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  1. 5nRamirez

    Any turkey ammo for sale in town?

    Sportsman’s warehouse Tucson has plenty of 12 ga but No 20ga. just left and nobody was touching the Turkey ammo but there were still a few boxes of 30-06 and 223
  2. 5nRamirez

    spring turkey 2021 status?

    I could say we were very fortunate to tag out both tags in camp on some solid birds. They seemed to be very finicky this year and we actually didn’t start hearing any calls until 9am or the last 10 minutes of light.
  3. 5nRamirez

    Shock gobble year round?

    What’s the earliest in the Am and latest after sundown you guys have had a shock gobble response. from my experience they only answer in a small 15-20 minute window before pitch black but I never get a response in the Am
  4. 5nRamirez

    7mm wsm ammo

    I got two boxes of Winchester 7mm wsm ammo accidentally grabbed the wrong ones awhile back. Looking to get back what I paid.$100 for both located in Tucson
  5. 5nRamirez

    Cold weather tent camping

    +1 for the Buddy heater
  6. 5nRamirez

    Badlands Sacrifice LS

  7. 5nRamirez

    Badlands Sacrifice LS

    Posting for my buddy: Badlands Sacrifice LS pack in like new condition.Only used on 1 hunt.He decided to go with an internal frame pack. Located in Phoenix area asking $275. Please message me for contact info. Thanks
  8. 5nRamirez

    Poor man's Alaska fishing trip?

    Anchorage Alaska Round trip plane ticket $600 Rental car for 10 days $1000 Halibut fishing out of homer (bobs trophy charters)$350 per person per day 2 week fishing license $70 Fish processing packaging $400 Lodging ranges from $150-250 a night Try to hit the big sockeye run in mid July you can fish DIY all over soldotna with access to plenty of river. All you need is a good pair of waiters and a heavy action rod with 40 lb test. Make sure to plan your trip at least 6 months in advance as the lodging and better flights get booked up quick.
  9. 5nRamirez

    Kenai River Guide Recommendation

    The dark black are Rockfish super delicious. It was a halibut/ rockfish combo trip I also caught a big lingcod. Just my group of 3 came home with just over 700 lbs of fillets 400 of which were Sockeye from our week stay on the kenai.
  10. 5nRamirez

    Kenai River Guide Recommendation

    I like to access the keni from Soldotna. when the fish are running it can be a blast..As for Halibut fishing I've gone with BoBs trophy charters the last few years and have done very well. I'll see if I can dig up the big halibut pictures there on a different device
  11. 5nRamirez

    New Addiction

    Thanks guys for the replies. The shot was at about 10-15 yards as they were funneling out an arroyo. Gotta love hunting the metro units..
  12. 5nRamirez

    New Addiction

    I've had my fair share of kills with my compound but figured I would try something new this year and now I'm hooked. 45#pse tigershark Goldtip340 traditional arrows 125 grain montec fixed 3 blade
  13. Another 4x apparantly shot and lost in TMP yesterday all over facebook.
  14. Nothing I never contacted G&F just did a social media post with a pic of the arrow guy said his dad shot a buck(texas heart shot) and almost pinpointed the area.
  15. Found this deadhead about a week ago.