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  1. moorehunter86

    Draw results are up in the portal

    Early 9 Archery bull for me!
  2. moorehunter86

    Draw Results Come Early this Year?!!

    😳 😀 I should have played the lottery last week! Either a 9 early archery bull or 9 early rifle bull ! !!!!!! Was shooting for the stars and they all lined up I guess.
  3. we are M&M guide service,(second year as a guide) have only word of mouth advertising because do not want to over hunt the elk on the Land we pay to hunt on so we limit how many and it is by first come first serve. A little different hunt, not for everyone. for more questions: 928-405-8551 Mark
  4. If you miss your draw give us a message, we have only a few slots left.
  5. moorehunter86

    Freezer fill!

    OTC does not let me down! Filled the freezer and had a blast with my Oldest boy!
  6. moorehunter86

    Want an OTC Private land Arizona elk hunt?

    One more for the OTC
  7. moorehunter86

    Want an OTC Private land Arizona elk hunt?

    The score is from the taxidermist, sorry you think its inflated, just passing on the info.
  8. We have 6 slots open right now for a chance to fill your freezer hunt. Not a guaranteed success but we have a very high success rate, especially if you have a flexible schedule and are willing to take first elk we see. It is bull only till Aug. 1 then any elk from Aug 1 to Dec 31. Evan, from Missouri, shot this bull this year already. (this is a very good bull for this hunt, most are cows and younger bulls but taste really good.) There is a modest Trespass fee compared to other guided hunts . This does not affect your bonus points and you do not have to draw. Only 1- 2 hunters at a time on the land and you will be with us the entire hunt. Get in touch if you are interested or if you know some that would be. A few of the success photos from this OTC hunt.
  9. moorehunter86

    Not gov tag but OTC tag filled

    Update on OTC tags this year! We were able to fill all tags and had the best time with my children. Daughters first elk hunt! I have required all of my children to buy their own Elk Tags to help them want to and appreciate it a bit more. She was so happy to fill hers and has a freezer full of meat for college. Youngest man cub was picky and passed up some before being good with shooting a big ol cow. (oldest son had an archery bull tag and they both now have a full freezer. other picture is our good friend who we started all this fun with. So in all ways we had a very successful Elk hunting year, no one had to eat their tag this time. So grateful for the ability to spend quality time with my kiddos. #Lovefamily, #lovearizonahunting
  10. moorehunter86

    Rut Activity

    Called in four bulls in 8 in just 2 hours this weekend, they are fired up in 8. Get away from roads and find pockets(if you are driving roads to locate).
  11. moorehunter86

    2020 Archery Bull

    NiceBull.! well done
  12. moorehunter86

    Rut Activity

    I followed it for a bit but thought I would not want to spook it up for someone to have to trail farther. I waited to see if anyone came on it or not. Will look tomorrow.
  13. moorehunter86

    Elk palmation racks, lets see them!

    From a few years back.
  14. moorehunter86

    2020 Archery Bull Elk Down

    Nice! congrats