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  1. moorehunter86

    Not gov tag but OTC tag filled

    Update on OTC tags this year! We were able to fill all tags and had the best time with my children. Daughters first elk hunt! I have required all of my children to buy their own Elk Tags to help them want to and appreciate it a bit more. She was so happy to fill hers and has a freezer full of meat for college. Youngest man cub was picky and passed up some before being good with shooting a big ol cow. (oldest son had an archery bull tag and they both now have a full freezer. other picture is our good friend who we started all this fun with. So in all ways we had a very successful Elk hunting year, no one had to eat their tag this time. So grateful for the ability to spend quality time with my kiddos. #Lovefamily, #lovearizonahunting
  2. moorehunter86

    Rut Activity

    Called in four bulls in 8 in just 2 hours this weekend, they are fired up in 8. Get away from roads and find pockets(if you are driving roads to locate).
  3. moorehunter86

    2020 Archery Bull

    NiceBull.! well done
  4. moorehunter86

    Rut Activity

    I followed it for a bit but thought I would not want to spook it up for someone to have to trail farther. I waited to see if anyone came on it or not. Will look tomorrow.
  5. moorehunter86

    Elk palmation racks, lets see them!

    From a few years back.
  6. moorehunter86

    2020 Archery Bull Elk Down

    Nice! congrats
  7. moorehunter86

    Rut Activity

    8 is still hot in pockets. When a cow starts to go into heat that pocket gets wound up and makes a fun day. Starting to hear more bugles later in the morning so peak rut just about in. Big bulls moving in on herds and taking over for the smaller bulls. Saw someone's blood trail this morning on my morning run in 11m. Hope they find it!
  8. moorehunter86

    Rut Activity

    Unit 8 on fire, found and viewed 7 different rutting bulls, multiple bugles. I live in 11m and all night long bugles outside the house windows.
  9. moorehunter86

    Son's first archery bull

    Love days like this! Opening evening, lots of action morning and then evening, bugling like crazy and 7 different bugles. Pulled this one away from cows and across a canyon in a bugle fest. Love having these experiences with my children. He wanted a branch antlered bull and to have a great call in experience rather that passing and waiting for a larger bull. Not always about the antler size but feeling great about the experience. Would not trade the hours in the woods with my man cub for anything in this world! Also picture of Daughters first elk, OTC. She was so excited! Love being with her on this hunt and look forward to many more.
  10. moorehunter86

    Rut Activity

    Lots of bugles and called this bull from cows opening evening for my son. His first archery bull!
  11. moorehunter86

    Where are all the scouting pictures of velvet bulls????

    Will look for him in September
  12. moorehunter86

    Not gov tag but OTC tag filled

    We have hunted both public and private. Have stretched a lot of fence for the privilege of hunting some of the private that we have. Either way I get to be with my children doing something we love, building memories and filling the freezer.
  13. moorehunter86

    Not gov tag but OTC tag filled

    This is number 11 OTC for us and I have had 3 archery bull tags filled. We have truly been blessed over the years!!! Oldest son has an early archery bull tag this year also so will get to chase bugles in September.
  14. moorehunter86

    Not gov tag but OTC tag filled

    Not the gov. tag but filled the freezer early this year. Been blessed many years with the OTC tags when I don't draw one. Thankful to live where I can get out every year and try my luck. Have to love Arizona elk hunting.
  15. moorehunter86

    Credit Card Hit

    Looks like another Over the Counter tag for me! Son drew an archery bull tag so will be in to bugling bulls!