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  1. oscararias102909

    Desert Muzzy Hunt

    Thanks guys
  2. oscararias102909

    Desert Muzzy Hunt

    Had the same muzzy tag. My buddy Landon helped me locate this buck and we got it done.
  3. oscararias102909

    Sitka Subalpine Mntn Pants 38

    PM sent
  4. oscararias102909

    Sitka Timberline pants subalpine 36r

    PM sent
  5. oscararias102909

    ‘98 Ford F-150 2x4

    Pm sent
  6. oscararias102909

    Swarovski Booster/Doubler

    I have this doubler and use it with my NEU 15s.It put my buddy on a buck when we thought there was only Doe in a group. Unfortunately he missed at 175 yds.
  7. oscararias102909

    Vortex Vulture HD 15x56

    Just forwarded to a buddy.
  8. oscararias102909

    12x50 Vortex Viper

  9. oscararias102909

    Sedona Area

    Thank you Delw!
  10. oscararias102909


    ^^^^^^^what GreyGhost85 said.
  11. oscararias102909

    Sedona Area

    Thanks Delw and Couestracker for the info!! Didnt get a chance to do any calling due to the wife having us up and down West Sedona and Oak Creek canyon. We have another stay in May and I will get out with the kiddo and post all our success😉! Thanks again!
  12. oscararias102909

    Sedona Area

    3 Day Stay***
  13. oscararias102909

    Sedona Area

    Kinda of a stretch but heading up to Sedona for a 3 stay with wife and kids. Any good calling around the area? Trying to get out and do something with my 8 yr old in the morning ms while the wife and baby sleep. We are staying in West Sedona off of the 89-A. Thanks in advance!
  14. oscararias102909


    Pm sent
  15. oscararias102909

    Shot placement quiz