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    Bought a 22 diesel crew cab long bed 4x4 and love it. The engine is proven, the 10 speed is very smooth and hauls like a beast. Mine is an XL too and feels like it has plenty of features. Only thing I envy is the auto fold mirrors on the higher end trims mine came with chrome bumpers and remote start as well. I think it was destined to be a lariat but chip shortage or material shortage changed that
  2. 23 hours, 187 miles on it. Bought last year, and have enjoyed it, but after starting my own shingle I just don't have time for it. I'm a "bonus-point only" guy for at least the next few years, I think. It is awesome to be able to just trailer this or put it in the back of your pickup (it'll fit even a 6.5ft bed 1/2 ton with the tailgate down; it easily fits in my f250 8ft with the tailgate up) and not worry about your daily driver. Lightweight and handles everything easy. Lightly used, stored covered. I also have a wood-decked trailer for it (w/ spare, and jack), and ramps, will include for $900. Have title for the trailer too. Price is $9500 OBO. North PHX Extras: Full tilt windshield Roof Toolbox on back (massive) Back window Several extra air filters and oil filters- I was planning on keeping it for the long haul. Wheel spacers for stability , I think 1.5" or 2" Winch, didn't get a chance to install it yet.
  3. andyyy


    Dm sent, I’ll take them if the other guy bails
  4. andyyy

    Vortex binos?

    swarovski, buy once cry once. Or go cheaper, japan leupold
  5. Ttt this thing is itching to kill more game
  6. Ttt in tempe for next week during workdays
  7. andyyy

    Nice guns for sale

    Is the savage threaded
  8. Nikko 4-12x40 with exposed elevation (moa)
  9. andyyy

    Howa mini action 6.5 Grendel

    I’ll take it if he backs out
  10. 17 rds factory and at least 30 once fired is what I found in my pants/bag