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  1. WHALE

    2019 coues

    Great job on an awesome buck
  2. WHALE


    Who has the tag?
  3. WHALE

    Which weapon would you choose?

    I would take a rifle and kill the biggest bull possible. You can archery hunt when you have to in Az but if you have the option take a rifle. 320 is not a small bull
  4. WHALE

    My 2019 Opening Day Buck

    Congrats on another awesome buck
  5. WHALE

    Glassing and Rain

    Man I had that happen bad out cracker jack once heading out with bolts flying horizontal over my head freaked me out. Covered ground pretty quick for a fat guy
  6. WHALE

    Sheep tag, would of never guessed

    One bull and 5 deer
  7. WHALE

    Sheep tag, would of never guessed

    that's awesome
  8. WHALE

    Results are up.

    2 November whitetail tags 1 mule deer tag 1 junior tag 1 late whitetail tag Record for my house
  9. coming through payson soon?
  10. WHALE

    Ranger Bass Boat

    Looking to sell my Ranger. Only reason I am selling is I am buying a new one. 392V 94' 19'4" 200 Mercury 10' Talon New lower unit New powerhead New bilge pump New live well valves and pumps Has a jack plate and tempest prop boat will go 60+ Lowrance 7Ti Elite at console Lowrance Hook 9 at bow $11,000.00 928-978-eight zero two four
  11. WHALE

    Wife's first turkey

    congrats to you and your wife hunting spring turkey is a blast
  12. WHALE

    Archery Lope how many BPs

    Archery antelope is tough
  13. WHALE

    How did everyone do this year?

    Yeah with a pretty good buck. We seen 3-5 bucks a day and shot this guy on second to last day. One of the best hunt I have been on.
  14. WHALE

    How did everyone do this year?

    First time in 13 years I have not hunted January. I spent a lot of December looking at coues though, with my first December rifle tag in my pocket and it was an awesome hunt. The more you are out chasing deer the more you will learn. It took me five years to arrow my first buck. After that they started dropping pretty regularly. Good luck and keep at it