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  1. FourthHorseman

    DBM LA

    Is this the M5 DBM? From the looks it would take some extra fitting to fit in a non-greyboe stock, is that correct? Thank you.
  2. FourthHorseman

    Lab puppies, all colors.

  3. FourthHorseman

    Lab puppies, all colors.

    A friend of mine had 2 litters of puppies on the same day (3/7/22). They will be ready to purchase here in a couple weeks. All AKC papered. Moms and dad onsite. Dm me and I can get you their number for questions and pricing. Otherwise enjoy the pictures.
  4. FourthHorseman

    School me on getting suppressors

    Like I said I have heard that the e-file system got slammed and there have been some strange stories about glitches with the E-File system. Mine worked great. I figure if the E-File system screws up twice and works on the third time than thats only 270 days. I know paper file guys that are well over 350 days and still waiting.
  5. FourthHorseman

    School me on getting suppressors

    I e-filed mine January 14th was approved and picked them up March 7th. Seems the silencer shop e-file system has been having some issues though. Hope yours is on the way.
  6. FourthHorseman

    high country 45 tundra cooler

    Actually the chartreuse brings more than 400.
  7. FourthHorseman

    B & W 6" Trailer Hitch

    They don't make lift kits for the Prius so you don't have to worry.
  8. FourthHorseman

    Bell and Carlson M40 $200 obo

    Where are you located?
  9. FourthHorseman

    FN Herstal SPR A1a .308

  10. FourthHorseman


    Is this the red or green reticle?
  11. FourthHorseman

    .44 cal 265 grain Hornady FTX bullets

    What makes them "for a 444 marlin and not a 44 mag"? Honest question. I always thought that 444 and 44 used .429 diameter projectiles.
  12. FourthHorseman

    SOLD - WTB Hornady 45-70 LEVERevolution 325 grain FTX

    I think you should should just trade it straight across for my 444. I feel sorry for you so I will throw in a couple boxes of shells too. You know you can't hit crap with that 45-70 anyways!
  13. Actually you don't. You can download the app and set your ballistics and the scope will give you the aiming points at 100 yard intervals out to 800 yards. With the range finder/binoculars it will give you the aiming point out to exact yardage. Basically if you have something at 650 yards without the RF you have to aim between the 600 and 700 yard dots. With the RF it will give you a dot at 650 yards.
  14. FourthHorseman

    Need help identifying

    Thanks guys. Second picture had me second guessing myself because of the short muzzle.
  15. FourthHorseman

    Need help identifying

    Caught this on my trail cam and wondering if you guys can help me identify it. First picture I am thinking young bobcat but not sure. This is 2.5 miles as a crow flies from the nearest property where someone lives and 2 miles from a maintained road. Just south of Payson.