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  1. drcarr

    Liberty Colonial D-23 Safe $1300

    Was going to buy this safe myself but current circumstances do not permit me purchasing this safe..."broadhead" was very accommodating with me just isn't going to happen this time around.... I'll say that "broadhead" is a very decent seller and you can't go wrong if you buy his safe...Buy with confidence!!!
  2. It looks to me like M ILA M is trying to work out a deal here… kind of think he should get 1st crack at buying this gun......
  3. This will be gone before you blink...great price and overall deal.....
  4. drcarr

    Contact our Governor

    On April 7th 2021 Governor Ducey signed House Bill 2111, "The AZ 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Act", into law...
  5. drcarr

    Trade round for round

    TTT...for a good guy...buy or trade with confidence....
  6. drcarr

    FOUND, 357-44 Bain & Davis Dies

    DM sent.......
  7. drcarr

    30-06 Ammo REM Core Lokt $120

    PM sent.......
  8. drcarr

    ISO 5.7 by 28 ammo

    GunBroker has some...not cheap but at least it's available... https://www.gunbroker.com/item/888027833
  9. drcarr

    Leupold Vx5hd 3-15x44 Firedot

    dgipson82 These sold...🙂
  10. drcarr


    Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones Tony...Wishing Health, Wealth and a long life lived well to all those that make up the CouesWhitetail family.........
  11. drcarr

    Leupold Vx5hd 3-15x44 Firedot

    I'll take it...PM to follow...thanks
  12. drcarr

    ATF going after pistol braces

  13. drcarr

    .22LR ammo Midway

    Yes it did sell fast…As soon as the "Midway" notification hit my email I posted the information on the CouesWhitetail website…I did not order any of the .22LR ammo for myself because I've no need at this time…...
  14. drcarr

    .22LR ammo Midway

    0.8 cents a round........ https://www.midwayusa.com/product/102264353
  15. drcarr

    WTB Marlin Camp 9 Carbine

    When looking for a self defense weapon for my 86 year-old mother we settled upon the Kel-Tec Sub-2000...a light weight 9mm carbine that we fitted with a very easy to operate Streamlight TLR-8 green laser gun light...we also loaded it with a 33rnd magazine to minimize the likelihood of her needing to reload during a tense situation... For the reasons I stated above and a few others you might consider if this gun fits your friends needs......