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  1. youngdon

    20 ga ammo

    I’ll take these for $20. I’m in Goodyear too. Call me Monday anytime after 9:00am. I’ll pm you my number
  2. youngdon

    WTB Ruger red label

    I have one, message me as a reminder to send you pics after the weekend. You may have to twist my arm some to get it though. It’s real pretty.
  3. youngdon

    Press Reloader Kit

  4. youngdon

    Garage Sale - Pic Heavy

    I’m sorry to hear of your wife’s illness. Prayers sent for her.
  5. youngdon

    Good Guy Seller List

    I met up with CactusJack today to buy some excess goods he had. Communication was awesome. The goods were exactly as he said they would be. We had some nice conversation and broke social distancing rules. thanks CactusJack.
  6. youngdon

    WTB: Small pistol primers

    Yours is too. Im in Goodyear If you have more.
  7. youngdon

    FS Silver Coins

    Maybe he’s a werewolf
  8. youngdon

    WTB scope

    Vortex crossfireI 6-24X50 tall turrets. I sent it to Vortex after I bought it from a guy who said he never mounted it. I put it on a .223 for my Grandson. He’s outgrown it apparently and bought his own Leupold. Lifetime no fault warranty I can text or email pics. $200 shipped conus.
  9. youngdon

    Wtt federal 210m or 215m primers

    My reloading buddy has 1600 CCU-450’s but he’ll only trade for small pistol or cash. He said $100.00 but I don’t know if he’s serious. let me know if you want these. I’ll have to meet you as he just had surgery on his foot.
  10. youngdon

    FREE to good home

    I’d like the lead and mold. sorry, just read, no shipping
  11. Post pics and a price. We’ve been looking for something up north.
  12. youngdon


    110 or 220 volt
  13. youngdon

    SPF -Vintage Circe Predator Call

    Doesn’t his family run JC products now. ? They’re in Goodyear and supply reeds to the call makers.
  14. youngdon


    But still worth it
  15. youngdon

    More Bullets

    I’ll take the 180 gr 30 cal. When can we meet up. I’m in Goodyear