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    Reloading extras for sale

    Ttt updated what’s available
  3. Undrpasbum

    Reloading extras for sale

    Worlds finest trimmers, 308 $40 Hornady concentricity and case neck thickness guage-$100 nosler 7mm ABLR 168 gr 189 bullets—-$150 nosler 7mmABLR 150gr 100 bullets- $75 Hornady 223 cal bullets- sold H1000- 1 lb brand new unopened-$60 would trade for Reloader 23, N565, 156 or 140gr elite hunter 6.5mm bullets, 175 gr 7mm elite hunters located in chandler
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    Round count less than 60, and it weighs 6.9 lbs.
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  6. Undrpasbum

    Arrowhead Rifles 6.5 PRC - Sold

    I tried sending you a message, and can’t. Can you please message me?
  7. Undrpasbum

    Wtb: Reloader 23

    Anyone have 1lb of Reloader 23 that they are willing to sell? located in chandler
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    Price updated to 100
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    Located in Chandler
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    Price updated, and this is still available. I was waiting on my Garmin xero before I sold it.
  13. Would like to sell or trade this spotting scope. Spotting scope is in excellent condition, comes with case and iPhone 13 phone scope. No longer have vortex box. $900 or trade. trades would be for a high power/equal value hunting scope zeiss v4, razor hdlht, leupold vx5hd.
  14. Undrpasbum

    Sold Hornady auto charge Pro

    Lightly used Hornady AutoCharge Pro. Still works great. Comes with original box and paperwork. It’s a little less than a year old, 250 obo. only selling because I updated to an autotrickler. sold
  15. Undrpasbum

    Wtb remington 700 trigger

    Looking for Jewell or possibly other aftermarket trigger. I currently have a Timney, and I don’t care for the wide trigger shoe. I would love to find another Jewell, anyone have one for sale?