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  1. UggRedBilly

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Yeah. It used to be a huge tank. Like 50 yds Then the last few days it was like a 10 foot puddle. Now it's just a mud pit with tire tracks. Had a small 2 foot puddle and I hoped it would still be enough to have something come in! But no luck for today. I am just going to wait till after next weeks rain and maybe get one after that, right before the season closes
  2. UggRedBilly

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    I was in 37B the last 3 days! It was awesome! 3 does at a tank. Then the next day I had a buck that was spooked by something, run from behind me in my blind. I had about a 30 yard running shot if I wanted to take it, but I wasnt confident i would make the shot so I passed! We stopped at about 80 yards away and was huffing and snorting in all directions for a few minutes then walked away. A few hours later in the afternoon I walked back to where he had stopped and saw scratching marks in the ground and he had peed on a few piles of poop too. This morning I go back there and to my suprise my water hole had turned into a mud bog for some people during the night. Looks like a few got stuck too!
  3. UggRedBilly

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Today in 37B we had a buck rutting on some does. Found a tank near by them and plan on sitting water on Wednesday and Saturday!
  4. UggRedBilly

    Paying Children Allowance

    I love his books! I have read all of them multiple times! Recommended for anyone 10-10! Has great things for children and how to reward them!
  5. We are having the same issue here in AJ, Bulldog canyon is FULL of squatters. It is really bad out there right now
  6. UggRedBilly

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    I will be looking at 37B pretty soon! I found a few water holes and my and a friend paid for a blind! I'll report in about a week of everything! Plus pictures and video!
  7. UggRedBilly

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    I was there for 3 days. Had to cut it short to go on my deer hunt! Saw a bull but by the time I saw him it was already hoofing it. Just a rag horn but still something. Then we got within 80 yards of 2 cows and they had been spooked from us walking too loudly. Was a whole lotta fun! Found a nice shed that scored 64" and saw a whole lotta deer too! I should've sat water knowing how dry it was but I didn't have the patience for that. Overall it was a ton of fun! I am going to put in for elk again. Maybe not a late hunt this time! Maybe an early cow or I might save points for unit 9 early archery! I think that one will be a blast!
  8. UggRedBilly

    Over the counter tags

    What if there was an antler minimum? Like no spikes killed? Maybe even forkies? Would that even help population at all?
  9. UggRedBilly

    Over the counter tags

    Some units are making changes for what types of deer can be hunted during OTC such as 24B for Antlered Whitetail ONLY I believe that is just for the December season though and they changed it this year.
  10. UggRedBilly

    My WILD 12AW Late Hunt Trip

    Everyone was fine thankfully. Just a little dinged up a trip to the chiropractor or two will fix my back up! We will be going to court to explain what happened on our end soon! I felt bad for them because they were younger than me by far and I'm only 19. They havent even gotten their lives started
  11. UggRedBilly

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Nothing much going on in 25m just does no bucks with them yet With lows getting lower after this week imma go out a few more times with my friend and see if I can get him one! Then once the new year is here i can have another shot in my spot!
  12. UggRedBilly

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    I am going to take my freind to an area here in the valley for some OTC desert Mulies tomorrow! I'll post up what I can find!
  13. UggRedBilly

    There will always be Cameras on water!

    Yeah I agree. I never seen any guides do that BUT I do believe you and believe it happens. It's a bad thing to do for the sport
  14. UggRedBilly

    There will always be Cameras on water!

    Nope. Just deer and elk usually maybe OTC Javelina. But the spot I go to does not allow cams at all. It really just depends on how they could enforce it. If cams are on water during a popular season then it's easy to tell it is probably for hunting. But what about a month like febuary. Not much going on when it comes to hunting. It's just really hard to enforce. Also just a waste of man time. These people go out and earn a bachelor's degree and for what? To throw away cameras?
  15. UggRedBilly

    There will always be Cameras on water!

    This is best comment I've seen on this entire subject! THANK YOU