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  1. couesdeerhntr

    Elk Points

    Man does this really happen? Is this legal? Shitty system manipulation. But its always about money! What a shitty world
  2. couesdeerhntr

    Antelope 15 points

    U posted when i was typing thanks for responding.
  3. couesdeerhntr

    Antelope 15 points

    Lol ok Never mind i got my answer buddy just sent me some draw odds and dang i am way off even for archery. I though maybe close to bonus pass for a few units for archery but guess not.
  4. couesdeerhntr

    Antelope 15 points

    Try for a rifle tag or archery tag? 15 points in hand. I actually thought i had more.No idea how close i am for archery or even rifle as i do not subscribe to any hunt draw apps and i do not no how to find it now with new website changes
  5. couesdeerhntr

    My 2023 Bear

    Beautiful bear man! I cant wait for that moment i get mine. 11 plus years and counting for me. Three shots and countless encounters but i still cant make it happen. Congrats man on a trophy and lifetime memories.
  6. couesdeerhntr

    Can you enter draw at 9?

    Got a quick few question's as well guys. Daughter is 10 and just finishing up her online classes. She will not get a field day in before draw but pretty sure i can apply her for elk and antelope hunts? But main question is can i pick her up a youth over the counter turkey tag without her having field day and hunt spring turkey otc?
  7. couesdeerhntr

    34B Lope

    Congrats on a nice lope!
  8. couesdeerhntr

    Otc elk. My first rifle elk.

    Man congrats on that otc tag! A velvet bull is my dream.
  9. couesdeerhntr

    2023 Coues

    Congrats on a nice buck!Nice to see a success post!
  10. couesdeerhntr

    Youth Turkey 2023

    So cool! Congrats on a very nice bird. One year and counting and maybe i will be running into you in the woods with my daughter on her youth turkey hunts. Congrats again!
  11. Wife got lucky and drew this tag again with 2 points. She had it a few years ago and shot and missed at a giant and had a whole bunch of close calls. It’s redemption time this year. Cant wait for this hunt!
  12. couesdeerhntr

    Bull shed questions summer location vs were they shed

    Wanted to bring this question back up. I actually went in there and found some sheds they were old and not the size i was expecting but those bulls are there. When i saw them in early august they were still in velvet and pretty dang big. They were still together and didnt break off yet for any rut like behavior . My question is now do u think there is a chance they will be there for late rifle season in December? Seem to be there august and then back shedding there antlers in march and thru august.i am guessing i have a chance just want to see what you guys think
  13. couesdeerhntr

    Has anyone purchased from this website

    Ok seems more like a scam when i look into it. This poped up in google search for bog pod death grip search to see what they are selling for
  14. couesdeerhntr

    Has anyone purchased from this website

    3d elk target for 68 dollars? Bigpod desth grip carbon tripod 68 dollars. Kayaks 68 https://www.armaaco.shop/product/blackfriday-bog-pod-death-grip-clamping-tripod-carbon-fiber-1099443/
  15. couesdeerhntr

    Has anyone purchased from this website

    3d elk target for 68 dollars? Bigpod desth grip carbon tripod 68 dollars. Kayaks 68