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  1. varget

    6.5 Hornady 147 ELD-m

    ls this reloading bullets or loaded ammo
  2. varget


    Was this manufactured between 2005-2016
  3. I have 5 boxes Hornady Amax 178gr 30 cal bullets $40 each 3 boxes of 190gr Sierra MatchKing $40 each 2 boxes of 200gr MatchKing $40 each All bullets are 30 cal. l am in east mesa
  4. varget

    FS: RCBS 505 Scale and Dies "All Sold"

    Lee factory crimp die $5.00 223 308 260 l will take these
  5. varget


    $205 + tax l just called them and still 3 left
  6. varget


    Picked up the last 8lb jug of H4350 this morning. They still have 1lb jugs of H4350 and Varget left 1 per customer they told me 3 - 8lb jugs of CFE 223 but none in 1lb jugs
  7. varget


    2 boxes spf 3 boxes still available
  8. varget


  9. varget

    UPDATED, Firearms, and Scopes

    I will take the 223 ammo if still available
  10. varget

    Reloading Bullets

    Hornady bullets and Sierra 500ct SPF Still have 2 more Sierra 500ct boxes left and Sierra 190gr and 200gr left
  11. varget

    Reloading Bullets

    22 cal bullets sold 30 cal bullets still available
  12. varget


    I will take this if its 143 gr and still available message sent
  13. varget

    Found One

    He has found one
  14. varget

    Found One

    l have a friend looking for a gooseneck adaptor for a 5th wheel. He has found one