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  1. Steve6060al

    Vortex viper 12x50 HD *final price drop*

    Pm sent
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    Vortex Diamondback HD 10x42 - With Glasspack and Shoulder harness. Missing the rainguard, but you can get Vortex to send you another if you want. These are pretty much brand new replacements from Vortex, maybe taken out once or twice. - $150 NE Mesa
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    Would like to hand it off FTF, I'm in NE Mesa could meet out to Bass Pro. PM me.
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    Leupold Vari-X IIc Silver 3-9x40 w/ Butler Creek flip covers. Very slight ring marks and swirl marks on objective, but no impact on glass. Also have 1" inch rings and bases for Winchester m70 free with scope if you want them. - $200
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    Hits started

    12BW early or late, fingers crossed
  8. Steve6060al

    WTB - 17 inch 4Runner wheel (2021)

  9. Sold all five of my original wheels/tires and bought 5 aftermarket, but now realize I want two spares. The current spare is a matching wheel so I can rotate it in. Second spare can be the ugliest steel or OEM you’ve got since I’ll be packing it along for the longer trips. Anyone willing to part with an unused wheel let me know.
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    Grew up in Alaska and had my share of bear encounters (never had to pull the trigger on one). Know guys who carry 44 mag and 10mm or .45. Also saw plenty of pictures along with the stories. One that stuck with me is my uncle who was with a buddy and he had to take a brown bear down at 10 yards in the brush. 10mm Glock and he said that bear went down like it took a 12 gauge slug. From the photos I can see why. Would be happy with a 44 or 10mm, but don’t discount the 10.
  11. Steve6060al

    Black River

    Ended up getting out the past weekend, was above the pump station since it was easier to get to with the family. Nice weather and covered some miles on the river and pulled out plenty of smallmouth with a couple real hogs. Didn’t get on any trout, but gear wise wasn’t really targeting them. Hope to get out again before monsoon.
  12. Steve6060al

    Black River

    Anyone been on the Black yet?
  13. Two boxes. East Mesa. $60
  14. Steve6060al

    Maven 12x50 c.3

    Ever make it towards the East valley at all? I’ll go over 175....