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  1. Taylorz1

    WTB Diamond Edge SB-1

    Ttt- hunting fir a right handed diamond SB-1 thank you
  2. Taylorz1

    Youth Camo: Free to Good Home

    I have two growing boys and could for sure use this if available! Thank you !
  3. Taylorz1

    WTB Diamond Edge SB-1

    Thanks very much. Am holding out for the SB-1 as the kids are growing so much it feels mike Im adding inches to their DL every other day and I dont want to mess with getting the cams back in sync.
  4. Taylorz1

    WTB Diamond Edge SB-1

    Looking for a right hand diamond sb-1 bow. Color isnt important but its for my son so purple would be a hard sell. Am in Tucson. Thank you zack
  5. Taylorz1

    WTB Kids/Ladies Compound Bow

    Hello All looking for a right handed hunting bow for my 10yo son. Was thinking something like a used Diamond infinite edge or one of the very adjustable kids/ladies bows from the other companies. Its cool if it has pink strings and riser accents as long as its a solid bow. First year bow hunting for big game so want to get him shooting now to be ready for the fall/spring. Thanks zack
  6. Taylorz1

    Blacksmith Anvil Wanted

    Thanks to all for the responses. Still looking. Would consider a 120-150#er if it was in really good shape and would also go above $4 a # for a really good anvil. Thanks and best
  7. Taylorz1

    Blacksmith Anvil Wanted

    Thanks for the reply. I would be willing to pay 2-4$ a pound depending on the condition. Would be very interested in either anvil. Thank you zack
  8. Taylorz1

    Blacksmith Anvil Wanted

    Hello all looking for a blacksmithing anvil. Wiuld like something 150# or heavier. Will travel to get it and pay by the pound and a premium for an anvil in really good shape. Also interested in any related blacksmithjng gear. Thank you zack
  9. Taylorz1

    Winchester mod '73 manufactured 1886

    https://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/rifles/winchester-rifles-model-1873/winchester-1873-44-40-cal-made-1886.cfm?gun_id=101053145 Round barrel in the 73 winchester is generally less desirable. There are a number of similar guns available for 9-1200 online. The gun i linked above has the more desireable full octagon barrel and is in at least comparable condition. I generally dont like comenting on the "value" of someones gun but the numbers being put out there were so far off I thought some perspective based on demonstrable fact and actual sales would be helpful.
  10. Taylorz1

    FS Two Winchester Model 70 Pre 64's

    I think what levers is saying is spot on and the best response I could imagine. I would be 100% comfortable buying from him and buying these rifles if they were what I was looking for. Bores were good, numbers matched would be good shooters. Best - Z
  11. Taylorz1

    FS Two Winchester Model 70 Pre 64's

    If thats true than my accurate description of the guns will have no negative impct on the sale. Its clear you guys are friends and its sweet that you ride to defend but there is nothing to defend. Seller seemed like a good guy. This is in no way an attack- its business. I just felt like there were major not evident condition issues other buyers should know about in fairness to their time. Having bought and sold many many hundreds of guns in the past these are things that are game to disclose. Greyghost- i am not one to get into openforum pissing matches. If you would like to talk more about this feel free to Pm me.
  12. Taylorz1

    FS Two Winchester Model 70 Pre 64's

    Im not saying otherwise simply saying the imperfections were not disclosed prior to inspection.
  13. Taylorz1

    FS Two Winchester Model 70 Pre 64's

    I contacted the seller of these rifles and had good communication with regards to arranging to see these rifles. From the pictures it is clear that the guns are low condition "shooters" but what is not obvious is that the .270 had been poorly refinished with a thick layer of varnish, has a hole in the stock filled with accraglass and has a poor fitting floor plate that stands proud from the stock about 1/16". The 30-06 is better but with little original finish, a poorly fitted recoil pad and scattered rust. Both would make shooters. My intent here is not to bash the guns or the seller just to make other potential buyers aware lest they too make a long drive and not be satisfied with the guns.
  14. Taylorz1

    FS Two Winchester Model 70 Pre 64's

    sent you a PM