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  1. Comes with case fixes 30mm an adjustable reticle.Very nice.Selling stuff to find a garage. Spencer 928-853-469three text or call
  2. azviking

    7mm Remington price change‼️

    How are those riton scopes?
  3. azviking

    Christian Arms CA9mm-sold

    Spencer 928-853-4693 Text or give a call couple questions
  4. LEUPOLD SX-2 Kenai 25-60x80mm HD 2 eyepieces 30x/25-60x Works excellent.Camo soft case. Asking 550.00 Consider trades/cash pretty open. Thanks Spencer 928-853-4693
  5. azviking

    Thanks to all for replies

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1036929620722732/?mibextid=kQbxnz 1969 chevy c10 in prescott
  6. azviking

    Smith&wesson 586 4

  7. azviking

    2 Texas whitetail bucks.Head mounts

    Make offer flagstaff
  8. azviking

    Sold delete

  9. azviking

    WTB 300 Weatherby Mag Ammo 150g

    How much did you need
  10. Tika t3 lite barrel, stock takeoffs. Barrell 75.00 don't belive was ever fired. Open on price can ship on your dime Spencer 928-853-4693
  11. Asking 170 a piece.located flagstaff Spencer 928-853-4693
  12. azviking

    KE Arms KP15 $450 sold

    I got 500 for it if your close to flagstaff? 928-853-4693
  13. azviking

    Aero AR10

    What trades you interested in?ar?7mag?spotting scope?binos? Let me know 928-853-4693 Spencer