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  1. couesdeerhntr

    Gas Prices, how high will they go?

    We can all just go save a bunch of money on gas from siphoning gas out of cars with biden stickers
  2. couesdeerhntr

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    Thank you for offer and i will be calling you soon.
  3. couesdeerhntr

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    Final verdict is in and i am getting it mounted. My only other strut mount had a foam head. Leaning towards the freeze dried approach. Cut and strut i think is the name seems legit for taxidermy and does this i think.Anyone else have recommendations.
  4. couesdeerhntr

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    Well i guess i never hunted there before but definitely seemed harder than I expected. After i shot my bird and the stress was gone i drove around aNd of course found a few more.
  5. couesdeerhntr

    Goulds in the Santa Ritas

    Congrats on your goulds!
  6. couesdeerhntr

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    Yes he was very happy to join. When you had stopped by to drop off calls i had not told him he was going yet and i wanted to surprise him so thats why i told him no at the time. But he was always going! Little man had a blast and become more of a man during it as well! Definitely came out of his shoes and showed me more of himself for sure
  7. couesdeerhntr

    Got offered goulds tag again from game and fish

    That mouth call sounded really good i love it. I am really hooked on the box call you made me. It sounded great and the arizona walnut from Christopher creek makes it even more special being an arizona native. Thank you again. Ammon you make great calls i will be getting some more mouth calls from you soon.
  8. couesdeerhntr

    Got offered goulds tag again from game and fish

    Heck ya man just got home and got it done Tuesday . I just posted story
  9. couesdeerhntr

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    I can never send these pics right!
  10. couesdeerhntr

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    I have to start off with a big thank you to zaccarp and qcchevy for sending me some locations and Little Creek Calls for getting my calls done very fast and actually bringing them to my house. Sunday i got off work and headed down to hunt some Goulds. Best i could do with short notice tag. Monday morning comes and first stop i get into a bird and he is coming right for me then gets to 100 yards and i watch him walk around me. Stop one is done. Try different location and i get hammered and watch a hen walk him right around me and i cant make it happen again. Now i am starting to question myself. I know i can hunt turkey but i must be making some mistakes or just not finding the right bird. Drive around and see some birds and get a few responses but thats it. Now i am worried. Everyone talks about it being an easy hunt and it was seeming to be the normal grind of turkey hunting going on for me. I wake up Tuesday and get into a bird again and work him for a bit and then coyotes start barking and howling and fired the bird up but also pushed him out as i hear him gobbling and going away. I decided to go try a different area and find nothing. Drive to a differnt location and throw out some calls and boom two birds hit me. Its on. I work them for an hour it seems and cant break one off the knob they are on and dont know why. Didnt seem like they had hens. Decide i am going to try and get closer and blow out two deer and the turkey shut up. I think its done and move out to try a different spot. Not and the next spot so i head back to wear i the birds were that i thought the deer spooked out to pick hp a nice pile of fire wood a saw and i hear them again. Decided to try and work around them and come from different side. I get to a spot i can actually glass back and see all the glass up two strutters and a bunch of hens. I work into them while my buddy took some good pics thru the glass. Got to within 63 yards of two toms. When i get there i didnt have to do anything. i ended being surrounded by hens and two other toms. The hens started walking towards me and i take a shot at one of the toms and miss and he flys up and over a tree and i was about to shoot again but the two other toms run right in front of me and i shoot and i drop one. I could hear my buddy and son Cheering for me as they watch the whole thing thru phone scope and binos. Was an awesome experience. Cant wait to do it again. Thank everyone again who helped out it was a great experience.
  11. couesdeerhntr

    2022 Chiricahua’s Goulds

    heck ya man congrats Vowell!
  12. couesdeerhntr

    Got offered goulds tag again from game and fish

    Just got charged for it now it’s official.
  13. couesdeerhntr

    Got offered goulds tag again from game and fish

    Man that would be great thank you. We have talked before about rio turkeys. i will pm you in the morning
  14. couesdeerhntr

    Got offered goulds tag again from game and fish

    25 with the loyalty and hunter ed
  15. couesdeerhntr

    Got offered goulds tag again from game and fish

    I can still back out In morning but dont think that is going to happen.