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  1. varget

    Swarovski STS 65

    Trade added and OBO added
  2. varget

    Wts Mcrees Precision Chassis

    I bought from a friend when he upgraded to the G7 chassis and l don’t know how long he had it but l’ve had it a couple of years
  3. I have a used mcrees chassis for a Remington 700 short action Chassis is in OD green and has a folding stock Selling the chassis only no box, no mags or anything else Price is $325 l am located in east mesa
  4. varget

    WTS: H1000 8lb jug

    3 hours left or use the buy it now for $1200.00
  5. varget

    Armslist BS

    Even though most people use to say backpage sucked everone misses it now There is nothing on the internet that comes close to backpage now
  6. varget


    All Sold
  7. varget

    Swarovski STS 65

    I have a swarovski sts non hd 20-60x65 for sale Spotting scope and case only. l do not have any boxes or paperwork for it. The scope is in very good condition and the lens are scratch free. The case has some scuffs on it as it been used. Manufacturer date is 2004 Price is $1350.00 OBO Trade 45 colt lever rifle plus cash l am located in east mesa
  8. varget

    H1000/CCI 250 Primers Trade for new 7mm Mag Brass

    Stopped by Healy Arms today and they had some 7mm brass They also had a small selection of primers but no small pistol or small rifle that l could see
  9. varget

    Get it while you can

    They had 8lb jugs also one of them would have been worth the hazmat fee and shipping cost
  10. varget

    Get it while you can

    Midway has retumbo in stock
  11. varget

    Bergara B14 6.5 Creedmoor

    No l do not have a load for it. l never did get that far with this rifle.
  12. varget

    Bca 16in 6.5 Grendel upper two boxes of Hornady $260

    Message sent