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Found 75 results

  1. Selling everything in the photos for $900. List of items below. Purchased last year from a long time member here for one hunt. Rifle has maybe 50-60 rounds through it. Selling to buy a trolling motor for my boat (will consider trade for trolling motor with ipilot, spotlock, gps anchor mode). Ruger Creedmoor 6.5 Vortex 6-24x50 Caldwell XLA Bi-pod Vortex Low Pro Scope Level Scope Rings Ruger short action scope mount Freedom Ammo x3 Precision Hunter Ammo Horn Hunter Bino Case Rifle Hard Case
  2. tomharveyb


    oA few months ago I sold on cwt all of the handguns that belonged to my son prior to his passing. Now I’m offering the ammo that I can’t use. The quantities in the pictures are what I have for the most part except the 9mm- I have around 50 boxed of that. Prices generally are $15/box of 50, $25/box of 100, $100 for the 200 round box of 5.56, $20/ box of .270, and open to offers on the .410. Thanks for looking.
  3. Bought this case of ammo maybe 2 years ago and no longer have any .22lr guns. Would trade or sell. Located near East Tucson. Looking for a .25cal deer rifle (.25, .243, .270, 6.5prc/creed, etc.). Would trade for other stuff too, make me an offer. Can provide current AZ license and CCW card on meetup.
  4. Cambow


    I used to be a huge 45 WIN MAG junkie and have owned many LAR Grizzly pistols over the years. I have a TON of ammo and brass for this caliber the has been sitting on the shelf for about 20 years now. It is all no-box loads I purchased form a few gun shows from professional loaders in plastic bags. I bought plastic cases and organized it all. Some FMJ, some Hollow point and a few all lead. Probably about 2,000 rounds in all. I wanted to test the waters here on this site to see if there is any interest. I'd rather not deal with shipping ammo if I can possibly avoid it. Please let me know if you are interested... thanks!
  5. 20 rounds of Weatherby Select, 20 rounds of Weatherby Select Plus, and 17 rounds of Barnes 300 WBY Magnum Ammunition. Total of 57 rounds. If interested text Dave at 480-849-0609
  6. 20 rounds of Weatherby Select, 11 rounds of Nosler Custom, 12 rounds of Weatherby, and 25 reloaded rounds of Barnes TSX 100Gr. Total of 68 rounds. If interested text Dave at 480-849-0609.
  7. I have a box of 20 round Winchester wssm .243 ammo. I will be in Phoenix on 12/16 and can meet up in North Phoenix. Price is $75
  8. Safariland 6378 holster for Glock 20/21 with or without light great condition $50 Sirui lightweight carbon fiber tripod, 1.8 lbs, 13” folded up to 54” extended, great condition. $65 SOLD Vortez Tactical 30mm medium rings, no scratches or dings, never mounted, great condition $50 SOLD Remington 525 rd brick 22lr $20 SOLD American Eagle full box .45 ACP, 23 gr ball, $25 SOLD 30-30 brass-unprimed Winchester, open bag but never used bag of 50 $25 SOLD 1 full box 6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELDX $40 SOLD 1 full box 6.5 PRC 143 ELDX $40 SOLD 1 unopened box of 100 Hornady 129 gr Interlock $20 SOLD I am in Phoenix/Ahwatukee near the 202 freeway, cash FTF
  9. 2 boxes of Hornady Match 180g in 7PRC. 1 box is full, the other has 17 rounds. So 37 rounds total. My rifle liked the 175s better so I need to offload these. I will take $90 for the lot or trade for more 175g precision hunters Located in Prescott but work in Mesa 👍
  10. chickenhawk

    270 ammo - 400 rounds

    Sellier & Bellot 270 Win 150 Grain Soft Point - 1 case = 20 boxes @ 20 rounds a piece. $400
  11. Jordan Moser

