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  1. cohntr6

    Pre boil brain removal tip

    Great stuff! Thanks Tropicalmulch and Ed! Jeff
  2. cohntr6


    Thanks for the insight Recurveman. I'll get a tag. Jeff
  3. cohntr6

    European Beetle Timeframe

  4. cohntr6

    European Beetle Timeframe

    Just curious, especially from someone who uses Dermestid beetles for skull work, what the time frame is to get a head done? A few days is what I am gathering. Thanks, Jeff
  5. cohntr6


    Definitely could be different lions. It has almost been 3 years since the last one strolled by my camera and I just wonder if it "grew up". Although the most recent picture looks like a male. Wish it put its tail up walking away from the camera. LOL Jeff
  6. cohntr6


    Looks like a mature lion from the other day (time stamp is correct). Guess I better get a tag and be prepared. Other pictures are older but from the same camera location, I wonder if it is the same lion. Jeff
  7. That is great news the thief was caught! Hopefully you get all your stuff back. Jeff
  8. cohntr6

    Unit 31 Info

    YES!! Congrats again Jess! Jeff
  9. cohntr6

    hunting map apps, gps

    Thanks Bojangles for starting this thread, I have very similar questions that you did. What did you end up doing? On X? Gaia? GPS? Something else? I know this thread is a year old but I appreciate reading all the other feedback from others too! Thanks, Jeff
  10. cohntr6

    My first Coues

    My hat is off to you! I can't stand the heat. Congrats! Jeff
  11. cohntr6

    More of this

    Good stuff! Thanks for the post biglakejake. Jeff
  12. cohntr6


    CouesN4Abruisin, How did you do 5 years ago? Jeff
  13. cohntr6

    Gov tag buck

    AZ8, LOL! Cool buck! Jeff
  14. cohntr6

    Remington 700 adl youth stainless rifle 7mm08

    Out of curiosity, what chassis is that in the 1st picture? Jeff
  15. cohntr6

    New 6.5 PRC

    You'll have to weigh out your options with reloading and decide for yourself because it can be addicting! I started about 10-11 years ago and never looked back despite if costing more or less, I love it. I actually think I have a little problem because I have acquired too many bullet and powder combinations to tinker around with finding the "perfect load", LOL. Jeff