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  1. Steve6060al

    4Runner Tires/Wheels

  2. Steve6060al

    4Runner Tires/Wheels

    Set of stock tires/wheels off of 2021 4Runner (6 bolt) Includes spare. 265/70/17 Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 on the rims pictured, spare is the black steel rim. No pressure sensors, tires have exactly 875 miles on them other than the spare which is brand new. Also have the lug nuts that will go with. $450
  3. Steve6060al

    Tags in the mail?

    Anyone gotten their tag?
  4. Steve6060al

    So when does this trail cam ban go into effect?

    Any change to the current trail camera rule will not go into effect prior to Jan. 1, 2022. https://www.azgfd.com/commission-proposes-alternative-rule-amendment-to-regulate-use-of-trail-cameras/
  5. Steve6060al

    Unit 12?

    Yeah, that was my thoughts for the points range I'd consider putting in for 12 at. Over 10 I'd probably just keep going and hope to get lucky. At 6-8 maybe I draw/maybe I don't, but if I do I get a taste of it and it might alter my path forward after that. That being the case, I would hate to blow the points for an opportunity and not see a thing. With so few tags I sure have a lot less folks to ask who may have hunted them there. Tags have to mean antelope though, might just have to make a Lees Ferry trip in the next year and glass around for a day in the valley,
  6. Steve6060al

    Unit 12?

    Have lived in AZ for a bit, and just want to hunt as much as I can. Looks like Unit 12 is an option for better odds at an archery (and I guess rifle) antelope tag. Low tag numbers, and low antelope numbers. I guess my question is is it worth it to put in for that hunt moving from 5 to say 10 points, or would I be disappointed if I drew? Just stick it out? Interested to hear if any of you guys who have hunted antelope multiple times have ever given 12 a shot and was it worth it? (Put in for other archery hunts this year but no dice).
  7. Steve6060al

    Tick Tock

    https://www.azgfd.com/azgfd-delivers-on-promise-to-provide-quicker-draw-results/ Ha (178k applicants 2019)
  8. Steve6060al

    FS: Ruger M77 308 win

    Bull barrel? Do you know the weight?
  9. Steve6060al

    30-06 Mixed Box

    Found some more - 10 rounds Federal Classic Hi-Shock Soft Point 150 gr 10 rounds Federal (Pretty sure its the same type may or may not be 150 gr)
  10. Steve6060al

    30-06 Mixed Box

    Have some ammo that I no longer have use for. Mixed box and I've done my best to remember what it all was, but fair warning I'm not 100% (especially on grains). 10 rounds 30-06 Winchester PowerPoint (180 gr) 2 rounds 30-06 R-P (not a lot of info here, but believe 180 grain as well) 8 rounds 30-06 Winchester Accubond CT 180 Just make an offer or I'd be looking for some 22LR also. As I said I have no use for this anymore and would rather someone use it. Located in NE Mesa.
  11. Steve6060al

    Tripod-Head Recommendations

    Jumped in on that. Thanks for the heads up, and appreciate the info from all you guys.
  12. Steve6060al

    SLIK cf-634 Tripod SOLD Thanks to all!

    I'll take it if you got it. Sent you a text.
  13. Steve6060al

    Free to Good Home

    Found a home pending pick up.
  14. Steve6060al

    Free to Good Home

    Found a home pending pick up.
  15. Steve6060al

    Free to Good Home

    Have a whisker biscuit, PSE sight, and PSE stabilizer. All came on a package bow and have been sitting in my garage. Free to whomever needs them. Come and get them or I can meet anywhere along the 60 between the 202 and Globe early morning or early evening if we set it up.