    H4831, RCBS Press, WLRM Primers

    Selling/trading some supplies. Located in Gilbert at Queen Creek and Higley. I need Winchester Large Rifle (WLR) primers I will accept as trade for any of the items listed below. - H4831. (5) 1lb bottles. - SOLD - H4831SC. 8lb jug. $325 - sold pending funds - Hornady 6.5CM ELD-X - SOLD - Hornady 6.5PRC ELD-X- SOLD - RCBS Rebel reloading press. New in box. Also have a #4 shell holder still in package I will throw in if you want it. $150 - Winchester Large Mag rifle primers (WLRM). Not for sale, trade only. *Items shown in pictures but not listed above are sold.*
  12. Bsel1023

    300 Win Mag ammo

    I sold my .300 Win Mag rifle, but still have some extra ammo. Selling this unused box of Winchester Ballistic Silvertip, 180 grain, qty. 20 bullets. See pic for ballistic specs $50 for the box (20 bullets) Located in Chandler
  13. hello i have 4 new boxes of horandy precision hunter 143gr eld-x 6.5 prc $45 box or trade for new 165gr cor loc in 30-06 i am in tucson i can ship buyer pays shipping text is best at 520-696-0834
  14. Entire box of 20 rounds of Nosler Custom 260 gr Partition, 18 rounds of Nosler Custom 260 grAccubond, 13 rounds of Federal 260 gr NoslerAccubond, and 3 rounds of Nosler Partion 260 gr.$50 Text Dave 480-849-0609 if interested.
  15. Entire box of 20 rounds of Nosler Custom 260 gr Partition, 18 rounds of Nosler Custom 260 gr Accubond, 13 rounds of Federal 260 gr Nosler Accubond, and 3 rounds of Nosler Partion 260 gr. $80 Text Dave 480-849-0609 if interested.
  16. Rharris

    WTS 7MM Mag Ammo

    55.00 per box or 450.00 takes all. Can deliver to Safford Az.
  17. shortpants

    300wsm ammo for sale

    I have 1 box of HSM ammo for 300wsm. Loaded with 168gr Berger HPBT. $65. Local pick up only.
  18. Snipster

    300 PRC ammo for trade

    *Gone I have for 4 boxes of Hornady Match 300 PRC 225 gr ELD-M that I would like to trade for Hornady Precision Hunter 300 PRC 212 gr ELD-X.
  19. shortpants

    300wsm ammo for sale

    (3) boxes of Federal Fusion 300wsm 180gr. ammo $180 total/$60 per box. (1) box of HSM 300wsm with 168 Berger HPBT $65. The other 2 boxes of ammo in the picture are partial boxes (7 rounds and 5 rounds left) I will give away free. I also have lots of brass for sale for 300wsm.
  20. King B

    300 WSM ammo for sale

    Selling 4 full boxes of 300 WSM 180gr swift scirocco and 7 additional rounds for a total of 87 rounds. Asking 50$ per box. I am located in Cottonwood, AZ. Text or call Mike at 928-451-4218.
  21. I have some federal powershok in 270 for sale. My 270 is out of commission so I won't be in needing it anytime soon. 130 and 150gr available. Pick up in N. Phoenix close to sportsman warehouse. PM me $30/box
  22. KillerWhale

    WTS 300 PRC Match Ammo

    Selling 300 PRC ammo. I have 2 boxes of Hornady Match, 225 grain. 75.00/ bx.
  23. From what I am calling my late Uncle's "ammo dump". Clearing out an incredible amount of different calibers of ammo. I am asking for $280.00 for 625 rounds (that's just shy of 45 cents per round). Last I checked, current price per round was 70 to .90 cents. Grab it while I have it.
  24. David bo6547

    30cal-300 win mag and more

    300WM new remington brass 53-$ 40 30 cal Berger 190 C-97 $65 30cal Berger 185 C-97 $60 30cal Berger 175 C-97 60 30cal nosler partition 180 C-82 $60 30cal nosler ballistics tips C-67 $ 30 1 box of 300WM Federal premium 180g nosler acc $ 65 2 boxs of 300WM precision hunter 200g elr-x $ 70 each SPF Shotgun shell- $15 Die sets 25 each /243 is sold Any questions just PM me don't need to sell just have some extra stuff laying around all prices came off line and are under online prices located in morenci/safford area only meet. Thanks
  25. Can anyone clue me in where I can get supplies for muzzle loading guns in the Phoenix AZ area? Forget about Cabelas or Basspro, I checked.