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  1. wildwoody

    Coues deer with a lever action?

    They are great guns, definitely bring the hurt..
  2. wildwoody

    Buddy’s buck

    Killer buck.
  3. wildwoody

    43B Ram down

    Beautiful ram, were still looking for my son.
  4. wildwoody

    Coues deer with a lever action?

    I have killed a few back in the day with dads marlin 35cal lever action with the gold trigger. Just like the Winchester 30-30
  5. wildwoody

    4A Access

    Saw some miserable hunters this morning, fog , snow. Glad I was sitting at home
  6. wildwoody

    Payson People Road Conditions?

    Yes it does..
  7. wildwoody

    Payson People Road Conditions?

    Maybe 3" in beautiful star valley. I've seen hunter's out. Light snow now.
  8. wildwoody

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    Oh the snow is coming, and its gonna be deep, head to the canyon edges and flats .. Goodluck. Love the snow hunts that's the way it was all the time as a kid. Easy to track them. Boom
  9. wildwoody

    Jr Hunts are a blast

    Perfect, congrats
  10. wildwoody

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    Chit.. Hold on
  11. wildwoody

    Good Luck Sheep Hunters!

    My son thanks you..
  12. Safe sailing to all. Happy holidays
  13. wildwoody

    Uh oh...

    Anyway I'm going to Mexico, without a guide, and I don't give a chit about big pharma, small pharma or any farm. But this dirt bag has had it coming for awhile, I think there's at least 2 posts on here where he screwed guys out of $30,000 for big horn in Mexico. Hang him from a tree. After his gate trial.
  14. wildwoody

    The boy tagged a nice little buck

    Great, he was cold, very tasty