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  1. Norteno


    SPF Sorry, but sale is off. This rifle is going to my neighbor who I found out wants to get into hunting. Worth it for me to get a wife approved hunting buddy.
  2. Norteno


  3. Norteno

    Mormon Lake lookout

    Has anyone been around the Mormon Lake Scenic View area lately? Wondering if the elk herd is still out there every evening. Looking for a good glassing opportunity for my kids this weekend
  4. Norteno

    Hatch Green Chili Source?? (EXTRA HOT / HOT)

    Dang, all these experts out there and not a single person can spell it correctly. 😆 It’s Hatch CHILE, with an (e) Chili is made with beans in Texas
  5. Norteno

    Jayco Fifth Wheel

  6. Norteno

    Jayco Fifth Wheel

  7. Norteno

    Jayco Fifth Wheel

  8. Norteno

    Jayco Fifth Wheel

    2 AC’s on 50amp. One ducted and the other in the front bedroom which turns that room into an icebox.
  9. Norteno

    Jayco Fifth Wheel

  10. Norteno

    Jayco Fifth Wheel

  11. Norteno

    Jayco Fifth Wheel

    Putting up our family camper for sale. It’s a great fifth wheel perfect for families and small enough to still get into places. Unfortunately we just don’t use it often enough at this point. 2nd AC added at dealer new. Brand new battery and brand new tires including spare. 2 full 30lb propane tanks. 2019 Jayco Eagle HTX 26BTX 31.5 ft Like new condition Extended Warranty transfers good till 2026 Located in covered storage in Chandler. Everything transfers including hitch, generator, and all hook-ups and supplies to head straight out $30,000 obo
  12. If things go as planned I’ll be hunting coues in December this year. Who has hunted this unit for coues and what can I expect? My expectations are to get a respectable first coues to hang in the wall and share the hunt with my Dad and boys.
  13. Norteno


  14. Norteno

    Turkey Decoys

    Starting to plan for May hunt. What Turkey decoys do you use, if any? First timer here.
  15. Norteno

    RV storage

    I lost his number but if you are on Facebook look up Phil Chavez. He owns a landscape company and has a huge lot off of Queen Creek/Cooper. I was going to store mine there until I found a covered spot. I store mine at McQueen RV & Boat Storage. Call Ramiro and check if he has any spots opening up. 602) 751-9293