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  1. varget

    WTS: special stock

    He's also coming for your AR-14's
  2. varget

    WTS: special stock

  3. varget

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Im in for 5-10 boxes of hornady 6.5 143gr eldx
  4. varget

    45 ACP Brass

    Large primer only or is it mixed with small primer
  5. varget

    6.5mm projectiles- SPF

    3 boxes (100 bullets) Hornady Match 140grn hpbt. $40 each or buy all 3 for $110 I will take this
  6. varget


  7. varget

    8lb BL-C2 FS FT

    What primers are you looking for to trade
  8. varget


    .224 77gr Sierra Matchkings - 3 Unopened boxes, 1 partial. Count 162 total for sale $40 or any trade lf this is $40 for all 3 boxes and 1 partial box l will take it
  9. varget

    556 barrel for sale

    Does it have the front sight on it
  10. varget

    6.5 creedmore 143 eld-x in stock

    By the time they add up shipping and taxes sometimes its not even worth it. Gunbroker sent me a email saying they are going to start adding state taxes on all the purchases made on the site. At least that's what I got out of the email. Going to be a deal breaker on some good deals
  11. varget

    AR Lower

    Guns etc had some last week
  12. varget

    Midway ln Stock

    I thought I found some eldx's in stock yesterday from this site Dowdle Sports & Outdoors but did a search on them and there was not one good thing said about them so I did not order I fiqured better safe than sorry
  13. varget

    Midway ln Stock

    Website says 2 box limit but froze up when l tried to checkout so I called to put in order and they sold me 3 boxes