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  1. Edge

    Wake up and smile

    Took a ride this morning out north of the homestead. While studying the geology of the area that was once the Pikes Peak mining district. Found some interesting minerals including an exposed hematite layer, not to mention hundreds of quail, wow. This guy was snoozing on a wash ledge about 9' up and couldn't be disturbed.
  2. Edge

    WTB Quarter/Half Cow

  3. Edge

    WTB Quarter/Half Cow

    Im picking up a hog tomorrow Bob butchered for me. I can ask him what he sells a half steer for. I will have some Angus steers for sale this winter.
  4. Edge

    Feed store in flagstaff

    Don't buy salt blocks, they are expensive, difficult to lug around and reveal where your camera is to thieves. Buy water softener salt. Just mix it into the earth with the dirt and some water. The animals will smell it, the thieves wont see it. Don't take my word for it, ask the infamous MulePackSaltHunter.
  5. Edge

    We need a CWT gathering

    A dozen drunks with shotguns comparing wieners...not my idea of a good time. Besides, I've already met all you corn baggers.
  6. Edge

    We need a CWT gathering

    Yeah that's when everything blew up in her face. A member bought her hubby's welder off her and wanted a refund.
  7. Edge

    We need a CWT gathering

    Did you lose it since booking her big game hunts and guided kayak fishing tour last year?
  8. Well, we're narrowing the date down...lol
  9. One more would seal the deal. Would have to be between 19Aug - 22Aug, Mon - Thursday. Evenings are fine too.
  10. Gilbert.....always in Gilbert, oy vey.
  11. Edge


    What applied in Texas 1835... Really hasn't changed.
  12. Edge

    Remington .221 Fireball

    There are theories out there it worked great for the CIA in 1963.
  13. Edge

    I don't carry for your Protection...

    I carry always. It's a shame we need to carry in church but we do. Turns out a mega church I was attending was on a couple local Islamists hit list a couple years ago. But the two ISIS wannabes got distracted by a Draw Muhammad contest in Garland TX and drove there where they were both killed in probably the worst ill concieved attack in history. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtis_Culwell_Center_attack
  14. Edge

    Snake avoidance training

  15. Edge

    Bears by New River?

    Two bears have been removed from Peoria in recent memory. Problem is, a couple weeks ago you thought a bobcat was a decent looking lion.