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  1. NYAZHunter


    Tony, was amazing to glass with a tripod for the first time. Glassed a buck up under one of the oaks at 840 yds. I look forward to one more scouting trip and opening day. Thank you.
  2. NYAZHunter


    Took a day trip from Phx yesterday. Deer seem healthy and plentiful. 7 weeks and counting.
  3. NYAZHunter

    The family at the cabin and a bachelor or 2

    Through the years, I spent big money on my Readers Digest subscription and the feature ' build your word power' was a favorite.
  4. I often forget how verdant the Catskills are.
  5. NYAZHunter

    The boys at the cabin , Sullivan County , NY

    Bob, Keep me posted and prayers for you and your lady.
  6. NYAZHunter

    Unit 36c

    Enter through King's Anvil Ranch , about 7 miles south of 3 Points.
  7. NYAZHunter

    Camping Near Prescott?

    Lynx lake
  8. NYAZHunter

    Results are up.

    36B. October. #715. Farthest down the list in 24 years.
  9. Wonderful to see the boys and their headgear. I will be at the cabin in New York for opening day this year, the first time in 29 years. I am gonna miss the 'Third week group' and 29 years worth of stories. Looking forward to October in 36B and November in 3K .
  10. NYAZHunter

    Lets get it started

    CC hit at 7:40 , I'm going hunting!
  11. NYAZHunter

    Dad Passes

    Bob, Sorry for your loss . May the memories that you have keep him alive forever in your heart and mind. Jim
  12. NYAZHunter

    Sale or Trade LH Browning A Bolt ,stainless 30.06 $400

    Hi, it is SPF. I will confirm Wednesday.
  13. Gentlmen , great condition , less than a few boxes of ammo shot .