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  1. Tropicalmulch

    Tis the season

    Coon tail makes it not Mojave to me. Big snake though
  2. Tropicalmulch

    Tis the season

    Too many bones for my liking.
  3. Tropicalmulch

    Tis the season

    Tucson but I can throw em in the freezer if you have plans to come south
  4. Tropicalmulch

    Tis the season

    Yeah, apparently I need to sharpen my shovels though. According to my wife that is.
  5. Tropicalmulch

    Tis the season

    My wife found these two by the dog kennel today.
  6. Tropicalmulch

    Classic car insurance

    I use hagerty. I haven’t had to file any claims yet so I can’t really comment on that process. The reasons I chose hagerty over others was because I could insure my vehicle without having to store it inside and locked when not in use, and because they still cover regular driving like running to the grocery store or driving to work. The others seemed to only cover “joy rides” , travel to and from car shows and travel to and from a mechanic. But you better not stop for a loaf of bread or a carton of eggs, that would make it an errand and ineligible for coverage.
  7. Tropicalmulch

    3 older shotguns

    I’ll take the Ithaca 20 ga if you’re near tucson
  8. Tropicalmulch

    Proud of my nephew jr. deer hunt

    Thank you
  9. Tropicalmulch

    Proud of my nephew jr. deer hunt

    I think he’s hooked. He’s Talkin about buying a 30-06. And a scope. And yes studies were always a condition of mine to be able to hunt, so hopefully he can try again next year. He has the desire but nobody to really take him where he lives, even though there’s lots of opportunity.
  10. My nephew 16 years old, has been anxious to hunt since he was 10. He’s nonresident as my sister, his mom, moved from Tucson to the northwest about 20 years ago. Anyway she finally agreed based on hunt dates, school and such to let him put in for deer in az. He drew a tag! Everyone’s excited, but, a few weeks before the hunt my sister says she may not let him go due to grades. “We” myself, my uncle and my brother are disappointed in this information of course, but we understand. I told my sister if he’s not gonna make the hunt he needs to turn his tag back in so another jr can use it. My nephew worked hard studied took tests and quizzes and brought his grades all up to A’s and B’s! Green light! Day one windy as shoot. We find deer but the only bucks ( two spikes) were way off and disappeared quickly. day two rainy in the am. We work our way to a good spot after waiting for the rain to pass by mostly. We found a big fork not long after getting to our spot. My mindset was conditions are awesome let’s let things start moving. My nephew (rooster) of course was ready to stalk. So we stalked, a fork that was 550 yards was now at 217. Roosters on a boulder and steady but the buck was mostly behind a thick ocatilla. I tell him don’t shoot through that ocatilla but if you have a shot take it. He says “I’m not comfortable with this shot”. I say ok just wait. Well buck takes a few steps and is gone. Coues deer for ya. Day three head out, find a good spot, after a short time other hunters come in to the end of the canyon we’re glassing. A half our or so goes by and they move on. I’m thinking they might push something to us so we watch and wait but nothing comes. We decide to move as well. While we’re moving, we hear a shot. Those other hunters kill one. We watch for a bit as they find their kill as well as looking for something that might be heading our way. After what we felt was long enough we decided it’s time to get to our next spot. After a few minutes we glass a buck, close, bedded in the shade. We tell rooster sneak up and get on that boulder. He does, just in time! The buck we glassed, along with another smaller buck that we didn’t see, got up and started moving out. They paused for just a second and the shot rang out. Perfect shot placement put him down in his tracks at 125 yards. I was so impressed and to be honest relieved that we didn’t have to track a wounded deer.
  11. Tropicalmulch


    Pm sent
  12. Tropicalmulch

    Reclining Leather Sofa SOLD

    Pm sent
  13. Tropicalmulch

    FS: Rem 870 12 gauge Express Mag with 3 Barrels

    Good deal. Good deal! I was hoping for a 20 ga. This won't last long