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  1. 1denogean

    Varget h1000 available @ hodgdon

    and...……...its gone
  2. 1denogean

    Where to have shotgun drilled and tapped?

    Used to be 50 bucks anywhere but in today's world I bet it's ridiculous
  3. 1denogean

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    it already is a rich mans sport. and I'm a poor boy. at least i got to experience it once before it was gone
  4. 1denogean

    School me on getting suppressors

    Did they tell you 6 months?
  5. 1denogean

    December Tags 2021

    seeing all these pictures is sure getting me excited though
  6. 1denogean

    December Tags 2021

    my nephew has a late tag as well hoping we can find him something nice next week
  7. 1denogean

    Looking for a steer skull

    If your gonna buy one get it already done. Steer and cows etc smell something fierce even when fresh doing the euro yourself. Your welcome 😄
  8. 1denogean


    does anyone know anyone that drew one of these tags yet?
  9. 1denogean

    Swaro 15x or Razor UHD

    i would like to do a side by side comparison of these to see the difference in the money. i have the old dark green slc 10x50 (my favorite of all time) and older dark green slcs and love them but recently want new 15s or the 18uhds for some reason
  10. 1denogean

    New Draw

    how many tags are they issuing out?
  11. 1denogean

    3B Late Muzzy bull elk

    yeah but where abouts
  12. 1denogean

    Outfitter tent

    I have the davis 16x20 internal frame with no floor and it's amazing no critters inside at all I just use a big tarp and a big piece of vinyl for the floor. This thing will last a lifetime for sure. I have friends who use outdoor rugs and those are great too and way light
  13. 1denogean

    Kaibab Report

    whats a Detroit blind?
  14. 1denogean

    Card hits??

    Tons of people I know havent drawn
  15. 1denogean

    Card hits??

    yup im praying for this hits