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  1. Nitemann

    Draw odds

    I've put 23 HAM first choice over the years and not drawn it so it's definitely not 100%.
  2. Nitemann

    Cold Storage or Processor Near Young?

    WL Processing and Pitchfork Processing are located in Young. Several also located in Payson area.
  3. Nitemann


  4. Nitemann


    Nice to meet you Jesse, Thanks again!! Rick
  5. Nitemann


    I'll take it pending meet up tomorrow as per my phone call.
  6. Burris 1" High matte signature (posiline inserts) zee rings, new in the unopened package. Ordered the wrong height so would like to trade for the same in medium height (color does not matter) or sale for $35. Located in Mesa.
  7. Nitemann

    Semi custom Rem 700 22-250 for sale

    Barrel length?
  8. Nitemann


  9. Nitemann


    Is this a bfr? Sorry missed that it was.
  10. Nitemann

    Savage 260 rem ackley improved

    What does it measure at the muzzle?
  11. Nitemann

    Reloading Equipment

    Sent you a PM on the 44 brass.
  12. Nitemann

    Reloading Equipment

    So is 44 S&W 44mag? Never heard of 44 S&W before.
  13. Nitemann

    Reloading Equipment

    Is 44 S&W the same thing as 44 Special?
  14. Nitemann

    Stuck Case Puller

    If all else fails you can send it back to manufacturer and they will remove it.
  15. Nitemann


    I believe he's asking tube size. Are you sure that's not a 30mm tube? Since it's a VX-III and not a vari-X III with side focus, I thought those were all 30mm on the long range model.