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  1. Nitemann

    SOLD...Weatherby 270 with Leupold M8x4

    Looks like it says 270 win on the barrel.
  2. Nitemann


    Thanks, last I heard they were not allowing foot traffic in the store.
  3. Nitemann


    Matt can you actually go into Bruno's and buy items or does everything have to be purchased online and shipped?
  4. Nitemann

    17 Mach 2 Ammo

    What part of the White Mountains?
  5. Nitemann

    FOUND, 357-44 Bain & Davis Dies

    Found a set. AZooutdoors thanks for the offer but I have no need for the barrel. I bet the 44-40 is a lot of fun. Take care everyone. Rick
  6. Nitemann

    FOUND, 357-44 Bain & Davis Dies

    Still searching.
  7. I know it's a long shot but does anyone have a set of 357-44 Bain & Davis reloading dies they would part with? Rick
  8. Nitemann

    Phoenix Handgun Gunsmith

    Frank Glenn also does excellent work.
  9. You can also do a 6.5-280AI. Just run 280AI brass through a 280AI bushing die with the correct bushing, load and shoot. No fireforming and basically a 6.5-06 AI. Todd South built mine and has the reamer.
  10. Nitemann

    Burris 12X Rifle Scope (Better pics added)

    Up for the after Xmas crowd.
  11. Burris gloss, fixed 12X Fullfield (Not FF-II) rifle scope, A/O, 1" tube, duplex reticle, target turrets. $250 or possible trade for Leupold/Burris pistol scope, TC contender barrel (rifle or pistol), reloading powder/bullets or ???? Located in Mesa.
  12. Nitemann


    I'll take it per PM. Thanks
  13. Nitemann

    WTB 25-20 Winchester Ammo/Cases

    218 Bee was impossible to find until Hornady started making it. Either one will work but the 32-20 is a lot cheaper and you would probably need a tapered expander for the 218Bee brass. Biggest issue will be finding bullets since most places have discontinued them (love the Speer 75gr flat point). Fortunately several companies make cast bullets. This all assuming your shooting a lever gun.
  14. Nitemann

    WTB 25-20 Winchester Ammo/Cases

    You can easily make 25-20 from 32-20 brass and starline usually has it available. Just run the lubed case into your seating die to start reducing the case mouth diameter then run a lubed case into your full length sizer with the decapping assembly removed ( if you don't do this it will crush the case). Check for length and trim if needed. Then full length size the case with a decapping assembly in place and check for function in your firearm. Then load and shoot.