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  1. Norteno

    Gila wilderness bulls.

    I’ll be heading to 16b in mid June for a scouting trip with my Dad. First scouting trip We’ll likely be starting at Snow Lake and working South. Since it is the 2nd rifle hunt that area might be blown out. Later in July we’ll try coming up from Silver in the South. We have never stepped foot in the unit either so mostly just scouting the terrain. Any tips would be appreciated
  2. Norteno

    Unit 23n early hunt outfitter

    I did the opposite of you with same result in 2016 killing a 320 bull. Killed the first bull I got in range on the 2nd day. Saw some monsters I could have held out for and always wonder what if. Continued to see good bulls even on the multiple packs out. Drew the hunt with 6pts.
  3. Norteno

    NM Gila tag

    Thanks for the advice. I actually reached out to a college friend who now lives in Deming and he actually offered to pack out an elk if we get one with his horses. To make his effort easier we’re going to stick to the SE part of the unit. headed down there at the end of the month to start poking around
  4. Norteno

    NM Gila tag

    So my Dad lucked out and drew a tag in the Gila. He is used to hunting out of the truck close to home and is almost 70. We are going to plan a couple trips this summer, but being 5.5 hrs away not sure where to start. Unit is huge! Tag is unit 22/16b late October. Any pointers on an area to focus on? Pretty sure it will be 16b, but not sure if to come up from Silver City in the South or from up North. This is going to be a challenge for me and my Dad. We are not going to use a guide. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. Norteno

    Unit 23n early hunt outfitter

    DIY you can easily get a 350+ bull. If you want 400+ call AZ GROUND POUNDERS.
  6. Norteno


    How did you do?
  7. Norteno

    Arizona Unit 24A Elk

    Make camp at Timber Camp and drive the forest roads and the 60 at night listening for bugles or looking for elk. I agree hunt the Rez border. I found a random tube bugle hunting deer at Timber Camp one year and have seen a single cow elk while glassing in late October. Making a few friends with the locals could really pay off.
  8. Norteno

    Willow Springs

    Night crawlers or power bait?
  9. Norteno

    Make Offer B&W Sliding 5th wheel

    Time to get an Anderson boys!
  10. Norteno

    Tire update - Nitto's response

    Can we turn this into a "Best tire to run on 3/4 ton trucks" thread? I'm looking to replace the tires on my RAM 2500 which I used to tow my 5th wheel. I'm leaning towards the BFG K02's
  11. Norteno

    Alpen Rainier EDHD 10x42

    Awesome! I saw them at $406 and nearly pulled the trigger. I looked again and the last pair was at $444. They are all gone now. You got a smoking deal!
  12. Norteno

    Electrician in Munds Park?

    Thanks everyone. I got what I needed from a local electrician located at Munds Park a few houses down. I’m in the valley and I got a fair deal.
  13. Norteno

    Electrician in Munds Park?

    Thanks - who is Woody ?
  14. Norteno

    Alpen Rainier EDHD 10x42

    Passing along a killer deal on Amazon right now. I really want to buy these but have better places to spend my money right now. These are $1300+ glass. Alpen is out of business but was bought by Explorer Scientific who still honor their No Fault Warranty. I’ve seen these beat out Razor and Conquests in reviews. They drop $10-$25 a day and are now at $440 with 2 pairs left. If if anyone buys them I’d like to look through them one day. Alpen Optics RAINIER EDHD 10x42 Waterproof Fogproof Roof Prism Binocular https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004MBE1NK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_3l6sDbQ6VVER9
  15. Norteno

    Electrician in Munds Park?

    Anyone here know a good electrician or handy man in the Munds Park/Flag area? I’m looking to get a 30 amp outlet installed at the electrical panel to plug in my RV. House is located in Munds Park.