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  1. muley224

    Whats the deal with unit 10?

    Big Bo is worth the dough ! Better water for sure.
  2. muley224

    Thoughts on High fence hunts

    I have no issues with the people who do this if that's their thing. I just think altering one of Gods beautiful creations with steroids is not good for the Deer, We all hunt here and harvest Gods creatures, but we still respect the natural beauty of the animal, not man made ones.
  3. muley224

    Thoughts on High fence hunts

    Think if this is your type of hunting, go for it. Me, I don't want to hunt an animal that can't get away, and that the Antlers are man made with chemicals. This was an interesting article in Outdoor life......
  4. muley224

    Thoughts on High fence hunts

    I just think it is not fair to the animal to grow that on their heads unnaturally. Just me. I believe that everyone has an opinion.
  5. muley224

    Thoughts on High fence hunts

    I think that these steroid Bucks have a miserable life with all that weight to lug around.
  6. muley224

    Looking for new truck

    If anyone in the north valley drives by the Autonation store at Bell and the 17, they usually have the largest front line of trucks you will ever see. In the last few weeks they maybe have 20.
  7. muley224

    Thoughts on High fence hunts

    Just wondering thoughts about these high fence hunts and the deer they harvest for enormous fees. I know mine.
  8. muley224

    Looking for new truck

    Just supply and demand. We dealers are not happy with these stupid prices. Ca. dealers are coming here and ruining the market. Anyone can google search " Used cars prices are way up" and you will see all the reasons. Not us dealers fault here in Az.
  9. muley224

    Looking for new truck

    Be ready for some severe sticker shock on what you are looking for. Been in the biz for 50 years. Never ever have I seen this madness. Diesels are through the roof Even with over 200k miles. Some over 300k. Some of these Pick-ups at auction are bringing $5-10k over KBB wholesale ! No new inventory out there.
  10. muley224

    5BS vs 5BN

    It is NOT his cabin. He rented it. Just sayin! It is NOT his cabin. He rented it. Just sayin!
  11. muley224

    5BS vs 5BN

    My son in- law drew a late Bull tag in 5B. Any thoughts on which is better for a first time tag holder? North or south? I have heard that you can get some really bad weather up there. He has a cabin at Happy Jack. Thanks.
  12. muley224

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    My son-in-law drew either early 10 bull or 5b late bull !! Giddy-up !
  13. muley224

    ITS ON!!!!!!

  14. muley224

    I heard the hits are coming.

    Hope my card that expires in 2025 is still good when the hits start.