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  1. idgaf

    USDA Heber horse territory draft plan 2/14/2020

    Back before the rodeo fire,when the fences melted and they were just feral Indian horses a friend of mines family would round some up and sell them to Purina.
  2. idgaf

    CC hits

    I don't think a three week wait is horrible. We still find out before they drop last year's antlers
  3. idgaf

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    Andrew, 4b will be incredible during the late season this year. everybody that I hunt with got elk tags last year, (wife, brother, nephew, stepdad, me) so hope is minimal. I seem to be pretty lucky on antelope 5 or 6 tags since 2001, so anything is possible.
  4. idgaf


    you've backpacked into the country and fished, but have you actually seen what the hybred dogs do? you also grouped all ranchers into supporting Thorpe, thats not the case. Most our friends to hunters.
  5. idgaf


    Pro wolf guys, Have you seen what wolves do to the ungulate population even the hybred dogs in AZ? Just curious if you actually have first hand knowledge. Or if you are working off what somebody else is telling you.
  6. idgaf


    Buster, Let preface what I am about to say with, I am an uneducated non degree holder. Now about data collection, it been my experience that data is not collected by the professor but by a few RA students needing a good grade and will many times adhering to the preconceived whims of whatever there presumptions are. It doesn't take a scientist to see that there were more elk before the hybred dogs were released in AZ and other places and it would be a safe assumption to say those dogs are part of the reason. So trphyhntr just might be onto something when he doesn't believe everything that's told him as gospel truth, furthermore, his opinion is just as valid as yours; because he as actually séen the effects those dogs have on the elk population.
  7. *Baby boomer dbags. I don't think hipster dbags can afford glamping
  8. idgaf

    WTB: beater/broken Rem 700 rifles/actions

    I have a Mauser 98 action. I had the bolt turned a number of years ago, when I thought I wanted to shoot long range. Then I started killing stuff at close range and lost interest.
  9. idgaf

    Points for unit 1

    More like every guy with a Diesel and a bugle will be chasing you're calls from miles away. Bugling and raking trees with their truck idling.
  10. idgaf

    Points for unit 1

    Good luck, my brother had that hunt last year. He lives in the area scouted intensely the week prior, hunted every day of the season and saw two bulls over 350, taking a 285 bull on the last morning.
  11. idgaf

    horses in elk unit

    If it's wild, yes. If it's feral, no.
  12. idgaf

    Anyone find a 3x3

    *MSNBC (CNN is too right wing)
  13. idgaf

    Anyone find a 3x3

    Is this your buck?
  14. idgaf

    horses in elk unit

    I remember this from when I was a kid. The Federal law that protects the horses and burros was intended to protect the horses and burros left by the Spanish conquistadors and settlers not the feral animals that are all over the place. This is where my memory gets foggy, I think it was after public outcry after the movie with robert redford called the electric horseman where he releases some million dollar horse in nevada to be free with some mustangs. See politicians have always been wimpy, pandering, self righteous babies.
  15. idgaf

    I know it’s a long shot...

    Everybody is an expert there you know that