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  1. muley224

    how do you display your sheds

    I like the 2 point and small shed collection I have. Shed to the right of the mount actually scores 100 " ! Looked for the other side for 2 days. 23" G2. Could have been well over 200" typical on the hoof.
  2. muley224

    Most Bizzarre Muley shed I have ever seen

    The buck lived behind his house. They annexed it recently in the city limits. Can't even archery hunt him.
  3. My Brother in law in South Dakota found this Shed the other day. He had seen him on the hoof. He said the other side was a typical 4pt. When he spotted the horn in the snow he said it looked like a piece of driftwood. Thus he named the buck "Driftwood" Wonder what he will be next year?
  4. muley224

    Results are posted!!!

    I'm witch ya
  5. muley224

    Pronghorn Hits?

    Got that right. You see it was 20 years ago.
  6. muley224

    Pronghorn Hits?

    I have 24 BP's. Cant draw a goat tag to save my life. I just want 1 in my life. My brother drew last year with 23 an turned in the tag due to health reasons. He Drew again this year ! Just too many applicants and very limited # of tags. Congrats to all those who drew.
  7. I recently found out that a long time Az. Hunter, friend, and Guide, Robin Wills Bechtel Passed away. Robin achieved many awards, I believe the big 9, and Heads and horn plus many many B&C entries along with his wife Billie. I met him in 1992 when he was a B&C scorer. He scored both mine and my brothers Kaibab Bucks. In the years to come I accompanied him on several hunts, the Az. Kaibab, Nevada, Wyoming, and the San Juan Elk ridge in Utah. { Photo is from my Utah hunt with Robin on the left.} He was probably the best hunter that I have ever known. He was awesome on field Judging horns. I believe Robin also did 2 or 3 tours in Viet Nam as a Navy Seal. My condolences to Billie and the Bechtel family, One of the things I will always remember is him naming a Big Buck in the Kaibab the " FACS" Buck. I asked him why the "FACS" Buck? He replied... Fuckin a cock-sucker.
  8. muley224

    new to shed hunting, advice?

    Just start walking. The Kaibab gets hit very hard, mostly in the sage cuts. I like getting up in the cedar/ junipers. Hard to say exactly when they drop, it varies. Just enjoy the country with friends and family. I have found most Lion and Winter kills in the trees.
  9. My daughter has acquired 2 blind female pibull puppies. They were rescued. She would like to find a good home and hopefully together. I believe that there are certain requirements. Please send me a PM and I will forward any interest to her. Thanks.
  10. muley224

    Late Kaibab and Strip

    Awesome ! Thanks for sharing.
  11. muley224

    Late Kaibab and Strip

    Any reports on the Strip or late Kaibab from anyone ?
  12. muley224

    Deer Antler Mount Phoenix?

    Frank Jiminez. A-Z Sievers
  13. muley224

    12A West

    The 22 RD where it goes down to the pine hollow rd. Many many camp sites and will be lots of camps. Hunt out of camp or many does should be around little MTN mid-range. Does down off the 423 by then with better vision. Have fun. Shouldnt be a problem finding Does.
  14. muley224

    Unit 10 no luck

    My brother had the 10 cow hunt a few years back. We never saw an elk. He also had the deer tag that started the day after the cow hunt. First day of the deer hunt we had 3 cows and a bull walk right by us at 30 yrds ! It was like they knew.
  15. muley224

    Kaibab Elk

    I believe the heard is about 30-40 head. Never seen them on the east side. Years back we saw them on the west side by Slide tank. Also have seen them around the highway gravel pit north of Jacob off the highway. Very large area to find them. AZGFD wants them harvested. They should locate them and help anyone with a tag. Just my opinion