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  1. Gr8 White Jr

    Plano 52in case

    Is the inside dimension 52"? If so, I will take it. -Tracy
  2. Gr8 White Jr

    AR 15 Timmney Trigger

    PM sent. -Tracy Just saw this is a large pin which means it won't work. Should have read the post a little more thoroughly. Sorry about that.
  3. Waddell, AZ (west Phoenix). I will be traveling through Flagstaff/Williams at the end of the week and be passing through Tucson at the end of Oct. -Tracy
  4. Price reduced to $600. -Tracy
  5. I'd like to sell my Ruger M77 MKII .300 WM. This is the All Weather model with the 24 inch SS barrel. It has a Timney trigger and Ruger 30 MM rings. Round count is under 100. $650. Thanks for looking! Price reduced to $600. -Tracy
  6. Gr8 White Jr

    Peep Sight Picture

    Everybody has their own way that works for them but I center the sight housing because I believe it leads to tighter groups. If you center the pin then you have to move your face in relation to the string for each pin. Being that I center the sight housing, my nose touches my string exactly the same and my eye looks through my peep at the exact same angle regardless if I am shooting 20 yards or 80 yards. Consitency is the key to tight groups. Just my two cents. -Tracy
  7. Gr8 White Jr

    FS: Swarovski Tripod Adapters

    Looks like both adapters are SPF. One to Stalkincoues and one to jman. -Tracy
  8. Gr8 White Jr

    FS: Swarovski Tripod Adapters

    Im in the far west valley in Waddell and I work in Vistancia (northwest Peoria). -Tracy
  9. Gr8 White Jr

    FS: Swarovski Tripod Adapters

    I have two Swarovski tripod adapters for sale. Both show some surface scratches from being in the field but both are in 100% working condition. $75 each or $125 for the pair. Thanks for looking! -Tracy
  10. Gr8 White Jr


    Eyepiece included? -Tracy
  11. Gr8 White Jr

    When the dog chews on your mount, have it fixed(the mount)

    Exactly my thought. The mount looks great but how would it be possible to repair that? swwildlife, can you clarify if this was a repair or if this was a remount? -Tracy
  12. Gr8 White Jr

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    Happy birthday Amanda!
  13. Gr8 White Jr

    Could not believe my eyes

    What an awesome experience! Thanks for taking the time to write it up and share your story with us. I really enjoyed reading the play by play. HUGE CONGRATS! -Tracy