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  1. Edge


    Don't forget the chiklets and square of TP Gourmet compared to the vintage C rats and govt cheese.
  2. Edge


    303 and I-10 for me . if he's heading back to Yuma he can hit the Hwy down to Gila Bend from there..what is that, the 85 or 87?
  3. Edge


    Put me down for two can meet up along I-10 on the west side
  4. Edge


    Me too
  5. Edge

    how do you display your sheds

    A little something from out of state
  6. Edge

    gold sluice sold/placer claim SPF

    Yes Probably less than a mile north of Boyd Ranch and a couple miles west of Stanton.
  7. Edge

    What's your favorite CWT thread?

    If you didn't catch the thread I posted from a remote hilltop in 22S on 9/15/17 asking for help from our CWT brethren to butcher and pack out meat, here it is again. I was looking for help packing out a 6x6 Bull for a disabled vet. I had no cell reception and it was dark and we were exhausted 2nd to last day of the hunt. All I could do was post directions before returning to Camp for the night. When we drove to the parking area the next morning before sunrise, there in the headlights were a half dozen men gathered round chatting. My hunting companion had no idea what was going on. "Tim, why are all these people here?" He asked as we pulled in. "John, they're here to thank you for your service to our country." I pretended not to notice the tears rolling down his face as we parked and I had a few of my own to wipe away. Thanks again everyone who drove out on such short notice.
  8. Edge

    Something good unexpected

    Haha, if there were points at stake... But no I enjoy extreme conditions and MulePackHunter says he'll put up his wall tent and stove, Taj Mahal of the alpine.
  9. Edge

    AR 500 targets new price

    Four left. $60ea or all 4 $200
  10. Edge

    Something good unexpected

    Yeah I got a cow depredation tag for that area in '94. Filled my tag point blank when a small herd nearly ran over me near Big Lake.
  11. Edge

    Something good unexpected

    Found it thanks, forgot to scroll over ... Dec cow unit 1
  12. Edge

    We lost a good one this weekend.

    Heartbreaking. I can't imagine what the parents are going through right now. My best friend committed suicide with a pistol he borrowed from his son the week before. He was a decorated Viet Nam vet that had just been busted for weed in the USAF in a surprise urinalysis. If you think suicide ends your pain, you're wrong; you only transfer it. If you're feeling depressed or desperate, talk to someone, there's a solution.