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  1. pirogue

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

    HANDGUN for the HAM hunt? How is that defined as a handgun, with a bipod mount, no less?
  2. pirogue

    GameStop Craziness!!

    Interesting to see “Robbing the Neighborhood” app get so many 1 stars last week, after accounts froze. Then these 1 star ratings are erased and rating goes up. Turns up that one of the firms giving RH a cash infusion last week, was a firm that was an early investor in Google. Big Tech controlling again.
  3. pirogue

    Enough moisture?

    Definitely been a better year for the Gambel’s, as we got a lot of rain in February last year.
  4. pirogue

    Opening day or later in the week?

    Who only wants to hunt one day, you or her? My kids and I hunt everyday we can.
  5. I’ve been to several catchments, where the AZGFC cameras were either vandalized, or removed, but the signs are still there. So wonder how much of their own loss, went into this decision?
  6. pirogue

    Number 3 down 2021

    Congrats. I’m seeing less sign in the unit I’ve been hunting in. Need to change units, obviously.
  7. pirogue

    Elk Back Pack

    My first, and last, Badlands had bad zippers. Always thought the two were synonymous. Only owned Kifaru since then.
  8. pirogue

    Best place to get a cowboy hat

    Requirement for logging on to Farmers Only dot com
  9. pirogue

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    “Until”????? Sometimes it is screwed up after the portal is uploaded. Like after cc hit for elk tag amount, and then that shows unsuccessful, and shows successful for a rifle pronghorn that you applied point only. They know very well how to issue refunds and tell you the computer made a mistake.
  10. pirogue

    CC Hit

    Exactly! My cc was hit again this year. The excitement level will not budge until I pull the tag out of the mailbox.
  11. pirogue

    CC Hit

    WRONG! Some of you have WAAAY too much confidence in AGFC’s system. Year before last. I applied for archery elk and pronghorn point only. My cc was hit for elk tag amount. When the portal info was uploaded, it showed elk unsuccessful, and pronghorn was successful for a rifle hunt. Again, I applied for elk archery, pronghorn point only, and cc was hit for elk tag amount. Final ruling from AGFC was no tag, a refund, and lame excuse that “computer had a glitch”
  12. pirogue

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Not sure we need more agents, when their time is wasted going to the rescue of someone who goes and pushes the blue light button. What a waste of time and resources. Shoot out all the blue lights and the agents can devote their time to better things.
  13. pirogue

    AZGFD Portal Issues

    It's pathetic that their system has so many flaws.
  14. pirogue

    December Rifle Trip

    Thanks for sharing
  15. pirogue


    Easy to understand why states are establishing seasons or start dates for this.