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  1. Coueser

    Application numbers

    As far as NR go, I think states with a point system have you hooked until you can cash out. I would guess it affects a state like NM way more that doesn’t do points on a year like this year and has raised fees (at least it did for me this year). Even states like CO that have points but where it used to be cheap to put in every year have increased their fees significantly over the last 2 years while hunting quality seems down overall and many I know are looking to cash out their points and be done with them.
  2. Coueser

    2019 Youth Deer Hunt Success

    Fantastic video. Way to go!
  3. Coueser

    New Mexico unit 16D Archery Bull Sept 15-24th

    you are one LUCKY dude!
  4. Yes! Just got hit for $135 myself. Feels so good to see that charge when you’d given up hope
  5. Coueser

    2019 Buck

    Gorgeous buck! I love how his main beems sweep up at the ends.
  6. So glad to hear this. Terrible tragedy but I inagine I would feel so much better as a parent to know my little girls body had been found and she could be buried. I pray they can start to find some healing as a family
  7. Coueser

    Updated 12/2/19 -- A Few Good Kaibab Bucks

    Thanks for posting. . . Always nice to see big muleys.
  8. Coueser

    Draysen's 2019 Archery Elk Hunt (Our Epic Fall Part 2)

    Fantastic story. Thanks for taking the time to document and share it with us. Way to go Drayson! I predict many more successful hunts for you two in the future
  9. Coueser

    Two beautiful bulls in two years

    Fantastic. Way to go Lance!
  10. Coueser

    Another first for my son!

    Fantastic! Way to get it done
  11. Coueser


    You sure that’s him on the trail cam photo? 😉. Stud bull, way to go! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Coueser

    Put it all together

    Fantastic buck. Thanks for sharing
  13. Coueser

    My 2019 Opening Day Buck

    You sure make it look easy. Nice hat!