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  1. Get the app, has all good spots. Not easy these days to find new spots.
  2. wildwoody

    Father's Day gift

    Accurate for sure at my house. I give but never receive. Not complaining I definitely take care of myself.
  3. wildwoody

    AMC "old horse comes back to life"

    Give it time lol, thats all I have. Hedge funds are still dropping fast. Ride the wave.
  4. wildwoody

    AMC "old horse comes back to life"

    Green I wish, But red is my favorite color.
  5. wildwoody

    Special Az Rocky Auction Tag

    We will make a list.
  6. wildwoody

    Jacob's Calls and Flies

    Mine work superbly.
  7. wildwoody

    AMC "old horse comes back to life"

    Ya, but its nice to see a little back in the account.
  8. wildwoody

    Special Az Rocky Auction Tag

    You can do May thru June or August thru October. Were going to do August 2025
  9. wildwoody


    No, No, just because your a soldier doesn't mean you get to go full retard and only be disciplined by the military when you goto other countries and do bad things. And he's not a gay woman. Just me. Person in the mirror is responsible for the person in the mirror. Let different then no man left behind. Only my dumb opinion
  10. wildwoody

    Water Catchment Map

    Water everywhere. Never seen woods canyon so full. Good luck
  11. AMC has taken off again. Could this be it. The ex SEC chair is not happy. Shows they were always involved. We will see
  12. wildwoody

    Special Az Rocky Auction Tag

    Ya I missed it when I got the bear package. Was totally confused. Not sure if they even asked me. I think it was a special drawing. I think
  13. wildwoody

    Special Az Rocky Auction Tag

    Man I wish we could of hooked up. Next year. We need to get a group together and get a table.
  14. wildwoody

    Special Az Rocky Auction Tag

    It was a great time, wall of Guns and bucket raffles were a little short this year. I ended up getting a bear hunt for2 in Ontario for $4250. Cant wait. All in all great time. Dinner was superb
  15. wildwoody

    Diesel repair

    Its time to get your diesel's ready for the summer, turbo's reseals, fluids. Brakes, high pressure oil pumps and everything else thats on them darn things. Give Hunter a call at 928-978-6008. Thank you for all of your support.