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  1. rossislider

    *Price Drop* WTS NIB Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II Rifle

    Price drop to $500. Also throwing in NIP soft sided case.
  2. rossislider

    WTS Tikka t3 7-08

  3. rossislider

    Father/Daughter Speedgoat Quest

    Awesome hunt! Congratulations.
  4. Awesome, good luck! Shane is a solid guy. I'd say to heck with the kid's college tuition. When did college tuition become the parent's responsibility? My parents definitely missed that memo and I am a better person for it. I was to busy working full time while going to ASU full time (without loans or grants) to party and get into stupid college kid trouble. I easily learned as much about being an adult, responsibility, and work by not having college given to me as I learned in the classroom.
  5. rossislider

    Taxidermy advice

    So where are we with the deer from the OP? Three years is way to long. I hope you have demanded the antlers and cape back by now.
  6. rossislider

    WTS Tikka t3 7-08

    Also have approximately 40 x 140 gn Berger VLDs. Will throw in the bullets or will load them up with my H4350 recipe. Buyers preference.
  7. rossislider

    WTS Tikka t3 7-08

    Funding a new project so looking to sell a rifle or two. This stainless Tikka t3 is chambered in 7-08. The brake was professionally installed by Lance at Dane Customs. This is a fantastic rifle for the smaller or petite shooter. It was set up for and has been used by my wife, son, and daughter on successful elk, antelope, and javelina hunts (pics below). Longest kill shot was 450 yards, but this rifle is good beyond that. Shoots well under MOA with my custom loads (Berger 140 gr VLDs and H4350). Will include 18 loaded rounds, all extra once fired brass, load recipe, and RCBS FL dies. Also includes OEM extended 5 round magazine (original magazine fell out of my pocket). There are some minor cosmetic usage marks on the stock (pictured). Approximately 60 rounds down the barrel. It was just thoroughly cleaned, oiled, and is ready to go. The scope is a Nikon Monarch 4-16x50 BDC using Talley rings. Bare rifle $750 Ready to hunt (w/mounted scope and rings) $1100 Located in Queen Creek
  8. rossislider

    Dual mount

    Yes, but by the time you buy it and the various components you need to make it work properly, it will probably cost more than your spotter and binos. https://outdoorsmans.com/products/outdoorsmans-dual-mount
  9. rossislider

    2019 Raffle buck

    Smart move on the quick turn around with this tag.
  10. rossislider

    *Price Drop* WTS NIB Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II Rifle

    Triple barrel magazine hyper-extended clip edition!
  11. rossislider

    Rio Salado Range AKA Usery AMMO PSA

    200 works a lot better for me. A couple of my rifles still show yaw and pitch patterns at 100. http://www.larrywillis.com/bullet path.html
  12. rossislider

    Rio Salado Range AKA Usery AMMO PSA

    I ran into the 200 range issue this weekend. I wanted to go out and zero my rifles at 200, but found out that 100 is the max until we get some moisture. My hunt starts 9/13 so I have a little time. But if they don't open the 200 range in the next few weeks, I may have to head to Ben Avery or somewhere else. This monsoon SUCKS!!!