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  1. wildwoody

    2-way radios

    I use the Motorola's the cops use , run about $130 A piece, you can program private, or back channels
  2. wildwoody

    DONT MISS THIS......

    Everyone needs another gun , I'm in
  3. wildwoody

    Late Hunt - Rutting???

    Last week mule deer hunting in 20c, absolute no activity, saw 100 does 1 small buck.
  4. wildwoody

    Swarovski 15X56 SOLD

    What did they sell for?
  5. wildwoody

    Way too much to even begin to list just take a look

    Great stuff killer deals.
  6. wildwoody

    MY First Bull

    Sweet bull, I know right where you were, awesome story. Ya you gotta love Adam
  7. wildwoody

    WTB Go Cart and Swing set

    Tractor supply has some great go cart deals.
  8. wildwoody

    Northerner heading South in January

    How do they have archery success rates when you don't have to report your kill anymore. They have no clue over the counter tags are being used and there's 3 archery season a year. I would way the success rates are a wrong and definitely not accurate.
  9. wildwoody

    Late Hunt - Rutting???

    You should see activity around the 25Th
  10. wildwoody

    Fire coaches.

    Our teams always suck, not the coaches, it's the shoot owners, and crap players.
  11. wildwoody

    Shot a buck

    Very well done
  12. wildwoody

    Javalina unit 20b

    No we finally found them but To fare for my grand daughter to shoot.
  13. wildwoody

    Javalina unit 20b

    Was in 20c last week deer hunting, didn't see a stink pig, never hunted 20b
  14. wildwoody

    Arizona has it's Second NWTF JAKES Kansas Hunt Winner

    Something to be very proud of, congrats to the boy