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  1. UggRedBilly

    Unit 10 Youth Deer

    You'll have a fun hunt. Mule deer are there though. I heard there is a SMALL population of couse deer but you're gonna see Mulies if anything. I was there a ton last year and saw deer everywhere near the elephant rocks golf course including a few bucks. South end of Perrin ranch is very nice too. Found some sheds and they were 4 PT. Not sure about the Gene's there or what units have the good genetics but if you see any 4 PT your son or daughter should pull the trigger! I would even do it on something smaller too. Lots of traffic in those areas. Lots of road hunters! I mean a lot! If you wanna get away from the crowd look into the Boquillas ranch. It opens up the entire west side of the unit and because there is a trespass fee it has less pressure. Not sure what the deer are like there but if you wanna get away from people go there
  2. UggRedBilly

    Beware - https://www.raniersec.com/

    I was gonna buy some 7 mag a few weeks ago from that website. It tries to make you pay via Visa giftcard. So that way you cant dispute the payment that went through. The prices are too good to be true anyways
  3. UggRedBilly

    Unit 1 or 3a/3c

    Nice! Imma be heading out almost every weekend for the next few weeks to unit 9. I'll pm you what I can find and maybe that'll help you make a good choice! Good luck!
  4. UggRedBilly

    My WILD 12AW Late Hunt Trip

    He aged at 8.5 years old
  5. UggRedBilly

    Target shooting

    I was out at queen valley over on tonto NF and it is allowed over there. Not sure about BLM or anything else though. Pick up your trash if you go! Freaking mess out there!
  6. UggRedBilly

    My WILD 12AW Late Hunt Trip

    Last and final update for this story. Just got my buck back from Clay at Mogollon Taxidermy. Came out great! Was told my turn around was 10-12 months but he got it done in like 8 months!! But here is is with my 1st deer from 2015
  7. UggRedBilly

    Unit 1 or 3a/3c

    The rut is coming up soon. Why dont you take a weekend or 2 up there and check em out. That'll give you a decent indicator for what you truly want for next year
  8. UggRedBilly

    Looking to buy 7mm Rem Mag

    Gilbert. How much would you like?
  9. UggRedBilly

    Looking to buy 7mm Rem Mag

    Hey guys I have been looking for some 7 mag ammo. I have been shooting Barnes Vor TX 140's from federal lately and I havent seen any online or in store for months. If you got any I will buy it! Or if you have like 3 boxes of a certain type that is similar I'll buy it as well. Thank you guys for the help
  10. UggRedBilly

    Sportsmans Warehouse

    Looks like they are gonna do the same. They had outlets installed where the boards once were
  11. UggRedBilly

    Sportsmans Warehouse

    I dont like the new changes. All the mounts on the walls are gone. Bragging board is gone and the fishing reports are all gone too. Isnt the same
  12. UggRedBilly

    Unit 9 help

    What a giant. He must've been all rutted up! Really cool!
  13. UggRedBilly

    Unit 9 help

    Also another question. I have a 12x scope with me on my 7 mag. But since it is really thick. Would it be wise to bring my open sighted 30-30
  14. UggRedBilly

    Unit 9 help

    Sounds great! I never really been a good glasser. Just like to hike a ton so maybe I'll run across one at the right time! Usually how it works for me. "One more ridge wont hurt" then you're 5 miles away from the truck at sunset. I donate like 50$ each time I put in. Maybe thats why lol
  15. UggRedBilly

    Unit 9 help

    Yeah. I was more than spoiled! Would it be wise to shoot the first buck I see? Or my first 4x4 even?