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  1. varget

    ISO 45acp Brass, Pistol Powder, Primers

    Thats a bit to far but thanks for the offer
  2. Looking for some 45acp brass large primer only and some pistol powder Winchester 231 or let me know what you have also could use some large pistol primers
  3. varget

    Brass, bullets, and dies

    Lee 45 ACP dies $25 There is a carbide sizing die in the box. lf the die set is still available l will take them
  4. varget

    30-30 Ammunition - Sold

    I will take it
  5. varget

    223, 9mm, and .40 For Sale

    Or debate with window shoppers
  6. varget

    Reloading Supplies for sale

    Where are you located
  7. varget

    Varget powder

    You guys need to keep a eye on powder valley l recently bought some TAC powder and paid a little over $25 a lb and that included shipping and hazmat As they say buy all you can when shipping and hazmat is involved
  8. varget


    Your inbox is full price on the 8lb cfe223
  9. varget


    Powders in stock at shoppers in AJ lMR 4064 8lb $219 2 ct H110 8lb $200 1 ct IMR 700x 4lb $84 2 ct 1lb jugs H110, Winchester 296 and H4831 last one l did not look at the prices on 1lb no primers, no reloading bullets some ammo didnt really look but seen 243 and 260 rem. 17HMR
  10. varget


    $80 better than $320 Thought you ment $320 each
  11. $800 is the going price for that rifle now anymore your gouging
  12. varget

    WTT federal small rifle primers

    I load 147gr fmj with H110 works good for me
  13. varget

    Gear and reloading clean out

    I will take the bipod
  14. varget

    Rifle Bullets

    I have some bullets for sale l am not needing these so here they are Berger 338 cal Tactical OTM 300gr 250 count box. $180 Nosler Custom Competition 155gr 30 cal box of 1K $250 Sierra Match Kings 180gr HPBT 500 count $140 Sierra bullets are SPF Speer 30 cal assorted bullets 217 count $35 for all Speer bullets are SPF l am located in east mesa Trades Rem 260 1X fired brass Large pistol primers 45 cal bullets 230gr fmj