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  1. Edge

    Antique Winchesters & Colt peace maker

    Very interesting. I was recently reading about how the first 1873s were shipped from Colt to the civilian market in Dec 1875
  2. Edge

    Antique Winchesters & Colt peace maker

    Was the Colt originally delivered to an army unit or a civilian?
  3. Edge

    Need a couple 16 inch truck tires

    I have 4 load e tires you can have
  4. Edge

    Fish stockings

    There had been a race for naturalists to name the various subspecies, totalling over 40 birds. Our friend Dr Coues was hot in the chase...
  5. Edge

    What is it?

    And this
  6. Edge

    What is it?

  7. Edge

    Sad anniversary

    Dad loved dogs, the only time I ever saw him cry was when our family dog passed. He always spoke fondly of the begals he raised and bred, one in particular named Duchess. She had a knack of barking wherever she was when she heard her name called and racing back to him. Just hours before dad died, he sat up looking out the hospital window and said Duchess was out on the grounds chasing a rabbit. Mom looked out the glass and said she didn't see her. Dad said she's out of sight now but I hear her bawling, she's on the hunt. I can only infer that this was Duchess's turn to call dad home.
  8. Edge

    Sad anniversary

  9. Edge

    Sad anniversary

    Your grandpa too, great family history, great Americans.
  10. Edge

    WTB Cap and Ball

    That kills the value. I have a 2nd generation Walker made long ago by Umberti. Like shooting a magnum with 50gr black powder.
  11. Edge

    Sad anniversary

    Oh, if you're lucky enough to have your dad around, give em a call.
  12. Edge

    WTB Cap and Ball

    What will you be asking for that?
  13. Edge

    Sad anniversary

    Rough day. The man whom taught me to hunt, fish, never whine and by example; how to honor the women in my life, passed 5 years ago today. He was old school, tough, unapologetic and worked hard for the family. 92 years young, WWII vet and still sharp as a tack. I think he had a pretty good run
  14. Edge

    WTB Cap and Ball

    Looking for some percussion and conversion pistols. If you have one of those imitation Patterson, Walker or Dixon Colts, PM me. I'll look at percussion muskets too.
  15. Correct on the Winchester build. I also grew up with this identical scatter gun. Man was dad peed when I as a know nothing 20 year old sold it. Glws