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  1. https://justthenews.com/government/white-house/atf-preparing-regulate-private-gun-sales-background-check-whistleblower Contact your rep and tell them to oppose.
  2. Nuker

    Pay it forward - I will start

  3. Nuker

    AZGFD water catchment maps

    Azaccessmap.com seems broken now. They have a new site called habimap from AZGFD but its less user friendly.
  4. Bought this case of ammo maybe 2 years ago and no longer have any .22lr guns. Would trade or sell. Located near East Tucson. Looking for a .25cal deer rifle (.25, .243, .270, 6.5prc/creed, etc.). Would trade for other stuff too, make me an offer. Can provide current AZ license and CCW card on meetup.
  5. Nuker

    Don’t know what I am doing

    Lots of dove and quail around Tucson area if you start with small game. Plenty of State and BLM land on all sides of Tucson with good access too. I am in Vail so go off the highway to Sonoita a lot of places in the Empires and Santa Ritas.
  6. Nuker

    Results are up.

    First Elk tag in AZ, rifle bull in 27. Guess I gotta get off my butt and do some scouting this year.
  7. Nuker

    Too Early Draw Results Countdown

    Yeah, I got a hit and see a tag number too. Was 1st or 2nd draw since I left the rest empty. Hunting in unit 27, but not sure which hunt yet. Only 2 points so my bet is on the cow hunt.
  8. Nuker

    Shipping ammo and primed brass

    Just ship via FedEx or UPS, pick a ground service, put an ORM-D sticker on it and be done. It doesn't cost any extra. USPS is a pain to ship that stuff if you aren't familiar.
  9. Nuker

    F/S Beretta Cheetah 32acp with 200rds ammo

    Good member, I have done business before.
  10. Nuker

    older houses and Alum wire

    I worked for 3 years as an engineer at a power plant & another 4 years as a shop supervisor at a power circuit breaker rebuild shop. In both jobs we owned / maintained a large amount of low voltage power equipment (low voltage is 600v 3 phase, 480v 3 phase and under). That said, we never, ever used aluminum wire for anything and in the power plant it was forbidden, even for non-critical loads like lighting. There are many reasons why copper is better, from conductivity, tarnish resistance and wire flexibility. If it were up to me, I would pay extra for the copper (and I did when running a 60A, 220v circuit for the welder / plasma cutter outlet & a 50A circuit for my air compressor in my current garage). Another good data point is to take a look at what is used where. Even on the cheapest AWM wire used in appliances in your house, it's copper. The step up to MTW (machine / tool), it's better copper with a higher strand count and better insulation. The highest reliability wire (THHN, THHW, XHHW or Welding / specialty) is high strand count, tinned copper, sometimes with PTFE jacket or other high temp insulators with specific solvent resistance. *EDIT* Many wires carry multiple ratings today so it's not as straight forward as I alluded to here, but there is an order of quality / reliability that you pay for and aluminum is bottom shelf on any list of electrical wire types. If you were to use aluminum, it would be the weak link in your system from the service box. It would normally be: Service box (copper bus / breakers normally, sometimes aluminum) -> aluminum wire -> brass/copper outlet -> full copper in the welder / motor / etc. tool.
  11. Nuker

    What ever goes topic!!!

    That is Fake News! I can tell because a Chevy has never passed anyone in racing, ever...unless that camera was strapped to a Dodge.
  12. Nuker

    Enough moisture?

    Maybe I shouldn't have looked, <25% or 25-50% of average precipitation for the last 180 & 365 days in the units I put in for...
  13. Nuker

    Enough moisture?

    Where is that map from? I want to look at the bottom half of the state and different time periods. Thanks!
  14. Is the draw hit going to look like this?