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  1. Tropicalmulch

    WTB Pump or Semi auto Shotgun

    Barrel is not marked. So i imagine 2 3/4" is all it takes.
  2. Tropicalmulch

    WTB Pump or Semi auto Shotgun

    Unfortunately my camera quit working on me. Its a cool gun though and in pretty good shape. If levers friend isnt interested I might post it in the classifieds in the future
  3. Tropicalmulch

    WTB Pump or Semi auto Shotgun

    Probably not what hes looking for but i have an old western field pump 12 ga. With a 32 inch barrel id sell. Not sure what its worth but I'd guess $225 is fair.
  4. Tropicalmulch

    Elk don't shoot back

    Looks like a rolling block to me. Trapdoors had side mounted hammers. Cool pic
  5. Tropicalmulch

    My 12 year old sons 2020 Archery Coues

    Wow! Thats awesome! Beautiful buck
  6. Tropicalmulch

    Welfare check

    Maybe bill got the better of him?
  7. Tropicalmulch

    Auction tag coues

    That buck is a stud!
  8. Tropicalmulch

    Any Artillery/Ordnance Guys Here?

    I was in an artillery unit for a short period of time. So im not an expert but our guns were 155 toweds. The band with the rifling marks should be brass. The rifling should be fairly deep. It should be heavy in weight, obviously, somewhere around 100 lbs. As far as our dummies went. They were all painted blue. Again not an expert only made it to the range about 5 times
  9. Tropicalmulch

    Skin stapler for first aid kit

    My step mom used one on me once (she was a flight nurse and had it on hand) after that she said keep it as she couldn't use it anymore since it was opened. Later i used it to stich up my lip. They work great and not nearly as painful as it might seem and removal is a breeze. I still have the thing.
  10. Tropicalmulch

    Archery sale on camofire.com

    Its posts like this that cost me money!
  11. Tropicalmulch

    Left Over List

    It'd take me all day to figure out how to post a link!
  12. Tropicalmulch

    Left Over List

    Its posted.
  13. Tropicalmulch

    1890 Winchester .22 Short $100

    Pm sent
  14. Tropicalmulch

    Quad mechanic Tucson

    Motion sports just down the road from ride now on ina. And hes a hunter
  15. Tropicalmulch

    8 lbs. Imr 7828 $140

    The 8 lb jug is sealed. The 1 lb jug is open and probably 3/4 of a lb. $140 takes it all. Located in marana. Call or text for quickest response. 520- 3oo-1o6o