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  1. Edge

    Rejected card bonus point question

    I have a similar quandary. I went to put my info in on the elk app. When I pulled my license out I then realized I couldn't read the chicken scratch on it from when the Wal-Mart stooge filled it out a year ago. Of course my portal says I aint even got a license...no help. So I buy a new license at the same time I'm applying for the draw, it's valid for 2/10 on. After all is said and done I realize the licence may have expired 2/08 and I wouldn't have had a license 2/09 the deadline . I called g&f next day and yada yada yada....
  2. Edge

    TC Renegade .50

  3. Edge

    TC Renegade .50

    I have a TC Renegade in .50 cal. Uses #11 cap or pick up a Mag-Spark and use the 209 primers, it's a huge improvement. Comes with all the extras pictured to get you started. 1/2# Pyrodex, caps, patches and balls. $225
  4. The gold ad lacks clarification. I'm assuming the bracelet, necklace combo totals 2.6toz of 14k to arrive at 1.5toz .999 fine.
  5. I'll take a cube if there's one left
  6. Edge

    SOLD- Savage 24 22mag/20ga

    Nice. I learned to shoot with the C in that model that belonged to my grandpa. It's old enough it has no serial number.
  7. Edge

    Pissed off

    Twas the lack of oxygen
  8. Edge

    Pissed off

    Go to your local AZGFD and beat on the doors.
  9. Edge

    Pissed off

    I was told by AZGFD my portal wouldn't be brought up to date until the draw. But then again I felt like I was being fed corn.
  10. Edge

    Me Potato Head

    I saw this coming years ago when at the steakhouse they asked if I wanted my baked tater, "fully dressed?" What madness, Mr Potatohead. Like a liberal poke in the eye(s)? Meet the new Norm. The next edition of 'Potatohead the Genderbender'. Comes with mask, wig, pumps and demasculating tool.
  11. Edge

    Savage Model 24 combo gun in 22mag/20 gauge

    Next in line, I have 500 primers to trade.
  12. Edge

    Federal Small Rifle Primers

    It's been a month. I think he sees what they're going for on Gunbroker but they can't be mailed.
  13. I'm trying to buy srp's from an old timer who's no longer reloading. He's not budging on his price. I only want 1k but it's a package deal he's selling 5k. Would anyone be on board at 12.5¢ ea? PM me otherwise I'll have to pass.
  14. Edge


    I stopped reading at 'ABC.'
  15. Edge

    Plant identification

    Dandy buck