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  1. Tom196

    Vortex long range scope sold

    Where you located?
  2. Tom196

    APA gen 2 little bastard

    Also sent a PM
  3. Tom196

    LH Hoyt Ignite youth bow $300

    PM sent
  4. Tom196

    Left hand Savage model 93 17HMR

    Guess I should've known better than to trust an ad from someone who just joined apparently to sell something. Never heard from him after sending a PM and the ad now shows it's sold. Glad I didn't tell the boy about the rifle.
  5. Tom196

    Left hand Savage model 93 17HMR

    Wow, very gracious of you Tannert. Thank you
  6. Tom196

    Left hand Savage model 93 17HMR

    Dibs for it if Tannert falls through. My son completed his hunter safety course field day last weekend. He's right handed but left eye dominant and found it much easier to shoot left handed. This would be a great starter rifle since all the guns we own are right handed. Scott (602)980-3483
  7. Tom196

    UofA seriously?

    Looked up their email address and sent my thoughts: asuapres@email.arizona.edu
  8. Tom196

    DISH portable system

    Nope, just the cable, no extension cord needed. It gets power from the cable when its plugged into the receiver
  9. Tom196

    DISH portable system

    This is the one I have. I don't like leaving it sitting in the woods when I'm gone from camp so I unhook it and set it inside the trailer. Screw the cable back on and when power comes back on it takes less than 10 minutes for it to find the signal and load the guide
  10. Tom196

    DISH portable system

    DISH installer told me one time that I could run 200' of cable from the dish to the trailer. I've never had to run that much cable but it is something to keep in mind when setting up, I have two cables of 50' and one 100' that I keep in my trailer to set up the system. It's easy
  11. Tom196

    DISH portable system

    I have the older model of the DISH tailgater, bought it off of craigslist. It doesn't use the Wally, had to find one of the older receiver boxes, I think it's the 211Z model or something like that. Works great, I just call them before I leave and they turn on the receiver. As long as I have clear line of sight to the South it takes about 5 minutes for it to lock on to the signal. Call them up when I get back home and they suspend the box, that way I'm only paying for when I use it
  12. Tom196

    Workout stuff

    Have to convert room to a guest room, haven’t used these near as much as we should. Son has weightlifting at school, better half has a gym membership and I use the gym at work. All are in excellent condition, live in Gilbert near Cooper and Warner Bowflex Xtreme 2 $250 All accessories including leg lift, pull down bars, and handle attachments. Added extra set of power rods for 310 lbs of resistance, Another set can be added for 410 lbs if you need it. Vision Fitness X6100 Elliptical $250 Magnetic resistance, not a belt. Has display for workout program, legs fold up. Gym quality unit, heavy... PowerBlock Sport 5.0 adjustable dumbbells and stand SOLD 5-50 lbs of weight by just moving pin. Scott. (602)980-3483
  13. Tom196

    $20 Fantasy Football League

    No love for kickers? Money sent, thx for setting this up
  14. Tom196

    Fantasy Football Time?

    Agreed, it’s pretty easy to do. I sent him a couple of emails the past week asking if it was happen or not. He replied back it didnt look good and said he’d let me know. Still haven’t heard anything
  15. Tom196


    PM sent a couple of days ago, if you still have a couple left I'll take them. Also live in Gilbert