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  1. Prayers for a speedy recovery sent her way
  2. Edge

    Friend Lost His Pack in Unit 9

    What forrest road?
  3. Edge

    Legal mineral site attractents

    First things first. Best to nip it before a citation is given.
  4. Edge

    Legal mineral site attractents

    True but it's the wardens judgement who's citing you that counts.
  5. Edge

    Range Finder feedback?

    I got a great deal on a Nikon pro 7i. A friend inherited it new in the box and sold it to me at half price. Pros: it's fast and continuously ranges. It's small and 6x Cons: Not threaded for tripod. I'm no genius but no matter how many times I read the manual or watch the videos, Ican't figure out how to use the angle feature. Also, it's impossible to read the values in low light.
  6. Edge

    Old timey cartridges

    50 cal bullet measures .515" vs .458" on the 45 70 Got a tape?
  7. Edge

    Old timey cartridges

    Yeah hard to tell from a pic. I think if they were 50/70, would have been copper cartridge.
  8. Edge

    Old timey cartridges

    Sweet. Far left looks like 45/70 far right maybe 50/70?
  9. Edge

    Legal mineral site attractents

    No it isn't. You got the regs and can call your azgfd warden. You went from food attractants to food scents to ?. Memory tells me no scent can be used with actual deer urine. Don't risk your license on my memory.
  10. Edge

    Legal mineral site attractents

    Call the warden where you're hunting.
  11. Edge

    Legal mineral site attractents

    No food, no scent
  12. Edge

    Legal mineral site attractents

    Only legal things are water and salt/mineral designed for use by livestock.
  13. Edge

    Legal mineral site attractents

    The Cornbagger....
  14. I hope the forest service goes to remove it as abandoned only to find 99% of it is below the surface in 10 tons of concrete.