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  1. Coueser

    I was fooled

    Not to get your hopes up again. . . I’m with BofA. A couple of years ago I had a pending charge and then it disappeared the next day and stayed gone for about 2 days and then came back and all was good.
  2. Coueser

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    I agree. I have the same tent and would love to see how you modified yours for a stove. Please post a pic if you have one
  3. Coueser


  4. Coueser


    Ttt with additional price drop
  5. Coueser


    ttt with price drop
  6. Coueser

    Youth Unit 23 rifle bull tag

    Way to get it done. Fantastic!
  7. Coueser

    Late Kaibab and Strip

    My late 12aw buck. I have a hard time passing up too many when my boys can be there for the shooting.
  8. Coueser


  9. Coueser


    Sold. Thank you
  10. Coueser


    Rcdinaz has dibs. I’ll reach out to you guys if he changes his mind. Thank you
  11. Coueser


    Used MVH502AH head. Heavy for backpacking but best head I’ve used for video for panning when not going in deep. Used but works well. Asking $60. Located in east valley - can meet at Bass Pro. 602-376-3620
  12. Coueser


    Like title says excellent condition Gen 2 Vortex Razor HD 22-48X65. Comes with Vortex lifetime warranty. I’m located in East Valley and can meet at Bass Pro. Thanks 602-376-3620
  13. Coueser

    12AW and the boy

    Nothing better than hunting with the kids. It really is what it's all about! Congratulations and way to get it done!!
  14. Coueser

    2018 Desert Buck

    Congratulations on a great deer. Fantastic pose!
  15. Coueser

    First Kaibab Hunt Report

    That buck of yours is a stud for a first deer. Congratulations and thanks for the report, I’ve been anxious to hear back from the early Kaibab hunters. Hoping the rut makes them more dumb before my late 12AW hunt starts