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  1. WHALE

    Archery Lope how many BPs

    Archery antelope is tough
  2. WHALE

    How did everyone do this year?

    Yeah with a pretty good buck. We seen 3-5 bucks a day and shot this guy on second to last day. One of the best hunt I have been on.
  3. WHALE

    How did everyone do this year?

    First time in 13 years I have not hunted January. I spent a lot of December looking at coues though, with my first December rifle tag in my pocket and it was an awesome hunt. The more you are out chasing deer the more you will learn. It took me five years to arrow my first buck. After that they started dropping pretty regularly. Good luck and keep at it
  4. WHALE

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Build the wall Didn't the government kill the last Jaguar with a trap? Wall seems more humane
  5. WHALE

    Two firsts

    Mag got her first bull I passed on a lot of raghorns and messed up my only opportunity at a big bull I got my coues
  6. WHALE

    Two firsts

    The draw was pretty good to this house and a lot of points cashed in this year we still have 3 tags to go between now and December 31st
  7. WHALE

    Two firsts

    Yes Probably another 15 years till the kids are all gowd
  8. WHALE

    Two firsts

    Alex drew her first elk tag and was able to take a nice Muzzle Loader bull. Maggie drew her first deer tag and took a nice coues.
  9. WHALE

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    Nice Buck
  10. WHALE

    Antelope cape

    looks great
  11. WHALE

    Marissa's First Hunts

    Congrats guys
  12. The Western Hunter Mondays on Sportsman channel