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  1. youngdon

    Son is looking for a *Nintendo Switch*

    I bought my grandkids a baseball, gloves and a couple bats. And told them to get out of the house and play !
  2. youngdon

    Redding 6.5 Creedmoor Die Set and More

    Nice to meet you also. John was ear to ear smiling when I gave him the trimmer. He’s pretty much a smiling idiot most of the time anyway but he was really happy to have it 😬
  3. youngdon

    Redding 6.5 Creedmoor Die Set and More

    I know a guy that could use the quick trim. Pm me your location and when is good for you to meet.
  4. youngdon

    Fiocci Small Rifle Primers All Gone Thanks

    Nice to meet you Eric. Thanks for a sweet deal.
  5. youngdon

    Fiocci Small Rifle Primers All Gone Thanks

    I’ll take 3000 for $70. I’m in Goodyear and can meet tomorrow. I’ll send you a PM
  6. youngdon

    Sad time... Guns for Sale

    Tell your wife that you’re being a sympathetic person and you bought it to help out a fellow human who needed a hand. She’ll forgive you. if I’m wrong you can blame me.
  7. youngdon

    Chain-Link Fence Stretcher Bar (Borrow/ Rent)

    A piece of pipe and 3 J hooks and you’ve got one.
  8. youngdon

    S&W Classic 629

    Sooo just to be clear and precise, you’re located south of Canada but north of Mexico ? West of New York( corona central) and east of Catalina island ?
  9. youngdon

    FS *** 2011 Ram 2500 Mega Cab 4WD ***

    Don’t do it !
  10. youngdon

    Bearded Dragon

    I'm sorry if your bathroom is broken, but there is no need to crap on his post. Have a modicum of decorum.
  11. youngdon

    Free goat

    Until I read, and saw the pics I thought, There’s no way anyone would want Nancy Pelosi that old goat.
  12. youngdon

    Free varmint call tape/thingy’s

    I haven’t seen any of those in a while.
  13. youngdon


  14. youngdon

    SKB Case

    Preemptive strike post ? You were likely going to get one.
  15. youngdon

    223 Powder X terminator

    I'll take number two. I'm in Goodyear. I'll PM you my number