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  1. wendt

    Got a deer tag unit 7 any tips?

    Wear hunter orange with 1000+ tags. Lots of road hunting. Get away from the roads and you should do fine.
  2. wendt

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    One youth tag here also. 20b or 7
  3. wendt

    Blue Ridge Reservoir

    MEDIA RELEASE For Immediate Release Contact: Sgt. Aaron Dick Date: June 23, 2020 Phone: 928-226-5050 SUBJECT: Drowning victim recovered at Blue Ridge Reservoir On June 21, 2020, At 6:07pm the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and Blue Ridge Fire District responded to the Blue Ridge Reservoir, also known as C.C. Cragin Reservoir, for a report of a swimmer who had gone under water near the boat ramp and never resurfaced. A search of the immediate area was conducted using bystanders’ boats, but the subject was not located. Search operations were suspended as it began to get dark and a plan was developed for an underwater search on the morning of June 22. On June 22 the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office received assistance from the Gila County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team and Tonto Rim Search and Rescue to conduct an underwater search. As part of the search a Search and Rescue dog trained in human remains detection in water was used to confirm the area to search. Divers searched an area indicated by the search dog and located the missing subject at approximately 11:30am. The subject, 32-year-old Austin Smith of Payson, was recovered from the lake and transferred to the custody of the Coconino County Office of the Medical Examiner. The investigation into the incident is ongoing. The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office is grateful for the assistance of the Blue Ridge Fire District, Gila County Sheriff’s Office, Tonto Rim Search and Rescue, and the US Forest Service in resolving this incident.
  4. wendt

    Wyoming draw results

    Got my General B deer tag but not a special doe/fawn tag for same area. Oh well still going hunting. Can't wait.
  5. wendt

    7W youth cow hunt

    Especially the flats on the north end of Spring Valley Rd.
  6. wendt

    Speed goat Wyoming

    Wildwoody I have zero points. Region B is 100% draw. There is a lot of private land in the area we hunt. We do hunt on private and do not pay a trespass fee. 3 years ago we filled 4 tags in one day with a 4x3 being the largest deer.
  7. wendt

    Speed goat Wyoming

    Not for Antelope but I am in for mule deer. Region B. Good Luck!
  8. wendt

    Unit 10

    maximus, I sent you a private message.
  9. wendt

    Unit 10

    maximus I am hunting deer not elk.
  10. wendt

    Unit 10

    Anybody else hunting unit 10 this weekend and next week? What is your strategy? Sit water? Spot and stalk? Hunt the Big Bo? I have not had a chance to scout so I am going in blind. Too busy with son's junior hunt. We will see what the next week brings. Good Luck to all.
  11. wendt

    WTB Quarter/Half Cow

    Check with Date Creek Ranch. I think they are selling some.
  12. wendt

    Scouting unit 10

    Anybody see any deer? I have a rifle hunt there.
  13. My son was drawn for the fall deer and javelina combo hunt. It is also during his fall break from school. Should be a fun time!! Looking forward to it!!
  14. wendt

    2017 jay feather trailer

    If you take it to a dealer you won't get even close to the 21K you are asking now.