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  1. Tropicalmulch

    2021 AZ archery bull *story added*

    Thanks for the geat story and congratulations !
  2. Tropicalmulch

    WTB shotshells

    Not sure what part of Tucson you're in but Walmart on cortaro seems to get em in from time to time. They had a bunch of 3 and 3.5 inch bb, and 3 shot not too long ago. Might be worth a phone call if you're not close by.
  3. Tropicalmulch

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

    Hunting has changed a lot over the years since when I first started. I used to carry pretty much everything in a fanny pack. A knife, a sharpening stone, a couple pieces of mule tape, a tag that wasn't the size of sheet of paper, couple snacks and a bota bag over my shoulder. A $250 rifle and a $40 pair a Bushnells. Drawing a December coues tag was almost expected. The game has changed a ton and will continue to do so.
  4. Tropicalmulch

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

    I'm not really sure. I was pretty liquored up when I started this topic. I guess I'm looking for opinions or just comments on what hunting is to you.
  5. Tropicalmulch

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

    Lol...I guess I made a cringe thread. I'm not trying to justify anything. To me it's basic, killing and eating. I have my style and my capabilities. I'm jealous of dudes that go out with recurves and kill. I view them as hunters to the core. So call me a non hunter if you want based on the tread I started but there is obviously some opinions out there
  6. Tropicalmulch

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

    I was reading through another topic on this forum and it got me thinking. What makes a hunter? What is all of your opinions of a hunter? Is it being capable and willing to kill and eat an animal? Is it the challenge? Is it contributing to conservation? Is it killing at 10 yards with a 40lb. Recuve vs. At 1000 yards with a rifle setup? Is it thuming through forums, or listening to podcasts for info? Is it having a time of year to spend with family out in nature? Are there different levels of hunting? Are there different areas of hunting skill? Is it taking advantage of the most effective legal weapon allowed on your hunt? Is it saying in good physical shape or driving roads? Is it obeying the law or feeding a hungry family? Diy vs guided?.....and on and on...Is it all of the above? I don't want to make this a book that nobody wants to read, but I'm curious of what your idea of what makes a hunter.
  7. Tropicalmulch

    Name that gun!

    I always thought the revolving rifles were cool. I remember it being bull's gun in El Dorado though.
  8. Tropicalmulch

    Stud PA bull

    Duane is not the power line type. He is however ridiculously lucky with draws and raffles. Congratulations Duane!
  9. Tropicalmulch

    Not Cool!

    My spot was dead this evening. I think I might keep hunting it to save ammo! At this rate I'll only need 2 boxes for all of 2021. At 2 birds per hunt I'll have enough for appetizers after the first season.
  10. Tropicalmulch

    WTB Snake shot capsules or loaded snake shot 38/357

    There are some youtube videos showing how to reload these without capsules. I've never tried it so I can't verify if they're any good or not. Depending on your location and how many you're looking for I can spare a few.
  11. Tropicalmulch

    28 Guage reloading components

    Sold pending meet
  12. Tropicalmulch

    28 Guage reloading components

    I have some older remington peters hulls (about 440 used and 100 new and primed) , a handful of AA's. ( 45 ), and some wads (roughly 400 ) for sale. All is 28 ga. $30 Located in marana.
  13. Tropicalmulch

    1,000 .45 bullets to reload in 250 grain

    A little far for me to travel
  14. Tropicalmulch

    1,000 .45 bullets to reload in 250 grain

    Location? Are they fmj?
  15. Tropicalmulch

    FS: Federal 209A Shotshell Primers

    Pm sent