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  1. 5nRamirez

    WTS Sitka Core Subalpine Tops

  2. 5nRamirez

    Primo's ground Max vision ground blind

    Im interested Where are you located?
  3. 5nRamirez

    Looking for a FFL in Tucson

    Old Pueblo gunsmithing off of orange grove and freeway was around $35 if I remember rite.
  4. 5nRamirez

    Looking to buy a newer used bow

    Elite Tempo 70lb 28" draw Cam specific draw I have 30" as well olive green riser max1 camo limbs bare bow $500 Pse Expidite 70lb 28" draw is easly adjustable smoke riser black limbs bare bow $700
  5. 5nRamirez

    Roof Recoating Reference in Tucson

    Thank you I just cleared it.
  6. 5nRamirez

    Roof Recoating Reference in Tucson

    Nico Ramirez El Pueblo Roofing (520)623-3491 Please give me a call we are a local family owned business that has served Tucson and surrounding areas since the 1950's. Please PM me if you would like my personal contact and would like to discuss your project.
  7. 5nRamirez

    Wts cva Optima

    Where are you located?
  8. 5nRamirez

    Recommended bow technician in Tucson???

    Richard or Jessie at bull basin will get him set up properly.
  9. 5nRamirez

    Looking for a roofer and painter in mesa

    If you know the size and pitch of your Roof I can give you a estimate via email if you can PM me the info. I help Run our family owned Roofing company out of Tucson, we have been serving Tucson and surrounding areas for over 60 years. Nico Ramirez EL Pueblo Roofing 520 623-3491
  10. 5nRamirez

    Bad Neighbor

  11. 5nRamirez

    Manners stocks

    Just gonna be 6.5 creed built off a rem 700 action and putting a proof barrel on..shooting for something lightweight that i can still pack around..
  12. 5nRamirez

    Manners stocks

    Awesome thanks for the feedback just wanted an idea on wait time and you guys basically answered that.
  13. What is the typical wait time on a custom order stock? It is going on 4 months now and the last update was 3 weeks ago, saying it was having a recoil pad put on. Any input will be much appreciated
  14. 5nRamirez

    Mathews Halon X comp

    Finally decided to get rid of a few bows first on the chopping block is my 2017 Mathews Halon x comp in white with black limbs. Draw is currently at 28.5" 70lb with the 75%Let off mods i also have a brand new set of 60lb limbs that will go with the bow along with the 65% Let off mods. This bow was used for one season and the original strings are in great shape. Asking $800 for the package w/limbs or $750 just the bow and one set of limbs. I am located in Tucson please Pm me with any questions Thanks
  15. 5nRamirez

    Show me your success! Im unable to chase right now. :(

    Not a big story was walking to my usual gassing point and jumped a small heard this guy stopped at 63 quartering away arrow entered the neck and exited out the cheek. Dropped instintaniasly