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  1. Curmudgeon

    Vintage Gun Digest collection

    Make an offer.
  2. Curmudgeon

    Vintage Gun Digest collection

    Gun Digests from: 1959 1964-1966 1968-1969 1973 1978-1984 1987-1988 1990 1992-1993 1996-1997 Plus Handloader's Digest (4th Anniversary Edition, year unknown) and NRA Illustrated Reloading Handbook (year unknown). Gun Digests look to fetch $6-$12 apiece on ThriftBooks, or $90-$180 total. I'll ask $80. Pick up in Flagstaff; I don't want to ship.
  3. Curmudgeon

    Nikon Prostaff Spotter

    I'm interested if you make it up to NAZ.
  4. Curmudgeon

    Hard Side Rifle Case

    I'll take it if Chris doesn't.
  5. Curmudgeon

    Canvas wall tent

    Is the floor sewn in?
  6. Curmudgeon

    Ruger American 7-08

  7. Curmudgeon

    Buck 110 Folding Hunter

  8. Curmudgeon

    Buck 110 Folding Hunter

    I'd rather not ship.
  9. Curmudgeon

    Ruger American 7-08

    Ruger American 7mm-08 with Bell and Carlson stock, oversized bolt knob, Pic rail, and five-round magazine. $650, Flagstaff. I recently bought this rifle as an 80% solution to what I want. Of course now another member posted a 90% solution, so I'm selling to fund that purchase. I haven't yet mounted a scope nor fired the American. Despite selling to fund another purchase, I might trade for a left-hand Tikka, a Marlin 336, a 4" S&W 69, or a 4" GP100 or SP101.
  10. Curmudgeon

    Buck 110 Folding Hunter

    I bought this from another member in a fit of nostalgia before I realized that, with my bad back, I'll probably never carry such a heavy knife. $40, which is what I paid for it. Flagstaff.
  11. Stainless Thompson Center Encore with 20-inch Bergara barrel in 7mm-08. FlexTech stock, Weaver base, and Bushnell Banner 2 3-9x40 scope in Weaver rings. I have a Warne steel base, but it needs its mounting holes reamed out since the holes in the barrel are for bigger screws. I also have an additional buttstock that I cut very short -- probably too short -- for my hobbitt daughter. My kids hunted with this rifle for several years, but it never caught on with any of them. We never shot it enough to truly determine its potential. I can say that it's a wonderful rifle to carry. Asking $850. I might trade for a left-handed Tikka, Marlin 336, 4" S&W 69, or 4" GP100 or SP101. Flagstaff.
  12. Curmudgeon


    I'm interested in the one with the synthetic stock. Stand by for PM.
  13. Curmudgeon


    If yours is too big, are you interested in swapping for a 12'x12'?
  14. Curmudgeon


    Is this still available? Will you ship it?