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  1. UggRedBilly

    Draw results

    Me and my buddy drew 36a early rifle coues. My dad drew 37b first rifle any antler with 0 pts
  2. UggRedBilly

    Differences in Coues deer hunting seasons

    Sounds great. I'll have to try that out then!
  3. UggRedBilly

    Differences in Coues deer hunting seasons

    That is one unit I am really looking at. I'll have to take you up on that offer if I draw a tag! Thank you!
  4. UggRedBilly

    Differences in Coues deer hunting seasons

    Sounds good! I never had quail before. Is it that good? Anything like dove?
  5. UggRedBilly

    Differences in Coues deer hunting seasons

    Sounds good. I wanna learn a unit and go each year!
  6. UggRedBilly

    Differences in Coues deer hunting seasons

    Gotcha. Thank you guys!
  7. Gonna go on my first rifle coues deer hunt this year. Wanted to see what kinda season seems best. What are the pros and cons of each one? The units I am looking at are the 36's and I think 34b for a 2nd choice (garunteed draw) with 2pts. Any advice for weather scouting maybe road conditions and gear advice. Thank you!
  8. UggRedBilly

    How is the Rosey bass fishing?

    I went in a week ago. Used almost everything I had. Went for 5 hours had about 20 fish total. Most of the bites I had were off a 10 inch worm texas rigged. Kept it around 30-35 ft deep. All in the Windy Hill area around that island
  9. UggRedBilly

    Bullet selection

    Sounds great! Thank you very much!
  10. UggRedBilly

    Bullet selection

    This was the only barnes 7 mag ammo I could find that was still in stock on the internet. Bass pro and any other store near me doesn't have any others either. Would these guys work? FEDERAL Barnes 160gr TSX 20rd/Box Ammo (P7RN) https://gritrsports.com/federal-barnes-160gr-tsx-20rd-box-ammo-p7rn?avad=74383_c27b439d9
  11. UggRedBilly

    Bullet selection

    Not anymore according to the bison clinic last year
  12. UggRedBilly

    Bullet selection

    I really appreciate the offer! I will just keep my shots under 100 and use copper bullets. Probably the barnes for my 7 mag! Thank you! For copper what weight should I look for on the 7 mag
  13. UggRedBilly

    Bullet selection

    Gotcha. Why would the 7 mag be preferred over the 308?
  14. UggRedBilly

    Bullet selection

    My brother drew a cow bison tag for this august over on the North Rim. Wanted to get a few tips from the handful of members who also had this hunt on round selection. We have a low budget so buying a 45-70 would not be ideal. Especially since it's a once in a life time bag limit. So I was wondering what some of you guys used on your hunts. I have a 7 mag and a 308 so if those are proficient enough what kinda bullets should I look to use. If you have any other calibers that would be feasible too? Thank you!
  15. UggRedBilly

    Draw Results

    Lol no. I didnt get a tag this year. Had 100 percent odds for an early archery cow according to last year. But my mother drew a 4b early archery cow with 0! So that's pretty great!