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  1. Tom196

    Classic car insurance

    Sweet, I’m sitting here waiting on the funds to transfer to my credit union then the seller is bringing it over. Should have it today or Monday. Mine’s a RS/SS that was built with a 396. In 1969 someone put in the 427ci/425hp 512 casting big block with aluminum heads and fuel injection. It just had a frame off restoration too. My first car as a teenager in 1981 was a 68 so I’m having my midlife crisis now a little later than most….
  2. Tom196

    Classic car insurance

    Good info, those are two of the quotes I did online Grundy was the third. Need to call all and ask about restrictions. Want to occasionally drive it to work or use for quick errands. Thank you
  3. Tom196

    Classic car insurance

    In the process of buying a ‘67 Camaro. No, I’m not hobnobbing at barrett jackson this week. Been getting quotes from several insurance companies like haggerty, grundy, etc. Looking for good and bad info from any of you that have a policy for a collector car especially if you ever filed a claim.
  4. Tom196

    Azfg Site down??

    Something up with the game and fish website….. Weird…..
  5. Tom196

    WTB Rifle length AR upper

    Got two uppers and BCG’s I took off new rifles that were never shot, converted them to left hand. One came off a S&W MP15 and the other off an Anderson AM15. I’m in Gilbert if your interested Scott (602)980-3483
  6. Tom196

    Awning replacement on travel trailer

    Just don’t let the wrench slip that your using to wind up the spring….
  7. Tom196

    Ram chrome running boards price drop

    OEM or aftermarket, I have a ‘22 mega cab wondering about fit. Thanks Scott
  8. Tom196

    Draw Odds Question

    “Makes sense” and “Game and Fish” are not two things that go together
  9. Tom196

    Hip replacement

    Brother had his hip done on 10/19, he’s 56. Still has a fair amount of knee pain, doc and therapist call it referral pain. Hip feels good and he’s getting around fine, goes to therapy 2x a week. Took awhile to get a good nights sleep but doing pretty decent now
  10. Tom196

    Sold - Please remove

    Where are you located? Son and I are both southpaws
  11. Tom196


    I’m in the same situation and am getting the Glock. Was in law enforcement for 36+ and carried Glocks. Liked them and have dumped a lot if rounds down range so figured I better stick with what I know the best. If the you know what hits the fan don’t need to be thinking about the gun, go with what you know and are comfortable with
  12. Tom196

    Scheels coming to Chandler!!

    Drive by this almost everyday on the way to work. Took these today, they’ve torn down half the building. Long way to go
  13. Tom196

    Items For Sale

    I’ll take the 15’s, pm sent
  14. Tom196

    The Amazing Wolf 🙄

    Me and the boy were up there earlier this week. It was funny to stop and watch wildlife and listen to some of the granola eating, bunny loving, tree huggers spout their stuff about what was going on with wildlife and the ecosystem. Just had to shake my head and walk away. At least there were sane people in Cody where we stayed for the week.