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  1. SwarovskiCoues


    thank you guys for the comments, couldn't have done it without my dad and great friends. best hunt I could have asked for.
  2. SwarovskiCoues


    thanks for everything.
  3. SwarovskiCoues


  4. SwarovskiCoues


    tagged out!
  5. SwarovskiCoues

    2022 Alaska Dall Sheep

    beauty dall! congrats bro
  6. SwarovskiCoues

    Monday Check in

    your calves say different
  7. SwarovskiCoues

    Good source on how to judge bighorns

    watch videos and become obsessed. the more you see the better you become.
  8. SwarovskiCoues


    Curious if anyone has had the tag. I know a couple and have spoke to one of them. Shoot me a message! Thank you! I drew it on my second choice
  9. SwarovskiCoues

    I have the opportunity to harvest 4 Coues deer this year

    that Mexico buck is badass bro
  10. SwarovskiCoues

    Help! Big Horn tag in 37B!

    a lot of sheep north of the river, can glass them from the road during the rut! congrats!
  11. SwarovskiCoues

    ISO Bumper Pull Travel Trailer

    still lookin thanks
  12. SwarovskiCoues

    25ft bumper pull travel trailer

    everything works perfectly. AC blows cold all appliances work awesome. no issues. pick up an go camp! 2003 forest river sierra $12,000 cash, title in hand. message if interested! thank you no trades
  13. SwarovskiCoues

    Good News

    be a lot better if trhpyhntr invited me over for some homemade prickly pear margs
  14. SwarovskiCoues

    ISO Bumper Pull Travel Trailer

    looking for a bumper pull travel trailer under 20ft message me if you have any thing for sale or know of a deal thanks
  15. SwarovskiCoues

    2004 Dodge 3500 Cummins 4WD

    rather get it off my hands asap!