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  1. Edge

    Any Velvet Pictures Yet?

    Yes but skeered to use it, afraid of what I might see
  2. Edge

    Why do they keep doing this?

    The guy who killed Trevon Martin was reportedly white too. Oops, Hispanic but what's the difference?
  3. Edge

    Why do they keep doing this?

    Just threw up in my mouth. Was having a conversation with a coworker recently about how vulnerable children were with all this gender dysphoria nonsense being pushed on them. Now the kids are being slaughtered by those who were encouraged to be gender fluid.
  4. Edge

    Why do they keep doing this?

    Tranny tendancies. The queer that attacked Dave Chappelle recently was also.
  5. Edge

    Any Velvet Pictures Yet?

    Careful what you ask for
  6. Edge

    Why do they keep doing this?

    Never doubt that evil does exist
  7. Edge

    88 years ago today

    And she's holding a half eaten sandwich.
  8. Edge

    88 years ago today

    Don't go down that road...
  9. Edge

    View from my office window

    Out my picture window just now...
  10. Edge

    Lake Pleasent Boating Accident

    For every death on the water there, probably 2-3 more on the roads around the lake. The 32 year old lady's leg was amputated by a boat propeller. Thank AZ Central for their usual lapsidasical reporting... Her leg was amputated by the rope.
  11. Bump for a fair price!
  12. Edge

    Pictures posting sideways

    I pick a photo I want to share and then tap Edit. Next I tap Crop and even the slightest adjustment and save a copy. Always comes out correct.