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  1. azbow

    Another Free to a new hunter camo

    I would like to pick them up for my BIL where in Tucson? Today?
  2. azbow

    FREE 7mm08 brass

    I can pick them up tomorrow if for some reason they are still available
  3. Good shape been just sitting in the garage for the last few yrs. Model MM1800 which was recently discontinued but still has parts and info online. $100 will be making a quick trip to Phx tomorrow morning and can bring it along
  4. azbow

    35 Whelen brass

    79 new unprimed R P 20 once fired R P $60. Oracle ( north of Tucson)
  5. azbow

    Camp stove

    Hi, where are you located?
  6. azbow

    WTB Retumbo powder

    Where are you located?
  7. azbow

    Credit Card Hit

    What will the charges for drawn permits show? Will they be charges from AZ Game and Fish or something else?
  8. azbow

    Hunt Draw issue

    Do kids have to have their own email to set up a portal acct?
  9. azbow

    12AW Early Hunt- When does it Snow?

    Where is the best place to get diesel after leaving Flagstaff (cheapest) before getting to Jacob Lake?
  10. azbow

    I-8 dead antelope?

    Tue morning heading west on I-8 on the right side, less than a half mile from the Yuma county line, looked to be a dead mule deer doe. Was very orange colored and just got a glimpse as we went by. Very dry ugly stretch where there is barely even scrubby creosote.
  11. azbow

    .30-378 Weatherby 180gr TSX

    Still available
  12. azbow

    bath remodel

    Looking to remodel our master bathroom and some changes in the bedroom like removing a sliding door and replacing with a window. We are just north of Tucson. Anyone here do this, or have any recommendations for getting this done?
  13. azbow

    .30-378 Weatherby 180gr TSX

    open to offers
  14. one box of new .30-378 Weatherby with 180 gr Barnes TSX $95 Phx or Tucson area