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  1. elkaholic

    Camp Navajo

    unless things changed firearms pressure will push the elk into res. area. A big edge is hunting restricted area. the herd can grow to 800 plus elk inside. from barricks, you hear bulls scream all night long well into the mornings. lots of elk use to filter off the lookout tower hill into the edges of that big open meadow of the gun range while they were building it! fences always torn down on that corner - lol bottom line your crazy if you have the clearance and don't hunt the limited restricted area !!!
  2. elkaholic

    Camp Navajo

    metz tank in the middle of the day
  3. elkaholic

    Camp Navajo

    sitting a tank blind tillcheck the fence line crossings- that will help a lot- I quit trying for the depot as my whole draw would be limited to lesst than 10 tags. a lot depends on the base commander!! he's the law - period ! there are a lot more and better roads than when I hunted it yrs. ago. tanks are always the best places for action. I wonder if any of my blinds still around lol' great tags to have - good luck get a good map to show updated roads as it helps when you are trying to get out after sitting a blind at a tank till after dark -- the shortest route may not be the best. the guards may help with knowing which restricted fence lines crossings are more active. ! good luck - as for a diy hunter staying in the barracks for 15 a night was AAWESOME
  4. elkaholic

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    I've been hunting in AZ most my life--- never really thought twice about rattlers. Friends wear chaps religiously !! I've never been stuck at by a rattler , other than when I was trying to catch it! Now that gets your blood pumping. going after a rattle with a cresol branch!! if you leave them alone , they usually wont be aggressive. I put on my first chaps this spring as the grasses , desert floral was crazily thick and tall . I didn't encounter a snake , probably my las t time with gators too! the fact that I probably wont hear it gives me a little thought but hey my problem- Nobody I knows has ever been bitten --- lots of people with a lifetime of hunting. I think one time chaps prevented a strike. yes , if you see what damage any venom causes- it's not a joke to protect yourself! watch out for young rattlers- small especially babys- they cant control their venom older snakes have a kill strike where they intend yo kill , eat something - it shows the jaws working deep into the prey. warning strikes aren't as dangerous- lethal usually. wear leggings if you like -just be safe out there either way!
  5. elkaholic

    what to do with trophies

    Sell at ejs auctions in phx. Surprised nobody Makin offers from here
  6. elkaholic

    A little help needed

    Several in around coolidge. Call and tell them situation It's off season so they may make arrangements. Worth a try. Pinal co. Rv restrictions are outdated and suck. Can't park and have someone live in even if you own property. Not even charge the batteries by the current codes.
  7. elkaholic

    Where Am I?

    Crown king rd.
  8. elkaholic

    Elk Draw Progress

    rumor has it---still a chance thru today glitch they aren't talkn about ! ? In my own experiences with the draw -- if the charge is not posted in the first 5 hrs - I'm not getting drawn -from past yrs with CC 20 + pts for antelope is starting to suck!
  9. elkaholic

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Took a trip out to bartlette. Palo Verdes with snapped off tops everywhere. Looked like someone stomped on them. Weight of wet snow too much for them. Thousands of limbs broken or laying on ground -' just crazy.
  10. elkaholic

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Cavecreekfoothills Bartlette lake turn off
  11. elkaholic

    Wtb cabelas alaknak tent

    I posted in case someone else interested. For that price get 2
  12. elkaholic

    Wtb cabelas alaknak tent

    9.5 x 9.5 on offerup casa grande for like 350
  13. elkaholic

    CC Hit

    Usually 3 days after they tell you to make sure your cc is updated
  14. elkaholic

    Help ID knife set ( STARTED FS POST)

    YEAh those be Johns knife - wanta sell ? he retired they were continental divide knife co . or something like that
  15. elkaholic

    Hows everyone fairing with javelina hunts so far?

    piggy that are hit hard/lethal will crawl under any ledge overhang- dive right into prickly pear bushes and the nastiest of brush etc. I've seen them flat out death run over 100yrds downhill after being hit deadcenter with a 300 gr, muzzleloader powerbelt / no real blood trail to speak of. We never woulda found that one cept I was the bino eyes from a distance . rarely have I seen them drop within 20 yrds.- if its a good hea--rt shot most other lethal hits will be found past 50 yrds. --- - no tellin even with double lung shots. generally if you can establish the line of travel by blood or tracks - keep at it look in every cranny. one yr a hard hit piggy disappeared in an rather open draw between myself and another hunter on the other side - not 20 yrds across. back tracked sever al times - he was in a hole under 2 rocks in the bottom -never woulda found him cept he popped his jaws when we almost stepped on him.