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  1. varget

    For The 338 Lapua Hunter

    I have a full box of 20 and a box of 19 hornady precision hunter ammo In 338 lapua $130.00
  2. varget

    WTS 6.5 ammo

  3. varget

    WTS 6.5 ammo

    Goldentoes sent you a message
  4. varget

    WTS 6.5 ammo

    If the first buyer doesn’t pick up by this evening It will be back up for sale
  5. varget

    WTS 6.5 ammo

    3 boxes of Hornady 6.5 creedmoor ammo. I am in east mesa $50.00 for all 3 boxes
  6. varget

    Trailer Tires / Wheels - full set

    Where do you get trailer tires for $60.00
  7. varget

    Stoney Point Scope Knobs

    I have a set of Stoney point scope knobs for leupold scope I am in East Mesa $40.00 the pair
  8. varget

    WTS Misc Items

    If any of this interested you make an offer
  9. varget

    WTB rifle and scope for under $700

    What caliber
  10. varget

    WTS RCBS Rockchucker lV

    Case trimmer is SOLD Rcbs dies are SOLD
  11. varget

    WTS RCBS Rockchucker lV

    I am in East Mesa by the 202 and us 60
  12. varget

    WTS RCBS Rockchucker lV

    Redoing my reloading room and picked up a Redding T7 press so going thru my stuff and listing extra stuff I don’t need anymore
  13. varget

    WTS RCBS Rockchucker lV

    I have a rcbs Rockchucker lV with a large primer feeder on it Press is in very good condition $125.00
  14. varget


    No it’s the full size with the 4.5 barrel and 19 rd magazine