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  1. elkaholic

    NIB 30/06 & 260R

    Ok. Thks. Ignore pms
  2. elkaholic

    Is there a way.....

    Easy as stated above. Navigate the website, find your new topic button , turn it off! Then pick and choose what topics you like. Your diaper days will come again too!!
  3. elkaholic

    NIB 30/06 & 260R

    Where u located. 6.5 has my interest. Wife has nov. Coues tag. I like the flat shooting , low recoil they are suppose to have.
  4. elkaholic

    Input sought from elk hunters

    They will listen to biologist, but to the $$$ advantage. Unit 10 case and point. Just a few yrs ago. Unit 10 bull to cow ratio out of guidelines . Too many bulls. So instead of lowering the number of cow tags. They started the early muzzleloader bull hunt with 50 or75 tags. (Not positive on tag Numbers). Now remember usually when they hand out tags , let's say 1000 ,they expect a 35% kill quota. So if it was 50 tags , that meant 15 bulls should be taken (approx). Now you tell me how harvesting 15 more bulls is gonna make any****:::***** difference on balancing the bull to cow ratio in a unit the size of 10. Simpler answer would been less cow tags but that'd hurt the $$$! $ . Where 50 more licences , bull tags would increase $$$! $.
  5. elkaholic

    Looking for a ladder stand or a self climber.

    Don't get anything but a 2 man ladder for your Dad. Regular have no room to move around , let alone have a pack or place to set stuff beside him
  6. elkaholic

    Input sought from elk hunters

    It's a joke right. Older mature , abundant elk. 1600 rifle cow tags , in unit 10 the past 10 plus yrs. That's just rifle. The herds are gone. No mature cows left.
  7. elkaholic

    Camper-Trailer-Rv rental needed

    Areas concidered for hunting be off road but camp be in a good maintained road area.
  8. elkaholic

    Camper-Trailer-Rv rental needed

    All offers are being concidered, Thanks for all replys! Greatly appreciated
  9. elkaholic

    Camper-Trailer-Rv rental needed

    I can tow , phx area be great. Hunt unit. 21. Haven't decided on camp yet.
  10. My wife has the nov. Whitetail tag. Looking for something with a shower/toilet !! Lol Something from nov. 5th thru the 15th., approx. 602 762 6695
  11. As it reads. Basically bird hunting expansion projects for Arizona
  12. elkaholic

    Tonot NF travel BS

    This is old news. THIS Has Been in THE Works FOR Over 3 yrs. Sorry if they are closing your rds. This is a last draft for possible imput on a few rds. They are also opening some that have been closed and gated since the fire. I petitioned and presented my case on a rd closesure over 2 yrs ago. I m happy to say they closed it. It was a dead end wash trail that never should been open to any vechile as it has numerous dangerous washed out areas. If you can't walk a mile off the road. YOU Probably Shouldn't Be Hunting in there anyway.
  13. elkaholic

    Camp Navajo

    unless things changed firearms pressure will push the elk into res. area. A big edge is hunting restricted area. the herd can grow to 800 plus elk inside. from barricks, you hear bulls scream all night long well into the mornings. lots of elk use to filter off the lookout tower hill into the edges of that big open meadow of the gun range while they were building it! fences always torn down on that corner - lol bottom line your crazy if you have the clearance and don't hunt the limited restricted area !!!
  14. elkaholic

    Camp Navajo

    metz tank in the middle of the day
  15. elkaholic

    Camp Navajo

    sitting a tank blind tillcheck the fence line crossings- that will help a lot- I quit trying for the depot as my whole draw would be limited to lesst than 10 tags. a lot depends on the base commander!! he's the law - period ! there are a lot more and better roads than when I hunted it yrs. ago. tanks are always the best places for action. I wonder if any of my blinds still around lol' great tags to have - good luck get a good map to show updated roads as it helps when you are trying to get out after sitting a blind at a tank till after dark -- the shortest route may not be the best. the guards may help with knowing which restricted fence lines crossings are more active. ! good luck - as for a diy hunter staying in the barracks for 15 a night was AAWESOME