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  1. azelkhunter69

    Elk unit breakdown

    I love hunting elk. I have spent almost my whole life reading about it, and the last 15-20 years living the dream. From what I have read, people I have talked to, and what I have seen, here are some general guidelines that seem to hold true....a 300 inch bull is big, a trophy.....350 inches is a monster, you are lucky to get one or 2 in your lifetime.......and a 400 inch bull is truly once in a lifetime, that most people will never even see, let alone kill. We are blessed(spoiled) here in AZ that we have big bulls to chase. Most places don't. As mentioned, the P&Y minimum is 260. Mike Eastman does tons of research so I am sure his numbers are correct. He says that only 1% of all hunters will ever shoot something that makes the record book. That is a relatively small group. Keep that in mind, and be overjoyed if you kill a 300 inch bull with your bow. A true accomplishment. Good luck.
  2. azelkhunter69

    Guess the Scores

    Alright, I'll throw my 2 cents in. Not really sure, but hey, we're just guessing right? LOL. 1. 330 2. 340 3. 350 4. 300 5. 280 6. 330
  3. azelkhunter69

    Popcorn thread

    Wonder if the "lost property" was a trail cam?
  4. azelkhunter69

    If you use trail cameras for elk......

    Looks like they are big early. Glad I have a tag. As for the cameras, I typically put them out in July. I realize it is a waste of time as far as patterning specific bulls for the rut hunt but it's fun looking at the pics. This year I also have an antelope tag so I will probably only put cams out for elk in the middle of August.
  5. azelkhunter69

    Unit 21 herd

    The buck my dad killed would have been right at 82" if he hadn't broken 1 1/2" off one side. He wasn't real tall, but had mass all the way up.
  6. azelkhunter69

    Unit 21 herd

    I plan on spending most weekends scouting this summer, especially all through August. Since this is probably my 1st and last rifle tag, if any of you kind gents want to share where you saw some of these "nice bucks" over the last year, I wouldn't be opposed to getting pointed in that direction to check them out. I "guided" my dad in that unit 10 years ago and he shot a real nice buck so I have plenty of knowledge on where to start. 3 general areas that I will hit hard. They are not secrets. Obviously, there are antelope back in off Bloody Basin Rd. and up off Dugas. And I also thought I would check up by Cordes Junction where they transplanted a herd from Utah several years back. Curious about the "interesting spots" 6AYoteHunter? I won't hold it against anybody if they don't want to share. I personally am not bothered by sharing info on basically what has turned into a once in a lifetime hunt, about like sheep. Not like there are honey holes you can hunt every year. Not like deer and elk. I will keep you posted on how things work out. Funny thing, all the time I have spent in 21, I have only ever seen one snake.
  7. azelkhunter69

    Unit 21 herd

    Originally, I just asked this question out of curiosity. But fast forward 4 months and I got super lucky and drew tag #5 of 5. So, I will be hunting them come September 6th....just so happens, it would have been my dad's 81st birthday. Good to hear there are some good bucks left in there.
  8. azelkhunter69


    I was lucky enough to draw a tag this year and would like to get it mounted, if I shoot something worthy. Looking for suggestions in Phoenix or Camp Verde. Would rather not drive all the way to Flag. I would like to visit some of them and check out their work long before the season starts so I will be prepared. Thanks.
  9. azelkhunter69

    Turned over to Rio Salado Vizsla.

    Had the same problem with the vizsla I had. She bit my son and the little girl next door. After she bit the neighbor, I had her put down. It sucks, because other than biting kids, she was a good hunting dog. Just didn't want to see any more kids get bit...also didn't want to get sued. Good luck.
  10. azelkhunter69

    Results are posted!!!

    You guys hit the jackpot!!! Good luck.
  11. azelkhunter69

    Guess the score

    1st bull I agree with Heat and KRP. I would say 300 - 310. At first glance you get excited because you are drawn to his top end and width. But, he has nothing on the front. He is pretty though.
  12. azelkhunter69

    Elk Draw

    Other than the limited opportunity hunts, statistically speaking, you should never draw a bull tag with anything other than your 1st two choices. But, according to some people on here, there have been a few times where something strange has happened(they won't say what) and they drew a good tag with their 3rd or 4th choice.
  13. azelkhunter69

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    BOOM, an elk tag AND the antelope tag I have been waiting 17 years for.
  14. azelkhunter69

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    How long before we see the post that says, "I just got off the phone with the lady at Game and Fish and she said........" or "My fiend(friend's friend, cousin, neighbor, etc) works at Game and Fish and said......" ?
  15. azelkhunter69

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    They're late.