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  1. idgaf

    Spring draw

    One hit two options. Hoping for incredibly bad luck on javelina and incredibly good luck getting a Rio tag.
  2. idgaf

    Alec Baldwin

    I'm sure just a coincidence but the husband of the lady that was killed works for the law firm that represents the Clinton's.
  3. idgaf

    Arizona Desert

    You can do it. As long as you shoot straight. I hunted this buck for four years in 36c got with 100 half a dozen times. Even had him at 80 with a rifle. Missed a few had some really bad luck on a few. But it can be done.
  4. idgaf

    Arizona Desert

    Eventually it just clicks. You will figure it out.
  5. idgaf

    Arizona Desert

    That's by far my favorite. I have followed deer four miles in the flats.
  6. idgaf

    Arizona Desert

    Deer move. When was the last time you got a pic?
  7. idgaf

    Who's huntin coues deer

    .54 cal tc renegade. Edge gave Me a bunch of info on it. Shooting 90 grains of pyrodex.
  8. idgaf

    Who's huntin coues deer

    I have a left over muzzy tag. I am now out to 135 yards with this comfortably.
  9. A two second Google search
  10. idgaf

    Desert Tortoise

    Seen one during August and one the other day that didn't make it across the road
  11. idgaf

    36A Muzzleloader Help

  12. idgaf

    33 experts, are the shooters?

    I think I made my decision. I'll be going Davy crocket style (but percussion) with an open sighted Hawkins
  13. idgaf

    33 experts, are the shooters?

    I just realized I haven't killed a deer with a rifled instrument in ten years.
  14. idgaf

    33 experts, are the shooters?

    4b I would hold out for 150 coues
  15. During the muzzy hunt would you shoot one of these?