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  1. Edge

    Your Counties Pros & Cons

    My daughters bf is just south of Seligman. He's always running off tresspassers. Have found some nice properties around Mayer/Dewey but aren't methheads everywhere?
  2. Edge

    Fire in the Bradshaws

    Tussock fire, 800 acres closes Senators Hiway near Crown King
  3. Edge

    Fire in the Bradshaws

    They may be calling it the BLM fire, 400 acres.
  4. Edge

    Fire in the Bradshaws

    West of Crown King
  5. Edge

    Your Counties Pros & Cons

    Thanks bro, I used to live between Sierra Vista and Hereford. Love the area.
  6. As we inch closer to retirement, the home will go up for rent with a property management co. we're heading north, probably Yavapai or Coconino counties. It's hopefully our last summer at 1000' elev. Looking at buying land at approximately 5500'-7000'. To those of you whom live or frequent this elevation range, what would you list as your areas pros and cons; ie, water, wind, illegal activity, property tax, building restrictions, etc, etc? Any realtor recommendations?
  7. Edge

    Pray for me, my wife is already with god.

    This is horrible news, so sorry.
  8. That's an awesome barrel and ML setup. I use one in .45
  9. Edge


    A picture is worth a thousand words
  10. Edge


    My thoughts exactly
  11. Oh contraire. I'm measuring a 45 70 case now with 13grains of red dot. With a 405gr bullet properly seated, there's only 1/3 of the case empty. That's the charge recommended for the rolling block. Also, not enough empty space for an accidental double charge of 12 or 13 grains of red dot. Look at the difference in length between a 250 and a 405grain round..
  12. Too much velocity? How far off was the data vs your chrono?
  13. It didn't take long for me to stop burning black powder in the rolling block and trapdoor. I'm trying a recipe from Ed Harris's 'The Load' using 12grains Red Dot. Anyone else loading smokeless for low velocity rounds? What recipe works for you?