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  1. wildwoody

    Water Canyon Road to Big Lake

    Willow is open.
  2. wildwoody

    Turkeys gobbling

  3. wildwoody

    Any shed action yet?

    Yes this is true, I knowva few guys that do it with much success, not sure if its considered harassment
  4. wildwoody


    Snow this weekend
  5. wildwoody

    Slik PRO 724 CF - New In Box

  6. wildwoody

    Turkeys gobbling

    Well done..
  7. wildwoody

    Injured hunter willing to sell his Mexico Gould's hunt

    So what's the bottom dollar since it was a raffle.
  8. wildwoody

    Turkeys gobbling

    There still in Batchelor groups, half gobbles.,
  9. wildwoody

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    I've done a limited on the prowler a while back on the 4th and killed them. Great boat..
  10. wildwoody

    Where are the crappie pics?

    Your back..
  11. wildwoody

    Injured hunter willing to sell his Mexico Gould's hunt

    Dam that sucks.
  12. wildwoody

    Potable Water Totes

    Fill it up and get it tested. Done
  13. wildwoody

    Trail Cam BAN

    Here we go. CJ
  14. wildwoody

    New Mexico draw

  15. wildwoody

    San Carlos success

    Don't worry about it. Turkeys can and will make you feel stupid at times.. Woulda, coulda, shouda