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  1. azbow

    A few snakes

    Good eyes, seeing all of those different colored snakes rolled up and hidden. Very good reminder for everyone to keep a lookout for them at all times.
  2. azbow

    Anyone do security camera installs

    How far from a base can you put the cameras ? how are they powered?
  3. azbow

    Free Hard Gun Cases

    I would like to have these Lance if I can get them next Saturday morning?
  4. azbow

    7 mm bullets

    The Hornady bullets are available No primers
  5. azbow

    7 mm bullets

    Bergers sold
  6. azbow

    7 Rem mag ammo Barnes

  7. azbow

    7 mm bullets

    don't know how to tell the date... lot# 2090507 I thought that this was an unopened box , but while looking for the date, I saw that it wasn't sealed. There are only 90 in the box so new price is $50
  8. azbow

    7 mm bullets

    3 boxes 180 gr Berger hybrid spf 1 box Hornady 162 gr BTSP. $50
  9. azbow

    Ramshot powder Berger 30cal

    Yes, Sent u a pm
  10. azbow

    Ramshot powder Berger 30cal

  11. 2 lbs Ramshot Magnum $80 1 unopened box of 30 cal Berger 168 gr $75 Queen Creek and Tempe area Friday and Saturday
  12. azbow


  13. azbow

    7 Rem mag ammo Barnes

    Still available