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  1. drcarr

    300 Win Mag Factory Ammo - Tucson

    How much per box?Thanks
  2. drcarr

    Anyone want to foster/adopt a Dane puppy?

    Maybe it is because I was actually considering adopting the dog until that bit of information was brought up...
  3. drcarr

    Anyone want to foster/adopt a Dane puppy?

    Why mutilate the dog?
  4. drcarr

    Any interest in a 6.5 prc?

    Asking price?
  5. drcarr

    Lakes filling up from the rain??

    The southern lakes: Arivaca, Parker Canyon, Pena Blanca and Patagonia are thankfully all getting pretty full from the monsoon rains....
  6. drcarr

    2006 Ford F250 Super Duty

    DM sent...
  7. drcarr

    2006 Ford F250 Super Duty

    Yes, I had a tire blow out due to a factory defect..."Discount Tire" helped me file a formal complaint with "Cooper Tires"...I got a cash settlement to repair the damage... Because the damage was only a cosmetic issue to the drivers side rear panel I never bothered to repair it... Also I never planned to get rid of the truck for many years... unfortunately a significant illness is forcing me to put it up for sale now... The truck is mechanically sound and I believe it is priced appropriately...You are more than welcome to take it for a drive and see for yourself...Thank you for your interest... Don
  8. drcarr

    2006 Ford F250 Super Duty

    I dropped the price on craigslist...Of course I really need to get this truck sold...
  9. drcarr

    UTV rental place opening

    Thanks for the FYI.......
  10. drcarr

    Stolen archery equipment

    dang thieves...Make sure to check out all of your local pawn shops...Keep watching for your bows to be for sale on FB "Marketplace" and all of the other FB hunting groups...Also check out the "OfferUp" internet app. in case the POS tries to sell your equipment there... good luck and I hope you catch whoever stole your property...
  11. drcarr

    2006 Ford F250 Super Duty

    CW members cost is $13,000 obo... If vehicle purchased through this CW ad $500.00 will be donated to Coueswhitetail site... https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-2006-ford-f250-4x4-xlt-super-duty/7512117556.html
  12. drcarr

    Wife is gone.

    Very sorry to hear of wife's passing...I'm sending prayers seeking Serenity and Strength for you and all your wife's loved ones during this difficult time...
  13. drcarr

    cell phone signal booster

    We go to the North Rim turkey hunting every year and this device has proven extremely valuable to us while up there... I would definitely buy another one if mine broke...
  14. drcarr

    cell phone signal booster

    We replaced our "SLEEK" cell phone booster unit with a "Drive Reach OTR" which you can find on the web link below: Cell Phone Boosters for Trucks | Signal Amplifiers | weBoost https://www.weboost.com/boosters/vehicle-truck