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  1. Azmuledeer

    Swarovski SLC 15x56 - $2000

    non Hd?
  2. Azmuledeer

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Got hit for a junior and a regular elk 😁
  3. Azmuledeer

    WTB 45acp dies

    Says you can’t receive messages
  4. Azmuledeer

    WTB 45acp dies

    Think I have a set of rcbs carbide 3 die will check when I get home
  5. Azmuledeer

    FS: Swarovski SLC 15 X 56

    WHAT YEAR those made
  6. Azmuledeer

    WTB Beef Fat

    Try all the Safeway butcher shops That’s where I get mine
  7. Azmuledeer

    Boat and trailer projects

    Do you have titles on the trailers
  8. Azmuledeer

    WTB AR-15 lower

    Thanks guys had a local shop order a couple
  9. Azmuledeer

    WTB AR-15 lower

    looking to buy an AR-15 lower prefer mill spec plain Jane so I can build what I want PM with availability and price or questions. Thanks
  10. Azmuledeer

    New reloading componets

  11. Azmuledeer

    New reloading componets

  12. Azmuledeer

    New reloading componets

  13. Azmuledeer

    New reloading componets