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  1. You guys were not kidding! Hunt was a fiasco! Super dry, not a stitch of moisture even in shady draws that usually had pools of water in them. Deer were scarce. We saw more hunters each day than we normally do in a week of the later hunt. Had one group of hunters duck in under us when we were setup and then start blasting up the hillside trying to hit a pair of bucks 420yrds out. 20 shots later, they injured the 2x2, then switched and shot the hanging around 2x3 with it. Last we heard they had not recovered either deer. Was great to be out and not at work, but overall, not an enjoyable hunt due to overpressure of hunters and very scarce deer.
  2. I am a bit limited as I am out of state, but right now we should be there late morning/noon the day before, so dropping trailer should not take long then probably out for evening glassing and see if we can put one to bed for the morning. Thanks, good tip on midday. The family I hunt with have not to my knowledge worried about north facing slopes, could be why they strike out more often. I have a few spots looking at caltopo that look good for glassing north slopes right in the areas they usually hunt, so I will try that for sure!
  3. Yeah I think 600tags? The middle hunt we normally do is about the same 600 or 675tags so just gotta work find a spot and settle in and hope nobody else tromps thru the hillside you are watching sometimes. We did not even look at that factor. Oh well, part of hunting, gotta figure out a way to beat mother nature. Least it is a rifle hunt and not archery.
  4. Family drew 34A early hunt this year (Oct 23-29). Usually we get the middle hunt that is a few weeks later in the season. I am out of state so cannot get to the hunt area to do any sort of scouting before opening day. Any changes in how the deer behave/move in this earlier hunt versus the mid/late Nov ones we are used to? Are the deer more driven to water sources, do they stick to deeper/darker draws with the higher heat? Are bucks split more away from does or in bachelor groups so if I see a hillside covered with does should I start looking elsewhere? Any tips or recommendations would be much appreciated.
  5. lamrith

    They are Hitting Cards

    It was our 1st choice. early 34a was #2. Just saying if the rumor is correct that last week was only rounds 1&2 then our group got one of those two since we got card hit last week.
  6. lamrith

    They are Hitting Cards

    Interesting thought. m That could mean early 3a/c or early 34a
  7. lamrith

    They are Hitting Cards

    My acct is a mess too. saying I did not apply and that I have not had a license since 2015. Yet I drew and hunted in 2018 and I can print my license from this year and know our group was hit with CC charge.
  8. lamrith

    They are Hitting Cards

    Our group got hit too. Eager to see which one we drew.
  9. I did not end up predator calling at all. However I could and should have had a coyote on the 4th day, he snuck up on me when I was sitting and glassing, was 9yrds behind me to my right, when I turned and he bolted. I had rifle ready but not able to get on him, he had a buddy 35yrds out right behind me. Then a few min later when I turned back around to watch the far hillside again his buddy popped up 20yrds away to my right and I was again unready for him. GRRRR HAHA you got lucky the Delw! People getting lost up there and tuck all the time. I live a few miles from Rodgers but over in the FP School district. Wife and both my kids went to FP. I think you did good moving out, at least compared to now. Not to get to political, but hunting, fishing, being left alone has gone to the wayside up here the last couple years. The hunting has gotten bad and everything else is getting very "CA" very very fast.
  10. lamrith

    $17.50 Primos Trail Cameras

    Won't give those people a dime of my money. They are anti 2A and anti small business. Some of the games they play and things they do to vendors they should be ashamed of.
  11. lamrith

    Lion in Tucson

    Laws up here changed a few years back that changed how we are allowed to hunt cats. The cats now reaching adulthood do not know to fear humans like they did just a few years ago. We had two people killed this year here in the PNW by lions. Been a few close calls were hunters have turned and shot one that was stalking them or had snuck up to within <10yrds while still hunting and would not leave/acting aggressive. They most definitely can and will attack people.
  12. Giving this a pre-christmas bump. Still time to get this and have it shipped in time for Xmas!
  13. Modern Inline muzzleloader rifle/starter package. I do not have a ML yet and looking to get myself a full setup to start shooting one.
  14. Another bump with a price drop. Someone snag this before I put it back in the closet.
  15. lamrith

    Muzzy Bull

    Well done guys!