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  1. elkaholic


    When these protesting punks screwing things up for everyone else. Violent crimes , should meet with action and arrests by the law enforcement. Just like any other day of the week ! Total bs with a lockdown. These people wouldn't normally get away with this chit, why now! Protesting ...???? My Acsss!
  2. elkaholic

    Works for me

  3. elkaholic

    New truck considerations

    I owned one of each at the same time 2018 dodge 3500. 1997 Ford 150 2013 silverado all 4x4
  4. elkaholic

    New truck considerations

    Kinda depends on how the truck will be used. Recreation Work Hauling trailers Hauling big RV's Makes a big difference in truck choices
  5. elkaholic

    Where am I

    Rocky Mtn Arsenal Wildlife Refuge, N/E Denver. Co.
  6. elkaholic

    Where am I

  7. elkaholic

    Where am I

  8. elkaholic

    Speared Cape Buffalo

    Yep, never forget his poop blueberry story while people eating dessert. Guess a little too much to drink that night.
  9. elkaholic

    Am I the mayor?

    It's their mating season
  10. elkaholic

    Am I the mayor?

    I guess i shoulda explained better- the catchm for taxidermy was like in the 90's i still will try to use a branch when i see one. usually to remove it ,from a well traveled. area . never thought about just selling rattles , till i looked on ebay! people buy just about anything. ebay not around back in 90's. yes , its just something i may still do occassionaly , nothing gets adrenialine flowing like a pissed off rattler, all you got is a stick
  11. elkaholic

    Am I the mayor?

    Catch'm! Whatever method you like. I prefer a creosote bush branch , always find a perfect Y . Toss'm in a garbage bag and toss'm in the freezer , when you get home. Taxidermist use to pay $20 each, frozen. Right now the rattles alone are bring 10 to 30 + on ebay depending on size/ # of rattles
  12. elkaholic

    OnX maps/ springs

    In semi dry yrs. ,we've spent a little time digging out where we see the animals tryn to find water. Especially if it's a spot where we found water before. It's worked a few times !
  13. elkaholic

    Ben Avery reopening

    Guess I'll pass on any future trips to Ben avery. Maybe they'll change some of the stupid crap when no one shows up!
  14. elkaholic

    Items looking for new homes - ALL GONE

    known hoghunter wanted the target id had him pick up the rest LOL thanks NYAZHunter will put it to good use
  15. elkaholic

    Build your own pool

    We had a pool for the 43 yrs we lived in our home. Resurfaced twice , once plaster, then fiberglass. Last was a complete rebuild to pebbletec ,new everything from a concrete shell. 20k Never once regretted money spent. Sure a pool can be a lot of time and work and even money. Just like anything ,if you take care of it and dont neglect it. Shouldn't be any extra time or money spent. If you think it's something you can use a few times and not be prepared to take the time and effort and money to take care of it. Dont do it. A waste of time and money ? That's up to you. We loved having a pool , great times! Didnt like it too much during a bad monsoon season! Lol