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  1. varget

    Misc brass fired 1 time take all for $15

    Where are you located
  2. varget


    I'll take the 6.5 creedmoor brass if still available
  3. varget

    Vortex PST 6x24x50FFP Scope

    I will take it
  4. varget

    300 rum brass (sold)

    I will take the brass pm sent
  5. varget

    RCBS Supreme

    Got a new press so I don't need this anymore. Rock Chucker Supreme Press is still in like new condition. Hate to let this go but I have no room for it. $100.00
  6. varget

    Long Range Ar Setup and a few scopes

    What reticle does the 4-16 have
  7. varget

    Bi-pods WTS or WTT

    I have 3 bipod that I don't need anymore 1st is a Harris S 25 C model Non notch legs Swivel base 13.5" compacted 25" extended $85.00 2ed is a Harris S BRM model Notch legs Swivel base 6" compacted 9" extended KNS sling adapter $75.00 3rd is has no marking and looks to be sturdy and built well Notch legs Swivel base 6" compacted 9" extended Has adapter for weaver rail $50.00 ***Would also trade for 110 gr, 125 gr 30 Cal bullets or 140 gr 6.5 bullets***
  8. varget

    WTS Reloading Items

    Reloading Items for sale
  9. varget


  10. varget

    WTS Reloading presses

    I have rockchucker Supreme and dillon 650
  11. varget

    WTS Reloading presses

    I have a few presses that are laying around and maybe someone can put to use. All presses work like they should. Prices are in pics
  12. varget

    270 Ammo & Brass 45 Long Colt Ammo

    If the 45 colt is a full box I'll take it
  13. varget