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  1. elkaholic

    Elk tags

    Came in Mail today
  2. elkaholic

    Elk tags

    Duh--- mailed out by April 3
  3. elkaholic

    Elk tags

    Anyone get tag in mail yet?
  4. elkaholic

    Cummins emissions recall ?

    Testing results
  5. elkaholic

    Cummins emissions recall ?

    Best detailed definition of the 67a recall. https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/resources/fact-sheets/cummins-settlement-frequently-asked-questions
  6. elkaholic

    Cummins emissions recall ?

    Called the ram recall hotline. Not a mandatory recall. Doesn't void any warranties. Was told it was to early in recall for any real info on mileage, etc. But no complaints yet. Basically to appease California crap emissions. There aren't admitting to nothing, No emissions check in chino, prescott area and just put on 2 yr. tags. Dealer stated would only do software emission update if requested. Hsd appointment for my 2018 3500 ram. But gonna cancel for now!
  7. elkaholic

    Cummins emissions recall ?

    Hope it downloads
  8. elkaholic

    Cummins emissions recall ?

  9. elkaholic

    New mechanic starting out

    Keep an eye on estate auctions. Seen a lot of high tech mechanoic stuff lately
  10. Still in sealed box. If you or you know anyone interested, please call for pricing. Can sweetn deal // bag of 32 short rimfire wad blanks. Thanks for looking Call Gary 602 762 6695
  11. elkaholic

    Coming To A Range Near You

    Sad but true , it's the idiots that get you killed or hurt!
  12. elkaholic

    45 bullets

  13. elkaholic

    45 bullets

    Any interest in 1700 -- 45 jhc. Guys asking 20 a hundred 3 box sierra 100rds-- 4plastic 100rds--- 2 bags of 500 rds. 1 50rds - free Located chino valley
  14. elkaholic

    I'll Tip My Hat

    58 Springfield
  15. elkaholic

    Worst Waste of Money

    String trail timers , clocks never lasted or worked very good.