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  1. Probably some resident deer there. Its pretty low country. Better up top early.
  2. muley224

    12BW Late Solo

    Verizon works well in most of the unit.
  3. muley224

    Show Low/ Pinetop restaurants..

    The Pasta House in Pinetop is by far the best food in town.
  4. muley224

    Looking for advice in Unit 10

    Hunt the Big BO.
  5. muley224

    Mt Rushmore

    Oh, and take your binos !
  6. muley224

    Mt Rushmore

    Have been to Mt Rushmore a dozen times. It will bring a tear to your eyes, it does me every time. Pictures do not do it justice, it is awesome in person. Make sure you watch the movie in the auditorium also. The facts surrounding its creation are amazing. Also the story of the Crazyhorse construction. Sometimes if you hit it right you can witness some blasting going on there.
  7. muley224

    Mt Rushmore

    Have been there many many times. My wife is from there. Stopping at wall drug is a must, great hot roast beef sandwich. Pioneer auto Museum in Murdo. Crazyhorse monument is a must. Also the "Cosmos". Deadwood is fun and Keystone lake is beautiful. Driving through Custer state park is always on our list. Lots of wildlife and some of the prettiest country you will find.
  8. muley224

    Any shed action yet?

    Still packing in May ?
  9. muley224

    Any shed action yet?

  10. muley224

    Any shed action yet?

  11. muley224

    Sleeping bag

    I have been through so many bags in the last 40 years. About 12 years ago I finally got smart and spent the money on a Butler Bag. Best investment ever. Bag was $500.00. Worth every penny. Doesn't matter the temp outside. Has 2 compartments. Very wide. Absolutly none better.
  12. muley224

    how do you display your sheds

    I like the 2 point and small shed collection I have. Shed to the right of the mount actually scores 100 " ! Looked for the other side for 2 days. 23" G2. Could have been well over 200" typical on the hoof.
  13. muley224

    Most Bizzarre Muley shed I have ever seen

    The buck lived behind his house. They annexed it recently in the city limits. Can't even archery hunt him.
  14. My Brother in law in South Dakota found this Shed the other day. He had seen him on the hoof. He said the other side was a typical 4pt. When he spotted the horn in the snow he said it looked like a piece of driftwood. Thus he named the buck "Driftwood" Wonder what he will be next year?
  15. muley224

    Results are posted!!!

    I'm witch ya