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  1. elkaholic

    Weather in Pine AZ?

    Lol, take comealong , tow strap , chain. Help guy posting stuck
  2. elkaholic

    34B Antelope

    Just a different idea, lopers are very curious. Google using a white flag. Wavy it around, get their attention. Stop repeat. Another little know trick, hide and seek. Walk right out in the open , then quickly drop, hide behind a tree or bush. Repeat. They can't stand it ! Might not work all the time but worth a try, may get one close enough. Article: For a short window in the fall–late September through mid-October–you can lure a pronghorn with a handkerchief (a white T-shirt works, too). You’re appealing to the animal’s curiosity, territoriality, and herd dominance. Just wave the fabric until you get the buck’s attention, then lower your flag. Periodically raise and lower it to keep him interested and coming. I have my best luck when I tie a hanky to the barrel of my gun. That way I can raise the muzzle to get the buck’s attention without showing myself. Waving a flag , can usually stop a running or moving buck. Giving a shot opportunity.
  3. elkaholic

    Too Early Draw Results Countdown

    99.9% unit 8. Archery Bull
  4. elkaholic

    Card Hits!

    Just got a hit for elk.
  5. elkaholic

    Arizona Bowhunters Association

    Bowhunting In Arizona. Measurers for book enteries
  6. elkaholic

    Get your elk apps in!

    Pretty sure deadline was yesterday! Feb. 14th
  7. elkaholic

    IDK Where You Are But it's Pouring Here

    This wasn't just a snow storm . Freezing rain turned to ice. We were basically froze in on west /south side of house. Frozen rain covered trucks. Still hasn't totally thawed .
  8. elkaholic

    IDK Where You Are But it's Pouring Here

    Our temps here in Chino last night ,where colder than the UP MICHIGAN Nothin like a hot toddy on a frozen morning . Ice everywhere.
  9. elkaholic

    IDK Where You Are But it's Pouring Here

    1 in fresh snow on hood my truck, chino
  10. elkaholic

    Has anyone purchased from this website

    Lol anyone with 15x Saworski bino for 69$ , why u buying a decoy
  11. elkaholic

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Reliable source stated new dam down stream. Aprox 100+ ft. higher than old dam. Kinda like they did at lake pleasant. Water could backup to Horseshoe when water level has reached its highest . Most likely a lot of us ole timers probably won't see it finished, or get a chance to fish it.
  12. elkaholic

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Your wrong on this topic! Ongoing plans to build a new dam on verde below bartlette. https://www.abc15.com/weather/impact-earth/plan-to-raise-bartlett-dam-could-bring-billions-of-gallons-of-water-to-the-valley
  13. elkaholic

    Crossbow Question

    Pretty sure its permanent! Crossbows can get expensive . I use one when I hunt Wisc. , lots of fun . But that's north woods hunting . Nothing like AZ hunting.
  14. elkaholic

    Javelina hunting in unit 25m

    Thumbs up for Ol' Roy. Lol
  15. Dark red blood usually means a liver shot. Not an immediate kill shot. But 99% chance the deer is dead Go back to last spot. If you have a line of blood spots , just keep going. Coyote bait bu now.