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  1. muley224

    AGFD -- Info Needed On Kaibab Deer Poaching

    Any where to view the photos?
  2. muley224

    Antler mounts

    A-Z Seivers Mountain Valley Taxidermy. 67th ave and Union Hills. Have been using him for many years, Reliable, fast, great prices. nice guy. His name is frank. 602-493-5952
  3. muley224

    Diesel Rebuild Shops

    My good friend has a well established shop on 20th st and East Van Buren. He has done all my work from the Car lot and I refer all my friends to him. He has a large Machine shop there also. I have used him for 30+ years. He knows diesels. His name is John Roeckner, Sundance Automotive. 602-340-0966
  4. muley224

    Where are all the Kaibab Bucks ?

    That Buck is a TOAD ! Congrats on a Buck of a lifetime !
  5. muley224

    My Kaibab buck

    Great Buck ! The Kaibab is a fantastic place to be for sure !
  6. muley224


    Got buried there with a 26' travel trailer. Theres a 4wd tow service at the gas station in williams.
  7. muley224

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    What a Toad ! Great Job !!
  8. muley224

    2019 Desert Muleys

    Nice !! Mexico ?
  9. muley224

    My 13A Muley

    Fantastic Buck and story !
  10. muley224

    The trophy room!

  11. muley224

    The trophy room!

  12. muley224

    When men hunted!

    Heres a few oldies
  13. muley224

    12 East Help

    There are springs up there that the deer know of and we dont. They havnt left.
  14. muley224

    12 East Help

    Jolly Sink. 205 rd. Bucks will be running together. Get pretty nocturnal. Not good glassing up top. Bucks will be in the thick cover in the canyons all day. If you jump one there will likely be many.
  15. muley224

    Youth hunt Arizona 3a-3c hunt help

    Around Clay springs.