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  1. UggRedBilly

    Youth bow question

    I used to shoot left handed because I was left handed in everything else. But I am right eye dominate and switched to right handed. I have been better since. But maybe it depends on the person too
  2. UggRedBilly

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    His shows always show sponsored by AZGFD
  3. UggRedBilly

    Muely or Coues

  4. UggRedBilly

    Muely or Coues

    I believe that deer was poached. Dude who got it was connected to a bunch of other poachings too
  5. UggRedBilly

    how do these otc archery outfitters do it?

    I know some outfitters have thier own areas of private land too. Pretty crazy stuff! Couldnt imagine having that kinda money for just hunting alone
  6. UggRedBilly

    Unit 9 help

    Just wanted to get an update out on this trip. Just got back home. Saw over 60 deer on this trip including 4 bucks. One was a 3x4 but couldnt get a shot. Saw a huge 7 point elk with the other antler broken off the main beam. Saw lots of yotes, pronghorn, and even 2 moutain lions. Went 0-2 on tags. I didn't have any issues with other hunters being crowded. Very fun just couldnt get a deer to take a dirt nap! If you need any info on the late elk hunts in unit 9 PM me! I have found some good spots/sanctuaries
  7. UggRedBilly

    Had a blast in 12awest

    Very nice bucks! Looks like a fun trip with lots of unforgettable memories! That's what it's all about man!
  8. UggRedBilly

    Kaibab 12AW Early Rifle Help

    Please make a story thread after the hunt! Sounds freaking cool!
  9. UggRedBilly

    Kaibab 12AW Early Rifle Help

    Scout up high in the forest around jacob lake. High elevations. The deer havent began their migration down into the lower country. Good luck I had the late tag there last year
  10. UggRedBilly

    2021 Rut Activity

    Yeah I still hear them going up near William's in 7W. Almost hit one the other night chasing some cows across the highway. Nice 6x6. They are still bugling. Should snow this Tuesday so maybe that'll put it to a halt soon. Will be super windy on Monday with the cold front coming in too
  11. UggRedBilly

    2021 Rut Activity

    Those pics didnt do it justice. Those backs alone looked like they were almost 2 feet long!
  12. UggRedBilly

    2021 Rut Activity

    I was in unit 9 for a turkey hunt/deer scouting and the rut was going good still. Called a few bulls into my camp during the night. That was fun. Then I caught this big ole 5 point walk into 15 yards to drink water. Buggest elk I ever seen. His backs alone seemed to be over 18 inches. He walked away then I heard him do a few bugles
  13. UggRedBilly

    4a Youth Cow Hunt

    All the people. I used to go a ton like 10 years ago. This last weekend I was doing a trash clean up of the area and saw how many people. Never seen it like that! Not even on a holiday 10 years ago
  14. UggRedBilly

    4a Youth Cow Hunt

    Elk are all over the place. Was there last weekend they were bugling even in afternoon! I was just there to go hiking and fishing but there was elk right behind my camp and just off the road in a few places. I was mainly around the 300 road and bear canyon lake area too! Good luck and come back with a story please!
  15. UggRedBilly

    Heffelfinger on instagram

    Is 2016 the year the started paying influencers?