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  2. I'll take if it isn't spoken for

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  4. I am cutting down a huge oak tree that has a trunk about 8-9 feet tall and about 36"- 40" in diameter. Anyone here cut and grind trees? Is there a market for big slabs of oak?
  5. azbow

    Anybody have beetles for skulls?

    Great picture!
  6. azbow

    wireless security camera info

    Spent time looking at these and other options. Again, the cameras will be 150 yds from my house and I don't want to run wires or cables around the yard. Looking at wireless cellular trail cams but not seeing much dependability or good reviews on them. Anyone use them with good results?
  7. azbow

    wireless security camera info

    No power close. The ones that I have seen, look like they are attached to the house to use it’s WiFi?
  8. I would like to get a camera or two, to monitor activity at the end of my driveway. It is about 150 yds from the house. I would like to have video and audio sent to my I-phone instantly when motion sets it off. Are there wireless security cameras that will do this at that distance from the house (wifi)? What about wireless trail cameras?
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    Found thank you

    Thankyou for checking
  10. azbow

    Found thank you

    Great guys, if you go by and get some Magnum, I will make arrangements to pick it up.
  11. azbow

    Found thank you

    Did they have Ramshot magnum?
  12. azbow

    Got some free stuff, take a look

    I would like the Swarovski cap and the holster.
  13. I didn’t get any call back from G&F. Got tired of waiting so decided to use the new customer option and set up an account for him. He did have an email address and the process went pretty well. Got his new combo license. A call back from G&F would have been nice, I sent several emails and left phone messages over 2 days...
  14. Again, how old? I was told that they have to be 13 to have an account.