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  1. 1denogean

    Credit card update

    here we go!
  2. 1denogean

    Why Wait….Deer Draw

    same here gives it the week for cards to hit, results should come out sooner then
  3. 1denogean

    Wonderful Weekend

    Congrats amigo! Looks like a great time
  4. 1denogean

    Learning Taxidermy

    Great job man you got it!
  5. 1denogean

    Tire Question

    I always run mud terrains and do great. But my brother said they sold him the same story at another place and that not to get them if he will be in rain or snow
  6. 1denogean

    School me on getting suppressors

    i know a guy that his cashed on 4/5 so hopefully soon!
  7. 1denogean

    School me on getting suppressors

    when did they cash your check? 2/19?
  8. 1denogean

    Varget h1000 available @ hodgdon

    and...……...its gone
  9. 1denogean

    Where to have shotgun drilled and tapped?

    Used to be 50 bucks anywhere but in today's world I bet it's ridiculous
  10. 1denogean

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    it already is a rich mans sport. and I'm a poor boy. at least i got to experience it once before it was gone
  11. 1denogean

    School me on getting suppressors

    Did they tell you 6 months?
  12. 1denogean

    December Tags 2021

    seeing all these pictures is sure getting me excited though
  13. 1denogean

    December Tags 2021

    my nephew has a late tag as well hoping we can find him something nice next week
  14. 1denogean

    Looking for a steer skull

    If your gonna buy one get it already done. Steer and cows etc smell something fierce even when fresh doing the euro yourself. Your welcome 😄
  15. 1denogean


    does anyone know anyone that drew one of these tags yet?