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  1. cohntr6

    New Sig Cross rifle

    Well it looks like Bass pro/Cabelas got a hold of some
  2. cohntr6

    New Sig Cross rifle

    Someone has to have one on the site, despite corona! Anyone? Jeff
  3. cohntr6


    I have never had trouble finding reloading supplies for our .250 Savage even factory ammo. If your having a hard time finding stuff I may part with some brass. Btw, I love the 250! It is an incredible little cartridge with little recoil. I had a rifle made about 10 years ago for my daughter who is very recoil shy and petite. She has taken 2 cow elk, a whitetail buck, and I shot a WT with it. Sorry, no experience with the Roberts but I have a 257 weatherby that has slayed many WT and I love it too so I understand your dilemma ๐Ÿ˜ Jeff
  4. I am really attracted to this rifle! Has anybody got their hands on one? https://www.sigsauer.com/store/sig-cross-rifle.html
  5. Good read: https://www.wmicentral.com/heber-overgaard-residents-guilty-of-poaching-schemes-after-azgfd-investigation/article_fd4c9330-b4e7-5473-92d5-c196c6e5c9a9..html?fbclid=IwAR2DIxzLjR0-MD6AjCZKsIZUNpDvx_gjf_lfKRCmL2IBfNG1jGG664bSI4s Jeff
  6. cohntr6

    24b sucks

    2 seasons of fire. Is there anything left? 24B must really suck now. Jeff
  7. cohntr6

    Using salt and cameras to locate a specific buck

    I know it is hot but any luck Lone Pine Outdoors? Jeff
  8. cohntr6

    Ranger vs General vs Razr

    Last year I rode in the back seat of a brand new Polaris ranger 6-seater. It was quiet, fast (fast enough for me, lol) and rode very smooth on the trails which impressed me BUT sitting in the back I had dust coming up from the floorboards (gaps in the floor from backside of the front bench) which did not impress me for "fit and finish" of the rig. One other thing was the stock clearance was not enough, it seemed like we would hit rocks and stumps far more than I thought we should. Just my observations. Great thread, thanks! Jeff
  9. cohntr6

    Anyone draw nm unit 23 ?

    I put in this year to see if I could redeem myself but didn't get drawn. Maybe next year. Jeff
  10. cohntr6

    Anyone draw nm unit 23 ?

    Wow Mathews! Heck of a buck! I wish I would have been in contact with you last year for my Burro Mtn MD hunt! It was the toughest hunt I have EVER been on. Jeff
  11. cohntr6

    Swarovski ATS

    Can a straight eyepiece be put on the body? Or is it the other way around? Jeff
  12. cohntr6

    Yea itโ€™s a 2x2...

    One heck of buck! Congrats! Jeff
  13. cohntr6

    2020 Rutting Coues Video

    Well done! Jeff
  14. cohntr6

    New Mexico draw results

    The last two years NM results came out April 19 and April 18 (both were Fridays). I was hoping for the trend to continue this year and have results yesterday. Hopefully next week! Jeff