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  1. shortpants

    Stone Glacier 5900

    Is this still available?
  2. shortpants

    Lost a great taxidermist

    They don't make men like Wood anymore. They don't even make words to describe him. I will miss our conversations. I'm very grateful I was able to know him. He taught me so much. I've got several mounts hanging in my office from him that are now more special than ever.
  3. shortpants

    Shorts on the 3rd Hunt!

    Did someone say my name? I'm leaving for my hunt in about an hour with my Shortpants on too! Best of luck boys and girls!
  4. shortpants

    Friends, Family and Good Times

    Congrats to all you guys! Great write-up Christian thanks for sharing.
  5. shortpants

    Meet Mr. Wide

    Nicely done Tyson! Great read as well.
  6. shortpants

    Don's leftover buck

    Love the leftover success! Congrats! Tell your friend he should get that rifle looked at, the bolt is sticking out the left side!!!
  7. shortpants

    Nosler - Long Range Accubond Press Release

    I can't wait to see some real world test results. I hope they work well!
  8. And that my friends is a true trophy! Outstanding job!
  9. shortpants

    Long 3pt. Coues

    Amazing buck!
  10. shortpants

    One Day Hunt = My Personal Best

    Gorgeous buck!!! Way to go!!!
  11. Great cull buck for sure. A good one to get out of the gene pool. We don't need bucks like that breeding and making other totally awesome bucks!
  12. shortpants

    36c Nov. 30-Dec. 9...

    Thanks Joe! Best of luck to you guys!
  13. There is no doubt Jim is a great guide! I'd like to add a kudo's to the client on this one because most clients don't have what it takes to achieve this accomplishment. Jim told me how tough this hunt was and I know from experience if he says it was tough then it must be pretty rough. Great teamwork on both of your parts! Wish I could have been there!
  14. Just wondering if I'm going to have any friends I can turn to in case of emergency. Not looking to camp or hunt with you but it's nice to know I've got friends around if need be. I'll have somebody with me for part of the time but will be solo some of the time. Maybe we can exchange #'s through email or pm's just in case. Best of luck to everyone and be safe!!!
  15. Tiger Woods, RGIII, Jim Mullins! You are incredible my friend!