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  1. Tropicalmulch

    atv repair shop recommendation

    Motion sports. If youre in tucson
  2. Tropicalmulch

    LOUD buzzing Desktop

    Hose it down with big spray. Sounds like you havea cicada stuck in there!
  3. Tropicalmulch

    Leupold customer service just made my day!

    Thats awesome. I had a similar experience with leupold last year. I dropped my rangefinder that was about 12 years old and a piece started ratteling around on the inside and of course it wouldn't range anything. I told them i dropped it and they still sent me a new rangefinder. Stellar customer service and warranty policies
  4. Tropicalmulch

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Add to the list. Eliminate government hand outs
  5. Tropicalmulch

    Tucson Units

    Just in case you do decide to hunt TMP make sure you sign the TMP book at the G&F department and get a TMP stamp.
  6. Tropicalmulch

    Custom Gunstocks

    I cant help you with a stock maker but paul and sharon dressel have an excellent selection of stock blanks you can check out online. Their blanks are seasoned and at the correct moisture content. I bought this piece with fiddleback throughout as a blank from them .
  7. Tropicalmulch

    Different trail cams free

    If im in the process of making a kid do i qualify? Haha....score for a young hunter very cool idea you have here.
  8. Tropicalmulch

    Tell me about this gun

    Should be a good shooter. Looks like an original barrel. There should be a date under your front scope ring. Mine is a 1905 with original barrel and shoots factory ammo sub moa. Aftermarket triggers are available if it doesnt already have one. Also safety conversions hard to tell from the pics but looks like your safety is original. The swedish mausers had serial numbers on almost every part it seems
  9. I have 15 rounds but I'm in Tucson. Pm me if you're interested
  10. Tropicalmulch

    34A "lowlands"?

    Buy the tag= no cats in sight Don't buy a tag = seeing a big tom broadside at 100 yards
  11. Tropicalmulch

    ENCO Benchtop Lathe

  12. Tropicalmulch

    This new forum layout

    Got things working the way i like it. Im much happier now. Thanks Amanda
  13. Tropicalmulch

    This new forum layout

    I agree. I dont like topics dissapearing after i open them once and i dont like having to scroll through the hole thread to get to what i havent read yet
  14. Tropicalmulch

    First day velvet success...

    Wow....congrats thats awesome!
  15. Tropicalmulch

    Hard wood work bench/desk SOLD