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  1. Any specials on the heads alone?
  2. rossislider


    Anyone from the east valley headed that way?
  3. rossislider

    Sirui vh-10 fluid head

    This is a solid head! I have tried at least a dozen different heads over the past 8-10 years, and for someone wanting to mount a big spotter, rifle saddle, etc. (in addition to regular binos), this is the best of any I have tried. It is basically just a size up (larger) from the extremely popular VA-5. I'd be awfully tempted to jump on this if I didn't already have one... Where are you located?
  4. rossislider

    Guys is the Draw open yet?

    Check Facebook, it is way worse!
  5. rossislider

    Dead On Taxidermy????????????

    Ever have any luck getting in touch with him?
  6. rossislider

    Dead On Taxidermy????????????

    Bringing this back up. Anyone hear from or talk to Kevin from Dead on Taxidermy? My buddy took his son's first buck to him about 14 months ago. He said he was told by Kevin in mid November of 2020 that the buck would be done in two weeks. Since then Kevin has been MIA and not returning calls.
  7. rossislider

    Is it too much

    No tracking required!!!
  8. rossislider

    Go buy some groceries and commodities

    Christmas present for the wife several years ago. Will hold 14 quart sized jars, but it cost a few pennies.
  9. rossislider

    Go buy some groceries and commodities

    We should start a thread about the best conspiracy theories you are hearing. My mom sent me a great one the other day (she is a nutty as the come). Via Facebook Messneger video: Currently the government is flying planes at high altitude with special radar/x-ray type equipment that will not only allow them to see into each individuals house, but will identify and document any firearms by type. In the very near future the military will be going door to door with their list to search/confiscate all of the the firearms, and make arrests for a failure to surrender everything on the list. To beat the radar your firearms need to be buried at least 6 feet deep.
  10. rossislider

    Go buy some groceries and commodities

    Nothing to do with the craziness going on, but I found boneless skinless chicken breasts today at $42 for a 40 pound box. Picked up 80 pounds and am helping to wife can/bottle chicken today. https://www.usfoods.com/why-us-foods/chef-store/tempe.html
  11. rossislider

    Is it too much

    No such thing as too much rifle (unless you are getting into military grade stuff). Shot javelina, coyotes, coues, etc. with a 300RUM. No more meat loss than with my smaller rifles like .223, .243, etc. If you plan on having one rifle to hunt everything with, go big. IMO, you can't go too big, but you can definitely go too small. With a higher power rifle that can reach out to long ranges, you definitely want a higher magnification scope, such as the one you mentioned. The biggest negative (other than recoil, but you can do things to manage that) to the big magnum calibers like 300 RUM is shorter barrel life. But for the average recreational shooter/hunter, the barrel with likely outlast you.
  12. rossislider

    Don't think online firearm and ammo sales are safe!

    The conspiracy theory videos are out of control!
  13. rossislider

    Portable shooting bench—75$

    I've always been curious how solid/stable these are. Much wobble/movement in them?
  14. rossislider

    WTS Hornady 6.5 143 grain ELD-X Bullets

    Sorry buddy, I missed your post. I'll keep you in mind if I happen upon anymore.
  15. rossislider

    WTS Hornady 6.5 143 grain ELD-X Bullets

    That was quick. PM me to work out the detail. Thanks.