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  1. Sky Island junkie


    Anyone who runs a business trying to hire good employees is finding out that most of the responsible, intelligent, hard working ones are in business for themselves!
  2. Sky Island junkie

    Help with cost of building a shop/garage

    Depending on whether you’re going to have it insulated, sheet rocked, electrical etc., that might be a good price with today’s climate.
  3. Sky Island junkie

    2 kids hunting 35a deer/javelina help!

    Awesome! Congrats!
  4. Sky Island junkie

    Feeling a bit discouraged

    Definitely easier said than done but as these guys have said try not to look at the antlers. My archery skills are a work in progress but what has helped me a lot when bow hunting and rifle hunting is the 4 7 8 breathing technique. Look it up. Hard to believe how much it will calm the nerves and settle a racing mind. I try to start concentrating on my breathing from the beginning of a stalk
  5. Sky Island junkie

    SOLD - Nikon P-223 Riflescope 3-9x40 (with scope rings)

    Bump for a great AR scope for the money. Zeroed mine in and then went straight out to my 400 yard dinger and center punched it. Turrets track well too. GLWS
  6. Sky Island junkie

    TC Encore

    Where’s he located?
  7. Sky Island junkie

    Wtb muzzle cap

    Heck yeah man! Glad I could help! Good talking with you!
  8. Sky Island junkie

    Wtb muzzle cap

    I believe I’ve got one you can have. You in Tucson I’m assuming? I can get ahold of you later today if I find it and you still need it
  9. Sky Island junkie

    Exhaust Shop?

    Dude that sucks! Hard to believe these pukes have the nuts to make the kind of racket it takes to cut one off! I haven’t had to have any work done in a while and don’t know where your at but I’ve only used Mighty Muffler on Cavecreek in Phoenix. They were referred to me probably 25 years ago. Great guys!
  10. Sky Island junkie

    Ward's Outfitters

    I met him a few years back and have multiple mutual friends. Definitely a down to earth not full of himself guy and never heard a bad word. You’re right if this is a first offense I too feel bad for him for the avenues this will open or close. We small business owners of all types need to pay attention!
  11. Sky Island junkie

    Ward's Outfitters

    If he omitted cash paying clients on his report, dept of revenue will likely be involved, then as chit runs downhill, one or two of the 80k irs agents Biden is hiring will be contacting him. They could go back on him ten years looking. He’ll be too busy to hunt
  12. Sky Island junkie

    Chevy Mechanic on here?

    Have you looked at the max airflow sensor? If something makes it passed the air cleaner and gets caught on that fine wire, the engine can run the way you’re describing
  13. Sky Island junkie

    Antelope is on the wall

    Pretty goats!
  14. Sky Island junkie

    Saw this on Instagram...what’s your take?

    no I’m not suggesting any less or more honesty with draw hunters. My opinion is that mandatory reporting can’t work because there’s no talk that I’ve heard of on how to force people to be honest about what happens in the field on that hunt. So reduce the number of hunters by a draw system from the get go.
  15. Sky Island junkie

    Saw this on Instagram...what’s your take?

    Certainly it asks but how many are truthful and how many actually submit their survey? And how do you force them to submit. I by far have found way more archery deer kills that we’re not retrieved than rifle kills. This I feel will not get better