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  1. varget


    Mark 4 8.5-25x50 ER/T with TMR Reticle ***Sold***
  2. varget


    Seen only one there
  3. varget


    I was at superstition Walmart in east Mesa yesterday and seen a new RTIC 32 qt cooler for half the price So if you’re in the market for one $75 is a good price Other pic is the location it is at on the end cap
  4. varget

    WTS S&W 648-2

  5. varget

    SPF Toyota 4cyl oil filters

    This might help
  6. varget


    The powder is sold pending funds now l will let you know if it falls thru
  7. varget


    Price Drop to $50 or trade for 38 cal bullets
  8. varget


    Gone, Sold
  9. varget


    $140 SWFA 16x42 Fixed Power Scope MOA l will take this
  10. varget

    Post your best Black Friday deals!

    Picked up a MDT LSS chassis for my savage rifle https://mdttac.com/black-friday-2022/?utm_source=mdttac.ca&utm_medium=referral
  11. varget


  12. varget


    I have a CZ 452 in 22lr for sale Rifle is in very good condition and will come with one 5rd mag and 1” scope rings but is missing the rear sight l took the sight off to put on a scope but can not find it now Rifle is very accurate with SK ammo l was using l upgraded to a 22 mag rifle so l do not need this rifle anymore Price is $450
  13. varget

    Reloading dies and case prep

    I will take these Hornady 11th edition reloading book $20 Lee 223 dies $25
  14. varget

    Bullets and Primers

    Selling a few reloading bullets and some primers Hornady 6.5 147gr ELD-M $45 each Hornady 6.5 A-max 140gr 1 full box of 100 and 1 partial box of 82 $65 all Federal large pistol magnum 1K box $90 l am located in east mesa Do not post or message with a l will take it unless you are going to buy it
  15. varget

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Michelle’s bar in morenci great burgers and fries their steak salad is a good one too