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  1. FourthHorseman

    Garage clean out

    Second on the XL cot and pad. Let me know if first deal falls through.
  2. FourthHorseman

    AR rings and leupold sun shade

    Pm sent
  3. FourthHorseman

    WTS: SOLD Aero Precision ultralight 1" scope mount

    Sent you my contact.
  4. FourthHorseman

    WTS: SOLD Aero Precision ultralight 1" scope mount

    Do you ever make it to Phoenix or Florence area?
  5. FourthHorseman

    Aero precision AR-10 upper 6.5 creedmoor for sale or trade

    pm sent
  6. FourthHorseman

    Love snakes, but not these ones!!!!

    Probably better to just burn the whole house down and move if that were the case. No need to take a chance you missed one.
  7. FourthHorseman

    Random Cleanout. Dies, Barrels, Stocks and other stuff.

    Any chance you have a heavy barrel in 243 for the rem. 700?
  8. FourthHorseman

    Stock exchange

    Says it is for a long action (LA)
  9. FourthHorseman

    Wasn’t the guns after all

    Same here! Shotguns during dove season and rifles during deer and elk season.
  10. FourthHorseman

    Shower Remodelers

  11. FourthHorseman

    Winchester Ranger 30-30

    Let me know if the deal falls through. Doubt it will though.
  12. FourthHorseman


    What are you looking for in trade?
  13. FourthHorseman

    Sold - Please Delete

    In the last few months I have built 2 6.5 grendel's, a 7.62x39, 9mm, a 300BO, and a 223 and they have all been right in this range. If you decide to put one together message me and I can help point you in the right direction.
  14. FourthHorseman

    Sold - Please Delete

    Are you wanting to put one together or buy a complete gun. You can build one for substantially less than 500 depending on the caliber.