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  1. youngdon

    SOLD- Wesson and Harrington model 1871 cal. 45-70 (SOLD)

    Check the time stamps.
  2. youngdon

    ISO Bumper Pull Travel Trailer

    If you get one and need to store it DO NOT use Peoria mini storage. My 26 ft TT was stolen from there and they denied me access to video, then told Peoria police that they didn’t have any footage.
  3. youngdon


    There were pics. Apparently my drool deleted them.
  4. youngdon


    3rd !
  5. youngdon

    2016 Jeep Wrangler

    If you post pics I promise not to let my wife see them. She wants her jeep back.
  6. youngdon

    5 month old akc male chocolate lab

    On windows 10 apparently
  7. youngdon

    Looking for 30-30 rounds

    My neighbor just sold his 30-30 to my friend who couldn't afford the ammo with it. He has 2 boxes of 170 gr Remington that he wants $50 for. I can get it from him before he goes to work if you are interested.I'll send you a PM with my contact info
  8. youngdon

    Large Pistol Magnum Primers

    Sending you a PM
  9. youngdon

    WTB Small .22 rifle

    Sent you a PM on one free to you.
  10. youngdon

    FTGH: 45 ACP Brass

    I assume you mean the 101 and 60 on the east side. Grand ave (US60) and the 101 meet on the west side too
  11. youngdon

    SOLD Frigidaire "Heavy Duty" Freezer

    How old is this unit ?
  12. youngdon

    Traded off, Thanks...

  13. youngdon

    Northern CA Property for sale

    Price ?
  14. youngdon

    Lady friend!

    My latest puppy (Gus) with his two predecessors Grey and Mocha. I can attest to Weims being an awesome breed as I’ve been owned by at least one at a time for forty years.