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  1. varget

    ISO Good Honest AC Car Repair Shop in Mesa

    AJ isn’t too far l will call the other 2 but was hoping on finding a shop that works on ac only but a universal shop will do if they have a good ac guy
  2. I am in search of a honest AC repair shop for my car Summer is coming and the ac in the car only works when it wants too lt works intermediately and l can’t figure out why lt still gets cold for awhile and just gets warm l turn it off and turn it back on then it gets cold again its not low on freon so lm baffled now lf you know of a good shop let me know so l can set up an appointment and see if they can fix it
  3. varget


    Bump for a scope l still have for sale
  4. varget

    Bi-Pods and Scope Throw lever

    Bump on stuff l still have
  5. varget

    Hornady 6.5 Bullets for Sale

    All powder Sold only bullets are left Ammo trade added
  6. varget

    Hornady 6.5 Bullets for Sale

    Updated ad and removed sold items added 8lb jug H4350
  7. Selling a few boxes of hornady reloading bullets Will trade for 17 hmr ammo Pick up will be in east mesa area Hornady .264 bullets 147gr ELD Match 100 ct x2 both same lot number $50.00 ea Hornady .264 bullets 140 gr Amax 100 ct $40.00 82 ct $32.00 l am located in east mesa
  8. varget

    ISO **Found One**

    I am looking for a 17 hmr rifle or encore rifle or pistol barrel lf you have one your not using any more let me know
  9. varget

    Retumbo Powder and ELDX

    This just popped up on GunsAz Says he’s in flagstaff
  10. varget

    Bi-Pods and Scope Throw lever

    TTT on what’s left and price drop on last stock
  11. varget

    Bi-Pods and Scope Throw lever

    BTT Sold items removed again
  12. varget

    Reloading ltems Sold

    TTT With whats left
  13. varget

    Bi-Pods and Scope Throw lever

    TTT with whats left
  14. varget

    More ltems For Sale

    Bump with whats left