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  1. WHALE

    Technologically Challenged

    Should be the button above power button which is the button to the right on X Button
  2. WHALE

    Nobody / anybody

    My daughter just drew a muzzy tag with 6 points and I couldnt be happier gonna be fun
  3. WHALE

    Housing in Payson

    I will be selling a 4 bed 2 bath with long concrete drive and boat storage in the next month or two in Payson.
  4. WHALE

    So...who's gonna win??

    First year in my life didn't watch one game all season or follow at all. Took my daughter out yesterday and got her first javelina
  5. WHALE

    Rutting 2020

    seen two decent coues bucks fighting in somebody's front yard
  6. WHALE

    46A East?

    heck yea
  7. WHALE

    Roosevelt Lake Closures

    perfect thanks guys
  8. WHALE

    Roosevelt Lake Closures

    Anybody know where to find map for the goose and bald eagle closures for Roosevelt? Called TNF and that didn't help Checked websites and nada TIA
  9. WHALE


  10. WHALE

    Poverty tag

    I was wondering how come you got to go hunting this early and the rest of us have to wait till next week😂 Looked it up and there are a few hunts that started this week Good luck with your hunt while most of us have to wait another week😥
  11. second dumbest thing they have done
  12. WHALE

    Marsupial BTX 85 Case

    how much?
  13. WHALE

    Tessa’s bull

    Father daughter hunting is awesome some of my best hunts are with my daughters
  14. WHALE

    Elk Rut

    Screaming and chasing on Friday Sunday crickets and loafing
  15. WHALE

    good bull

    Clicked on this to watch some great video of a beast of a bull and got suckered into reading the opinions of a fricken roofer🤔