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  1. Gr8 White Jr

    Glock magazines

    pm sent
  2. Gr8 White Jr

    rifle build

    I would also highly recommend Eric at AxisWorks. His quality of work is second to none and his customer service is excellent! -Tracy
  3. Gr8 White Jr

    Spring cleaning

    Outdoorsman pack sold. -Tracy
  4. Gr8 White Jr

    Spring cleaning

  5. Gr8 White Jr

    Spring cleaning

    Ruger is Sold. -Tracy
  6. Gr8 White Jr

    Spring cleaning

    Kimber is sold. Ruger is SPF. -Tracy
  7. Gr8 White Jr

    Spring cleaning

    Hello all, It's been a while since I've posted. I am cleaning out a few items that I don't use and are just collecting dust. Thought I would give the coueswhitetail.com community first crack at them before I post them elsewhere. Located in the far West Valley in Waddell, L303 and Olive. Kimber Stainless Pro TLE/RL II 45 ACP with night sights. Comes with 3 magazines, a leather Galco speed paddle holster and a Pelican 1170 case. This gun is an absolute pleasure to shoot. I am probably going to regret this but its been nothing but a safe queen for the last 3 or 4 years. $950 - SOLD Ruger M77 Mannlicher chambered in 22-250. Has Ruger 1 inch rings with a Burris Fullfield II 3.5-10X50. This gun used to be both my predator hunting rifle as well as my take everywhere "truck" gun so it has its fair share of dings and scuffs. $500 - SOLD Outdoorsmans Optic Hunter Pack. Other than some minor scuffs on the bottom of the external frame this pack is in like new condition. $240 SOLD 270 WIN ammo. HSM loaded with Berger Hunting VLD's. 2 boxes of 130 gr and 2 boxes of 150 gr. $25 a box or $100 for all 4 boxes and two half boxes of ammo seen in picture. RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure. Missing cap but works flawlessly. $40 Lee Reloading Press and Powder Measure. These were included in reloading equipment lot that I purchased and I have never used them. $40 as a package. Steel Quad Ramps $75 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 passenger side fog light. $20 Thanks for looking! -Tracy
  8. Gr8 White Jr

    Plano 52in case

    Is the inside dimension 52"? If so, I will take it. -Tracy
  9. Gr8 White Jr

    AR 15 Timmney Trigger

    PM sent. -Tracy Just saw this is a large pin which means it won't work. Should have read the post a little more thoroughly. Sorry about that.
  10. Waddell, AZ (west Phoenix). I will be traveling through Flagstaff/Williams at the end of the week and be passing through Tucson at the end of Oct. -Tracy
  11. Price reduced to $600. -Tracy
  12. I'd like to sell my Ruger M77 MKII .300 WM. This is the All Weather model with the 24 inch SS barrel. It has a Timney trigger and Ruger 30 MM rings. Round count is under 100. $650. Thanks for looking! Price reduced to $600. -Tracy
  13. Gr8 White Jr

    Peep Sight Picture

    Everybody has their own way that works for them but I center the sight housing because I believe it leads to tighter groups. If you center the pin then you have to move your face in relation to the string for each pin. Being that I center the sight housing, my nose touches my string exactly the same and my eye looks through my peep at the exact same angle regardless if I am shooting 20 yards or 80 yards. Consitency is the key to tight groups. Just my two cents. -Tracy