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  1. Gr8 White Jr

    Free UTV tires

    I have 3 used Bighorn 2.0 tires. (2) 27x9x14 and (1) 27x11x14. Tires are in decent shape and would be good for spares or just to get somebody through the rest of the hunting season. Bought new tires so just want them gone. Free to anybody who could use them. Located in the West Valley. -Tracy
  2. Gr8 White Jr

    Savage Model 11 6.5 CM "SOLD"

    Great meeting you Eric! Good luck to you as well! -Tracy
  3. Gr8 White Jr

    Two .380 handguns SOLD

  4. Gr8 White Jr

    Two .380 handguns SOLD

    Hello! I have two handguns for sale. Both were purchased for my wife many years ago but have just been taking up room in the safe. Located in the West Valley. Bersa Thunder 380 in two tone. Slight holster wear on the slide. Otherwise is good shape. Bought for my wife about 12 years ago and has been a safe queen. Comes with Fobus paddle holster, 4 loaded magazines (two with Hornady Critical Defense and two with target ammo), 100 rounds of Winchester 95 grain FMJ. $275 Ruger LCP 380 with Raspberry frame. Purchased for my wife about 15 years ago and has been a safe queen. Comes with one loaded magazine of Hornady critical Defence, Uncle Mike's soft pocket holster, 100 rounds of Winchester 95 gr FMJ, 32 rounds of Magtech 95 gr FMJ and 14 rounds of Fiocchi 95 gr FMJ. $225 Both for $450 Thanks for looking! -Tracy
  5. Gr8 White Jr


    I'll take it. PM inbound. -Tracy
  6. Gr8 White Jr

    Outdoorsmans regular panhead $240 sold

  7. Gr8 White Jr

    Awning replacement on travel trailer

    Does he work on generators? That's one thing I don't know enough about to be attempting myself and I need some troubleshooting done and possibly repairs.
  8. Gr8 White Jr

    Onboard generator service needed

    Does anybody have any recommendations for a service/repair technician experienced with Onan onboard generators? I need to have the Onan 4000 on my toy hauler serviced but I'd prefer to support a small business rather than paying the inflated prices at a dealer service center. -Tracy
  9. Gr8 White Jr

    Awning replacement on travel trailer

    I replaced the awning fabric on my trailer a few years ago. I ordered the fabric from shadepro.net for a fraction of the price. Like other have stated, YouTube has several videos that will walk you through it. Having a friend there for another set of hands is a good idea but you could do it by yourself if need be. It's crazy how much mark up there is when paying somebody else to do it. Tracy
  10. Gr8 White Jr

    Muzzleloader Shotgun Goulds

    Congrats on a great Tom! Very cool to do it with a muzzleloader. I grew up hunting elk and javelina with a muzzleloader but I've never considered hunting with a muzzleloader shotgun. Might have to add that to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing! -Tracy
  11. AxisWorks! Workmanship and customer service are second to none. -Tracy
  12. Gr8 White Jr

    Voodoo Tactical shooting Mat

    I'll take the Kilo 2400 ABS. PM sent. -Tracy
  13. Gr8 White Jr

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    Happy birthday Amanda! Hope you're having a wonderful day! -Tracy
  14. Gr8 White Jr

    ISO Triclawps - FOUND ONE

    I have a triclawps that I am not interested in selling but you are more than welcome to borrow it for your son's hunt. I work in the Northwest valley (Vistancia) so could meet up most week days. -Tracy