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  1. Nitemann

    .243 ammo

    Price might be helpful.
  2. Nitemann

    Get it while you can

    The 8 lbs'ers were gone when I order mine or I would of got one.
  3. Nitemann

    Get it while you can

    Limit of 2 and there hazmat fee is much cheaper than others. 2lbs headed my way.
  4. Nitemann

    All Sold

    Both revolvers spf.
  5. Nitemann

    All Sold

    I have a few handguns i'm selling for my sister. They belonged to my brother in law who passed away earlier this year. These are not my firearms so all are sold as is. You need to be 21 years old or older please. Located in Mesa. 1. Sold 2. SOLD 3. SOLD
  6. Nitemann

    Red Heeler

    We got our red heeler pup (Ripley) on here about a year ago. Outstanding part of the family. There are a few people that have puppies on here from time to time but it has been a while. Good luck in your search.
  7. Nitemann

    Walmart is (NOT) getting out of the gun business?

    I've heard as well they are going to discontinue all gun sales from different store personnel.
  8. Nitemann

    New Winchester 250 Savage brass

    How much do you have?
  9. Nitemann

    Foxpro Sounds

    Thanks Delw, i've heard a lot of recommendations for the lighting jack in the past. The woodpecker seems to be popular as well. I guess i'll have to just give them all a try just to see what works.
  10. Nitemann

    Thank you

    My boss found one in the 90's. He took it to G&F and they put a plug in it and gave it back to him to keep. Looked about like this one. Finding a deadhead will be about the only way I will ever get one.
  11. Nitemann

    Foxpro Sounds

    You guys all must have the advanced Biden/Harris/Hillary call selection.
  12. Nitemann

    Foxpro Sounds

    I finally picked up a Foxpro e-caller and it has a gazillion sounds on it that i'm sure i'll never use. Curious as to what's your go to sound or favorite sounds for predators when using the Foxpro here in AZ. Thanks.
  13. Nitemann

    Savage 338 lapua SOLD

    Never mind, see the price in the tag.
  14. Nitemann

    FREE to good home

    Lee, I'll take these. "quite a bit of .257roberts brass & bullets, dies. " I'll take the 20ga ammo as well if available. Rick
  15. Nitemann


    PM replied to.