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  1. bigandy

    2002 Tacoma or 4runner for sale

    And how much for the accord?
  2. bigandy

    Ruger m77 in Rem 7 Mag

    If they don't take it, I will
  3. bigandy

    Sitka Traverse Cold Weather Hoody XL

    Where you located? I'm interested
  4. bigandy

    Concrete finishers

    Any concrete finishers in the Chandler area? Need about 12 yards done.
  5. bigandy

    Custom Fire Pit SOLD

    Approximate weight?
  6. bigandy

    Wtb 20ga longbeard shells for wife.

    If he doesn't want them. I'll take them
  7. bigandy


    Which eyepiece does it have?
  8. bigandy

    ISO chest freezer or upright freezer

    I found one. Thanks!!
  9. Located in chandler. Thanks!
  10. bigandy

    Few more things from the house

    Let me know if the Dutch oven sale falls thru. Thanks
  11. bigandy

    WTS Coleman Propane Canisters (16x1 pounders)

    I'll take them if he is unable to. Thanks
  12. bigandy

    Sitka gear jacket

    What part of the valley?
  13. bigandy


    Kitchen needs taped and textured from removing the drop ceiling. Living room had the popcorn texture removed and he would like to have a smooth or knock down texture done. Thanks
  14. bigandy


    Located in chandler at alma school and Warner
  15. bigandy


    Looking for someone that can tape and do texturing on drywall. My son did some remodeling at his house and could use some help. Thanks