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  1. bigandy

    Ruger M77 300 Win Mag

    Thanks Levers! It was a pleasure meeting you.
  2. bigandy

    Camco heater and heated drinking hose

    Is heater new or used?
  3. bigandy

    ISO Kowa TSN-884 spotting scope

    Awesome scopes. Found mine on eBay
  4. bigandy


  5. bigandy


  6. bigandy

    2001 Toyota Tacoma

  7. Never taken out, still in the plastic wrap. $100
  8. bigandy


    Great glass. If you look up the Audubon society spotting scope reviews, this outscored the swarovski.
  9. bigandy

    WTS Cabelas Euro Instinct HD 10x42 binoculars

    Sold. Nice meeting you Hoghntr!
  10. bigandy


    What type of meals?
  11. Selling a pair of like new binoculars. I've had them for about a year. Includes box. neck strap, warranty card and carrying case. $700
  12. bigandy

    Swarovski el 10x42 wb reviews

    I was looking at some older swaros with swarobright. But having trouble finding reviews. So, you really like them? Have you compared to new HD's. I have some cabelas Euro HD's. Do you think the swarobrights an upgrade? Thanks
  13. Trying to get some reviews for swarovski el 10x42 wb's with swarobright.
  14. bigandy

    15x56 HD Cabelas Euro / MEOPTA

    Figured these would sell fast, they are really good binoculars! Good luck with the sale