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  1. oscararias102909

    6.5 Creedmoor 140 ELD-M Ammo

    PM Sent
  2. oscararias102909

    Nosler 6.5 Creedmoor 142 Accubond Long Range

    PM sent
  3. oscararias102909

    Savage 110 switchback NIB and 6mm CM dies for sale

    PM sent
  4. oscararias102909

    Looking to buy 22-250 ammo

    Bump for a good friend that’s just trying to find rounds for him and his boys varmint calling.
  5. oscararias102909

    Looks like your going hunting.......

    Did anyone else get a looks like your going hunting message on their portal only to realize you forgot you put in for a bonus point.......pronghorn🤣🤣🤣jumped up and down and looked up the hunt number 😢😢😢
  6. oscararias102909

    I heard the hits are coming.

  7. oscararias102909

    .45 230gr Bullets SOLD

    I’ll take another
  8. What a real JERK going on a hunt and leaving me alone with 2 children , never checking in to see if anybody is OKay or needs Help, all the while you live with your parents @ 35 years old! who the heck does that?!! 

  9. oscararias102909

    Jack Russell

    Wow!!! Thank you!!
  10. oscararias102909

    Jack Russell

    Wasn’t Elkhunter1 but thanks firstcoues. His handle was his full name like mine.
  11. oscararias102909

    Jack Russell

    Thanks guys but I deleted a lot of my stuff to clean out my inbox.
  12. oscararias102909

    Jack Russell

    Bought a jack russell from a member here about 6 years ago. Looking for the same member so I can buy another one from him.
  13. oscararias102909

    ****SOLD****Eberlestock Just One (J104) Pack

    Review PMs 😉