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  1. varget

    WTB 260 Rem Brass & Dies

    I am looking for some once fired 260 rem. brass and a set of dies. Let me know what you have and how much you want for them
  2. varget

    Rolling Stones Tickets SOLD

    Put them for sale on offer up We have put tickets for sale when we couldn't make it and sold them for what we had in them
  3. varget

    WTS Reloading Brass

    I have 530 primed 308 brass that is ready to load. All brass is mil-spec and mostly IMI headstamp $75.00 500 primed 38 special brass ready to load w/100 primed 357 mag brass ready to load $40.00 All brass is range brass with mixed headstamp media tumbled, FL sized, primed and ready to load.
  4. varget

    Walther P22 $200 or trade !

    Message sent
  5. varget

    6.5 127LRX

    Message sent
  6. varget

    Misc brass fired 1 time take all for $15

    Where are you located
  7. varget


    I'll take the 6.5 creedmoor brass if still available
  8. varget

    Vortex PST 6x24x50FFP Scope

    I will take it
  9. varget

    300 rum brass (sold)

    I will take the brass pm sent
  10. varget

    RCBS Supreme

    Got a new press so I don't need this anymore. Rock Chucker Supreme Press is still in like new condition. Hate to let this go but I have no room for it. $100.00
  11. varget

    Long Range Ar Setup and a few scopes

    What reticle does the 4-16 have
  12. varget

    Bi-pods WTS or WTT

    I have 3 bipod that I don't need anymore 1st is a Harris S 25 C model Non notch legs Swivel base 13.5" compacted 25" extended $85.00 2ed is a Harris S BRM model Notch legs Swivel base 6" compacted 9" extended KNS sling adapter $75.00 3rd is has no marking and looks to be sturdy and built well Notch legs Swivel base 6" compacted 9" extended Has adapter for weaver rail $50.00 ***Would also trade for 110 gr, 125 gr 30 Cal bullets or 140 gr 6.5 bullets***
  13. varget

    WTS Reloading Items

    Reloading Items for sale