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  1. Who here has gone to synthetic grass for you home lawns? Looking to replace existing real grass and add a dog run on side of house. Anybody own a company or recommend a company?
  2. wendt

    Nitto tires and wheels

    What vehicle did these come off of?
  3. wendt

    Portal results up

    Yep. Got Unit 7 with 1000 of my closest friends.
  4. wendt

    Ammo Shortage Ending?

    Ammo AZ on Deer Valley Rd. is selling 9mm brass for $22.50 a box of 50. Also found some 20ga shells at Walmart for dove season today.
  5. wendt

    Financial Advisor

    Ken Grossnickel with Merrill Lynch Advisors 602-954-5026
  6. wendt

    North of the ditch shed hunt

    Did you see any deer? Elk? or other animals?
  7. Legal or not legal to use in Arizona? I do not have one was thinking of getting one. Thoughts?
  8. wendt

    Remember this.....

    And get you hair cut!
  9. wendt

    WTS 22 long rifle Thunderbolt 500 rnd boxes

    Coues120 you should have bought it and sold on here for $55. Lol
  10. wendt

    Savage 110 caliber 270

    Boy if I didn't already have one in the same caliber I would definitely buy this one. I do believe this is the most accurate rifle I have ever shot. Good luck on the sale. Someone needs to buy this rifle.
  11. wendt

    WY Muley Hunt (long/pics)

    What area of Wyoming were you in? We were hunting just north of Lusk an the eastern side of the state. Not as many deer this year. Very dry and the land where we hunt the rancher turned off 2 of his solar windmills. We went 1/5. Congrats on a few nice bucks!!
  12. wendt

    5th wheel hitch $450

    Price change bump.
  13. wendt

    5th wheel hitch $450

    Curt E16 sliding 5th wheel hitch. $450 obo located in Peoria. Olive & 101
  14. wendt

    Clay Pigeon Launcher

    Sold to Edge pending pick up.