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  1. Gr8 White Jr

    Outdoorsman micro Panhead $200 price drop

    Where are you located?
  2. Gr8 White Jr

    Sold Outdoorsmans medium compact

    PM sent. -Tracy
  3. Gr8 White Jr

    Good Guy Seller List

    Please add SpotNStalk to the list. Great guy and very accommodating. Great to meet you Art! -Tracy
  4. Gr8 White Jr

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Since you can't get the ELD-X then I'd be in for the Hornady 6.5mm 140 ELD-M and/or Nosler 6.5mm 142gr ABLR. I'd take at least 300 of each if available. -Tracy
  5. Gr8 White Jr

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I would be in for Hornady 6.5mm 143gr ELD-X projectiles. Also Hornady .277 cal 145gr ELD-X and/or .277 Nosler 150gr ABLR. 200 - 500 of each. -Tracy
  6. Gr8 White Jr

    Where to have 700 rebarreled

    Axis Works. They do excellent work and you will not find better customer service. Both Eric and Karsten are stand up guys. -Tracy
  7. Gr8 White Jr

    WTB Berger 7mm 180gr hybrid

    Does anybody have any experience with the 184 F Open Hybrids? Other than the minimal weight difference is there any other difference from the 180 Hybrids? I believe they have the same jacket. -Tracy
  8. Gr8 White Jr

    Looking for a stucco guy

    PM sent.
  9. Paying inflated prices doesn't feel as bad knowing it's supporting Amanda. Very cool of you PRDATR! I'll go $120. Sorry Chef!
  10. Gr8 White Jr

    WTB Retumbo and H4831sc

    Bruno's has 4831-sc in both 1lb and 8lb. Just picked some up. You can order over the phone and they will bring it out to your vehicle for pick up.
  11. Gr8 White Jr

    Good Guy Seller List

    Bought some Nightforce rings from duckhunter175. Fast shipping and rings look brand new. Very smooth transaction. Deal with confidence. -Tracy
  12. Gr8 White Jr

    H1000 FS...maybe

    I would absolutely take some whether it's 1lb or 8lbs. -Tracy
  13. Gr8 White Jr

    Glock magazines

    pm sent
  14. Gr8 White Jr

    rifle build

    I would also highly recommend Eric at AxisWorks. His quality of work is second to none and his customer service is excellent! -Tracy