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  1. wildwoody

    So who’s air frying?

    Love mine..
  2. wildwoody

    Which scope?

    Zeiss hd5 25x
  3. wildwoody

    HELP - Quick snow viewing/play trip??

    Above strawberry
  4. wildwoody

    Popcorn thread

    He wouldn't do that..
  5. I haven't noticed much.
  6. wildwoody

    Lost a good friend

    Never easy, sorry to hear.
  7. wildwoody

    WTS: Fox Pro Wildfire

    Bela bla bla..
  8. wildwoody

    God Bless Our Troops

    Imagine that, they also say they killed 30 americans. I trust them..
  9. wildwoody

    Outdoorsman dual mount

    $150 ?
  10. wildwoody

    Mule Deer 33/37B

    Look until your eyes pop out, put them back in and start over.
  11. wildwoody

    Finally ended my free range bison quest!!!

    Awesome, very tasty
  12. wildwoody


    Love mine..
  13. wildwoody

    Max point number for each species?

    I'm thinking there's many for each, could be wrong..
  14. wildwoody

    Ticks and javelina

    Like chit they do.. I killed one and the coyotes wouldn't eat the circus.
  15. wildwoody

    2019 Late Whitetail Deer Hunt

    Awesome buck, congratulations