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  1. wildwoody

    Scammers are busy lately

    Had same problem online, wanted to buy the new Savage 110 PCR 6.5 pistol, ended up looseing my PayPal account, don't care, and the prick tried to continue with Zell. This was of a complete professional website. Said screw it and bought an autographed Cooper Kupp auth helmet. And got it. Don't trust anyone these days. Happy turkey day to all.
  2. wildwoody

    Spring Draw Results are Posted

    Nothing again, back to my cave..
  3. wildwoody

    My son's muley

    Thats awesome, congratulations to the Young man
  4. wildwoody

    Newly Approved Hunter Ethics Course for the Bonus Point

    Is this only for people without hunter Ed point correct. Im slow
  5. wildwoody

    Juniper pedestals and plant stands

    I thought it was Juniper Creations, its been a long time. Rosyslydr got an stump for his sons elk
  6. does any one have the name or number of the husband and wife out of Hagler creek by Young AZ. Need a stump for Buffalo pedistal, and a stick, tree for my antilope and whitie euro's. Thanks any help would be highly appreciated.
  7. wildwoody

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    Social media is bad Juju. We used to glass up a 100 deer a day in the Mad as Hells mountains in the 80's and 90's nobody hunted there. Glad to see some of the good old boys here.
  8. wildwoody

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Go crypto, F air b&b's kids cant find a place to rent up here , do to 160+ up here, and Ross glad to here your with the high rent cowboys who jumped on the California rent hike ban wagon, my son can't find a place he can afford with 2 kids for a year now, but glad to here your getting richer and your intitlement daughter has a free place to live. Ya I'm pissed herring stores of the rich and ahole air band b owners who want you to work weekends because they can't get there asses up here. Don't want to inconvenience the rich. Just my rant. Just bought more doge..
  9. wildwoody

    Learning Taxidermy

    Doing great.
  10. wildwoody


    Chit, little ears big bear, tiny ears huge bear. Huge bear..
  11. wildwoody

    Road to Big Lake?

    Hawley was alittle slow but 2 4 pounders
  12. wildwoody

    23 North Early Archery

    Giants everywhere
  13. wildwoody

    *UPDATE*Hitting a deer with a ricochet...

    Probably gave him a bell ringing and lost his means , seen it many times with Jack rabbits.