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  1. Edge

    Balloon shot

  2. Edge

    National Egg shortage

    Never considered myself a conspiracy theorist, but yeah they seem to be batting 1000%
  3. Edge

    National Egg shortage

    Big difference between egg production stopping and slowing down. After 40 plus years of having poultry, one gets familiar with the seasonal flow.
  4. Edge

    Alec Baldwin charged!!!

    Prosecutor says Alec Baldwin skipped firearm safety training (ya think?) Nolte: Prosecutors Say Alec Baldwin Skipped Gun Safety Training https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2023/02/02/nolte-prosecutors-say-alec-baldwin-skipped-gun-safety-training/
  5. Edge

    National Egg shortage

    Yup, our bird feed was coming from Tractor Supply
  6. Edge

    National Egg shortage

    Their pen is large, 100' x 20' but the only true free ranging is reserved for the ones needing their wings clipped.
  7. Edge

    National Egg shortage

    Even backyard chicken keepers are experiencing a laying shortage from their hens. There was a story last night on Tucker Carlson concerning the big companies like Purina changing their feed ingredients. You want conspiracy? The egg shortage started about the same time the 5G network came online. We keep chickens, ducks and turkeys and the hens definitely quit laying last fall even before these cold Temps set in. We're going to add some cat food to their diets and see if that helps. Our area bobcats aren't affected by the egg shortage. They're after our birds day and night. I have a surprise lined up for the furry bastards.
  8. Edge

    In the market for a TC Contender G1 Forend

    I believe I have one to sell, pm.me your contact info if you still need one.
  9. Edge

    Mini Heeler

    I've got one. He came out of San Diego where he was 86'd for hating. Wish I knew his breeders, would love another one. Good luck
  10. Edge

    Alec Baldwin charged!!!

    Laxed firearm rules have been in the film industry a long time. When family from out of town came to visit we often ended up at Old Tucson. Once while watching the filming of a gunfight scene for the High Chaparral, I was hit in the face with a wax or soft plastic projectile from a blank fired by an actor, maybe Cameron Mitchell? IDK but I ended.up in some actors sights.
  11. Edge

    Alec Baldwin charged!!!

  12. Edge


    We raise several breeds of ducks and fowl for meat and eggs. The Muscoves are easy keepers and pretty quiet..lots of meat and eggs out of them.
  13. Edge

    American Gun Violence

    There's been 1.3 million American combat deaths, all wars combined. What is this lying Spartacus jabbering about now?
  14. Edge


    Tried Muscovey?