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  1. WTS a Phone Skope phone case Samsung Galaxy S8. Used but in perfect working order. Asking $20. Will ship for an additional $5 with Vemno or Zelle payment. Located in Queen Creek. Will be in Show Low this weekend. Thanks
  2. rossislider

    Rut Activity

    I talked to a biologist from AZGFD this past weekend. They just received a study back showing elk are susceptible to a strain of COVID which causes the cows to not cycle. Might be a big part of the problem!!!
  3. rossislider

    Once fire brass

    Interested in 7MM and the 6.5 if still available. Where are you located?
  4. rossislider

    NL pure 12x42's

    Since you can install and remove yourself at home, if you did have to send in for warranty work, it looks like you could pop it out yourself and return to standard factory mode without Swarovski knowing otherwise.
  5. rossislider

    NL pure 12x42's

    I received an email from Outdoorsmans back when the NLs were first announced saying they would have the warranty stuff all squared away with Swarovski by the time they were shipping. It wold probably be worth calling them to verify.
  6. rossislider

    Soft Bow Case Recommendation

    Curious why you are going away from the hard case?
  7. rossislider

    Rut Activity

    I'll be headed up tomorrow night to help out a few hunters and will be bouncing back and forth between 3C and 3B. Can't wait!!!
  8. rossislider

    Help With High School Trade-Up Project (Update)

    Thanks. He finished the project at $250 and won the top spot for the class by $10. He was able to pick his group for the semester and surprisingly enough ended up with 3 pretty little girls as his group mates.🤣 For their big project for the semester, they are supposed to become "entrepreneurs" and, as a group, make the money possible through any number of businesses. Last week they sold doughnuts in the parking lot before school. Stuff like that. Fortunately for his group, my son already has his own legit business that they are allowed to use. So his euro mount business will now not only contribute to his pocket book, but also his grade. Speaking of which, he updated his FAQs and pricing for this season for any interested. The only pricing change for this season is a small increase to javelina and large predators.
  9. rossislider

    Tough archery hunt

    Awesome hunt Houston. Sounds like a great time. Congats on your solid buck and Jeremy's beast!
  10. rossislider

    BOLO: Stolen camp trailer from San Tan Valley

    What facility was this at?
  11. rossislider

    BOLO: Stolen camp trailer from San Tan Valley

    Does this type of thing happen often from storage facilities?
  12. rossislider

    gone in 45 minutes

    Let me know if it is still around next weekend. I will be up there and would like to take a look.
  13. rossislider

    Magpul AFG 2

  14. rossislider

    Turned in elk tag.

    Awesome! Hopefully an area you are already familiar with?