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  1. elkaholic

    American Brittany Available for stud

    Super breed of dog. Nice looking !
  2. elkaholic

    Crown King Fire

    Did u see the sunset ? Giant red orange ball. Haze is way past phoenix
  3. elkaholic

    Crown King Fire

    One news reported human started it. No weather in the area. Probably a hunt going on ! No to say hunters but a lot of DAP around. Dumb Ace People
  4. elkaholic

    Arizona Unit 20b Youth hunt

    The more you spend time in the area you found deer, the better off you'll be next time. Getting to know it . Find little pockets of water etc. , like locating springs or seeps. Maybe this next spring, go shed hunting / quail hunting in the same spots you saw those monsters ! You'd be surprised how deer frequent an area. Knowing their core area will definitely make it easier next season. Hope you have many hunting trips in your future!
  5. elkaholic

    Late Elk Rut

    estrus cows do play a major roll in the rut. Not all cows are bred the first time around . The actual breeding can last several months. I've seen calfs with spots in sept before during the early archery hunt. Don't give up just because you don't hear a lot of bugling
  6. elkaholic

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    22 can be a tough hunt. Hope you are sucessful! Extra eyes are always welcome. Wish I could help! Good luck !!!
  7. elkaholic

    The Draw

    Fishing? Need to actually find a lake that's not 2 days drive that'll have fish that bite!
  8. elkaholic

    Tree Stands

    I'll only go up in a ladder stand anymore,! Some of the climbing ones are way safer than they use to be! The swaying is not so bad but the creeeking and a popping noise makes ne a bit nervous , w hen the woods are silent. I've had owls scare the crap out of me too. During that pre dawn sitting.
  9. elkaholic


    All you posts seem to be in the classified ads. ???
  10. Ok its 45 auto not 45 colt
  11. elkaholic

    Fire North of the McDowells

    I talked to the guy who's home torched. He said no atempt was made to save the structure! Helicopters flew right over and kept goin. Just what I was told !!! Your video looks to be the west side of Kentucky. They are trying l save power lines and those homes on thecreek. I'm talking home right at sears ranch. Off the 1085 rd.
  12. elkaholic

    Fire North of the McDowells

    Tired of the damned forest service just letting fires burn. Homes were lost, people evacuated. Lake access closed etc. They need to get head out of ace and try putting them out quicker. Homes by sears ranch were not in the direct path at first but while copters were flying past them working other Hot spots . It spread in different directions. These homes shoulda been a priority. No attempt was made to save them !
  13. elkaholic


    I'm just waiting for my table dance.
  14. Little rv park at camp navajo exit. You might look them up
  15. elkaholic

    Flagstaff Meat Processing

    Looks like bix and Casey are neighbors