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  1. FourthHorseman

    308 upper

    If the BCG is included I will take this. Will send PM now
  2. I will take them for 100.00. I am in the east valley but can meet you in the north valley. Pm coming your way with my contact info.
  3. FourthHorseman


    I will take this. Sending pm.
  4. FourthHorseman

    Set of 4 Moto Metal wheels with Tires - Sold!

    What size lift did you have on your ex to fit these. I've got an 03 but it is stock.
  5. FourthHorseman

    WTB Remington 700 SA complete rifle or action and bolt.

    Thank you guys. I will check them out.
  6. Preference would be that it has a 308 bolt face. So if you have a 700 in 22-250, 243, 6 creedmoor, 6.5 creedmoor, 7mm-08, 308, 338 federal, or 358 winchester I'm interested. This is going to be built into a rifle for one of my daughters. Going to put it into a chassis for adjustable LOP and install a short barrel. So if you have an old 700 that's been used as a club, barrel shot out, or patterns like a shotgun with buckshot let make a deal. Contemplating a custom action but thought I would ask here first. Thank you guys. Good luck to the guys with elk tags this weekend.
  7. FourthHorseman

    Sig Sauer Romeo red dot sight

    Anywhere really but I live in the east valley.
  8. FourthHorseman

    Sig Sauer Romeo red dot sight

    Any chance you are coming to Phoenix any time soon?
  9. FourthHorseman

    Summer Clean out

    I will take the MDT stock. I will send you a PM.
  10. FourthHorseman


    I will take this. I can pick up tomorrow. Send me a pm and let me know what time works. I am located on Brown and Ellsworth.
  11. FourthHorseman

    Another scammer “Alexm”

    Yep! Looks like he is already gone.
  12. FourthHorseman

    Reloading Dies and equipment

    I will take the 7.62x39 dies. I can pick up tomorrow. Pm'ed you with my number.
  13. FourthHorseman

    WTB 10/22 charger pistol

    Looking to buy a 10/22 charger pistol. If you have one collecting dust and want to get rid of it let me know. Prefer the 8" but the 10" barrel works too. Thank you.
  14. FourthHorseman

    Silencer wait time???

    I moved in the middle of waiting and it didn't matter. Check with your guy but because I used a trust it wasn't a big deal.
  15. FourthHorseman

    Silencer wait time???

    Ordered 2 in January with the new e-forms and they took 85 days to clear. Ordered 2 more in May and they cleared in 275 days. I just picked them up last week. The key is to just order a new one every few months then once they start coming in it doesn't seem like you have to wait that long.