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  1. wendt

    Aspen Lodge issues

  2. wendt

    Leftover First Come First Serve

    Tag showed up in my portal today. 20b HAM
  3. wendt

    Leftover First Come First Serve

    Put my application in the mail on Friday last week. They should of had it by Monday?
  4. wendt

    Leftover First Come First Serve

    I put in for 2 leftover 20b HAM tags and no update. So I guess those are all gone.
  5. wendt

    Elk Tags

  6. wendt

    Unit 10 tag available

    I just received a call from AZGFD someone surrendered a Unit 10 tag. Since I will be going to Wyoming to hunt deer this year I passed on it. So I hope someone else is lucky enough to get a call today or tomorrow.
  7. wendt

    Unit 10 Youth deer hunt

    From 5 years ago? Were you incarcerated? Must have been weighing on your mind. Congratulations on the harvest it must have tasted good?
  8. No butt plate. I’m in Surprise.
  9. Bolt action Springfield Model 15 single shot .22 $100 obo
  10. wendt

    WTB cheap .22 rifle

    Did not get your message. Sent you a PM.
  11. wendt

    WTB cheap .22 rifle

    I have an old single shot .22 that works. If your interested? I can send a picture to you later tonight if you want to message me your email or cell number.
  12. wendt


    Sale pending on the Tec-9. Price lowered to $400 on the 1903.
  13. wendt


    Remington 1903 $400obo
  14. Looking to add a nice scope to a Browning lever action .308. It currently has a very basic 3x9 variable scope. Looking to upgrade in the range of $400-$800 price. What would you all recommend?
  15. wendt

    Remington Youth .243(SOLD)

    Still available. Bump