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  1. youngdon

    Looking for work

  2. youngdon

    2017 Genesis Supreme 23SS Toyhauler FS

    There should be an informational sticker, usually on the inside of a cabinet door. Just post a picture of it.
  3. youngdon

    2017 Genesis Supreme 23SS Toyhauler FS

    Gas station ? How much fresh water storage ? Weight empty ?
  4. youngdon

    Stuff you find while hunting

    Looks like a hide out for this guy after he killed his family. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_William_Fisher
  5. youngdon

    Echo weed whacker

    I have to say, that your pictures are a stellar testament as to how well that machine works, not a weed in sight.
  6. youngdon

    Weimaraner for sale!

    Yes. It been that way on AKC registrations, pedigrees and even coffee cups for the last, well, forever..... I was so hoping for another misspelling excuse.
  7. youngdon

    Weimaraner for sale!

    You should have quit while you were ahead, trying to cover it up just makes you look worse. I'm still waiting for your spelling of the breed ???
  8. youngdon

    Weimaraner for sale!

    I bet he can spell "because"....... Maybe I've been spelling the breed name wrong for the last 40 years.
  9. youngdon

    Browning A-Bolt 300 Win Mag

    Someone got a great deal......Although it is a lot of gun for an elf killer
  10. youngdon

    WTB 22-250

    I sent you a PM
  11. youngdon

    Close- Rifle sold

    I’m sorry to hear that this happened but glad she is doing well. Prayers for her.
  12. youngdon

    For Sale Winchester 1892 Copy El Tigre

    Considering who the OP is he may take offense to you going public with this bit of knowledge..... And you calling him old......
  13. youngdon

    Where to coyote hunt?

    Where do you live
  14. youngdon

    Home for sale in 22S

    Address ? How much property?