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  1. Tom196

    Hip replacement

    Brother had his hip done on 10/19, he’s 56. Still has a fair amount of knee pain, doc and therapist call it referral pain. Hip feels good and he’s getting around fine, goes to therapy 2x a week. Took awhile to get a good nights sleep but doing pretty decent now
  2. Tom196

    Sold - Please remove

    Where are you located? Son and I are both southpaws
  3. Tom196


    I’m in the same situation and am getting the Glock. Was in law enforcement for 36+ and carried Glocks. Liked them and have dumped a lot if rounds down range so figured I better stick with what I know the best. If the you know what hits the fan don’t need to be thinking about the gun, go with what you know and are comfortable with
  4. Tom196

    Scheels coming to Chandler!!

    Drive by this almost everyday on the way to work. Took these today, they’ve torn down half the building. Long way to go
  5. Tom196

    Items For Sale

    I’ll take the 15’s, pm sent
  6. Tom196

    The Amazing Wolf 🙄

    Me and the boy were up there earlier this week. It was funny to stop and watch wildlife and listen to some of the granola eating, bunny loving, tree huggers spout their stuff about what was going on with wildlife and the ecosystem. Just had to shake my head and walk away. At least there were sane people in Cody where we stayed for the week.
  7. Tom196

    TC Renegade .50

    PM sent
  8. Tom196

    SHE camo,girls camo

    PM sent
  9. Tom196

    Results up on AZGF Portal.

    December unit 23 coues
  10. Tom196

    Dodge Truck Owners

    I'm driving a 2019 2500 Tradesman that I bought last November with the 6.4 hemi, wanted the Cummins but didn't need it for what I have to pull. Hate the gearshift knob, there is an electric cut out if you switch it instead of turning the knob next to it for the fan speed. Have done that a couple of times.....still can't get used to it. The biggest complaint I have and I suggest you research is the A/C in these trucks. Dodge/Ram have had blender door/heater core issues for years. THis is my 3rd truck from them. The A/C coming out the drivers vents on my truck are on average 6-10 degrees warmer than what is coming out of the passenger vents, used a meat thermometer in the vents to check this. I have complained about this to the dealer on both occasions when it was in for service and have been told it is within specs. It is a very common complaint on these newer trucks, take a look at the forums. One of the "hacks" that I found was to bypass the heater core hose that goes through the firewall. I tried a clamp on this hose and it made a huge difference. Ended up installing a bypass valve so I don't have hot water going to the heater core when the A/C is trying to cool the air down. Poor design, very common complaint for a lot of these trucks, other than that it suits my needs.
  11. Tom196

    Pool deck resurfacing

    PM me the info too please, also looking to get this done. Also live in Gilbert
  12. Tom196

    ISO ATV & UTV Mechanic

    Just picked up a ‘08 Arctic Cat quad (only has 300 miles). Need a tune up, drive belt, and new tires mounted. Live Cooper/Warner, looking for input on mechanics nearby. Dusted off this old post, TNT and DTS are both close by. Input appreciated
  13. Tom196

    Mini split A/C question.

    I put a Pioneer 12,000 BTU unit on the downstairs room in my house 2 yrs ago. Hired an electrician to pull the 220 to it, did everything else myself. Very happy overall with it. This room back when the house was built had the option of being the 4th bedroom or the 3rd car garage so it is long and narrow. My only regret is the blower is at one end and I wish I would've bought the longer lines to install it in the middle of the room. The A/C for the house just wouldn't move much air down to this room so I installed this unit and shut the vent off for the room. Worked out great
  14. Tom196

    .300 win mag ammo

    PM sent