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  1. WHALE

    Youth turkey hunt - update and pics

    Heard one this morning and then my daughter put her tag on him. We were able to call in the hen as he followed.
  2. WHALE

    2018 Kawasaki mule pro fxt eps

    Nice rig!! How much for the Black Cummings?
  3. WHALE

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    Leroy died a year ago Art is still around not sure if he is guiding
  4. WHALE

    December Tags 2021

    Two little bucks chasing hard today two midsize bucks solo today
  5. WHALE

    December Tags 2021

    Finding does 14 yesterday 13 sunday with only one little buck chasing hope the big bucks starting chasing before end of December Anyone seeing rutting coues yet?
  6. WHALE

    Looking for Ammo

    Can you call me 928-nine seven eight-8024
  7. WHALE

    Spot-and-Stalk or Sitting Water?

    Spot&Stalk is more fun and when it works it's as good as it gets
  8. WHALE

    Looking for Ammo

    thanks for the offer that's kind of you, but I have some other ammo, my gun just really likes the SST 139 and scope is all set for it.
  9. WHALE

    Looking for Ammo

  10. WHALE

    Looking for Ammo

    sent you a pm
  11. WHALE

    Looking for Ammo

    I'll check it out
  12. WHALE

    Looking for Ammo

    no never gotten into loading my own might have to soon thanks anyway
  13. WHALE

    Looking for Ammo

    I have been trying for a couple months to locate some Hornady 7mm Rem Mag SST 139 grain, which my gun loves, for my late white tail tag and have yet to find any. I have half a box left but sure would like another box if anybody knows where to buy some I would appreciate the heads up. Thanks
  14. WHALE

    Unit 23 success

    great bull thanks for sharing