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  1. Edge

    Waring Pro meat grinder

    This Meat Grinder is still available.
  2. Edge

    Waring Pro meat grinder

    Email me and I'll send you my number for texting. When we meet up I'll show you how to delete the messages
  3. Edge

    Waring Pro meat grinder

    Your pm box full? Says you can't receive any messages. Reach me at : tturbo2003@yahoo.com
  4. Got one left. New in the box, 500W, .8hpon par with 3/4hp Cabela Carnivore but easier to clean and has reverse. $200 or will consider partial trade for 9mm, 5.56, .223, .308 Located in Far NW valley but can meet up.
  5. Edge

    Big Browns

    Better to give than receive?
  6. Edge


    We should all wish Mike a Happy birthday too...
  7. Edge

    Big Browns

    Wow, your a celebrity bro. Happy birthday
  8. Edge

    Major winter storm to hit high country

  9. Edge

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Nice pad, bro! Them bird calls must be selling like hotcakes.
  10. Edge

    Cool Rocks Found

    I think what looks like bone is basalt, so it's volcanic rock. The Crystals precipitated in pockets of that extrusive magma probably with an ore body. Hince the mine shaft where it was found and what appears to be an iron pyrite inclusion. The pyrite, if that's what im seeing; with quarts crystals is the story here. Use vinegar, baking soda and a tooth brush to clean that fools gold up. Buy some oxalic acid cheap online and soak the quarts overnight and make it sparkle. You'd be surprised what that rock would sell for.
  11. Edge

    Cool Rocks Found

    Streak test is more definitive, my driveway is full of rocks that will stick to a magnet. If it were a meteorite and a new find, researchers may want to study the specimens magnetic field uninterrupted by collectors with magnets.
  12. Edge

    Cool Rocks Found

    Streak test!
  13. Edge

    Cool Rocks Found

    Pic two is 5 sided quartz crystal with what appears to be pyrite Last pic I believe is crystal in host igneous, basalt. Are they different views of the same rock? Fossils are mostly in sedimentary rock.
  14. Edge

    You be the judge

    Central American asylum seeking mom with her two harmless ninos? But more likely Mexican army or cartel spotter shift change. Which incidentally is the same thing.
  15. Edge

    Cool Rocks Found

    Let's take the last picture..stone on left may be a geode, picture is blurry can't see if the crystals are also 5 sided quartz or not. much of the nodule they are formed in appears present in your pic. When the nodule is solid with crystals it's an agate. The specimen on the right is five sided quartz crystal which also forms in pockets and volcanic nodules. Nice finds.