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  1. cohntr6

    hunting map apps, gps

    Thanks Bojangles for starting this thread, I have very similar questions that you did. What did you end up doing? On X? Gaia? GPS? Something else? I know this thread is a year old but I appreciate reading all the other feedback from others too! Thanks, Jeff
  2. cohntr6

    My first Coues

    My hat is off to you! I can't stand the heat. Congrats! Jeff
  3. cohntr6

    More of this

    Good stuff! Thanks for the post biglakejake. Jeff
  4. cohntr6


    CouesN4Abruisin, How did you do 5 years ago? Jeff
  5. cohntr6

    Gov tag buck

    AZ8, LOL! Cool buck! Jeff
  6. cohntr6

    Remington 700 adl youth stainless rifle 7mm08

    Out of curiosity, what chassis is that in the 1st picture? Jeff
  7. cohntr6

    New 6.5 PRC

    You'll have to weigh out your options with reloading and decide for yourself because it can be addicting! I started about 10-11 years ago and never looked back despite if costing more or less, I love it. I actually think I have a little problem because I have acquired too many bullet and powder combinations to tinker around with finding the "perfect load", LOL. Jeff
  8. cohntr6

    BTX Tripod/Head

    My boss says the same, have to sit in a chair to use the BTX's comfortably. He uses the Helonix Zero I think. It weighs about a pound and gets you off the ground enough. Not sure of the tripod set up. Maybe a trade off with a lightweight chair will allow for a sturdy tripod? Jeff
  9. cohntr6

    Youth Non Resident Unit 31

    When you went Javelina hunting years ago did you take note of any deer spots? If so, start in those spots. You'll probably find mulies or whitetail before you find Javelina, LOL! The cool thing with that tag is that it is "any antlered"! Jeff
  10. cohntr6

    Unit 31 Info

    To answer some of your questions: I would say 31 has a good/wide distribution of WT. The WT range from the desert floor all the way to the peak of Mt. Graham and everywhere in between. They are not in pockets but like I said they are really low in the mesquite/prickly pear/ocotillo country all the way to the ponderosa/spruce/fir. You can camp by your buddy in 32, you'll just have to be in the Bonita/Klondyke area to be close to each other and each others' units. I would just use google earth or buy a Coronado National Forest map. I have done a couple solo backpack hunts and lots of hunting from the truck. I have had success with both but I have never had a problem getting away from hunters in this unit and often find myself in canyons all alone (as far as I know LOL). We did have a good fire a couple summers ago that has changed a few of the canyons access (harder to get into) but like any fire it has only benefited the habitat. Our winter moisture was great and even through the spring was nice but it is pretty dry now. Our monsoon rain, IMO, has been a less than average on the mountain but hopefully that will pick up. Hope that helps.
  11. cohntr6

    Unit 31 Info

    Here is a couple bucks we took last year in 31. My sister-in-law on the first hunt and my daughter on the late hunt (same tag as you bigsky2). Both bucks scored over 100" which was super cool as I haven't killed a WT over 100" in 12 years of hunting them and both of these ladies did it on their first deer! Jeff
  12. cohntr6

    Unit 31 Info

    bigsky2, Did you get someone to help out or places to go? Since you and 149 other people drew my tag (lol), I can help you out. Jeff
  13. cohntr6

    Draw Results!

    Ahh, dang, sorry!
  14. cohntr6

    Draw Results!

    Archery tag?
  15. cohntr6

    Draw Results!

    See you there 😊