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  1. Edge

    Having a Blast with the Past

    It's ready for the wall. With the thorough cleaning, I was able to read the serial #s for the first time. Turns out it's chambered for .38 S&W. Was black powder built between 1909-1941. Has low, low serial numbers so probably manufactured about the time AZ gained statehood. Next I'll turn my attention back to the .25 H&R...
  2. Edge

    Having a Blast with the Past

    Yeah there's an application I have in mind also for that, we'll see.
  3. If you're looking for a been there, done that kinda horse, look no more. Zazzy is a 9 year old grade quarterhorse mare standing 14.2hh. She has been trained in cutting, sorting, trails, packing and running barrels. Her first time in the arena running barrels recently she did a 19 second run, fourth place in the jackpot. She reins so well, she'd be perfect at gymkhana.That's her on the left.That's her in back. Message me with a phone number and I can send videos. $2800
  4. Edge

    Having a Blast with the Past

    It's not a hassle, he lived near Cochise. Besides, this is a precursor to an upcoming project turning sterling to pure silver using a similar method.
  5. Edge

    Pack Sawbuck Tree

    Oak cross bucks with pine humane boards. Always kept indoors when not in use. Should fit horses 1000lbs or less, smaller mules. You're welcome to fit it before buying. $100
  6. Edge

    Having a Blast with the Past

    It's an HR Self Loader .25 There were 3 generations made. Pretty sure they stopped production on this one, 1918. I'm hoping the action works again this afternoon. Great Wall hangers.
  7. Several years ago a friend asked me to disperse most of his late father's estate. The old timer must have been a colorful character. He lived a minimalist life style even though he had retired from Ratheon with a good nest egg and pension. But he had simple needs and lived on a small farm in Cochise with his horses and dogs. Spent his golden years packing into unit 33 mostly and hunted as much as possible. He built a small shop on his acreage and lived in a kit garage with dirt floors. When the prostate cancer weakened him to exhaustion, he settled into assisted living and therefore was not home when his property flooded. The moisture had ruined a lot of his possesions when I started to gather them and some items were just tossed. But there were a few items I put into a drawer for another day. SCIENCE!!! Yesterday I started the restoration of these items. All with moving parts were so badly rusted, they no longer had moving parts. Time to experiment with electrolysis. 5 gallon bucket of water with approx 1 tablespoon of salt per gallon water for electrolytes. I hung the items needing cleaned from a piece of sucker rod I could ground from the old battery charger. I would set the charger to 6V, 3 amps. The anodes were a couple of iron grading stakes I had laying around. I connected them together with jumper cables but it didn't seem to matter having 2 anodes since all the oxidation migrated to the one anode even though my volt meter indicated voltage at both. Put the rusty items through the electrolysis overnight and got up to this view. Its important to do this outside, as the process creates hydrogen since you're separating H2O. Additionally, using salt for the electrolytes makes for chlorine gas. After 18 hours, here's the result... I was thrilled to see this antique actually operate again. The breech opens, ejector, hammer, trigger all moving again. She's going back in for more electrolysis. The right side of the pistol was facing the anode so it came out cleanest, so I turned the gun around 180' to work more on the left side. In case you're wondering, it's an Iver Johnson, 5 shot Top Break Safety .32 S&W short. Same model used to assassinate Pres. McKinley 119 years ago.
  8. Edge

    Whites Gold Master w/VSAT

    I'll look for a date. https://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/24947-whites-gold-master-vsat/ https://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?t=265533 I'm in NW valley but will ship, that's inexpensive, no problem.
  9. Edge

    Whites Gold Master w/VSAT

    I'll look for a manufacture date, but this model came out in '95. Still a very sought after detector and popular among prospectors who don't have thousands to spend on newer, comparable models.
  10. White's Gold Master is an outstanding detector capable of finding the smallest pieces of gold, silver and can discriminate between ferrous and non ferrous metals. Control box can be mounted on belt or slung from shoulder. Finds coins and relics too. I'm surprised by how many coins are lost around campsites. $240
  11. Edge

    556/223 308 ammo

    Fixed it. PMd ya.
  12. Edge

    556/223 308 ammo

    Ammo can 420rds Federal 556 FMJ $135 American Eagle 120rds 556 55gr FMJ. $35 American Eagle 60rds 223 FMJ 55gr $15 American Eagle 308 100rds 150gr FMJ $70 PMC 308 100rds 147gr FMJ. $70 Buy all of any cal, 308 or the 556/223 I'll take another 5% off total Can meet up in the valley, or Tucson in 2 weeks.
  13. Edge

    Looking for an Auto Paint Booth A weekend

    I'll be needing one also. Where did you find the rental?