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  1. cohntr6

    E tag are up

    New Mexico has been using an e-tag option for several years now. I haven't had any issues with it, just need to carry another foot or so of orange flagging tape which is better that (+1) a thicker wallet. LOL Can't wait for results!! Jeff
  2. cohntr6

    Anybody else’s E tag just disappear?

    Yikes, someone in my family drew an elk tag but we all show pending even with me as the only e-tag option. Good luck! Jeff
  3. cohntr6

    Card Hits!

    Dang it! LOL. I put in a few choices on my wife and kids' elk apps and am dying to see what tag it is. On another note, and friend got a $135 charge this morning! Jeff
  4. cohntr6

    Card Hits!

    So, getting back on topic... What are the odds results will be in the portal tomorrow? 50/50? Jeff
  5. Heck of a year for you and company and holy eyeguards! Congrats! Jeff
  6. cohntr6

    New record Coues ?? Does anyone have the scoop?

    WOW! Thanks for the extra picture! Any other details yet? Jeff
  7. I will take that bino adapter! PM sent Jeff
  8. cohntr6

    NL pure studs and bino adapters

    I responded in your other stud listing then saw this. I am interested in both the stud and "short" adapter if you still have both. Thanks, Jeff
  9. cohntr6

    NL pure studs

    Still for sale? Jeff
  10. Where are you located Bret? I may have some I can part with. Jeff
  11. cohntr6

    Skeleton canyon unit 27

    Well done and welcome to the site. Jeff
  12. cohntr6

    NM unit 24 coues

    How is the hunting going, rhett?
  13. cohntr6

    Unit 27 New Mexico

    Does your hunt start Saturday or is it over ? Did you get the access thing figured out?
  14. cohntr6

    Kuiu gear (pictures)

    I may have missed it but what is the condition of the clothing? Jeff
  15. cohntr6

    7mm PRC

    Thanks Red Rabbit, good read. Jeff