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  1. FourthHorseman

    Browning a bolt 300 WinMag

    Is that the one you traded a 300+ dollar pack and 200$ for on your other post? Just askin!
  2. FourthHorseman

    Mega ammo blowout sale

    PM sent
  3. FourthHorseman

    Mega ammo blowout sale

    Interested in the Tulammo 1550 rounds and seconds on the Remington. Where are you located?
  4. FourthHorseman

    Muzzle break 300 rum

    I have the SJC Titan on a 308 AR10 and a Rem 700 300 win mag. If you are looking for recoil reduction I don't think there is anything better other than the Terminator T3. The price is extremely reasonable compared to the T3 which is why I went with it. The only down side is if someone is sitting beside you, the side blast is intense. There are a couple videos on youtube putting it against a ton of other brakes. Check it out.
  5. FourthHorseman

    WTS: Clearing out a few things

    PM sent.
  6. FourthHorseman


    Where are you located?
  7. FourthHorseman

    Manfrotto tripod/ manfrotto pistol grip

    What is the over all height when fully extended? Thank you.
  8. FourthHorseman


    PM sent.
  9. FourthHorseman

    Tactical Innovations Gatling gun kit for 10/22s

    Figured it wouldn't but what the heck!
  10. FourthHorseman

    Tactical Innovations Gatling gun kit for 10/22s

    Pm sent if deal with muledeerarea33 falls through.
  11. FourthHorseman

    Feed and House your .50 BMG

    PM sent