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  1. wendt

    Unit 10

    maximus, I sent you a private message.
  2. wendt

    Unit 10

    maximus I am hunting deer not elk.
  3. wendt

    Unit 10

    Anybody else hunting unit 10 this weekend and next week? What is your strategy? Sit water? Spot and stalk? Hunt the Big Bo? I have not had a chance to scout so I am going in blind. Too busy with son's junior hunt. We will see what the next week brings. Good Luck to all.
  4. wendt

    WTB Quarter/Half Cow

    Check with Date Creek Ranch. I think they are selling some.
  5. wendt

    Scouting unit 10

    Anybody see any deer? I have a rifle hunt there.
  6. My son was drawn for the fall deer and javelina combo hunt. It is also during his fall break from school. Should be a fun time!! Looking forward to it!!
  7. wendt

    2017 jay feather trailer

    If you take it to a dealer you won't get even close to the 21K you are asking now.
  8. wendt

    Fun time in Wyoming- Deer and Goats

    What unit in WY? I hunt deer in General Region B. Going back next year.
  9. wendt

    Jr. Cow Hunts 2018

    Headed out Thursday for my sons 7w cow hunt. Hope the weather clears up for the weekend.
  10. wendt

    Ford Rims & Tires

  11. wendt

    Ford Rims & Tires

    Someone needs a new set of rims and tires?? I will throw in the lug nuts also.
  12. wendt

    Ford Rims & Tires

  13. wendt

    Ford Rims & Tires

    Ford rims and tires. Off of 2017 Ford F-150 18in. Tires are Goodyear Wrangler 275 65 R18 with 90% life left in them. Call or text Mike 602-319-6341 in Surprise. $450 obo
  14. wendt

    Trustworthy diesel shop

    Strictly Diesel. Very honest and reliable. The owner is a member of my church. 2215 W. Parkside Lane Phoenix, AZ 85027 623-582-4404 22nd Ave south of Pinnacle Peak Ask for Nate
  15. wendt

    Regs are out

    When can we start applying online? And 7w late bull hunt with 5 bonus points.