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  1. WHALE


  2. WHALE

    Poverty tag

    I was wondering how come you got to go hunting this early and the rest of us have to wait till next week😂 Looked it up and there are a few hunts that started this week Good luck with your hunt while most of us have to wait another week😥
  3. second dumbest thing they have done
  4. WHALE

    Marsupial BTX 85 Case

    how much?
  5. WHALE

    Tessa’s bull

    Father daughter hunting is awesome some of my best hunts are with my daughters
  6. WHALE

    Elk Rut

    Screaming and chasing on Friday Sunday crickets and loafing
  7. WHALE

    good bull

    Clicked on this to watch some great video of a beast of a bull and got suckered into reading the opinions of a fricken roofer🤔
  8. WHALE

    OHV decal

    well said
  9. WHALE

    OHV decal

    got ours in the mail "no decal" WTF
  10. WHALE

    Archery Goat Down

    Great buck Story?
  11. WHALE

    Pronghorn and Water

    good weekend scouting seen a couple good bucks with does and two tanks pretty tracked up
  12. WHALE

    Pronghorn and Water

    don't think I am tough enough to sit blind all day🤔 I can chase em all day but sitting in a scorching blind We'll see thanks for the info
  13. WHALE

    Pronghorn and Water

    Getting ready for another archery hunt to start. The last time I never sat water but thinking of trying it this time with the dryer hotter conditions. My question for guys that have killed em on water or are in the know what time of day or stretch of day is usually best first 4 hours, last four hours or midday? tia
  14. WHALE

    Az 6a archery

    I had a 6A archery tag once Spent 4 weeks running cameras and checking water. I learned more in 3 hours glassing from a high spot 3 days before season than I did in the 4 weeks of cameras and driving around.
  15. WHALE

    Badlands 1/2 price sale thru July 19