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  1. If it falls through I will take it.
  2. Dang. Wish you where closer to snowflake. I would buy 1.
  3. JakeS

    7mm 168 ABLR's

    If you will ship them to snowflake I will take them.
  4. JakeS

    FS: Mystery Ranch Sawtooth Pack - SOLD

    I’ll take it
  5. JakeS


    I’ll buy them if it falls through.
  6. JakeS


    What a sweet rig.
  7. JakeS

    More ltems For Sale

    I’ll take both hand priming tools and vortex rings. Pm inbound
  8. JakeS

    Wtb 308 bolt action rifle

    There is a savage 110 308 4 or 5 posts down.
  9. JakeS

    Nosler ABLR 6.5mm 129grn bullets-SOLD

    I’ll take them if they are still available.
  10. JakeS

    Powder for sale... updated

    You don’t need to hold anything. If I make it to the valley in the next little bit I’ll get ahold of you. Thanks for the offer.
  11. JakeS

    Powder has been traded.

    I’m meeting tomorrow to make the trade. If all goes well I’ll mark as unavailable
  12. JakeS

    Powder for sale... updated

    Do you ever make it up to the showlow area?
  13. JakeS

    Midsouth has retumbo

    Got some. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. JakeS

    Powder has been traded.

    I’ve never loaded re26. Let me look into it I’ll let you know. Thanks