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  1. azelkhunter69

    Popcorn thread continues on MonsterMuleys>com

    He's an admitted thief and a serial poacher, they better keep an eye on him. Guys like this don't quit. Some just go to other states and do the same thing.
  2. azelkhunter69

    2020 Antler growth???

    Too early to talk about what we will see this year for antler growth? I am not a weatherman, but so far it seems things are shaping up nicely for another good year. Curious to see what some of you that really look into this sort of thing think.
  3. azelkhunter69

    Rut Activity

    10 days too late
  4. azelkhunter69

    Diesel Fuel in a Trickle Tank

    I was told AZGFD and the AZ Elk Society got together a bunch of volunteers and drained it, power washed it and refilled it. I really hope they get the guy.
  5. azelkhunter69

    Rut Activity

    Unit 8 was dead until Tuesday. Bulls were heading straight to bed at daylight most of the hunt. Chased them around Tuesday and Wed. pretty good. Stupid weekend campers didn't help. Racing up and down the roads on dirt bikes and side by sides. One guy even told me he was sitting a tank and a side by side came over a hill cross country. Spooked the elk that were just starting to come in. Oh well, next time.
  6. azelkhunter69

    Unit 21 herd....Edit...Pics and story

    R 6, 5 5/8, 4 1/8, 3 3/8 L 6, 5 6/8, 4 2/8, 3 4/8
  7. azelkhunter69

    Rut Activity

    A buddy was up in 8 over the weekend. Said he stayed up until 10 pm both nights listening for bugles. He said he didn't hear a single bugle all weekend. It's supposed to cool down Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully that will help. Unfortunately, it's supposed to warm back up opening day. On the bright side, he said every tank had at least 2 cameras on it and guys were already leaving ground blinds out, claiming their spots because it is so dry. LOL. Guys are going to be fighting over water this year if we don't get a little rain.
  8. azelkhunter69

    Unit 21 herd....Edit...Pics and story

    This one really shows it. His prong went more sideways than forward.
  9. looking forward to the end of the story. Congrats.
  10. azelkhunter69

    Unit 21 herd....Edit...Pics and story

    My dad had this tag 11 years ago and I was amazed at the lack of antelope this year compared to then. The population has really declined. He shot his off of Dugas. There were antelope all over up there back then. This year I found 2 little bucks up there and that was it. That was in May. In August I found out there was a fire in there. I spent 2 days up there and never saw an antelope. So I went to Perry Mesa. Several bucks there. A few decent ones. But that is also where the majority, if not all, the hunters were.
  11. azelkhunter69

    Unit 21 herd....Edit...Pics and story

    Well, I shot my buck Friday morning about 10 minutes into the season. During all my scouting, I never saw a buck that made me say "Wow". Combine that with leaving Wednesday for my elk hunt, the God awful heat and the fact that the opener would have been my dad's 81st birthday, I really wanted to shoot one the first day. I saw a couple that were a little bigger than this one but he was decent enough. And best of all, he hung around in a very stalkable spot. I put him to bed Thursday evening and was back before light Friday. Sat drinking coffee waiting for it to get light enough to start out. They were hanging out in a spot that was just over the rise of a gentle slope the last time I saw them Thursday so I slowly moved in that direction. I was getting close so I put my pack down and continued on. I was keeping an eye out, hoping I would see them before they saw me. Well, they had moved into the bushes above and to the left of where I thought they would be and I actually passed them without seeing them. Next thing you know, I see does trotting along the fence about 150 yards away. I saw the buck coming along behind. Of course, he stopped behind some brush. I moved a little closer and I think a doe must have seen me. The does started trotting again and I got ready as he went behind another bush. The grass and bushes were so tall I had to shoot offhand. He came out on the move and I let him have it. He went down but I hit him a little back. I put another one through his shoulders as he tried to get up. I didn't realize he was all busted up. A fighter. Broke off the prong on his right side and the tips were broken off on both horns. Decent mass and right at 14" long. Now....on to elk. Forgot to mention....shot him with one of my dad's rifles also. Winchester Model 70 in 7mm WSM.
  12. azelkhunter69

    Hunter’s Big Chance 2019

    That's awesome. I enjoy it a lot more when my kids or wife get something than when I do.
  13. azelkhunter69

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    Good to hear. I used the Ulmer Edge on my last two bulls and was waiting for SEVR to come out with the 1.5 this year. Now that they are out, I am going to buy some.
  14. azelkhunter69

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    New Sevr 1.7 ???