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Found 150 results

  1. bcgleeson

    SR 350 Bowtech

    Bowtech SR 350 $1250 I put this in the classifieds not sure if this is a better spot.
  2. bcgleeson

    SR 350 Bowtech

    SR 350 Bowtech $1250 Just in time for the lucky dogs that drew an archery elk tag! Bowtech SR350 60-70 pound draw weight. Right handed. Gray Riser with Kuiu verde limbs. Looking to sell whole. Rest is an AAE Pro drop, Sight is Spot Hogg Fast Eddie triple stack. I have sight tapes and MRT rings that came with the sight. Quiver is Tight Spot one piece with Kuiu verde hood. String is ABB and brand new. Less than 100 arrows on strings. Also have the original strings, never used. Shrewd stabilizers included. Arrows are 300 spine Easton FMJ Match grade 555 total weight. Specs: IBO 350 fps Draw Weight: 60-70 Draw length: 25"-30" (no modules needed) Axle to axle: 33" Fast easy to tune bow for the once in a ten year Bull elk hunt. And I bought a new bow and my wife is getting suspicious. Thanks for reading.
  3. muley224

    Tag arrived

    Tag arrived yesterday. Should start getting solicited by Outfitters soon.
  4. Gamemeat

    Right direction

    Lookin for a some direction. Pops 80yrs young got an cow elk comin up in 4B north. Any help would be appreciated. Camping area
  5. Ghosthunter23

    Full Moon 5BS

    Noticed a really bright moon last night, and haven’t heard any bugles. Anyone have any experience hunting Elk during a full moon period with bright nights?
  6. SirRoyal


    The 1st attachment is a cover letter relaying a statement of an alliance of homegrown sportsmen here in Arizona The 2nd and 3rd attachment is our attorneys letter delivered 3/15/21 to the Governors office pertaining to the trail camera ban.
  7. $3000 OBO. Comes with Free Carbon Fiber tripod legs. They are not Slik, Gitzo, Sirui but paired with a VA-5 Head(keeping head) work awesome! Mint Condition Never Used in field. All original Items from factory included. (Covers). No scratches anywhere. ATX (angled) w/ 65mm Objective. 25-60 magnification. Swarovision Just like EL/ NL. More Pictures Provided if necessary.
  8. 716OutWest

    22N Late Rifle

    Hello, I am new to the site, new to Elk hunting, and new to Arizona. I submitted into the draw this year and was drawn for the late rifle (11/26 - 12/2) bull hunt in 22N. Being somewhat newer to Arizona and new to Elk Hunting, I have been in contact with a few guides. However, after doing some research, I am not certain if I want to spend that kind of money for a not so elite hunt / unit. My concern is being new to Elk hunting, I recognize the learning curve and the difficulty of the Unit (from what I have read). ELk hunting is something that I hope to continue to pursue for years to come. I have been doing a lot of research on 22N and e-scouting some of the common spots and plan to spend a weekend doing some actual scouting sometime soon. I have looked at everything from fully outfitted down to scouting packages. Also, I understand the weather can get tough that time of the year. Are most DIY hunters back-packing / tenting it, campers, or cabins? Thank you in advance for any insight and advice!
  9. $2500 OBO . Mint Condition EL 12x50 EL Binoculars never taken in the field or used. No scratches on the lens or metal. These are HD and have Swarovision. All Accessories and components in box. More pictures provided if necessary.
  10. https://www.fieldandstream.com/hunting/sportsman-group-fights-arizona-trail-camera-ban/
  11. Whats a better way to blow your stimulus check than a new gun for your elk hunt? Selling JUST the gun with a 20 MOA rail, Timney trigger 1.7 lbs currently, Fluted barrel, Muzzle Break, have 100 rounds of brass. asking 1200$ but OPEN TO OFFERS! only reason I am selling is got a new build and cleaning out the safe with guns I dont need.. 100-120 rounds down the barrel! Call or Text Hunter @480-six eight eight- 87three8
  12. My 10 year old daughter drew a unit 9 cow tag for the 8-14 October youth hunt this year. We're excited and a little surprised as her Hunters Ed point hasn’t even been awarded yet so she drew with 0 points. Anyway; first big game tag for her and so far she only has a few rabbits under her belt via the 22. We have a summer of center fire practice ahead of us. My familiarity with unit 9 is nil. I have seen some archery success at Camp Navajo, but that is the extent of my AZ elk experience. I would tend to think that some bugling would still be heard mid-Oct to help us locate herds, but otherwise I would plan to scout and gravitate towards water. It does not appear to me that the unit will lend itself very well to glassing. I also see pretty extensive road coverage such that truck camping with daily backpack hunting can cover most of the unit,no? I don’t have an ATV, standard 4wd pickup only. I have multi-day backcountry backpack hunted MT so I am equipped, but that’s probably a bit much to ask of my daughter on her first big game hunt if not necessary. Any assistance validating or correcting some of my assumptions above or any general guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hank
  13. muley224

