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  1. Edge

    Kudos to Yuma Marine

    Looks like maybe a MAGA hat, too. Ooo-Rahhh
  2. The situation has changed drastically down there. Ever since Uncle Joe raised his sleepy plugged head.
  3. Edge

    Alec Baldwin

    But serious though, there was in fact a Covid angle to all this. The movie sets Covid protocol called for absolute insanity. The set armorer was to place the guns being used on a cart for the following scene then stay out of sight in a separate building. Even if the armorer was a sane and responsible type, there was no way to maintain control and custudy of the weapons. Couldn't even keep an eye on them. Covid strikes again.
  4. Edge

    Alec Baldwin

    Lol I'm gonna steal that. What a high class chick. The chit storms brewing, her land lady in Bullhead served her with an eviction notice yesterday. Bodies around this chick are stackin up faster than you can draw a Colt.
  5. Edge

    Alec Baldwin

    Ironic. Movie set about as dangerous as the old west. Now none of those turd actors will want to make a western so long as there's real guns, horses, mud etc.
  6. Edge

    Alec Baldwin

    MJ just became legal in NM, but several days after the shooting.
  7. Edge

    Alec Baldwin

    Military, warehouse workers, the list is endless.
  8. Edge

    Alec Baldwin

    ( (Sarcasm)
  9. Edge

    Spring draw

    Yeah it seems my WT tag was slow arriving in my online cc statement
  10. Edge

    Spring draw

    I suppose the draw is over?
  11. Edge

    Alec Baldwin

    IDK We'll see as facts come out. I don't have faith in NM justice based on my former residency there. The Santa Fe D.A. was just talking about a bridge of evidence that must be crossed in order for a charge of criminal negligence. Being under the influence could get you from negligence to criminal negligence.. And no, being under the influence is not a defense.
  12. Edge

    Alec Baldwin

    I'm not surprised. You've never had an accident, dui or worked in an industry where the death of a co worker at your hands calls into question your ability to make sound judgement?
  13. Edge

    Alec Baldwin

    I'm wondering, specially looking at some of. Hannah Gutierrezs social media, if any drug tests were administered to those involved in the death?
  14. Edge

    Alec Baldwin

    Another but much more experienced armorer turned A Baldwin down for the job sighting cutting corners on the set, a recipe for disaster. Turns out our little hippie armorer girl is a Zonie. She graduated from NAU last year. Hannah Gutierrez has a history of bad judgement. Her insurance provider just handed $50000 to the parents of a young man killed in a motorcycle crash in Bullhead City The deceased had been out drinking with Hannah Gutierrez and another friend. The two drunk males wanted to race motorcycles but the one friend didn't have a motorcycle and wasn't allowed to drive a vehicle without a breathalyzer. No problem, Hannah gave him the keys to her Harley and off they sped. Moments later they both crashed killing one.