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  1. bigandy

    Fs dies

    I'll take the 270 dies
  2. bigandy

    Cast iron

    I'm interested. Where you located?
  3. bigandy

    Free stuff

    I'll take the circular saw. Thanks
  4. bigandy

    Camping gear

    I'm interested in the skillets and griddle
  5. bigandy


    Where you located? I'm interested.
  6. I was turned towards a Leofoto SO-282C tripod and a Leofoto MH-35 ball head. Very steady and accepts arca rail.
  7. bigandy

    Wtb binos in the 400-600 range

    I'm located at alma school and Warner in chandler
  8. bigandy

    Wtb binos in the 400-600 range

    I think I have some Nikon 15x56's that should fit that price range
  9. bigandy


    Hope I didn't jump over you Hoss50. If he'll hold it for you, that's fine. You've been good to me in the past.
  10. bigandy


    I'll take it. Live at alma school and Warner
  11. bigandy

    Two Ruger M77s for Sale

    I have an ultralight like this. Great shooter. Kicked like a mule. Put a limbsaver pad on it and now my daughter uses it for elk hunts. GLWS
  12. bigandy

    2002 Tacoma or 4runner for sale

    And how much for the accord?
  13. bigandy

    Ruger m77 in Rem 7 Mag

    If they don't take it, I will
  14. bigandy

    Sitka Traverse Cold Weather Hoody XL

    Where you located? I'm interested