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  1. WT hunter

    LH Rem 700 KS

    Can you send me a couple of pic. 602-999-9576
  2. WT hunter

    Sako l61r .338 win mag

    Thank you for your time David
  3. WT hunter

    1987 Suzuki Samurai $6500obo

    LOL 🥵
  4. WT hunter

    Sako l61r .338 win mag

    Your pic. did not show up on that bolt David
  5. WT hunter

    Montana elk decoy $50.00

    I will take it
  6. WT hunter

    Brand New Maven B.5 18x56 binos

    What part of Arizona are you Located
  7. WT hunter

    Sako l61r .338 win mag

    Is the serial number 6148??
  8. WT hunter

    Sako l61r .338 win mag

    Is that a left-handed stock. Right hand bolt
  9. WT hunter


    That what happened He had some Rem. Bottom metal That I was thinking about buying. I never heard from him again RIP
  10. WT hunter

    Wtb 300 win mag

    I have a 30 nosler that you might what to think about
  11. Is the 2nd one for sale too ?
  12. WT hunter


    That right there was the good old days
  13. WT hunter


    Good old 06
  14. WT hunter


    How many boxes do you have ?
  15. What size is the belt