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    Leupold VX-3

    Says you can’t receive messages
  2. Azmuledeer

    Looking for Polaris Ranger spare tire

    Are your factory tires 25-26 or 27
  3. Azmuledeer

    7mm bullets

    I’m pretty sure I have 250 nosler etips I think they are 150 will look after work
  4. Azmuledeer

    Looking for 223 wssm brass/ammo

    I have four red bags of Winchester 50 rounds each will sell all four together 140.00 plus 15.00 shipping
  5. Azmuledeer

    Hits Started

    Okay got hit for sheep and 5 deer tags
  6. Azmuledeer

    AZ Draw Major Card Overcharge?

    Ok people who drew sheep and crane tags were overcharged and on Tuesday will be called and get the overcharge back so I hear
  7. Azmuledeer

    Good deal on a ladies pink handgun

    Thanks for the pic wanted the ol lady to look at it and see if she was interested
  8. Azmuledeer

    Good deal on a ladies pink handgun

    Do you have a pic
  9. Azmuledeer

    Winchester Model 70

    Who did the trigger and let’s see a picture of the gun with your name written on paper in front of the gun😁
  10. Azmuledeer

    WTB Bullets

  11. Azmuledeer

    WTB Bullets

    I have 30 left in a box if it would get you going on development you would have to pay for shipping or pick up in Payson
  12. Azmuledeer


    I will take the 7 mm weatherby rounds for 120 if they are available
  13. Azmuledeer

    338 win mag dies and bullets

    272-Hornady 230 grain eldx 40-Speer 225 grain btsp rcbs 338 win mag full length die set plus neck sizer die Rcbs precision mic 338 win im around 80% or less of current midway price plus I’ll pay shipping PayPal f&f or usps money order Price for the package shipped not interested in splitting up 200.00
  14. Azmuledeer

    Reloading desk cleanup

    Lee 218 bee 2 die set 23.00 shipped SOLD rcbs 3 die carbide set 45 auto 45.00 shipped 1 Hornady 25-06 full length sizing die new never used 30.00 shippedSOLD 460- Speer 120 grain hot cor 115.00 shippedSOLD 30 Nosler accubond 160 grain 7mm 20.00 shipped Sorry can’t figure out the pics loading upside down
  15. Azmuledeer

    Reloading desk cleanup

    25-06 die and bullets SPF
  16. Azmuledeer

    Reloading desk cleanup

    Sorry that was the only 218 items I had
  17. Azmuledeer


    I will take it how do you take payment I can do PayPal
  18. Azmuledeer


    How old is the phone
  19. Azmuledeer

    Reloading desk cleanup

    Payson az I can ship them out on Monday if you want them I’ll take PayPal f&f let me know Danny
  20. Azmuledeer

    Reloading desk cleanup

  21. Azmuledeer

    IMR 4350 for trade

    How many rounds of 22lr is he looking for
  22. Azmuledeer

    WTB .30-.30 dies, brass and bullets

    Sent a pm