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  1. azbow

    .30-378 Weatherby 180gr TSX

    Still available
  2. azbow

    bath remodel

    Looking to remodel our master bathroom and some changes in the bedroom like removing a sliding door and replacing with a window. We are just north of Tucson. Anyone here do this, or have any recommendations for getting this done?
  3. azbow

    .30-378 Weatherby 180gr TSX

    open to offers
  4. one box of new .30-378 Weatherby with 180 gr Barnes TSX $95 Phx or Tucson area
  5. azbow

    Roof Recoating Reference in Tucson

    Nico at El Pueblo is good and reliable. They did my roof at the busiest time during monsoon season. (Good hunter also) Family business in Tucson
  6. azbow

    Tucson area mobile RV repair

    Great, Thankyou
  7. Awhile back there was a thread here about RV refer repair and several people mentioned a fellow that did mobile RV repairs around Tucson area, but I cant find it. Seems like his name was Jeff or Jay ?? Would like to get his info or any recommendations on a good repairman or woman...
  8. Brand new, never worn still has tags. $260
  9. Text sent, I will take the B stinger
  10. azbow

    Mathews Switchback bow

    Thanks for your help Blake. Worked out great to meet with your buddy this morning. Glad the bow will be hunting again. Sold
  11. azbow

    Mathews Switchback bow

    I am going to be in Glendale today, live near Tucson
  12. azbow

    Mathews Switchback bow

    Still available
  13. azbow

    AZGFD hit my cc

    Hey Mocha, did you get drawn a lot before she was your ex?
  14. azbow

    Ali's pig

    Great picture. That Javelina looks like a brute there! Color and details show up good. What camera are you using?
  15. azbow

    Mathews Switchback bow

    This was my backup bow and not shot very much so it is in very nice condition. RH, 29.5/70 String and cable in pretty good shape. 33" A to A Comes with a Whisker Biscuit rest, peep sight, 6 arrow Fuse quiver $250