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  1. Edge

    Where am I?

    Hwy 89, Chino Valley area
  2. Edge

    AZ Meteorite

    Interesting but you need a better window. Read these instructions and post pics. It's on the forum I sent you a link too. The idea is to etch a window but you don't want to destroy its value in the process. https://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/7933-secrets-to-cutting-etching-and-preserving-iron-meteorites/
  3. Edge

    AZ Meteorite

    So the oxidation is coming off...? I don't think a meteorites fusion crust would leave a mark... But you might want to file a window into it and look for the crystal matrix. They're huge on space breccia.
  4. Edge

    AZ Meteorite

    Let us know what happens...
  5. Edge

    AZ Meteorite

    Ahhh. I guess it's worth a shot. Since the filming of Meteorite Men, the public is obsessed. Here's a pic of my 2.5g meteorite from the Sikhote fall.
  6. Edge

    AZ Meteorite

    How long ago was that? Folks.on my meteorite forum say they no longer test the public's samples, too many meteorwrongs. Simply do the streak test. If it passes that, file a window into it looking for the Widmanstatten pattern. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Widmanst├Ątten_pattern
  7. Edge

    AZ Meteorite

    Simple... Turn your toilet lid over and do a long hard scratch on it with suspected space rock. If it leaves a color streak behind of any color, it's not a meteorite. The event over Mesa at 530am you witnessed was actually 26 Feb. https://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/ https://www.wdrb.com/weather/wdrb-weather-blog/fireball-a-meteor-streaking-in-the-sky-over-arizona/article_6d4a3a58-5907-11ea-86ae-7f492ad38118.html
  8. Edge

    Where Am I? What am I

    Great read, thanks. Interesting about ammo... 60 rounds issued per trooper. I recently purchased a 45'-70 and thought about the weight, carrying the gun, ammo and all the accoutrements a trooper required on horseback. 60 rounds of 45-70 was 6lbs alone! If only she could talk.... 45-70 cartridge beside the 5.56
  9. Edge

    Effects of the virus scare?

  10. Edge

    Where Am I? What am I

    I have not but I'd love to.
  11. Edge

    Where Am I? What am I

    Most are native American. But this one has gun portals the ancients would not have built. And it's built where Grief Trail and Crook Trail fork. For example, there are two NA fortifications a short distance apart on the Agua Fria just north of Table Mesa known as South Fort and North Fort.
  12. Edge

    Where Am I? What am I

    I'd like to see it. PM me where about if you'd like.
  13. Edge

    147 Years Ago Today

    Yes. There was an annual spring gathering there. I believe many of the Yavapais thought Gen Crooks orders to get thee to a reservation or be considered combatants was an edic meant for Apaches, not them. http://prescottazhistory.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-true-victims-of-bloody-basin-were.html?m=1
  14. Edge

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Please tell me an embezzler works at an Adult Novelty store? Nobody in my intimate zone needs any. Although I must admit, I wear out several riding crops and buggy whips each year.