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  1. 5nRamirez

    Commissioner bear tag

  2. 5nRamirez

    Commissioner bear tag

    Anybody know what the bear tag sold for this year?
  3. 5nRamirez

    7 rem mag ammo

    I'll take 2nds on the precision hunter
  4. 5nRamirez

    Bergara 7rem mag with Ammo and Projectiles

    I would gladly take the eldx ammo if available and are willing to split up.
  5. 5nRamirez

    Leftover deer tags

    Portal got updated around 1 My wife got 3rd choice 33 muzzy
  6. 5nRamirez

    13b Nov

    I also drew the tag and look forward to a great hunt. Best of luck to your boy.
  7. 5nRamirez

    Reloading Supplies (mostly) Updated

    I will take 2nds on the prc ammo and can pick up today or tomorrow
  8. 5nRamirez


    If you ever make it down to Tucson I'll take both pairs.
  9. 5nRamirez

    ISO marsupial BTX case

    Like the title says I’ve been looking everywhere for a marsupial case for the BYX 95. any leads????
  10. 5nRamirez

    ISO BTX w/ 95mm

    Give muley Crazy a call in Kanab I got a killer price on my entire set up.
  11. 5nRamirez

    Kaibab Report

    Thanks coffeeman yes that was my boy and his cousin you talked to. We definitely struggled to find deer the first couple days but eventually got into a few. We hunted down low the start of the hunt saddle mountain area and didn’t turn up anything. Never saw a deer over 150” entire time up there. ended up with a little 4x on the last morning I will type up a story after work.
  12. 5nRamirez

    Kaibab Report

    Definitely a struggle up here in 12 East and the wind isn’t helping I have only seen maybe 10 deer in the last 3 days glassing. Still have yet to see a buck and my 12 year old is getting itchy
  13. 5nRamirez


    Where are you Located?
  14. 5nRamirez

    San Carlos Mx

    Thank you guys for all the replies we just returned from our trip down to San Carlos. Fernando got us on the fish on day 1 and we had a blast fighting the yellowtail. That evening some weather moved in amd we had to cancel day 2 did a little fishing from shore but didn’t get anything picture worthy. I will definitely be returning and fishing with Catch 22 in the near future.
  15. 5nRamirez

    San Carlos Mx

    I was hoping you replied..should I take my own gear if I have it or do they provide decent equipment?