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  1. 1denogean

    Muzzy bullets for elk

    another i would say is the bullets that come with the Remington ultimate all they are is barnes in a box. i can shoot 1 hole groups with those bullets people don't like them because they are 250gr my uncle has slayed several elk with this bullet
  2. 1denogean

    Muzzy bullets for elk

    most of the above is true in my experience, first i would say figuring it all out is super painfull on the wallet and your body and time consuming but you have to do it. and shoot every chance with the bullets you got because just when you think you got it dialed in and figured out boom you miss and your data is wrong. blackhorn powder lots have a major change in velocities as well so make sure you are using the same lot (not cheap but you have to). I have possibly slow lots of powder right now everyone says their muzzleloader same set up as me is going 2200-2400 fps that is not the case with my muzzleloader no matter what i do it seems to stay at 2100 i just leave it because it shoots in the same hole at 100 yards and great out to 500. please go shoot it in the wind on a not bad windy day it will open your eyes like no other just the slightest wind moves these big bullets a ton. okay sorry to go off subject- bullets, I am shooting and shoot parkers( match hunters and black max) as well i felt shot the best after my stash is gone i will possibly change, but my wife shot her bull at 8 yards right thru the shoulder with a parker black max. yes it killed it but the bullet did not exit or even make it to the opposite shoulder just exploded. I'm not complaining at all i loved this bullet it killed it. also last year i shot a coues at 389 yards the bullet hit right where i aimed right behind the shoulder and completely passed thru. on the same hunt my partner shot a coues at 200 with a pitman bullet same design as the parkers and it decimated it, he has a hankins custom which is a dream to shoot. but the pitmans you can get less thick jackets to expand. my next order will be some of them as they shoot awesome as well. another note order the spin jag starter (do yourself this favor) and the jag from parker it makes everything easier for those style bullet. sorry it sucks to dish the money but makes life easy
  3. 1denogean

    Updating portal

    I been looking at that all morning been waiting to see if someone posted
  4. prayers sent unbelievable you never know when your gonna go, prayers for the family's strength and recovery
  5. 1denogean

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    https://www.sportsmans.com/camping-gear-supplies/camp-furniture/chairs-seats-loungers/eno-lounger-sl-chair/p/1517829?channel=shopping&utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=shopping feed&utm_content=free google shopping clicks&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoub3BRC6ARIsABGhnyZKDp7eLyL_yK4j_7i4S21Anm45RKVFbm4Oahg8OfdyBf3giS5G_CkaAqt0EALw_wcB This chair is awsome it says 250lb limit but super comfy to glass in and you can drag it under a tree and pass out in it 80 bucks is worth it for this chair in my opinion
  6. 1denogean

    Hit the lottery

    It dont happen often do both hahaha either way congrats
  7. 1denogean

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    Boom hit..... no big charge though but its okay
  8. 1denogean

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    I haven't been able to sleep all week
  9. 1denogean

    Tacoma questions

    200,00 no problem ill give you 15k hahaha these things hold their value like no other and people pay crazy prices for them. I want one so bad but cant spend that much on a vehicle with tons of miles
  10. 1denogean

    Big Sweets

    who killed him? seen lots of trail cam pics of him rumor has it someone has his sheds as well
  11. I have that and a 500dx I keep saying that once it goes I'll get a carbon 823 or 723 but that will never happen
  12. Slik 700 DX it will out last you. That and a manfrotto head best money you ever spent
  13. 1denogean

    Look for advice on boots

    best advice is there is a boat load of better boots than danner now I have had probly 10 pairs and all the ones from 5 years ago were awesome now the new ones are terrible and maybe last 1 season. take a look at the midweight crispis or a mountain boot from REI go try them all on youll be surprised
  14. 1denogean


    very sorry. I told my wife when my female goes just put me out of my misery or put me in a home cuz ill never be the same. I have a male that is 13 and still as high strung as the day we got him. the day he slows down ill know something aint right. as the above post has said mine are family as well life and vacations etc all revolves around them too cuz we don't just trust anyone to take care of them. give it some time then start over youll make another dogs life
  15. 1denogean

    i am in for bighorn

    22 has the next world record no one knows his where abouts not even a3