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  1. elkaholic

    Primer auction

    Lots and lots of primers. https://wisconsin-b.hibid.com/catalog/275324/15-cent-winchester-primers-plus-ammo---600k-primers-19k-rds?utm_source=Iterable&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter&utm_content=monday_4/19/21
  2. elkaholic

    Slimey Hitchhiker

    My snake pole isn't for catch and release. mainly a safe way to handle an unsafe situation.
  3. elkaholic

    Slimey Hitchhiker

    Don't over think a simple easy to make pvc snake pole. 4ft piece pvc and some para cord or rope. Mine is a 5 ft aluminum 3/8 conduit rod. Always in bed of truck for fast easy use out in the field or camp. Perfect for boat use. Lots of diy videos ,with various options for loop.
  4. elkaholic


    Troutman. Ok laws in effect, a partial ban of some kind. You see a guy checking a camera. Like stated above no law against having a camera . If you decide to interfere, what can you do . Wait hes gone and then brake , , ,damage camera etc. Now who's braking the law. Good luck with that one!
  5. elkaholic


    Baiting used to be pictorial. Those whom may still continue ,just don't post it! Bait in less obvious places, it'll be the same with cameras ! Don't post pictures, avoid waterspots!
  6. elkaholic


    Kinda a good question, Who exactly do the Arizona Deer Association think they speak for ?
  7. elkaholic

    Camp Navajo

    Just find any active fence crossing .! With all the roads in limited area, should be a successful hunt.
  8. elkaholic

    Slimey Hitchhiker

    Great hatbands!
  9. elkaholic

    Getting goats!

    I'm no expert but I do know 1 thing. You'll be a goat poop expert ! They will poop anywhere and everywhere.! hope you enjoy hearing. Maaaaaa!
  10. elkaholic

    Alamo is hot.

    Wasn't my first choice for trips. Lol You wouldn't have believed the places people are willing to haul trailers, camps ,boats ,pontoons By Thursday evening 99 % of shoreline spots taken I wasn't invited on a boat but managed 8 off one point in 2 evenings. I keep 3 . 1 -5lb cat taken first night. Weighted swibait! Biggest lrgm maybe 2lb. Boat guys did good by trees off main ramp. We did manage a trip fishfry, we did feed at least 20 peeps.
  11. elkaholic

    Alamo is hot.

    Brutal is more like it. Morning bite. Where? Afternoon heat was hottty hot hot Bite was 4 to 6 for lrgm. Crowded CROWDED. did I say CROWDED.
  12. elkaholic

    Looking for Rem 788

    Hey I was thkn on that safe queen. Lol
  13. elkaholic

    Looking for Rem 788

    I've had my 308 since the 70's bought it at Smittys Big Town . My mom got employs discount . Lol. $125 Hope all is good with you and yours
  14. elkaholic

    Looking for Rem 788

    I'm kinda a big fan of 788. Got a 308 and a 223. Had a 222 and a 243. Always wanted my ministers 6mm . Lol. he filled a lot of tags over the yrs.
  15. elkaholic

    Looking for Rem 788

    6mm in the 788 is an awesome rifle. Lots of buck tags have been filled with the 6mm 80 gr. Ammo. Sweet shooting little rifle. !!