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  1. Coueser

    PointGuard Plus - Priority positioning?

    Definitely says $25 on the website
  2. Coueser

    PointGuard Plus - Priority positioning?

    Feels wrong to me to go this route. First example I can think of where G&F is essentially giving a draw benefit to those who pay more. I know money is tight and they need it but I would rather see them raise permit fees instead of gimmicky things like this. It feels like things are trending toward someday essentially buying bonus points if you can afford it.
  3. Happened to be on AZGFD website today and clicked on the link "Taking the Confusion out of choosing a PointGuard Product". Can anybody provide clarification on the statement below? Those who purchase PointGuard Plus will receive priority positioning for the reissuing of hunt permit-tags that are surrendered by PointGuard members and non-members alike.
  4. Coueser


    Great gun. GLWS
  5. Coueser

    December late pictures

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing. My guess is quality was down a little last year. Did you feel that was the case?
  6. Coueser

    23 North Early Archery

    I had the tag 7 years ago. It’s a fun hunt. I wouldn’t say it was head and shoulders better than other hunts I have had. The quality isn’t really out of this world. You see lots of elk and have less hunters in the field but still rarely see bulls over 350. I think you have high tag numbers on the late rifle hunt to thank for that. As some have alluded to already, there are WAY more people in the field than tags. . . This really diminishes some of the benefits of only 15 tags. You will likely run into many people out calling and enjoying the woods/rut who aren’t even hunting or with a hunter. I never really did have confrontations but did find that when I was on a great bull, there were often other hunters/callers after the same bull. The year I had the tag there were cameras on almost all water sources and often these cameras were being checked multiple times daily which made many elk go nocturnal in spite of limited “hunters” in the field. If water is scarce, water sources getting hit by big bulls are in high demand. This year may change, to a degree, with cameras banned for hunting. For the most part, I think you draw this tag for great rut action and experiences and not for sitting water. I think if you go into it expecting to get into rutting bulls that you will be happy. If you think the bulls are a lot bigger in 23 than other units, you will be let down. One other benefit to this hunt is different topography. You can be in gentle rolling hills covered with pines, steep canyons overgrown with oaks after fires, or pinyon/junipers. All hold elk and have the potential to hold a giant. You can pick what you’re looking for in your hunt. Enjoy the time and hope the rut gets going early this year for your sake.
  7. Coueser

    Elk 101

    I think you are smart to start with water sources. Depends on the year, but when it is dry they can be you best bet for archery. I second above on Steve Chappell. I think the sounds he makes on his youtube videos are the most authentic I've heard. If you can get down a good locator bugle and a smooth cow call with either diaphragm or my preference is an external reed cow elk call (personal favorites are the primos hyperlip or phelps ez estrus) then you should be in great shape
  8. Coueser

    RV's in the cold

    Planning to haul my travel trailer up to Kaibab for the deer hunt. I'm a little worried about freezing pipes overnight. Any of you ever had pipes freeze when using your trailer in cold conditions?
  9. Coueser

    Guess the Score??

  10. Coueser

    Kaibab Report

    Just listened to Duwane Adams interview on the Jay Scott podcast. He said the 12AW early hunt was the worst he had seen in his 40 years up there. The deer were spread out from up top to down low and very "pockety". The biggest deer they saw was probably a 170s buck. He felt like all the guides up there had a pretty similar experience this year. Pretty depressing to hear that. I have been so excited to get to go with my wife who has a tag this year. Just curious on yall's thoughts? I appreciated the couple stories on the hunt so far but was curious if any of you others who had been up there had similar experiences? It seems like tag #'s have been decreased up there in the hopes of getting back to the glory days but it doesn't seem to be rebounding very quickly. I know last years fawn recruitment was way down. Do you think the monsoon rains came too late this year for antler growth?
  11. Coueser

    Had a blast in 12awest

    Thanks for the write-up and pictures. They'll cherish that week hunting with you for the rest of their lives. Love it!
  12. Coueser

    Help with Kaibab 101

    Great write up. So happy for you that you were able to get it done and had a great experience. Hope your wife gets back to 100% quickly.
  13. Coueser

    Honda ATV's 2005 Rancher 2014 Recon SOLD

    Love seeing the antlers boiling in the background
  14. Coueser

    Hard Work Paid Off

    Looks like an awesome time. Way to go!
  15. Coueser

    Nash’s first buck

    Way to go Nash. Great buck!!