    5BS vs 5BN

    My son in- law drew a late Bull tag in 5B. Any thoughts on which is better for a first time tag holder? North or south? I have heard that you can get some really bad weather up there. He has a cabin at Happy Jack. Thanks.
  14. mrcommons

    The peaks tag

    Hi all - long time follower of the site, first time posting because I FINALLY drew an elk tag. I wanted an elk tag this year before my wife and I have kids so I put in for the peaks and 6A early season rifle bull. My credit card hit and I am 99% certain its the peaks. I am in very good shape however I know I will need to step up my workouts for this hunt. I usually OTC deer hunt in 7E so I know the neighboring terrain. I scouted it last year in late august. Saw more bulls than cows, saw a bachelor herd of rag horns with a respectable 6x6 and caught a beautiful 5x5 on game camera. My questions are: is there a recent burn area in the peaks? Does calling in early October work? I see the archery bull and the rifle cow will encompass their first 3 weeks and the neighboring unit 7E, will also have had their archery bull hunt in September as well. Will this drive the elk up the timberline 10-11k feet? I've watched all of Randy's videos on the hunt. Seems like a true old school hunt, no vehicle access, hiking in and out, which I love to do. I get the feeling that people who are desperate (including me) to get an elk tag put in for this unit but turn back when they actually see the work involved. Any advice or information will be awesome, I love hunting, dreamed of elk hunting with my dad since I was a young boy. Now I got the chance and would love to make it good, memorable hunt with him, and I'd appreciate any input. Thanks!
  15. Hey guys new here. I am in search of a used Optima v2 muzzle loader 50 caliber. Does anyone have one they are trying to sell by any chance? Thanks!!
  16. moorehunter86

    Not gov tag but OTC tag filled

    Not the gov. tag but filled the freezer early this year. Been blessed many years with the OTC tags when I don't draw one. Thankful to live where I can get out every year and try my luck. Have to love Arizona elk hunting.
  17. akuritone

    Oversized Cutting Boards

    These are very handy for keeping game clean(and your kitchen) while processing. They will easily fit a full elk quarter. This is the same material that the white cutting boards used in most homes are made from but are bigger and thicker. They are approximately 24" x 48"and are 5/8"-3/4" thick. They will last a lifetime. Makes an awesome bench top too. Easy on knife edges and easy to clean. These are remnants from large sheets. They've been cut on a table saw and have square corners, somewhat sharp edges, and somewhat rough edges. If it matters to you, sand it. $40.00 each. I have quite a few. I'm near Bass Pro. Jeff
  18. beercanfan

    Adult onset hunter, first Elk tag

    New to the forum and frankly, still new to hunting, 5 years of putting in for tags, Ive pulled a few Coues tags down in 35A (way out of my league, but enjoyed every minute of it) along with 4 years of whitetail hunting in Oklahoma, which as you know is nothing like hunting in the west. I pulled my first tag this year, 5A late season hunt and looking for some guidance. Fortunately, I am familiar with the area from many years of camping, but not sure where to begin with a tag in my pocket. So any advice for a novice hunter on a late season Elk hunt in 5A?
  19. Have several great recipes for Backstrap but not the inner loins. Don't wanna mess them up. Thanks.
  20. wildwoody

    Favorite Elk Broadheads

    So I've got 5 packs of Ulmars edge broadheads but thinking of using Rage extreme 4 blade for my elk hunt in September. If you don't mind would like to here everyone's input
  21. Pac8541

    McMillan G31 Heritage 300WM

    Selling a McMillan G31 Heritage long action chambered in 300WM. 26” blued barrel, checkered walnut stock, includes Talley 30mm rings and 2-piece bases. Excellent condition with only 3 minor wear marks (shown). Approx 500rds through the barrel, all factory standard pressure loads. All parts are as installed by the gunsmiths at McMillan. Fluted bolt, side-release bolt catch, hinged floorplate, recoil pad. Scope and leather sling in photos NOT included. $2800
  22. I am hunting Malay Jan 2020 without a guide. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  23. wildwoody

    Post up your success in tags

    I got 6a early archery bull. Gonna be a great year Who's next?