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  1. youngdon

    Midway Brass Tumbler & Media

    Was it a bottle of bourbon?
  2. youngdon

    WTS: Clearing out a few things

    Do you have any savage Axis stocks ? Black, for a 22-250.
  3. youngdon

    Milt Sparks VM2 3" 1911

  4. youngdon

    Moving cost

    Ii think U-haul can supply guys to load the truck for you and other guys in Flag to unload. It might be a lot cheaper to go that route. A moving company won't insure your stuff if you box it. Not that their regular insurance is worth a crap.
  5. youngdon

    Moving cost

    I did that move(company paid for) about 22 years ago and they did charge by weight, but that also included them boxing everthing. They also estimate the job on unboxing everything. You may get a small local company to do it for you at an hourly wage, but most of them only have 22-24ft trucks. (Un)Fortunately promotions have gotten us back to the valley.
  6. youngdon

    Milt Sparks VM2 3" 1911

    HorseHide with upgraded Kydex clips. Brown. It's used, but not beat up. The wife bought me a new 3" and holster so this one goes. $100 TYD in the US Pictures by text or email No she does not have a sister...... but she does have a gay brother......
  7. youngdon

    Good Guy Seller List

    cafcrazy is good to go. I recently made a purchase from him. I was only disappointed that when we met I didn't see any crazy in him at all. The item I purchased was exactly as described though.
  8. I'll take this for $25. It's a steal. I'll text you
  9. I asked just to clarify what you needed. I don’t have one I would trade.
  10. How big of a safe do you want... or should I say need.
  11. youngdon

    Rifle, muzzleloader, and scopes

    That is a Redhawk, not a Super Redhawk
  12. youngdon

    Stolen Model 70 Varmint 223

    Sorry to hear this. I’ll keep an eye out.
  13. youngdon

    Good Guy Buyer List

    Hunterjohnny and I met up for a transaction. He's a good guy, no doubt.
  14. youngdon

    WTB 38 Special

    It was nice meeting you too John. I enjoyed the conversation.