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    Hunting, Classic Cars, Golf, and most important, my family. "Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today"

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  1. muley224

    North of the ditch

    Good luck to the lucky hunters that drew a late tag. Should be great weather up north. Post results !
  2. muley224

    North of the ditch hunts

    Good luck to the early Bab Hunters. Be safe and shoot straight. Post pics when you can.
  3. muley224

    Any Velvet Pictures Yet?

  4. Think that's a fair deal. I don't think though you can get close to 500lbs of meat off a Bull. Most I ever got off my biggest bull was around 260lbs boned meat.
  5. muley224

    How'd You Get Your First Buck?

  6. muley224

    How'd You Get Your First Buck?

    Also Western NY outside of Rochester. { Bristol Mountains} Ithaca Model 37 pump. About a 6 in. spike. Good eating !
  7. muley224

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Me. Sunday happy hour they are 1/2 price. Awesome burger with shaved prime rib and onion straws on top !
  8. muley224

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    AG Burger at Arrowhead Grill..... Harveys..... Zipps.
  9. Kaibab and Strip hunts took some hits. Got a better chance hitting the lottery. Still got shed hunting, or unless they follow Utah on that.
  10. muley224

    azgfd seizure auction

    Azgfd Expo and Auction this weekend. Check out their instagram page. Unbelievable amount of items. Heard some were donated. Can access it off their home page.
  11. muley224

    Mobile Detailing with CWT Discount

    Can you buff a black vehicle Without leaving the dreaded "swirl marks" ?
  12. muley224

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Nothing here. Think my chances of a future premier tag are done. 109,000 new residents last year to Az. Blessed that in the last 40+ years I have drawn 3 great Muley tags and 3 great Bull tags.
  13. muley224

    Great Winter Range trip

    Spent 3 great days watching Mule Deer. 300 + Deer in that time. Heard looks healthy. A lot of smaller Bucks. A couple around 175 range. Awesome sunsets, sun rises, and Moon sets.
  14. muley224

    North of the Ditch hunts

    Think a combo of not having their browse froze over a few times and the massive burn at mid-range kept them higher, just an opinion. Wish I could for 1 day think like those Big boys !