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  1. rossislider

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    Sorry I let you down. I let myself down as well. I respect and will own your opinion. But as I stated, I will not be elaborating any further.
  2. rossislider

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    Saying someone is willing to poach and did poach a deer are not the same thing under any definition.
  3. rossislider

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    Agreed, and I did own and apologize for that.
  4. rossislider

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    Wow, I go offline for a day and look at all of this! HELLO CWT!!!! Let me be very clear. I have no hard evidence to support any claim that anyone has poached a deer. If I did, it would have been reported to AZGFD. Nor have I ever made any public claim on this site stating that trphyhntr poached a deer. In as much, I will not be elaborating any further on any poaching incidents. Let me begin by copying exactly the public comment I made since I don’t believe it has been shared anywhere in this thread: "Tags mean nothing to guys like you who are willing to poach deer you 🤡!" Any public comment beyond this about any poaching was shared by trphyhntr. To give a little background, Trphyhntr and I have a history that goes back a number of years to a time when my son and I drew a 3A3C deer tags. I posted about our tags on this site, and shortly after received a PM from trphyhntr offering some assistance to us that I considered troubling and unethical (but to be clear, nothing to do with poaching). I knew nothing about trphyhnr at the time so simply thanked him and declined. Since that time trphyhntr has clearly had a vendetta against me and has sought to troll a majority of the comments and posts I have made here. I am certainly not alone in this. I cannot imagine that anyone who has spent considerable time on this site would disagree that tphyhntr is the site’s leading troll. But that is just my opinion. Unfortunately, in a moment of frustration over one of his replies, I allowed him to get the better of me and made the previous stated public comment. I quickly recognized that the comment was beneath me and reached out to him via PM to discuss it further, while removing the public comment. I would have been happy to have had a more in depth conversation with trphyhntr, but once it became clear he was not interested in having a private conversation (he immediately created this post and started sharing the private conversation), I moved on with my day and had not returned to this site till this afternoon. Back to the original public comment (keep in mind everything else was from a private conversation AND SHARED BY trphyhntr): I did not state that trphyhntr poached a deer, only that guys “like” him are the type of person willing to poach a deer. I am still of this opinion and since it is MY opinion, I won’t apologize for having it. The only reason it remained posted for all to continue to see was because he reposted it. I recognize that the way I made this comment was not prudent and have already apologized for making that. No additional apology will be offered. With regards to me being a “liar and coward”, trphyhntr’s opinion of me is meaningless and I could care less. Those on this site who know me beyond the computer or phone screen know me well enough to make their own judgements, and I feel good about that. So, in my opinion, my biggest error here was allowing trphyhnt to do what he loves, and that was to get under my skin. Since I have now recognized that error, I won’t be making it again and won’t be getting into any further exchanges with him about this or any future topics. Thank you for you time. Much luck to you with your hunts this year.
  5. rossislider

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    I do regret allowing my temper to get the better of me and publicly saying what I said. I should be better than that. Hence my reason for taking the discussion to a private forum rather than public. That is why I removed the comment. I do sincerely apologize for saying it publicly.
  6. rossislider

    Leftover tags

    I didn't mean to offend you or anyone (well, except for maybe trphyclown). Just passing along some hard earned wisdom. I wish you luck on the LO draw any ensuing hunts.
  7. rossislider

    Leftover tags

    Been wondering when I would hear from you. Surprised it took so long. 🤡
  8. rossislider

    Leftover tags

    All I am saying is I can get out in the woods 365 days a year, should I desire, without having to deal with the headache of one of these tags. Guys treat the LO elk tags like gold. But they are LO for a reason. There is no shortage of hunting opportunity in AZ, whether that be hunting for yourself or going along to help out a buddy. Too many great hunting possibilities (it does not have to be elk) for a garbage (IMO) hunt. I've grinded out limited opportunity cow tags when I could have been on any number of other superior quality hunts for myself, family members, and or buddies and regretted it. To each there own. Just not worth it to me.
  9. rossislider

    Leftover tags

    LOL, yes exactly way to much. The cost of the stamp isn’t worth one of those tags.😉
  10. rossislider

    Leftover tags

    Nope, not worth the time, cost, or effort.
  11. rossislider

    Dave Smith feeding hen decoy

    Great deal for someone. Would jump on it if I didn't already have a bunch of DSDs.
  12. rossislider

    School me on getting suppressors

    Circling back to this. Just ordered my next suppressor. After reading and watching material on a lot of them, I was leaning towards the TBAC ultra 9. I had Mark Healy trying to track one down for a while (no where has had any in stock for some time). He reached out to me and said after talking with his guy about it again at Silencer Shop, the Silencer Shop guys strongly suggested I look into the CGS Hyperion given what I wanted out of it. I'm glad he did. Based upon the literature, reviews, videos, and Pew Science rating, I am so glad he recommended it. Now the waiting part. Side note, if you aren't familiar with Pew Science, I highly recommend it when shopping for suppressors. https://pewscience.com/rankings
  13. rossislider

    WTS Vanguard Alta PH-114V Tripod Head

    Price drop. $50 Fantastic heavy duty fluid tripod head. Someone must have a need for this with a heavier setup.
  14. Selling my Vanguard Alta PH-114V Tripod head. Head ONLY. Tripod not included. This is a heavy duty head rated to hold up to 17.6 pounds. As such it is on the stiffer side. It would not be my personal first pick for lightweight binos alone. Best suited for heavy optics or a rifle saddle/rifle setup. I used this for glassing, but more importantly, for my Triclawps and heavy Sendero 300 RUM setup for my kids to shoot off of. It has been an excellent setup for this purpose. It has been well used and cosmetically shows it (priced accordingly). However, from a function perspective, it is in excellent condition. Includes one additional plate (two total) so I could quickly swap between optics and rifle setup. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071JC2LMM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00INN2ZNG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Asking $70 Local pickup in Queen Creek. Not looking to Ship. Only trades interested in would be: Berger .30 215 grain Target Hybrid bullets Federal 215m Primers H1000