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  1. pirogue

    Elk Back Pack

    My first, and last, Badlands had bad zippers. Always thought the two were synonymous. Only owned Kifaru since then.
  2. pirogue

    Best place to get a cowboy hat

    Requirement for logging on to Farmers Only dot com
  3. pirogue

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    “Until”????? Sometimes it is screwed up after the portal is uploaded. Like after cc hit for elk tag amount, and then that shows unsuccessful, and shows successful for a rifle pronghorn that you applied point only. They know very well how to issue refunds and tell you the computer made a mistake.
  4. pirogue

    CC Hit

    Exactly! My cc was hit again this year. The excitement level will not budge until I pull the tag out of the mailbox.
  5. pirogue

    CC Hit

    WRONG! Some of you have WAAAY too much confidence in AGFC’s system. Year before last. I applied for archery elk and pronghorn point only. My cc was hit for elk tag amount. When the portal info was uploaded, it showed elk unsuccessful, and pronghorn was successful for a rifle hunt. Again, I applied for elk archery, pronghorn point only, and cc was hit for elk tag amount. Final ruling from AGFC was no tag, a refund, and lame excuse that “computer had a glitch”
  6. pirogue

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Not sure we need more agents, when their time is wasted going to the rescue of someone who goes and pushes the blue light button. What a waste of time and resources. Shoot out all the blue lights and the agents can devote their time to better things.
  7. pirogue

    AZGFD Portal Issues

    It's pathetic that their system has so many flaws.
  8. pirogue

    December Rifle Trip

    Thanks for sharing
  9. pirogue


    Easy to understand why states are establishing seasons or start dates for this.
  10. pirogue

    Results are Posted on AZGF

    The system had issues, for sure. I was charged for elk. Portal shows antelope drawn, elk not drawn. The antelope hunt number was a rifle elk. I only put in for bonus point for antelope, and archery only for elk
  11. pirogue

    Results are Posted on AZGF

    Anyone else have a portal showing a total cluster****? My cc was hit for elk amount, yet portal says antelope drawn, elk not drawn. Hunt number given under antelope details is a rifle elk hunt number, yet elk tag details clearly show my choices were archery. Antelope details show I put in for BP. WTF?
  12. Same here. Pure stupidity to not have one if you go predator calling. No different than going elk hunting, trying to call in an elk without a tag, and then killing it, and then telling G&F it was attacking you. There should be no sympathy for anyone killing one without a tag, if they called it in.
  13. pirogue

    ATV Tires - Where to buy

    and.....what were they? Sedona brand, I believe the model was rip saw.
  14. pirogue

    ATV Tires - Where to buy

    I replaced my 2003 model tires a few weeks ago. Bought at an ATV store, after shopping and calling around at both ATV stores and regular tire stores. Wasn't sure what brand to get, until I went to one store, and the guy says, "this is all the Border Patrol buys for their ATVs, after trying several different tires." BINGO. Decision made, as I know how they treat their stuff.
  15. pirogue

    3/17 CC Hits?

    It looks like those charts reflecting three months precipitation could picture the Morman Lake area getting anywhere between 90 to 130 % of normal. I drove by it this week, saw all the water in it, and talked to locals who hadn't seen water in it for years and years. In summary, those charts mean nothing.