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  1. youngdon

    3 & 3.5” steel and more.

    12ga. 1 box of 25 3.5” #2shot 12ga. 1 box of 25 3” #4shot $45 for both 500 40S&W brass $25 Milt Sparks VMII (IWB) for a 3” 1911 $45 used but in good shape crossbreed horse hide SuperTuck (IWB)for a short1911 $50 never worn Lyman 6mm REM die set with RCBS neck sizer and Lee factory crimp die $45 Uncle Mikes #13 for a 14”-16”scoped contender, encore, 10” XP-100, 9.5-10.75 revolver, savage striker $30 Caldwell lightweight sitting model bipod 14”-30” Cants and swivels $65 204 caliber Barnes Varmint Grenades 26gr 85 pieces $18 .204 cal Hornady 32gr projectiles 500 $105 .243/6mm Hornady 58gr projectiles 500 $105 pickup in Goodyear or add actual shipping
  2. youngdon


  3. youngdon

    FS Desert Bighorn Cape Full Body

    Congrats on a nice trophy Ram.
  4. youngdon


    I’m looking to buy a bullet mold for a 41 Caliber . Preferably a Keith style but I’ll gladly look at whatever is available.
  5. youngdon

    Prayer request

    Prayers for you and yourMother Bill.
  6. youngdon

    Pistol Primers for trade or sell

    What grain of 6mm projectiles are you looking for.
  7. Maybe he’s from England. When my friend from out side London calls I can’t hardly understand half of what she says. I wish she’d learn our language.
  8. youngdon

    Need a job in E. Mesa ?

    Yeah it’s great but unfortunately there are lots of people who don’t want to work. Foreclosures are approaching 2008 levels, corporation’s will buy up their houses at discount rates and then rent them back to them at unbelievably high rates.
  9. youngdon

    Need a job in E. Mesa ?

  10. youngdon

    ISO Trifold aluminum atv ramps

    I have a bi- fold set I’d sell
  11. youngdon

    Need a job in E. Mesa ?

  12. youngdon

    Need a job in E. Mesa ?

    Send me a message if you need help.
  13. youngdon

    Need a job in E. Mesa ?

    Nellis auction is hiring $17-20 per hour. No experience needed. I can nearly guarantee if you apply, you’ll be hired. Please use Donald Armbruster as a reference( that’s me) let me know if you or someone you know applies and I’ll pass the name on to those doing the hiring. BENEFITS TOO ! Go to indeed.com and type Nellisauction. Choose your location. they’re located at 8928 E. Ray Rd. Bldg 101 Mesa The Phoenix location is hiring also 1402 S. 40th Ave (40th ave. And Buckeye) Semi drivers wanted in Phoenix and E. Mesa class A cdl required
  14. youngdon

    Mature bull elk cape for sale

    Congrats Adam ! Beautiful elk !
  15. youngdon

    Just wondering

    I’ve not had an issue here, or at 24hr. Or at PredatorTalk. I did have an issue at predator masters a few years back, but that was because I forgot to check post count on the seller.