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  1. couesdeerhntr

    The virus

    Boy leg is good all healed up and acting like a kid again. Hope the same with you and your fam!
  2. couesdeerhntr

    The virus

    Through my long rant this is what I ment so thank you Mark for the follow up post.
  3. couesdeerhntr

    The virus

    So I get on this site from time to time to share success stories and just reply to a few things here and there and I never really engage on the back and forth, but for some reason this post allowed me to join in. It has nothing to do with the attack on anyone’s freedoms or political views by any means. I Love every bit of my freedoms and would never give them up and would fight for every bit of them, but wanted to elaborate on this. The mask and vaccine are not for the the healthy person. From my little bit of education on covid and other viruses tells me ya the mask does little, it does help but does not stop it. I was always told that the regular mask will not protect me. Will it help Even at the tiniest bit? Yes. Even if your are healthy you can spread it a little even with no symptoms and yes I understand if you don’t want to wear one that’s on you. Germs are on everyone and from touching anything it can spread. Ya, not like if you are sick and sneezing and coughing, but you still can. I know, it’s America and if you choose not to wear one, no worries either, but wanted to give a little on what I know about germs and how they spread. Masks and hand washing helps everyone a little. It mostly helps people with diabetes or those that are overweight and/or have hypertension or other diseases that this virus attacks that didn’t expect this virus to show up out of the blue and affect. Ya we can drink some beers and talk about all sorts of reasons why or how we think the virus came about and I am always down for that kind of discussion. I understand the reason for people to not want to get the vaccine. Am I going to rush and get it? Heck No I am not. Not because I am an anti vaccination person, but because I just don’t feel I need it. I am not worried about it as much as I used to be through my year worth of education on this virus. Ya could it still affect me and maybe put me under for good? Ya it can, but for my age and health I’m not too worried according to the odds and probability. My little bit of conspiracy side thinks it might be big pharmaceutical jumping on a virus because they can make money off of it. that being said in my eyes if you are old and have some illness that it might affect then in my eyes it can only help.Like the flu vaccine, it will need to be taken every year and adds billions of dollars to big pharma pockets. Likewise, with the flu vaccine, how I understand it, it’s for the elderly and for anyone who has an illness that this disease will attack or anyone who feels like they need it, and I won’t judge them if they take it. It’s up to them not anyone else. That’s what makes America great. For some reason thru social media In my eyes we have got into this culture of pointing fingers and blaming and not really enjoying what we really have. It’s the decision to make our own decisions, but to always know they come with consequences, and if you are ok with that then It’s on you. if I didn’t really Answer why I actually posted and quoted this post here it is. The mask is not for the person wearing it and is for the small chance you do have it and are not showing symptoms or might just be starting to show your symptoms. I hope if you do have any cold symptoms you are not going out but again that’s on you.i do see this disease every three days and it’s real and killing some people. Does it kill everyone that it touches?heck no. Some didn’t even know they had it,But it does kill and is being added to everything else that can get us. What scares me the most is I see what’s it does to the lungs of people that it does make sick even if they don’t get admitted to the hospital it hurts the lungs and that alone scares me. No it does not attack the lungs on everyone but some it does and it creates a lot of damage. And what does that mean for that’s persons future? ThAt alone allows me to put on a mask when I walk into a place of business that has the right to refuse service to anyone and make there own decisions on how to run there place of business. If you took the time to read the post sorry for the long rant and I hope maybe it helps with a little.
  4. couesdeerhntr

    The virus

    Mask are a small barrier but does not protect you completely. From when the virus was first here we were told first no masks then ok wear your social comfort mask and then it was mandatory at my hospital. If you really want to we’re a mask to protect you then you need a n95 or better. Best thing to do is if your worried don’t go out and wait for the vaccine. What I think is funny is most people think the mask will protect them when really it is to stop droplet spread from the person wearing it
  5. couesdeerhntr

    The virus

    Deep in the covid three days a week at the hospital. My two cents is the virus is real and is killing people. I went from thinking I was going to die and need a new career to I am pretty much ok with the virus and not worried. That being said if you are obese or have heart issues or diabetes or elderly with health decline or hypertension “high blood pressure “ you are flipping a coin on how it will effect you. Not saying it will kill you but it does make some people pretty sick. What I got from this is you need to stay healthy. Do I think there are other things at play with the media hype yes. Are hospitals making money? From what I understand yes. Now we see more admits with less intubation. You can put the two together! With all that said. It’s real and if you are unhealthy take precautions. Everyone else in my honest opinion live your life. As for the vaccine ya it will help but it is just a blanket like the flu shot not a cure all. Every year we will have to take one again. But if your old or unhealthy it will only help.
  6. couesdeerhntr

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

    Congrats to your son! Can’t wait for to enjoy that experience with My kids when they are of age. Memories you will never forget!
  7. couesdeerhntr

    Poverty tag

    Man congrats idgaf on a beautiful elk! Loved the post!
  8. couesdeerhntr

    Swavely kids 2020

    Congrats catfishkev to you and your kids on some fun hunts. What a nice first mule deer! Posts like these make me look forward to when my kids are of age and I can enjoy those moments with my kids. Thanks for the post!
  9. couesdeerhntr

    2020 Summer Cow

    Congrats man!
  10. couesdeerhntr

    2016 velvet coues video

    Thank you!
  11. couesdeerhntr

    2016 velvet coues video

    Not even sure if I have shared before and if I have I am sorry.
  12. couesdeerhntr

    2016 velvet coues video

    I am getting the itch and started watching some video I had and figured I would share. Not a giant but fun hunt. IMG_5005.MOV
  13. couesdeerhntr

    CC hits?

    Congrats Stanley on your tag. I had the same hunt last year and it was a blast.
  14. couesdeerhntr

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    Wow that’s looks very good and makes me glad I did a left turn on my bison. Can’t wait to get it back!
  15. couesdeerhntr

    I declined a goulds tag that was surrendered

    Yes I saw his post and actually makes me feel even better that it went to him. I am 36 and I have had some good tags recently from my kaibab mule deer and bison tag to archery 3a3c tag in 2016 for elk and I am ok with waiting for this one. Looks like it was a bucket list hunt for him like it is for most, and he had also just got a kaibab buck so I am glad I helped this hunt happen sooner than later with me declining the tag.