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  1. Edge

    Sweet dreams tonight

    I'm constantly thinking about snakes under pallets since we stack hay on them. Seems like the perfect snake habitat.
  2. Edge

    Moose unit 36 colorado

    Interesting, I learned something about moose's today
  3. Edge

    New world record long shot

    I may or may not be able to hit a bear in the butt with a handful of rice.
  4. Edge

    Funky Bull

    I'm wondering if this was due to an injury or birth defect.
  5. Edge

    6th Time is the Charm

    Great buck, great write up.
  6. Edge

    Funky Bull

    This bull is going to have a tough life. Would make an interesting Euro mount.
  7. Edge

    Died and Went to Hillbilly Heaven

    Listened to all those greats growing up. Lotta folks don't realize Tex was John Ritter's father.
  8. Edge

    Died and Went to Hillbilly Heaven

    Minus the hillbilly actress and Denver Pyle.
  9. Edge

    Died and Went to Hillbilly Heaven

    I sparsely recall, I think maybe you got a year or two on me ol buddy.
  10. Edge

    Died and Went to Hillbilly Heaven

    Darlins? I'll have to look that up.
  11. NRA sent it and AZGFD won't give you a bonus point?
  12. Neither AZGFD or the NRA can produce evidence I took hunters Ed 50 years ago. If I'd known that when I was 11 years old, I'd kept the certificate somewhere safer than my sock drawer.
  13. Edge

    Died and Went to Hillbilly Heaven

    Don't delay. Great tutorials on YouTube, the banjo tabs are easy to read.
  14. Edge

    Died and Went to Hillbilly Heaven

    Picked up a banjo over the summer, play hours a day. Pretty forgiving instrument, I've heard experts say there's no wrong way to play it. Is it a coincidence my cat left home?