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  1. GJMauro12

    CWT sweatshirt

    Got ours today also! Thanks Amanda!
  2. GJMauro12

    new to shed hunting, advice?

    I shed hunted hard for the first time last year and picked up over 50 sheds. I would start walking as the sun was rising and wouldn’t make it back to the truck until well after dark. I carried a pair of 10s to glass short distances and I hunted areas I was familiar with that I knew had animals. Don’t over think it and just start walking. Even if I didn’t find anything I was still learning a lot about the areas I’ve hunted for years and I think it paid off during hunting season last year. Pack a lunch and lots of water!
  3. GJMauro12

    Shirts and Hoodies, Last Day!

    Caught the ribbon reminder with an hour left luckily and picked a couple up.
  4. I could see license sales increasing if they marketed it the right way like the HSUS commercials. Might sound something like this: The department has been managing 800+ species for the public to enjoy for almost a century off the sales of hunting and fishing licenses. Buy your combo license today for $54 to save a kitty.
  5. I hunt the same unit every year and have an interest in how successful each year is for hunters as a whole in a specific unit I guess.
  6. It seemed like a great idea when I heard you pitch it at bass pro. Why let these other private businesses increase sales on information the department already has. Maybe the department can see the potential and would rather save it for the general fund?
  7. How about they start mandatory harvest reporting and sell the data. That’s a product I would buy.
  8. Is the super point the only funding source they’re working on? If so, I am a little disappointed they couldn’t come up with a couple different funding sources. Practically spent a year to come up with the super point and there’s no guarantee that will generate the money needed. There must be more products that could be created to bring money in.
  9. GJMauro12

    Foxpro problems

    Yup! I’ve got a few with issues and a bag full of Garmin rino 500 series I can’t use.
  10. GJMauro12

    Typical Day for Late Season Bull

    We glass mornings and sit in the evenings.
  11. GJMauro12

    Horny Toads

    I remember when I was a kid (I’m 30 now) we would find tons of them on a regular basis it seemed. A few years back I had the same question- what happened to all the horny toads? I still see them on occasion though. The last one we found was in August in 24A.
  12. GJMauro12

    Coues deer cape for sale in AZ

    It has been pretty common for people to buy and sell capes on this site. I am not sure what all the push back is about.
  13. GJMauro12

    What is the best Couse unit in AZ

    Just YouTube it!
  14. GJMauro12

    Pinned subjects/forums

    I believe they were unpinned to clear the top of the forum but should be in that subforum somewhere.