is perfectly legal to make a suppressor when you follow the correct procedure and file per NFA. As mentioned in post #7 of this thread it is a Form 1 suppressor, hence I filed for and have an approved form 1 tax stamp. Sorry if I have a sense of satisfaction that I made the ammunition and the suppressor I used on the hunt and that I made them to tight enough tolerances that they shoot sub MOA, not many Form 1 suppressors can do that.
  11. Day 2 Evening hunt continued I settle the gun back on where the buck had been and I see nothing, my heart started to sink. dang, I missed him, you had ONE job and you muffed it! I hear Ben say "NICE SHOT! You drilled him, Dropped him like a rock!" I keep looking and start to see a small bush moving where the buck had been, I tell Ben he might still be there, so I rack another round and stay on the movement. After less than a minute the movement stops and the shakes begin. I had my very 1st deer down, my second game animal ever, with what ended up being a 450yrd shot using a round that I had made thru a suppressor I had made (After obtaining a Form 1 Tax Stamp thru the ATF) . I give Ben a big handshake and hug and we are both all smiles. I was trying to show Ben the drop calculation on my phone and my hand was shaking so bad we could not read it! We hastily mark the spot we saw him go down. I take a few pictures of the area he was in for visual confirmation and we pack up and haul to the truck, it is 5pm as we leave the spot I took the shot from. The guys by our parked truck are there glassing the far slope and ask if that shot they heard was us we say "yup, shot a little forky." They congratulate us as we throw gear into the truck and head out, the light is fading FAST. We get down below and visually see the approximate area and realize it is close to the road! I strip my pack of all my gear, down to all but my "kill kit" and bust out into the hills. 100yrds of zigzagging later we have him. Unfortunately, in his thrashing he had rolled into a cactus and had quills all over his head which stabbed Ben when he grabbed an ear to turn him around. He also flopped and had bled all over himself. I did not take pictures, he was just a total mess and hunters have enough issues without showing pictures of bloody harvest animals, and he was just a dinky fork on one side, spike on the other. A quick gut and we each take a pair of legs and pick him up as we walk back toward the road. Did I tell you these are small buggers, maybe 100# tops before gutting? We literally could carry him with one hand each. Back tracking a little we realize that we are actually only 50yrds from the road. The pair of hunters from up top had called it an evening as well and came down to see what we had gotten. More congratulations and we all got on our way and lifted him into the truck. We sat around at the truck waiting for the other pair to arrive back from their deeper hunt and were treated to a beautiful sunset. It is dark as they walk up. We put on our poker faces and engage in the normal post hunt chit chat, did you see anything, what area did you settle in, did you hear any shots? They mentioned hearing a shot that sounded odd and they could not place the location at the time. About that time one of them went to throw their backpack in the bed of the truck and it made no sound as it landed on the deer, they look in the bed shocked and we all had a good laugh recounting the hunt. Once back at camp the real fun begins. One of the other members starts walking thru breaking down the deer since it was my 1st. We skin back a side, he outlines muscle groups and cut points, tendons to cut that release joints and in short order the shoulder and rear qtr are off. Backstraps next and then he worked on some rib and neck meat. These are so tiny with so little meat we grabbed every little scrap possible. We flipped the deer over and I worked on the opposite side. We left the qtrs Bone in for now and got them on ice. Tenderloins came out last when they were easier to get to. Happiness is the end of a hunt with bloody boots and a single spent case. To be continued…
  12. I will jump ahead a few hours in the story... Day 2 Evening hunt We decide to break out of the usual spots and head up the road into steeper areas. One is a place we had glassed the does from the evening before the hunt. We drop the other two hunters off at the head of that road with the plan for them push up that road and sit in a deeper draw. Ben and I head up around the corner to see what else is around and end up on a sub-peak with a small camp-spot and a couple hunters in shade waiting out the heat to glass for the evening. 