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  1. Edge

    Woodbury Fire

    Fantastic news, thanks so much for sharing!
  2. Edge

    Woodbury Fire

    I would if I could Listen and you can hear the whales.
  3. Edge

    Woodbury Fire

    Listen Bambi, they can all leave the county ahead of time. Trees are just a little more rooted. You should visit, it's an AZ treasure.
  4. Edge

    Woodbury Fire

    Two dozen apple and a couple pear trees best I can recall.
  5. Edge

    Ruger SR22 22lr pistol

    Lemme know if this becomes available
  6. Edge

    Woodbury Fire

    There are no bear or whitetail in 24B. The Coues I shot there a couple years ago was lost, alone and rabid.
  7. Edge

    Woodbury Fire

    I'm wondering how the orchards at Reavis have survived 150 years of lightning and fire storms. Perhaps they'll survive this, perhaps not. For two decades I 've packed in to Reavis for the beauty and the bounty. Always anxious to sink my teeth into a juicy Golden Delicious when ripe or smelling the apple cobbler cooking in the damned heavy dutch oven you reluctantly packed in and didn't dare leave back in the truck. The last Coues I took was while resting my antique .06 on the last southwestern most Apple tree in the orchard. I always resented the usfs stance against that orchard, they were not indigenous and they wanted them gone. Hope those trees are a thorn in the forest services side another 150 years.
  8. Edge

    Fathers Day, the untold story..

    Great looking family right there.
  9. Edge

    2001 Ford F150 4x4

    I'm at 267000 on my 03
  10. Edge

    Fire between Horseshoe and Bartlett

    We've had two fires within a half mile of our place in the last two weeks.
  11. Edge

    Car Jacking

    At least there wasn't an alledged "tussle" like Jussie Smollet described, lol.
  12. Edge

    2007 Toyota Sequoia 4x4

    What mpg do you get?
  13. For those of you who contacted me concerning this bear, he's still available. A week ago Thursday I placed a game cam in a tree.and according to the date stamp it only took a few hours for him to find it. I have about 4 pics of him yanking it out of the tree.