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  1. Norteno

    Leupold customer service just made my day!

    While packing for my elk hunt I noticed the battery cap for my RX-1000 rangefinder was missing. I gave them a call and they overnighted me a new cap which arrived prior to me leaving for camp.
  2. Norteno


    Is it missing the grip sideplates? Great deal. I remember shooting this bow at Hoyt Demo Days
  3. Norteno

    Mormon Lake Lodge

    We stayed at the RV park this summer and it was packed asses/elbows. The steak house is great and pizza place too when it is open. It is nice to have the little general store open in case you forget anything. Did you draw this tag?
  4. Norteno

    Nikon HG 10x42 Binos

    Are these the EDG replacements? Although these are great glass it’s going to be a hard sell with the flooded 10x42 market. I’d love to see these side by side with Razors.
  5. Norteno

    This new forum layout

    I pretty much quit the forum with this new layout. 90% of the time I access on my iPhone. Now the add banner at the top of the forum takes up the entire screen and scrolling down to read comments is a pain. I also miss the new content section that is default on the home screen.
  6. I was in the same situation as you two months ago. Picked up a Jayco Eagle HT and RAM 2500 6,4” Bed. After a lot of research I went with B&W turnover ball and Anderson Ultimate. Hooking and unhooking is a breeze. Have turned 90 degrees a couple of times already and clear cab easy. I timed myself installing it and I was under 4 minutes. Andreson Ultimates were $720 on Amazon. Took the add into Quality Bumper in Mesa and they matched it. They now have a customer for life. My neighbor has a 3 axle toy hauler with a F350 platinum and runs the same setup as me.
  7. Norteno

    5th Wheel items

    Where are you located? Just picked up an Anderson Hitch today. If that doesn’t give me enough room I may be contacting you.
  8. Norteno

    WTS: 2010 Tacoma 4x4 quad cab Supercharged

    Here is the craigslist add. A member on here has first priority, but I have got the usual Craigslist lowball offers so far and another guy interested in Las Vegas. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/toyota-tacoma-4x4-supercharged/6668768045.html
  9. Norteno

    2001-2007 V8 Tundra/Sequoia radiator

    Thanks for the console DUG. Nice FJ!
  10. Norteno

    WTS: 2010 Tacoma 4x4 quad cab Supercharged

    I bought the truck with a full cat back exhaust and it was a beast. Sound was too aggressive for wife so I switched to OEM and it tamed it down. Never got around to looking for less aggressive cat back
  11. Norteno

    WTS: 2010 Tacoma 4x4 quad cab Supercharged

    Only picture I have with truck in it. It was a great day
  12. Putting this out there as I should be putting this up for sale this weekend. 110K miles with 90K on the dealer installed TRD Supercharger and TRD Cold Air intake. Just had fuel pump, MAF, windshield, supercharger belt/coolant/oil replaced. KBB value without SC is around $18k Private party. I was offered $15K from the dealer to buy it. Paint and interior are in fair condition. Rolling on fairly new BFG KM2 with new Bilstein 5100 in the rear. The Supercharger might be a deterrent for some, but it is awesome to have when you need it. There is a recommended 100K service which I just had dealer perform. Id keep it, but picking up a new RAM Cummins on Friday to pull my new 5th wheel. Pictures to follow once I get around to detailing it. Located in Chandler
  13. Norteno

    dirt work preparation for yard rock?

    I did the bobcat thing and rented a dumpster. Even helped out a couple neighbors while I was at it. Yeah it was fun, but it took 6 months before the bobcat tracks wore off my driveway. 😆