15min of small talk and we ask were they planned to hunt so we can stay out of their way. They are glassing the far distant side of the area. We part ways and cross hill around the ridge we are on to get to the other side of it looking in the general direction that our partners were heading. We find a nice shaded spot with decent view of the closest draw and settle in. This draw is steep and rocky and screams mountain lion to me with rock outcroppings, small caves and crevasses all over it. After about 2hrs nothing at all is moving other than the bugs buzzing in our ears and it is getting tiresome. I finally get to the point I consider bouncing to a new spot while there is still some twilight left and I ask what are we doing here this is a dead spot. We have a small snack and decide to start checking out far out ridges (800-1500yrds out) just in case there is something we can chase the next day since this draw is a dead-end. After 30min or so I start glassing up into trees in our draw again, we are here and hunting this draw after all, got to give it an honest attempt. Bored and honestly a bit bummed that we sat in a dead draw I sit back out of the glass and scan around with naked eye. I glance below us and see movement. DEER! I get behind my 12x56 Vortex Vulture Binos and swing that way to see one tail vanish into shadows. I swing a touch right to the second deer and see forks. I turn to Ben and say "BUCK" at the same time yanking my binos off the tripod and putting my rifle v-block on in their place and grabbing my rangefinder. I knew it was going to be a longer shot and the SIG Kilo2000 rangefinder confirms, 375yrds AMR (More on this later). Hhrmm, farther than the drop table I have printed in my scope lens cap. Ben is asking location and I verbally guide him in to where they are located as I pull out my phone and punch the range info into strelok+. It spits out I need to correct up 1.9MIL. I quickly decide not to alter turrets, I have a Mil/Mil scope with markers every 1MIL out to 5MIL on the Reticle, at the range calculated the 1.9MIL is only 1.35" low versus 2.0Mil. I pick up my rifle and verify the turrets are still at 0 and had not been bumped during our hikes. As I was entering the info into strelok and verifying my turrets, Ben has the deer in his binos. I hear Ben say "He's gone, just went into trees." I keep getting ready and get the tripod reset to the lower height needed for the gun and make sure it is stable. I zoom in to max power on my 4-14x scope as I know I will need to see the deer at this distance. As I finally get behind the gun Ben says "he is back out, in the shadows top left of the clearing, the doe is back also in the same clearing." The Doe helps me verify the correct clearing and then I see the buck. Man, these are tiny deer! I settle in and get my offhand set under the rear of the stock and locked into my shoulder. I anchor my cheek into cheek rest but the scope is bouncing all over like MC Hammer on crack. It has been 1 1/2 min since I 1st saw the buck and my adrenalin is spiking hard. I try to steady the gun and cannot. The good news is that he is stationary, and the doe is feeding calmly, so I take a risk and sit up away from the gun. I take a couple big deep breaths with my eyes closed. r-e-l-a-x. Eyes closed I get behind the scope again and open my eyes then find buck in the same place, only this time with a steadier sight picture. I ask Ben, "You on him?" "YUP." "ok taking shot” I start to squeeze the 3.5# trigger and the shot surprises me, just as it should, I hear the PPFFFFSHHHT of the round leaving the suppressor. (Over lunch I had thought about the issue with carrying the rifle with suppressor and decided to put it back in my bag, the benefit for shooter and spotter is just too great to ignore and worth the extra weight in the pack. Once we got settled in to glass I pulled it out and installed it back on my rifle.) The gun jumps off target, then I hear the crack as the supersonic 165grn Sierra Gameking bullet goes down range @2650fps. You jokers did not think I was going to go straight thru and tell you the outcome after that lead up did you? 😈🤣 I mentioned coming back to AMR as I did not want to break from the action at the time. AMR stands for Angle Modified Range, that is the term SIG uses for the distance a shooter uses to dial in or sight in on a target from angle (uphill or downhill) to compensate for gravity due to the shot angle. I mention this because my rangefinder was automatically calculating the angle and telling me the desired yardage for drop calculation, not the actual distance to target. I did not get a hard angle number when I took the shot, but a few days later when in the area took a rough reading and got between 30 and 38* angle for the shot. Running the calculations that puts the shot at 430 to 475yrds from muzzle to deer. I mention this for two reasons, one so other people are aware off it, lets be honest 99% of us shoot at a range when practicing. All flat shots and most probably have no idea that vertical angle changes point of impact, taking your shooting out of the range into real world changes things. Hopefully this helps some other shooter or hunter having the knowledge ahead of time so that they are prepared ahead of time and do not miss that trophy buck, or worse, wound it. The second reason is that this ended up being the farthest distance I had ever taken a shot at any target. If I had realized the actual distance I might not have taken the shot, and definitely been more nervous. To be continued...
  13. I had my offset for with and without can documented and with me. (Can changes POI .5MIL right)