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  1. azelkhunter69

    Unit Breakdown

    It's only going to get harder to get drawn. There are 200 - 300 people moving to Phoenix every day. It used to be a dream for people back east to come hunt "out west". Only people that could afford to hire guides or the truly adventurous came out to hunt. Now, with Youtube, social media, hunting forums such as this, people can do research online and have a good idea where to go. They have to pay for the tag and the transportation. That's a lot cheaper than it used to be.
  2. azelkhunter69

    Unit 6A

    "Stole" somebody's....only 4 pts
  3. azelkhunter69

    Draw Results

    My insanely lucky wife drew her 3rd bull tag in a row. Her brother decided he wanted to try hunting and I put him on her app. Only his 2nd year applying as a NR. Knowing her luck, he said "I better get ready to pay up." I tease her all the time. I tell her I think bells, whistles, sirens and flashing lights go off when her app hits G&F. Unfortunately, I also drew a late archery tag in 8. The hunts overlap. So, some lucky SOB is probably going to get a call, because I am probably going to turn it in so I can concentrate on their hunt.
  4. azelkhunter69

    Unit 6A

    Got super lucky and drew tag 5 of 10. Looking forward to it.
  5. azelkhunter69

    Day Dreaming for Antelope

    You might be right. I drew in 2019 with 18 and then again this year with 4. I almost feel guilty after hearing about all the guys with 25+.
  6. azelkhunter69


    This was one of my dad's favorites...may he RIP. He loved the .270 Win. and Sierras. Shot my one and only with his 7mm WSM 140 gr Ballistic Tip offhand at maybe 130 yards.
  7. azelkhunter69

    To Soon?

    Not this year. Got hit for 3 elk tags and an antelope tag. Only had 5 pts for antelope. Definitely wasn't expecting that.
  8. azelkhunter69

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Ditto. 3 elk tags and an antelope tag with only 5 points. Correction...I mixed up my years. I only had 4 pts. I almost feel guilty about that knowing all the people that have 25 - 27.
  9. azelkhunter69

    To Soon?

    6 days until Christmas morning. LOL
  10. azelkhunter69

    To Soon?

    Still like Christmas, otherwise you wouldn't have 5 pages on this thread. My wife laughs at all of us "children" every draw.
  11. azelkhunter69

    Good luck!

    Well, with all the people on FB (that wait until the last minute) pissing and moaning about getting error messages, I am sure it will get delayed at least a little bit. Morons don't get it and wait until the last two days to apply. And then want to act like it hasn't happened in the 10 - 20 draws before that. SMH
  12. azelkhunter69

    Enough moisture?

    A little update on this. I originally posted because the whole subject interests me, but also because I have a friend in NY that has been building points and is ready to make the trip when I give him the thumbs up. Arizona is always great relative to other states but, given the choice, I would rather he come out in an average to above average year. This monsoon season has been awesome. I think the feed should be great and the burns should green up for next year. I think the elk will go into the winter fat and healthy. If we get decent moisture in the winter, I think next season is shaping up to be great. I will probably have him apply and come out next year. Thanks for all the updates and comments.
  13. azelkhunter69

    Shotgun shells (dove season)

    Wow, I had no idea they had gone up that much. I stocked up with cases of 250 shells when Cabela's used to have them on sale for a little over $5/box. Glad I did.
  14. azelkhunter69

    Where am I?

    NY would be my bet also. Grew up outside of Rochester. Deer everywhere.
  15. azelkhunter69

    SOLD.......2021 PSE EVO EVL 32 70#