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  1. rossislider

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    As of last Friday when my fiend called down, it was still on. But it did seem very day to day. My son and I have tags for this weekend, so I will be checking as well.
  2. rossislider

    WTS Skull Hookers

    Serves you right! Karma for you and Devan bidding everything up on me at the auction Saturday night!😂
  3. rossislider

    WTS Skull Hookers

    If you still have all the hardware, I'll take them.
  4. rossislider

    Elk Tomahawks!!!

    Never thought to try that. I might have to give it a go with our next elk. I'd throw it on the smoker and to about 132 degrees and do a reverse sear. I bet it would be ridiculous.
  5. rossislider

    Muzzleloader Rifle Needed

    A couple of years ago my wife had the limited opportunity muzzle loader hunt that is the week immediately following the one you have. The limited opportunity tag only permitted her to hunt the northern side of the unit, but we still had a blast. That hunt is a lot of fun.
  6. rossislider

    Bull Elk hunt in November unit 3a & 3c - need ideas

    Camofire has a the one state for one year deal going again today for $17.99. Money very well spent!
  7. rossislider

    Bull Elk hunt in November unit 3a & 3c - need ideas

    It's all good man. I am giving you a hard time, but I am also being a realist. I have hunted the unit a lot over the past several years for both elk and deer. By some crazy luck, my family has probably had more elk and deer tags in 3A3C over the past 5 years than anyone. The honest truth is that the late rifle hunt is probably one of the tougher bull elk hunts in the state. Even the best outfitters struggle at times to turn up decent bulls on that hunt. Have realistic expectations, and if you are willing to work, you will find something. But you should consider shooting the first bull you see with antlers. Lastly (and I mean no offense, but since I don't know you, I don't want to assume anything), make sure you know the difference between a buck and a bull before you go. You are more likely to see bucks than bulls on that hunt, and you don't want the trouble that will befall you if you accidentally shoot the wrong one. FYI, if you bought point guard you can turn the tag back in up till the day of the hunt. Scout it hard the week or two before the hunt. If you aren't seeing what you are looking for, and if you burned a lot of points on the tag, I might consider point guard. But if you only had a couple of points, go and have a good time. The worst day in the mountains is better than most any day in the office.
  8. rossislider

    Bull Elk hunt in November unit 3a & 3c - need ideas

    Pointguard and get your points back. That is my best advice.
  9. rossislider

    Costco is getting emptied

    The world has way too many people, we need a new plague. Unfortunately, the Corona virus will not be it.
  10. It is usually about this point in the following week where they start running more cards for the ones that were declined on Friday. Pretty normal. Congrats!
  11. rossislider

    How are you selling your guns?

    I'll refer back to my original statement of "depending on which child".
  12. rossislider

    How are you selling your guns?

    Selling my guns?!?!? Selling a gun would be like selling one of my children, maybe worse, (depending on which child). Plus, selling your guns makes baby Jesus cry.
  13. rossislider

    Crazy guy at Usery

    A lot like John Kerry...
  14. rossislider

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    If the pattern hold from previous draws, about 10 different guys will each start their own "credit card hits have started" within the first 5 minutes of each other rather than look and notice someone already posted one.
  15. rossislider

    WTB European mounts

    My some is a euro taxidermist and has a couple that have been sitting done for over a year. He has called and texted the guys many times to come and pick them up with no response. He might be willing to sell those for what is owed to him. This brings up an interesting question. As hunters, how long do you think a taxidemist should have to hold your mount after it is done before he sells it to someone else? Clearly a year with no response from the hunter is ridiculous. Draysen (my son) recently updated his page and FAQ sheet to say work must be picked up within 60 days of notification of completion unless the hunter and he agree on something else. Thoughts??? (Please excuse the minor thread hijack)