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  1. Grugle

    Goulds -unit 33 south

    Drew a Gould's archery only tag in 33 south of reddington rd. I would love to talk to anyone with experience hunting Gould's in this area.
  2. Grugle

    Points for unit 1

    Spent 10 days on the 2019 archery hunt , the last time I was on the archery hunt was 2010 trough 2014 . I was amazed how the age class has dropped we saw a good amount of 300-320 class bulls and also found 2 maybe 3 bulls in that 350-360 range.. in the past we would have seen at least a few 360+ bulls or bigger . hopefully a few less tags will help that hunt get back closer to what it used to be. taking age class away from the equation its still a heck of a archery elk hunt from a bugling and numbers stand point.
  3. Grugle

    3b sept archery

    3b is a good hunt with a bow .. you never know what might show up in that unit.. especially the later part of that hunt. It's worth your best effort.
  4. Grugle

    43b Bighorn sheep

    Congratulations on a beautiful Ram!
  5. Grugle

    Brothers Desert Bighorn

    Fantastic job on a great Ram . The Opportunity to hunt a Desert Bighorn Ram in Arizona is a rare and special gift! The first time you see a Ram on a scouting trip will absolutely take your breath away . The miles on your truck and boots will add up fast in the hopes that you will find the one special Ram .. and then at some point you will realize that all mature Rams are majestic in there own way! Nice job ! Your one of the few owners of a Arizona Desert Bighorn Ram!
  6. Grugle

    A Walk In The Park!

    Awesome story ! The Gila Wilderness is an awesome place if your prepared and ready for it .obviously you were .. great story and memories forever! Congrats
  7. Grugle

    Shoot or continue looking

    Absolutely Correct.. Enjoy the hunt and learn something about hunting antelope and field judging.. not all units are the same . Who knows if you'll ever draw another tag in Az . Scout hard ,hunt hard enjoy it with your hunting group and Have Fun!
  8. Grugle

    Early Scouting

    Did you get the heart buck?
  9. Grugle

    Early Scouting

    Heart Buck #1 for sure
  10. Grugle

    2017 Buffalo House Rock Ranch

    I have around 20 pts or so and would love to hunt for a Bull at some point , but this situation does not sound like a hunt a want to be a part of at this point .I have never been on this hunt but have spoken with friends who have they didnt have anything negative to say about Russ and his operation. they are just bummed that this is the type of hunt it has become.
  11. Grugle

    Anybody cards still getting hit?

    I got hit on Tuesday after the elk/antelope draw started hitting c/c on Friday this year. I would guess someone's card failed is the only reason I could think of, but fingers crossed there's still a slim chance🤞
  12. Grugle

    Scouting in 3b

    It changes year to year with the habitat area and people hunting it , some years more crowded then others ,Late 3b is not an easy hunt and the draw odds reflect that. But if you hit it hard you should have an opportunity at a bull for sure. Good Luck
  13. Grugle

    3/17 CC Hits?

    I got hit yesterday around 3pm for 135$ and had been checking since 7am Friday . Could be a wave after failed cards don't give up just yet.