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  1. WT hunter

    Christensen Arms Precision Chassis

  2. WT hunter

    Christensen Arms Precision Chassis

    Long action I hope??
  3. WT hunter


    Price for the gun I don’t need the scope actually I just need the action let me know thanks David
  4. WT hunter

    Masterbuilt smoker

  5. Very Nice tent they got a good deal
  6. Wish I was 17 again. What a great opportunity. That how my son got his start.
  7. WT hunter

    For Sale - Leupold VX2 Brand New SPF

    He got a really good deal
  8. WT hunter

    Elk shape/ bike is sold. thx.

    I don’t know anything about bikes What dose a size 54 fit ?
  9. WT hunter

    WTB Street Tacos

    Me to
  10. WT hunter

    Winchester model 70 sold

    Just send you a PM
  11. Sorry about your lost of job it won’t take you long. Nice looking Jeep looks like you did a great job on good luck
  12. WT hunter

    Reduced - 1980's Rem 40x 308

  13. WT hunter

    Trailer Tires / Wheels - full set

    Price for all 5?
  14. WT hunter

    FREE Good words from Hoghunter's Wife Heather.

    Very nice of you to help out God bless to all RIP