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  1. andyyy

    Hits started

    One hit for 45$ and another for 30$. Crane and deer?
  2. andyyy

    WTB/ ISO 5x8, 5x10 trailer

    Didn't see this, sent you a text now though
  3. andyyy

    Talk to me about 300 blackout suppressed

    +1 adjustable gas block, it's worth putting on every ar15 that you suppress, if you want it to run optimally
  4. Looking to get an ATV and getting the trailer sorted out first. I figured I'd post here incase someone upgraded to a UTV and has a smaller trailer they're trying to sell, before I buy a brand new one. Let me know what you've got- basic or pimped out, interested in either Located in the Valley Best, Andy
  5. If this litter came out 3 months from now I'd be right on over. Good luck, hope they get good homes!
  6. andyyy

    Sold foxPro fusion, with decoy

    Great deal for someone needing a caller. That remote is the real value.
  7. andyyy

    Vortex Viper 4-16 x 44

    Thanks Don! Hope you're making good use of those interlocks 😃 Sold, paid for, and shipped.
  8. andyyy

    Vortex Viper 4-16 x 44

  9. andyyy

    Hunter Education Field Day?

    They've been doing field days again
  10. andyyy

    Assault weapons ban? Really Joe.

    I think a Clinton style ban is real unlikely. Most likely I'd bet on some (supposedly symbolic, but unfortunately possibly precedent setting) concession like bump stocks were. I think the bigger worry is the average voter being turned off of Republican candidates (in spite of gas, inflation, etc; things that the avg voter thinks Republicans do right) because of the media harping on these whackos killing kids and blaming it nonstop on guns. Going for the emotional appeal.
  11. andyyy

    Vortex Viper 4-16 x 44

    Great condition, some little nicks from rubbing on other scopes/ARs in the safe but overall very good. Was on a range gun, didn't see any field time. I guess even if it was bad condition, if you throw it off a building and send it to vortex they'll get you a new one 😂 It's got a duplex (they call it "V-plex") reticle. $SOLD pick up in PHX 12th and Camelback or $SOLD Shipped and insured
  12. andyyy

    My first predator season

    Great hunting, good job! Didn't look like the creed blew the foxes up too bad, or were you hiding the damage? Which bullet are you using, soft points?
  13. Looking to get into this caliber, figured I'd post here incase someone else in the PHX area is culling .243 from their herd. I have a good idea of the rifle I want already but if you are sitting on a threaded .243 rifle you want to sell, let me know. Also need brass, dies, and preferably softpoint (no match) bullets, sub 100gr. DM me what ya got
  14. andyyy

    Begara vs. Christensen

    point to a single reply on this thread that actually compared the two rifles he asked about.