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  1. NYAZHunter

    Dad Passes

    Bob, Sorry for your loss . May the memories that you have keep him alive forever in your heart and mind. Jim
  2. NYAZHunter

    Sale or Trade LH Browning A Bolt ,stainless 30.06 $400

    Hi, it is SPF. I will confirm Wednesday.
  3. Gentlmen , great condition , less than a few boxes of ammo shot .
  4. NYAZHunter

    LH Browning A Bolt 30.06 $400

    As you see in the photo , would consider trades.
  5. Less than a box of cartridges shot. Comes with soft case and 2 magazines.
  6. NYAZHunter

    FS Swaro Scope Z5 3.5-18x44 P BT L

    Kevin, Thank you for making this happen. I can see , I can see !
  7. comes with soft carry case , 2 magazines , less than a box of cartridges shot.
  8. $475 with Browning soft carry case , 2 magazines. Photos on BP . A few minor scratches on stock , less than a box of cartridges shot.
  9. My thoughts on 36B . I have hunted it for 25 years , by and large the same area. As the years have passed , I realize how little this east coast boy ( now old man) knew about hunting in Arizona . The herd prior to the long term drought ( that is what I hear it is called ) we are mired in , was to my eyes much more plentiful . I stumbled across more deer than I saw from afar. I really had no clue about hunting the desert , coming from the lower Catskills where on my slice of heaven a 100 yard shot was considered long range shooting. It is only with hind sight being 20 20 that I occasionally wish for the old days ,I say occasionally, because the harvesting of game has become less important than the adventure. Since the earlier days , many oaks have been denuded and have died from the caterpillars , manzanita also is dying . With all of the tags in the unit , we see less hunter activity than years ago. I do recognize the October hunt is not popular to all . Lions seem on the rise where I hunt , which makes me think the deer move along from the area. I have seen dusty dirt paths that have active undocumented workers traveling through the season pushing deer deeper . I speak with no science , just my thoughts, opinions and logic., I would tell you that for me , 36B , is my unit. I look forward to being there every October , although not so much when it is in the 90's , which leads me to remember that 20 - 24 years ago I would have ice in my coffee pot upon waking and one October hunter we had 4:" of snow and some remnants were left the following morning. To all who know where I set up , stop in for a beverage or some my famous Ziti if you are in the neighborhood this year. Jim
  10. NYAZHunter

    I'M in.

    Bob, does this mean we won't see you in the south? Maybe next year.
  11. Possibly looking to rent machines for the fall hunt. does anyone have some local knowledge in either Nogales ,Tucson or green valley ? Thank you,Jim
  12. NYAZHunter

    Gifting a Mec 650 20ga shotshell reloader

    Forgive my slow response. It has been spoken for.
  13. It's been a whille since I reloaded and time to clean out the garage . I'm in north phoenix and willing to meet at the Sportsmans Warehouse to pass this along. Sorry I can't upload photos. If you send me a phone no. I can text them to you. Jim