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  1. muley224

    Who is hunting where?

    Nada for me. Buddy has a 10 rifle goat tag and son-in-law late 5B bull tag. At least I get to go help out.
  2. muley224

    Big Bo access

    A friend of mine has a goat tag also.
  3. muley224

    Big Bo access

    not till Aug.
  4. muley224

    Big Bo access

    Can anyone tell me which way to access the north end of the Big Bo is best, Route 18 or Wallhala rd? Thanks.
  5. muley224

    Total apps

    Don't forget the anti hunters who apply to "save a deers life"
  6. muley224

    Arizona's Mnt Rushmore of Hunting

    Robin Wills Bechtel. Best hunter and Guide I've ever known. That's him on the left. I'm sure some of you knew him. Also a B&C scorer, plus multiple awards. Wife Billie also has many B&C entries.
  7. muley224

    Make sure your HVAC is up to speed...

    Had a new unit installed in March at my office. Precision Air. Quit working Monday. Have not been out to repair yet. Not real happy with their service.
  8. muley224


    Frank Jiminez. Was with AZ Sievers. In northwest valley. Done several for me. Trustworthy, nice guy. reasonable, great work. 602-493-5952
  9. muley224

    Lion or Large Bobcat

    I saved the picture and blew it up. Pretty sure by the tail its a lion.
  10. muley224

    Any ideas how this rack got like this ?

    By all thew chew marks on it could be it died and the rodents went to town on it. Thanks for all the comments. I never even thought of that.
  11. muley224

    Any ideas how this rack got like this ?

    Don't think is a coues. Got some pretty interesting tines though.
  12. muley224

    Any ideas how this rack got like this ?

    I believe it is an eastern Whitetail. Pretty cool .
  13. muley224

    Any ideas how this rack got like this ?

    That makes sense ! Thanks !
  14. I've had this rack for a very long time. Don't remember where I got it. It's been like this since i got it. It has the strangest texture to it. Tips look like they have been chewed on. Has no weight to it. I'm thinking maybe under water for awhile? Sort of crystalized. If you zoom in on the skull it looks real, not a replica. Any thoughts? Thanks
  15. muley224

    North of the ditch shed hunt

    Never have seen the few head of elk that are there. some deer at mid range, top of pine hollow rd and by Magnum.