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  1. Guardian Medical Transport if he wants to pursue emergency medicine. NAUPD often has student positions open.
  2. Curmudgeon

    Marlin .30-30 w' Brockman peep and XS rail

    Price drop: $500.
  3. Curmudgeon

    Marlin .30-30 w' Brockman peep and XS rail

    $550. Sorry about that; I got so busy trying to fix the upside-down picture that I forgot that important detail.
  4. 1978 (or so) Marlin 336 in .30-30 Winchester. Brockman peep sight, orange post front sight, and XS scout rail with Bushnell 2-7 scout scope. Comes with a big jar of brass and a pound of Hornady Leverevolution powder. $500. There's a ding on the right side of the forearm and barrel (shown), as well as some dings around the dovetail under the rail.
  5. Curmudgeon


    Will you sell just the rifle?
  6. Curmudgeon

    Utility Trailer 4'x6' ***NEW*** $475

    I'll take it if we can work out details. I sent you a text.
  7. Curmudgeon


    I'll take it. PM forthcoming.
  8. Curmudgeon

    FS S&W 15-3 38 Special

    I'm still sitting on those Norma 9.3 cartridges for you if you want to work out a trade for those.
  9. Curmudgeon

    10x12 canvas wall tent SOLD

    TTT, reduced to $450.
  10. Curmudgeon

    10x12 canvas wall tent SOLD

    I may be a traitor to my Swedish roots, but the Mauser is not quite tempting enough, at least not at the moment. I'll have to think about the Savage, but probably not.
  11. Curmudgeon

    10x12 canvas wall tent SOLD

    What platform is the Mauser?
  12. Curmudgeon

    10x12 canvas wall tent SOLD

    10x12 canvas wall tent from the Wall Tent Shop. It comes with an internal steel frame, but it also has openings to accept a ridge pole supported by an exterior frame. There are screen doors at both ends and screen windows on both sides. There are stovepipe jacks in both the tent canvas and the fly. The sod cloths are pretty beat up. This is a used tent with patches, and the price reflects that fact: $500 $450. I'm not looking to trade, but I'll consider a trade if it's sufficiently tempting.
  13. Curmudgeon

    Winchester brass - from mundane to bizarre

    32 ACP, 30 Carbine, and 30-40 Krag sold.