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  1. youngdon

    Reloading components for trade or cash

    Good idea
  2. youngdon

    Reloading components for trade or cash

    Is this an auction? are auctions allowed ? want to sell it? List a price.
  3. youngdon

    .264 and .308 bullets for sale

    I’ll take the 30 cals
  4. youngdon

    CCI Primers

    I’ll take the 34’s if still available
  5. youngdon

    Looking for some cci 250 mag primers

    Sent you a PM
  6. youngdon

    Scammer Alert for User ID "Roberts88"

    You didn’t include a tip ?? come on man !!
  7. youngdon

    all sold

    I don’t believe that, when I read his post, he has a Pistol to trade. He wants, I believe, once again by reading his post, to trade one or both rifles for a pistol.
  8. youngdon

    Fall hunt clean out

    How much is the frame pack ?
  9. youngdon

    Cowboy casket

    So we’ll refer to you as rusty in the future !
  10. youngdon

    Looking to buy a 22 rifle

    I have a 22 bolt action that is rough. I don’t recall any rust just some case heads that someone tried to countersink into the stockThat I’ll give to you. It has no scope but I have a 3xthat will come with it. Also free.
  11. youngdon

    22-250 for sale

    I bid $5.00
  12. youngdon

    WTS 30-30 brass

    Price ?
  13. youngdon


    Magnetic ?
  14. youngdon

    SOLD- Wesson and Harrington model 1871 cal. 45-70 (SOLD)

    Check the time stamps.
  15. youngdon

    ISO Bumper Pull Travel Trailer

    If you get one and need to store it DO NOT use Peoria mini storage. My 26 ft TT was stolen from there and they denied me access to video, then told Peoria police that they didn’t have any footage.