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  1. Nitemann

    Model 7 in 7mm/08

    The custom one sold not sure if the one Strayhorse had did or not.
  2. Nitemann

    6.5-06 Ackley improved

    Aaron, I sent you a PM. Thanks
  3. Nitemann

    Got One!! Lawn Mower

    AzdiamondHeat sending you a PM.
  4. Nitemann

    Got One!! Lawn Mower

    Not really sure. Just looking to see what's out there.
  5. Nitemann

    Got One!! Lawn Mower

    Front and back yard probably a total of 100ft by 100ft, so I guess that would be small. Should probably also mention NO goats or other farm animals please.
  6. Nitemann

    Got One!! Lawn Mower

    Well, my lawn mower finally crapped out after only 20 years so need a replacement. I'll be purchasing a new one this weekend but thought I would check here first to see if anyone had one they were parting with. Prefer the PHX area, live in the east valley. Got one, Thanks Azdiamondheat!
  7. It has the bolt. I have not tried to remove the rust. I was going to have it cerakoted,  but now I'm going to sell it. I need a larger caliber for my son. He has a jr elk tag.

  8. Nitemann

    Remington model 700 BDL 6mm rem rifle

    Does it have a bolt? Only asking since one is not shown in the pics. Have you tried removing the surface rust as appears to be a little deeper than that but could just be the pic.
  9. Nitemann


    They will but it takes a lot of modifying ( removing material for the safety and barrel bump) and a adl style works better as the 721 bottom metal isn't the same as standard 700 bdl floor plates.
  10. Nitemann


  11. Nitemann


  12. Nitemann

    Weimaraner needs new home!

    How old is he.
  13. Nitemann

    Win mod 70 22-250

    Yes, they came from the factory with the stainless barrel. They were available in 222, 223, 22-250, 220 swift and 308. They were only made for a couple years and are getting hard to find. I have 2 and they all shoot extremely well.
  14. Nitemann

    Win mod 70 22-250

    Just fyi. They have hs precision stocks and upgraded barrels. Is that factory ammo or reloads. They are great rifles.
  15. Nitemann


    axhunter42 sent you a PM.