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  1. wildwoody

    Nocturnal Browns

    He's your brother in law, thats creepy.
  2. wildwoody

    Bear hunting rough start

    Ride on..
  3. wildwoody

    Kid looking for a job in QC

    I thought you meant quality control..
  4. wildwoody

    Nocturnal Browns

    Yes sir, go sit on the bank at night up at chevlon lake at night when the cicada hatch is on. Also try a white jig along the bank after dark. Hold on
  5. wildwoody

    Recommend me a Meat Slicer

    About 4 yrs ago from someone off here, love it for French dips, jerky, onions, much more, haven't notice in even slicing, and there is plastic .. Hobart is the chit thow.
  6. wildwoody

    Savage Mako 22 LR Bolt Action Rifle

    Very nice specimen ..
  7. wildwoody

    Archery Goat Down

    Beautiful goat..
  8. wildwoody

    loosing another Bashas

    Playing, its a slow weekend, I really like beef off the Hoff.. Aug 17th
  9. wildwoody

    loosing another Bashas

    Didn't say it was last week, been a year or two. Don't even want to get into what I've paid for king crab there. It's all about timing, kinda like wally worlds Savage sale. Never say never..
  10. wildwoody

    Wtb outdoorsman tripod head

    Thats a Damm good price..
  11. wildwoody

    loosing another Bashas

    If you say so. How dare anyone question you.. Moving on. You can have your chuck stk..
  12. wildwoody

    Cool footage

    Crazy chit, cool..
  13. wildwoody

    Recommend me a Meat Slicer

    I like my cabala's commercial slicer..
  14. wildwoody

    Bear hunting rough start

    Good old buck head, killed many of tires.