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  1. wildwoody

    dad not letting me hunt

    No, you just always have a remark about everything I post. There's somethings you show how much of an idiot you are , since were name calling now. Like greyling in bear canyon. I know I don't know everything but don't think your there yet. Sorry Brain didn't want to be that guy but sometimes enough is enough. I like it better to. But that doesn't mean there aren't great people on here that really say things that help. My opinion only. Just tell me to go away and I will.
  2. Awesome, wish I was doing Mexico this year.
  3. wildwoody

    dad not letting me hunt

    Some have passed on, RIP
  4. wildwoody

    6.5 PRC Precision Hunter 143gr. ELDX for sale.

    $80 a box glad I have a big supply. The ammo thing is crazy. Great offer
  5. wildwoody

    Looking for blue healer puppy

    Thankyou, great dogs.
  6. wildwoody

    Camera Poll

    For archery no special permit?
  7. wildwoody

    2006 Jeep Wrangler

    heck ya means my 05 with 107000 miles is worth over 15 grand. Nice jeep
  8. wildwoody

    Camera Poll

    Are they legal.
  9. wildwoody

    Looking for blue healer puppy

    Want one don't have one, thanks buddy
  10. wildwoody

    Looking for blue healer puppy

    Anyone have any info.
  11. wildwoody

    Crickets 2020

    Blow out for sure..
  12. wildwoody

    Looking for blue healer puppy

    I'm looking for a preferably male blue healer puppy, if anyone has a line on one let me know. Thankyou
  13. wildwoody

    Rut Activity

    Slow to no..