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  1. muley224

    12AW snow fall and driving

    Would not go down there without 4WD ! Even then it can get sloppy and Icyee!
  2. muley224

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    App fee should have already been charged
  3. muley224

    Tacoma questions

    Supply and demand. Used Market will be strong for a long time.
  4. muley224

    Tacoma questions

    Being in the car biz 45 years, I have never seen used car prices at auction across the board this high. If that Tacoma is a 4WD dealers are paying $2-3k over book. New car inventory is at an all time low. Some Toyota dealers have no trucks.
  5. muley224

    2020 Unit 10 antelope

    I am the exact same, 25pts and 10 1st choice. No tag.
  6. Dude, dont you think there is powerlines in downtown Phx? Really, you cant be that stupid.
  7. Amazing. They came out of the west over Downtown Phx. Flew directly over my Carlot. Awesome ! God Bless the Military !
  8. muley224

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    I'm witch ya.
  9. muley224

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    26 pts for Antelope and no draw for me. There is just too many applicants in Az compared to 20 years ago and few goat tags available. Az population in 2000 was 5.13 mil. 2020 population 7.38 mil.
  10. muley224


  11. muley224

    North rim road conditions

    Headed up to north rim 2morrow. Anyone know how the roads are and snow level down on winter range? Thanks
  12. muley224

    Montana or Wyoming Whitetail hunt

    Paul Ellis. Sunday Creek outfitters. I have known him for years. Very good. Ck out his site.
  13. muley224

    Hungry Mountain Lions

  14. muley224

    Just noticed this on my portal

    Youre right ! Why do they even do that? Maybe thats when I will get a Strip tag !
  15. muley224

    Just noticed this on my portal

    Hope that the day comes where I'm still around when my lifetime license expires... Dec 31st 2199