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  1. 1denogean

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    i got hit about this time last year as well
  2. 1denogean

    2 410 single shot shotguns

    if the deal on the Ithaca falls thru ill take it, my dad had that same one as a kid and it got stolen in his early 30s. i have the 20 and 12 of that same model
  3. 1denogean

    Why is there so Many Swaro 15’s for sale?

    i have a really nice redhead spotter that's 45 power. its better than 15s by 30 power and a lot cheaper so I'm sure it will make the 12s look like tascos
  4. 1denogean

    15x50 vortex viper hd $350

    next in line if both sales dont go through
  5. 1denogean

    Motorola CP 200 5 watt radios

    i have the newer model in digital 200D, i have a set and my buddys also oh my they are the best thing out there. i bought every pair on the way up to those
  6. 1denogean

    PCR Built 7RM

    dang that didn't last long
  7. first of all you need a flatty and a ruger American predator to be able to shoot to 1000, then talk about how much better it is than a custom. then your with the cool crew
  8. all my spots had great bucks coming in as well checked cards and nada, that rain all week befor the opener hurt. my wife did get a spiker on Friday still trying to get a few of the family tagged out
  9. 1denogean

    Archery OTC. Who's ready?

    good luck shelvin i will be checking cams the next few days as well to decide whats good for the family
  10. 1denogean

    5b south

    really guys no one has a 400 bull to spare? come on peeps at least he made 1 scouting trip
  11. 1denogean

    Trail cams on camofire

    yes for some reason only with the refurbs, the new ones have worked great for me
  12. 1denogean

    San Carlos Bear

    congrats, i got my wife a B oct tag as well cant wait to go
  13. 1denogean

    Trail cams on camofire

    had a friend by a boat load of these also and had the same issue most didn't last over 2 months in the field befor they just quit working
  14. 1denogean

    Elk arrow locked in

    I love them broadheads they fly great
  15. 1denogean

    Firstlite Wick boxer briefs

    Can the buyer give these the sniff test before purchasing? Consider this a free up hahaha