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  1. idgaf

    Good Luck Pronghorn Hunters!

    I also have a unit 1 archery elk tag. (relax late season) and killed a 30" desert flats muley.
  2. idgaf

    Good Luck Pronghorn Hunters!

    Two years ago yesterday, I killed this guy in the unit next yours. Good luck!
  3. im rethinking my life choices. The buck looking at the camera has alot of points but is younger. The buck next to the big typical got some serious character on the right side.
  4. Houston, I hope to put my eyes on that Wyatt Earp buck you sent me pics of. Of course once I get up there I probably only see forks and spikes Fred
  5. Back when my kids were young and there was a recession all of money went to life. Then I started killing alot of animals and didn't want to change anything and break my rythym
  6. It's not really score that's driving me. I'm sort of using the supreme courts definition of porn. I know it when I see it.
  7. This buck has alot of bumps, but he just doesn't didn't give me that first impression, I will look for him again to confirm. total seen for two days of scouting was like 18 bucks.
  8. This buck is just below the Mendoza line
  9. I am a pretty average hunter and a below average gear guy, I use 150 dollar binoculars that I bought ten years ago. I usually use the two second rule in judging if its a shooter or not. Listening to Jay Scott Podcast, I hear him use the term 'cream' quite a bit. If Jay is the cream, I am more like grounds. To use a fishing analogy he would be in the private boat with a captains chair and my preference would be swigging coors lights on a party boat learning from other guys swigging coors lights. For the most part I do not like waiting for tags with this exception, I wanted to hunt the AZ strip once in my life. I will post daily as cell service allows my views and pics from 13b. People keep telling me I need to get a guide or buy a scouting package. Although I am sure it would help with my success, I consider hunting to be a test of what I know and what my intended quarry knows, (that and two daughters college tuition payments pretty much rules out buying anything) Here are some pics from my scouting. Big shout out to shane koury for helping me decide what a shooter is this year and pointing me in the right direction to check. First Buck seen Too cute not to stop and take a pic First real bucks A big three in the afternoon MY bison hunt sucked the majority of my vacation so my intention is to hunt the first few days then ten days starting just before labor day weekend. either my failure or success will be epic.
  10. Went scouting last week, saw a few smaller bucks
  11. idgaf

    Going Goulds hunting in 35A!

    Game and fish doesn't like you. You should just give up or maybe when it comes to az turkey you are unlucky in the draw
  12. idgaf

    We need a CWT gathering

  13. idgaf

    Bison reports

    Dont take my comments as a slight on you. I totally understand the logistics of travel.