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  1. Sky Island junkie

    Send him to Washington D C

    Yessir! The good ole b..... slap! For the pukes that aren’t worth a closed fisted punch!!
  2. Sky Island junkie

    Three Weeks

    Lost my virginity a few years ago. Not the most pleasant thing for sure but after watching a friend of the family suffer with prostate cancer and eventually pass away. He was 62 and had never gotten checked and by the time he had symptoms he had stage 4. I decided this crap is nothing to mess with So once a year the psa and finger for peace of mind. Good share and hope all goes well with you! Hope you’ve got it on the run!!
  3. Sky Island junkie

    Surprised this hasn't been brought up

    I try to imagine what was going through the minds of our soldiers around the world and on our soil on that day and days to come! Thanks oz for being where you were that day!! I was at Home Depot buying materials. Got back out to the truck and called a cabinet maker who was building cabinets for our kitchen ( who happened to be a Vietnam Vet) he started screaming the F’ing Pentagon was just bombed! He had no idea of what was going on really so I kicked on the radio and listened. I ended up down the street at a circuit city watching the news with a bunch of others
  4. Sky Island junkie

    Anybody know these thieves

    Agreed! Asshats were caught and sounds like the owner probably let them off lightly for bringing it back? Who knows? I certainly respect his decision for moving on and not beating it to death on social media but now that we’ve heard the first part of the story, it would be nice to know how the conversation went when they dropped it off or did they just leave at his drive in front of the house?
  5. Sky Island junkie


    What might he be using that cosmoline on?!! He must’ve found Peggy’s stash!!😂
  6. Sky Island junkie

    Deer Season Approaching

    Funny but true!! Better write it on the other side too!!
  7. Sky Island junkie

    Anybody know these thieves

    Ahh yes! Wash that hummus and granola down with a Zima!! I didn’t know they were even still making that nasty crap!
  8. Sky Island junkie

    Anybody know these thieves

    Exactly!! This granola gang doesn’t look capable of hiking more than a couple hundred yards!
  9. Sky Island junkie

    Good Friend

    Sorry for your loss
  10. Sky Island junkie

    Anybody know these thieves

  11. Sky Island junkie

    Anybody know these thieves

    Yep! Really ignorant punks! Unfortunately they truly believe they are doing something good and indoctrinating their snot nosed brats into their ideology! A true shame!
  12. Sky Island junkie

    Anybody know these thieves

    Punks raising little punks! Can’t believe they didn’t swipe the cam!
  13. Sky Island junkie

    Long time coming

    Awesome! Way to keep after it! Congrats!
  14. Sky Island junkie


    Lost another one of the great performers! Thanks for posting
  15. Sky Island junkie


    Haven’t received mine either. Maybe they just shred them?