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  1. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski BTX

    still available.
  2. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski BTX

  3. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski BTX

  4. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski BTX

    i have an angled 95 already, btx just isnt for me. rather have kowas or doctors. bigger field of view an brighter. i was glassing flats for mule deer in mexico for 6 weeks. my minds made up lol
  5. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski BTX

  6. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski BTX

    i just love using my 15s an zoomable eyepiece. the btx is awesome, lightweight, and comfortable. just not for me! awesome product
  7. SwarovskiCoues

    Swarovski BTX

    used two months in mexico an arizona, dont love it. didnt use it much rather put the money elsewhere! has small scuff. $2200 comes with box an papers etc. thanks! no trades unless you have doctor 40x80s an i can add cash
  8. SwarovskiCoues

    37b Muleys

    badass bro good work nice rifle bucks too. hard to do that!
  9. SwarovskiCoues

    37b Muleys

    i only archery hunt it. an yet to shoot a giant lol so i did rifle this year to change the luck
  10. SwarovskiCoues

    37b Muleys

    yes i have a tag. hunt it alot just curious on others success an such for fun
  11. SwarovskiCoues

    37b Muleys

    anyone ever hunt the unit? curious of others success stories an pics!
  12. SwarovskiCoues

    How many points for a decent hunt?

    unit 420
  13. SwarovskiCoues

    Never thought i would turn this tag back in

    wont be many goats left soon in 10. its really really bad. im not putting in for it anymore. wonder what shoot reason G&F has