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  1. WT hunter

    Anybody need any US869 powder?

    What do you want for your power
  2. WT hunter


    Me to if need more
  3. WT hunter

    WTB/WTT for .338 RUM or .375 RUM brass.

    Beautiful Ram
  4. WT hunter


    What is that scope worth
  5. WT hunter


    Thanks they where the best. We use to eat there when they where in all the big malls
  6. WT hunter


    Where is Miracle Mile located. I thought they were all closed up
  7. WT hunter

    22-250 for sale

    Rem. 788??
  8. WT hunter

    WTB Lightweight Deer Rifle

    Nothing wrong with the 308 our United States Marines used it for a long time
  9. WT hunter

    Rem Mdl 7

    Is that a factory barrel ?
  10. WT hunter

    Reloading bench

    What size is it L/ W
  11. WT hunter


    Thanks get back with you David
  12. WT hunter


    How old are your Rod and reels
  13. WT hunter


    I will take both boxes it’s still available thanks 602-999-9576 David
  14. WT hunter

    WTB 270 wsm ammo

    I have 2 boxes of Remington 40 Rounds David 602-999-9576
  15. WT hunter

    Boat for sale!

    Nice set up I will pass the Word around should not last long