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  1. oscararias102909

    video player for GMC truck advice

    A book
  2. oscararias102909

    WTH is the Black National Anthem??

    What about the Atlanta Braves. Is the word “Braves” a racial slur?
  3. oscararias102909

    FS Vortex 15X Kaibabs

    PM sent
  4. oscararias102909

    Beater car about to be for sale

    Did the car come with a kid trapped in the back seat😳😳😳
  5. oscararias102909

    Vortex Diamondback 4-12 40 BDC new in box

    Pm sent
  6. oscararias102909

    Financing travel trailer.

    Thanks for the replies.
  7. oscararias102909

    Financing travel trailer.

    Looking to finance a travel trailer. Don’t mind sleeping in the Tahoe but time to start getting the kiddos out there. Any suggestions on where to go in the valley? Thank you all for any replies in advance!
  8. oscararias102909

    For Sale: Ammo for sale many calibers

    PM Sent
  9. oscararias102909

    Free goat

    PM Sent
  10. oscararias102909

    SIG Sauer KILO2000 Rangefinder

  11. oscararias102909

    SIG Sauer KILO2000 Rangefinder

  12. oscararias102909

    ISO .300 blackout Ammo

    sgammo.com. Just check. Bulk ammo sales
  13. oscararias102909


    PM sent
  14. oscararias102909


    Andrew I also have a holster but not like this. So since you were first. Enjoy Brother.
  15. oscararias102909


    I’ll take it