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  1. Coueser

    East valley plumber needed

    Just had exact same issue in East Valley. Dirt Dog Plumbing was awesome.
  2. Coueser

    Max's Texas Hunt

    Way to go Max. I’m totally jealous
  3. Coueser

    Kimber Montana 7 WSM

    Dang good deal
  4. Coueser

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

    Way to get it done Nash!! and great write-up dad!!
  5. Coueser

    WTB 7mm-08

    I’m hoping to find a 7mm-08 for my son for Christmas if any of you have one that you’re looking to sell. Thanks
  6. Coueser

    11 years in the making.

    Loved the video and write-up. Congrats on a fantastic buck!!! I’m going to need the coordinates for that water hole😉
  7. Coueser

    Swavely kids 2020

    Way to go. Great adventure and thanks for the write-up. They’ll have fantastic memories of that hunt for the rest of their lives. Gotta ask, is that a silencer on the gun, and if so, do you like it?
  8. Coueser

    Bubba Strikes Again

    Awesome story. Great write-up. Glad he’s doing so well!!
  9. Coueser

    Tessa’s bull

    Awesome! Doesn’t get much better than a great hunt with your daughter. I’m betting you’ll both remember this experience the rest of your lives.
  10. Coueser

    First Bull With A Bow

    Great story and write-up. Congratulations on getting it done. Bummer on not finding your first bull. Unfortunately, it is a part of archery hunting these tough animals with archery equipment.
  11. Coueser

    2020 Archery Bull

    Great bull! Thanks for the write-up and photos.
  12. Coueser

    Unicorn Bull

    You might want to get out of that area before you get cancer. Droptine bull looks skinny
  13. Coueser

    Son's first archery bull

    Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on a great year
  14. Coueser

    Rut Activity

    Weather finally seems to be cooperating. . I was up with the masses this weekend and didn’t hear a bugle even when I got far away from the holiday crowds. Are any of you up north hearing more bugling or seeing signs that rut is picking up?
  15. Coueser

    2020 archery buck

    Wow, gorgeous buck. . . Way to get it done.