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  1. couesdeerhntr

    First muley with a bow

    Sweet buck congrats
  2. couesdeerhntr

    Late rifle coues

  3. couesdeerhntr

    Finally ended my free range bison quest!!!

  4. couesdeerhntr

    2018 kaibab buck

    Mount should be done soon
  5. couesdeerhntr

    2018 kaibab buck

  6. couesdeerhntr

    2018 kaibab buck

    No worries on the pics and if you get some time send them my way. if not I know how it is I don’t get much time either with the kids and work. Now with the the little man hurt he needs some help too. He has been in and out of sleep today sense he really hasn’t slept much in a few days so I finally got time to post on cwt.
  7. couesdeerhntr

    2018 kaibab buck

    I am hoping for a second already lol!
  8. couesdeerhntr

    Son broke his femur

    Four feet. Not that high in my book to break femur that’s why I feel like his leg got caught on broken floor and rest of him went over the side
  9. couesdeerhntr

    2018 kaibab buck

    Not really sure but he was on the monster truck ride and it was over and tried to get out and fell. I think he got his leg stuck on the shitty ride that had a broke floor and rest of body went over the ride. Wife found him on ground crying.
  10. couesdeerhntr

    Son broke his femur

    Yes he did earn that man card! For real one tuff dude. sitting with him now and he is mannin up thru the pain just hating he has to sit here.
  11. couesdeerhntr

    2018 kaibab buck

    Thanks bob. Last year I did post on your thread a picture but figured I would share my story as I am sitting here with my little man who has a broken femur watching hunting videos on YouTube. You never know if you about another tag it can always happen!
  12. couesdeerhntr

    Son broke his femur

    My son was at chucky cheese and fell out of the monster truck ride and broke his femur. I learned real quick that he is one tuff little four year old. I wasn’t there for when it happened but man has he been tuff for the aftermath. Can’t believe he broke the biggest bone in body for his first injury. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery. Getting a wheelchair delivered today so we can at lest get out and do some trout fishing at the community lakes around me that they are stocking with trout. Any prayers will help! Thanks guys
  13. couesdeerhntr

    2018 kaibab buck

    So I never really posted about my kaibab buck for 2018 so I figured I would now. Was lucky enough to draw the tag with very little points. A guide was on my mind but the I didn’t have the funds to make something like that happen. Made the trip up a few times with the family to learn the area and see what I was getting into. Also lucky that people are willing to share a little info on what the deer should be doing sense it’s such a lucky tag to have. The hunt time arrived and was lucky to have my buddy Devon with me for the hunt which I owe him a lot for being able to make it and I had my uncle and cousin there for the first three days as well to help out. The first three days were amazing and we cover tons of ground from north to south on the far west side of the unit. We saw tons of deer and some big deer but I never made an attempt to get in on them we just glassed and watched. What a show we got to see with them rutting all over. By the third evening my finger was getting itchy but I still didn’t make any attempts on deer. My uncle and cousin had to leave that evening and it left just my buddy Devon and I to hunt. Fourth day came and that morning we watched a big three by four that was very tall for a while plus some other smaller bucks chasing and we watched some other hunters go after him. Still didn’t go after anything that morning just watched. That evening we went to a different spot and I picked up a buck right away that had one doe and bedded right away. It was also my daughters fifth birthday and I felt it was the right time to make an attempt. We got into 450 yards and ran out of cover. Buck was bedded with his doe with a rock right in front of his vitals so I had to wait it out. Waited for about thirty minutes and then the doe finally stood up and the buck stood as well presenting a perfect broadside shot and I took it and the buck wobbled down hill and fell over. The celebration started between my buddy and I and I couldn’t of been happier. What a great moment and plus it was on my daughters birthday so I felt it was meant to be. I am sure I prob watched bigger bucks or maybe that was the biggest buck I saw which I have no clue as I had never seen that many shooters in my eyes before. It was a hunt that I will never forget and I got to do it with a my great friend Devon and my uncle that got me hooked on hunting from the start and his boy. I can’t wait tell I draw that tag again.
  14. couesdeerhntr

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    Cousin has a late rifle 3a3c tag and I know the snow is good for some but feel like it’s just going to push what is left on top down to the reservation. I guess we will see!
  15. couesdeerhntr

    The trophy room!

    Me too! Glad everyone is starting to post. I am amazed at the amount of mounts people have. All beautiful mounts and animals!