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  1. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski EL 10x42

    still available. buyer backed out ttt
  2. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski EL 10x42

    bump $1600 no trades cash only
  3. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski EL 10x42

  4. SwarovskiCoues

    Favorite Westerns

    two mules for sister sara
  5. SwarovskiCoues

    G&F actions today "disenfranchised" many

  6. SwarovskiCoues

    G&F actions today "disenfranchised" many

    but i never applied with him is the thing. i randomly showed up on his portal account under his app ..... i physically applied solo
  7. SwarovskiCoues

    G&F actions today "disenfranchised" many

    im the one trphyhntr is talking about. absolutely wild. I've never hunted or put in with this guy I know and somehow ended up on his portal application LOL what's the odds. says I have 0 points an I had 9. biggest head scratcher yet with all this! my account is normal shows I didn't draw what I applied for.
  8. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski EL 10x42

    $1700 no trades includes everything in box etc. Outdoorsman stud.
  9. SwarovskiCoues


    I truly believe there is no way in heck that every one that applied is in the draw. they are doing whatever is possible to legally back themselves I feel at this point.
  10. SwarovskiCoues

    Tick Tock

    i keep gettin these ads on IG lol donate tax return to them
  11. SwarovskiCoues

    How far would you pack out an elk

    whatever it takes
  12. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski EL SV 10x42

    ttt 1700
  13. SwarovskiCoues

    Tick Tock

  14. SwarovskiCoues

    Tick Tock

    my huntin fool account says “az game an fish elk/antelope results march 10-12” so maybe they have an in