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  1. azbow

    Looking for Ram Shot Big Game powder

    Thankyou for checking
  2. azbow

    Looking for Ram Shot Big Game powder

    Great guys, if you go by and get some Magnum, I will make arrangements to pick it up.
  3. azbow

    Looking for Ram Shot Big Game powder

    Did they have Ramshot magnum?
  4. azbow

    Got some free stuff, take a look

    I would like the Swarovski cap and the holster.
  5. I didn’t get any call back from G&F. Got tired of waiting so decided to use the new customer option and set up an account for him. He did have an email address and the process went pretty well. Got his new combo license. A call back from G&F would have been nice, I sent several emails and left phone messages over 2 days...
  6. Again, how old? I was told that they have to be 13 to have an account.
  7. How old is your son? Is this his first license?
  8. I am trying to get a new license for my grandson online and can't figure out how to do it. He is 10 yrs old and got his first combo license last year. The G&F web page asks for username or email and password. He has neither of these, just a G&F ID that he got last year. I waited on the phone for a half hour today to talk to the lady in Licensing. She said that I should be able to add him to my portal acct , but wasn't sure how... I don't see anything in my Portal to do it either. Anyone gone through this and know how to get through the website to get a youth's 2nd license?
  9. azbow

    Savage Model 11 7mm-08 Barrel

    I would like the 4 boxes of ammo. I have been trying to get some of that exact 7mm-08 for my 10 yr old grandson's Javelina hunt coming up.
  10. azbow

    Hornady 44 Mag Ammo 240 Grn XTP $30

    i will take the 38 special and 3" Rem #4 shot..
  11. azbow

    Cold weather tent camping

    Wear a beanie that covers your ears and forehead and also a neck gaiter. I like fleece, nice and soft and not to tight. Also flannel pillow cases feel warmer than cotton. No matter how good your sleeping bag is, you need to keep your head warm to be warm.
  12. azbow

    Hunters Not Voting

    There was a line many miles long of trucks, cars, jeeps carrying Trump flags, coming south of carefree hwy on I-17 this morning. Was great to see! Thanks to all participants! Almost pulled off the side of the north bound to watch.
  13. azbow

    30-378 Weatherby ammo

    sold PF