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  1. elkaholic

    Hunting soap

    I'll wait for the juniper scent soap!
  2. elkaholic

    Hunting gear for trade/cash?

    I'm sure that's your hat size too !
  3. elkaholic

    Ghost blind

    does anyone use one? Are they worth it? Are they any good in desert terrain or basically forest? Whats the best size? Just wondering as I've found a nib phantom for good price
  4. elkaholic

    Got a 21 mule deer tag.

    Think cooks mesa
  5. elkaholic

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    50 000 annual deer tags. Approx. After the 3rd. yr wait 150,000 aren't applying annually. I think my odds got a lot better!
  6. elkaholic

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    2 or 3 yr wait after a sucessfully drawing an elk or deer tag. Allow them to purchase a bonus point for each yr. of the waiting period. So they'd have 3 or 4 pts. When eligible for next draw. Easy money , with little loss of revenue for g&f. By the 3rd yr. Odds are everyone should have gotten a tag. Everyone would be eligible for leftover tags.
  7. elkaholic

    Couple more

    ??? Pic from feb.. unless u mean hes a young buck
  8. elkaholic


    Ok use the other term also Piebald
  9. elkaholic

    Ramps for Quad needed again

    Tri folds usally slip up under quad after its loaded. Never liked single or double ramps. Trifold secures pretty solid and easy.
  10. elkaholic

    Ramps for Quad needed again

    I always liked tri-fold ramps!!! Sold when I got a trailer. Way easier and holds lots of other hunting stuff . Freeing up truck bed.
  11. elkaholic

    Got a 21 mule deer tag.

    Ole bucks let the young guys jump up , run and get shot. While they sneak out the back door.
  12. elkaholic

    Polles fire (west of Payson) Helicopter down.

    Keep us posted! Prayers to all those affected . Hope it gets undercontrol!
  13. elkaholic

    Favorite Elk Broadheads

    For great prices on most brands of broadheads. Check out opticsplanet. Search broadheads or by brand.
  14. elkaholic

    Favorite Elk Broadheads

    if i was to go mechanical the swat brand are accurate and EXTREMELY WICKED monster wound holes
  15. elkaholic

    thoughts on putting up stands early

    Here's why I rebuilt it