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  1. Norteno

    Unit 23 north map

    Note: in some places the Rez fence is little more than a single downed line of wire. The elk also seam to know exactly where it’s at too.
  2. Norteno

    Thoughts on Chandler road rage shooting

    Dude what’s your problem. My initial question on starting this thread was to hear discussion on the subject in which many members have stated very good points and given real world examples. I think we are all waiting for more information to come out and then opinions may change, who knows. It sucks someone died and there is now another story adding to liberals (real liberals) agenda to infringe on our 2a freedom. I don’t have an answer and was just throwing an idea out there which was shut down respectively. None of your comments have constructively added to this thread. FYI both my wife and I are active hunters and own several rifles, shotguns and as of now 2 handguns. Far from liberals but open enough to hear others point of view.
  3. Norteno

    Thoughts on Chandler road rage shooting

    Dude, my wife was stating her opinion on lowering the number of firearms and individuals with access to them after seeing a guy carrying out in public. I tried to educate her that the guy carrying was likely not one of the bad guys you read about. Next thing we know we both see a guy DIE. As a married man you stop the discussion. My guess is you’re not married. There is a time when you just let the wife’s opinion stand. On your other question, if you don’t think racism exists in Arizona you’re blind. The guy was Mexican. Read the discussions on Facebook assuming the guy was here illegally and why he isn’t deported. There is a lot of hate out there. This group is not that way and why I enjoy being part of this community.
  4. Norteno

    Thoughts on Chandler road rage shooting

    I’m not arguing against you. The only thing I can think of is Education. Drill it into the firearm owners head that if you draw your weapon more times than not you’re going to be the bad guy. The guy was a minority, he already had one strike against him. Unlike Sky Islands example above, it doesn’t sound like the guy had a reason to fear for his life. We’ll find out more details soon. I’m not sure what would be better to support our 2a rights, him owning the gun legally or finding out it was stolen or something. On another note, I’m sure lawyers are lining up to defend this guy.
  5. Norteno

    Thoughts on Chandler road rage shooting

    The thought here is there are some individuals that can be very responsible gun owners(most) but still have the ability to loose their cool once and a while and flip out. During those limited times, having a firearm in your possession is not a good idea because all your common sense goes out the door. I appreciate your opinion.
  6. This incident hits close to home since it was like a block from my house and my wife and I were discussing our opinions on open/concealed carry earlier in the day. First off I’m very sorry someone lost their life. As we drove by right after it happened I saw him on the floor with shirt off getting CPR by first responders. A scene hard to forget. I’m 100% for our freedom to carry a firearm. I would rather a CCW permit be required simply for the training you get laying out the implications you face if you utilize your firearm. For those that did not hear the details, white guy and Hispanic guy are driving up Gilbert and get in a road rage altercation. Once the hit red light on Germann Hispanic guy is behind white guy at the light. White guy gets out of his vehicle. Approaches Hispanic guy and yells out “do you want a piece of me”. Hispanic guy then fires off a few rounds hitting white guy and the car of a nearby family narrowly missing their kids. Guy doing the shooting was booked and is charged with murder. Guy who got out of his vehicle and approached the other vehicle was unarmed. Because two hot headed fools were acting like idiots now one of them is dead and the life of the other is also ruined. My wife making a case for limiting firearms won on this day. Idiots
  7. Norteno

    Unit 23n early hunt outfitter

    That is awesome. Who did you land out hiring as a guide for 23N?
  8. Norteno

    Nikon monarch 5 12x42. SOLD

    These are great binos at a great price.
  9. Norteno

    Non Covid bug going around

    Yup, kid brought it home from school last Friday and it spread to the rest of us pretty quick. Mostly sinus pressure, coughing and fatigue. We all tested negative but it took a while to clear up so kids missed school all week. Dr. Gave my kid a steroid to help him get over it sooner. Said it wasn’t bacterial so no antibiotics. Typically the phlegmy cough last a couple weeks for me. Just glad it’s not Covid
  10. Norteno

    Gila wilderness bulls.

    I’ll be heading to 16b in mid June for a scouting trip with my Dad. First scouting trip We’ll likely be starting at Snow Lake and working South. Since it is the 2nd rifle hunt that area might be blown out. Later in July we’ll try coming up from Silver in the South. We have never stepped foot in the unit either so mostly just scouting the terrain. Any tips would be appreciated
  11. Norteno

    Unit 23n early hunt outfitter

    I did the opposite of you with same result in 2016 killing a 320 bull. Killed the first bull I got in range on the 2nd day. Saw some monsters I could have held out for and always wonder what if. Continued to see good bulls even on the multiple packs out. Drew the hunt with 6pts.
  12. Norteno

    NM Gila tag

    Thanks for the advice. I actually reached out to a college friend who now lives in Deming and he actually offered to pack out an elk if we get one with his horses. To make his effort easier we’re going to stick to the SE part of the unit. headed down there at the end of the month to start poking around
  13. Norteno

    NM Gila tag

    So my Dad lucked out and drew a tag in the Gila. He is used to hunting out of the truck close to home and is almost 70. We are going to plan a couple trips this summer, but being 5.5 hrs away not sure where to start. Unit is huge! Tag is unit 22/16b late October. Any pointers on an area to focus on? Pretty sure it will be 16b, but not sure if to come up from Silver City in the South or from up North. This is going to be a challenge for me and my Dad. We are not going to use a guide. Any help will be appreciated.
  14. Norteno

    Unit 23n early hunt outfitter

    DIY you can easily get a 350+ bull. If you want 400+ call AZ GROUND POUNDERS.
  15. Norteno


    How did you do?