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  1. idgaf

    Does this count?

  2. idgaf

    Does this count?

    My brother caught this last week at Kennedy Park. 10+ pounds.
  3. idgaf


    No it's not close to finished
  4. idgaf

    Another Drought Year...

    It's pretty dry around me. It will have an effect. I did see this monster when I was otc elk hunting Sunday.
  5. idgaf

    Pointguard Plus

  6. idgaf

    Pointguard Plus

    I'm sure the percentages are higher than the 1 in 22000 for the special draw that was earlier this year.
  7. idgaf

    Pointguard Plus

    It would be through volume. Guys like me who never considered point guard now are. As far as the other thing, it's in the email.
  8. idgaf

    Pointguard Plus

    "Priority positioning for reissuing of tags" is the only reason I would consider it. It's also an obvious money grab. That's how I got my bison and one of antelope tags.
  9. idgaf

    Road to Big Lake?

  10. idgaf

    Road to Big Lake?

    Yes. I was just there. Wind is stupid right now
  11. idgaf

    New Member

    Well Richard you look a little like Brian laundrie. I wonder if you are going to be blamed for that next.
  12. I would suggest experienced hunters practice a form of self regulation and not shoot yearlings, but the ten thousand californians would quash that idea.
  13. I don't think 36c will get out of August for muleys.
  14. idgaf

    Going Old School

    I'm all in on making entire units primitive consecutive years. To reduce the success rate and increase the age class. Personally, it seems hunting these days for many is nothing more than long range target shooting. Primitive seasons would bring actual stalking of game back into the mix.
  15. idgaf

    AZ wildlife crossings

    Saw a semi last year hit at least 4. Bodies everywhere