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  1. youngdon

    Tiptop Best Gun Vise

    Did this sell ?
  2. youngdon

    Tiptop Best Gun Vise

    I’ll take this for $50
  3. youngdon

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    Nope......I’d be very leery. Watch your words and remember they may have your address.
  4. youngdon

    Two men's rings

  5. youngdon

    Two men's rings

    I’m sorry to hear of your divorce, or really happy for you. Whichever one fits ! 😬
  6. youngdon

    Speaking of carpet (this time in Tucson)

    My wife used to have carpet. It matched the drapes too.
  7. youngdon

    Shotguns for sale price drop

    Barrel length on the canvasback ?
  8. youngdon

    Good Guy Buyer List

    Bustedknuckleinc is a good guy. Nice chatting with you.
  9. youngdon

    WTB 9mm, 40s&w, 45acp

    I have Extra 9mm. How much you looking for and where are you located ? i also have 45acp.
  10. youngdon

    WTB Coyote Rifle - 22Mag, .17, .223, etc.

    17hmr isn’t enough at 100 plus yards. Neither is a 22 mag for reliable kills. You’re still going to have runners. There are several good suggestions here already of which the 223 in a bolt gun would be a good choice. Cheap ammo, plenty of range, good knockdown power. savage Axis or Ruger American are good choices.
  11. youngdon

    Wtb concealed carry pistol

    I have a Kimber micro 9 it conceals very well, shoots well too. I put mine on with my pants everyday in a muddy river tactical leather IWB. It’s so comfortable I now have them for all my 1911’s as well. Lifetime warranty
  12. youngdon

    6mm/.243 hornady z-max lower price on ftf

    These are projectiles only. Not loaded ammunition.