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  1. idgaf

    Poverty tag

    Only checked two cameras this weekend. One had big furry canines that scared the heck out of the elk and they left that area. The other I had low after the first pic the elk said no more and after that only got pics of feet. Did see a few this evening. One that peaked my interest. Bugling was crazy this evening
  2. idgaf

    Unit 1 question

    What are you asking?
  3. idgaf

    Poverty tag

    Some trail cam pics from the last few days or so. Still havent found the big one. Right now the bulls are between bacherloring up and bugling. Lots of broken tines from the lack of rain.
  4. idgaf

    Poverty tag

    Lee I did an elk hunt last year as well. Some of the highlights were a field with 40 bulls, a bull coming to water that heard my camera click off and shooting a lion in the face at 25 yards with my bow
  5. idgaf

    Poverty tag

    Pretty good morning scouting. 25+ branch antler bulls seen. Couple possible shooters. lots of pics, Ill try not to post two pics of the same bull. Over 150 elk seen today. Bugling until after 1000am today.
  6. idgaf

    Poverty tag

    A few from my camera. The kids had the elk pretty riled. For an hour on Saturday it sounded like a war zone. Congrats to youth. This Bull has potential. Un broken good mass. He wouldnt stay still long enough for a good picture though. Token Deer photo Just Because.
  7. idgaf

    Late Elk Rut

    Ive seen rutting in November in normal years.
  8. idgaf

    The Draw

    Turkey hunting doesn't fit my run and gun style of hunting very well. I have to force myself to sit still and be patient. I wasn't very good at it a few years ago. Then I drew a bison tag and ...
  9. idgaf

    The Draw

    Nope one of my greatest failures. I was trying with my bow and missed several shots. Only on black mountain on the strip.
  10. idgaf

    The Draw

    I've had one turkey tag in the last 15 years. Rio in 2017. Hoping to get another tag with 11 points
  11. idgaf

    Poverty tag

    Breaking this weekends scouting into two post. Some trail cam photos and dead calf that was eaten about 100 yards from where my lion last year died. The breakage is significant on the elk this year. 4b has some fighters
  12. idgaf

    Poverty tag

    Have the ways of the Ninja like Houston or just try really hard like me.
  13. idgaf

    Poverty tag

    Hahaha, Not quite the area I was in. I was at the bottom of a canyon on the blue. I think they were called around midnight and called off before they could assemble.
  14. idgaf

    Poverty tag

    According to the experts you can only kill a big bull in Sept, lets see if that holds true. After a day bear hunting in which Law enforcement, search & rescue, and my mother were called. (I missed and did not make it back to the vehicle until 235AM). My legs and my body told me do something else today. I decided that it was time to start scouting for my 4b poverty late season archery tag. This is my 3rd year out of 4 for having this tag previous 2 were unfilled, not the elks fault just some very high standards and a couple of bad shots. This year will be my first time focusing solely on my elk out of all of the elk tags I have drawn, so I am hoping for something extraordinary. I used today to move whats left of my cameras, had two stolen in 3b, and taking pics of bulls off the highway both on and off the res (hopi). When the rut ends in a couple of weeks (hopefully) the res bulls cross the line and go into winter feeding mode making for spectacular sites. I will update this post as interesting stuff arises. enjoy the pics
  15. idgaf

    New to Arizona

    Kev I do not own a pair of 12 or 15s and I have done pretty well. Hahaha